The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 12, Number 3                                                                                   January 17th, 1990

Dear Chelas,

Often, the question is asked; "Why are there so many different belief systems existing in the world?"

There is only one Cosmic Law; there is only one Cosmic Truth; there is only one Cosmic Principle; because there is only one God! Man because he is still fighting his way back home, and struggling within himself to find his way, tends to seize upon one aspect of Divine Principle, and rather than integrating it into the whole - seeing it as a part of the Divine Plan - he creates a cult around that one aspect of Principle, and believes himself to have all the answers.

Unfortunately, the man next door to him has, in his search, discovered another aspect of the whole and he, too, believes he has the full understanding! So, each uses their partial vision to divide themselves against the other!

I AM reminded of a saying that is often used: "A LITTLE TRUTH IS A DANGEROUS THING!" The TRUTH is "THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE GOD!" This is the Truth that all chelas of the Octaves of Light must function within!

Nurture this within your hearts and your minds until your entire beings understand and function from this Truth!











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