The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 12, Number 21                                                                                         May 25th, 1990



My Beloved Ones,

It is so interesting to watch your own thoughts and feelings as you proceed along your way, is it not? The path upon which you now walk is a constant source of unfoldment and enlightenment, which provides so much that you may do to help your own evolution, and - as well - to help the whole Family of Man. 

We have spoken much about the laws of karma, for your better understanding, so you will realize that it is not necessary for you to know reasons for the outer appearances, so much as it is for you to accept your personal responsibility for the healing and freeing of all life which is still bound in imperfection. 

When I speak of personal responsibility in this context, I refer to the chela on the Path of Mastery, and not to those who do not yet understand the universal application of Cosmic Law. 

Responsibility just lies there - right at the doorstep of every person - until they choose to pick it up and work it out! Then - the realization comes of how all life is related, and of how we are all ONE in the Heart and Mind of God. At that point you truly feel LOVE - and also realize how powerful you are as an individual in the role of a healer for all life on Planet Earth. 

One who does not understand their unity with all life is not yet capable of this height and depth of Love. Until this realization can be attained, the responsibility could not be borne. This is why so much is asked of our chelas. How could it be otherwise? 

As your ability to LOVE is increased and expanded- can you feel the great heights and depths of LOVE which I now pour forth into your beautiful and shining Chalices? Your growth has been so great during these past weeks, and I take this moment to say "Thank you"