The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 11, Number 22                                                                                    May 30th, 1989


Beloved Children of the One Universal Source of all Life I AM - know always that I AM at the very center of your Being, and that I AM is all there is. Truly, there is no separation in all life, the very idea of separation being but an illusion. It is an idea that comes out of human misunderstanding and has no part of the Light of God. The Light of God is always and eternally victorious, and further, it is always and eternally present. So where, then, is separation?

Guard your thinking, and especially your imaginings, for you have been given the faculties of a creator. Polish these faculties and use them well, to draw the Light of your Presence into the physical world... into every condition that is a part of your personal experience.

The Master says "I AM the Light of the World". All who come to the Master dwell within this Light, until the whole Being becomes Light. Remember... where Light is manifest, darkness cannot be, or even appear to be. It is swallowed up into the Light!

Beloved ones, be my Light, manifest in this world. The darkness of misunderstanding has hidden me from your sight for so long.

Affirm always - I AM LIGHT! I AM LIGHT! I AM LIGHT!

Paul, The Maha Chohan