The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 16, Number 8                                                                                                      February 25, 1994


Blessed Flames of Life, 

We have previously spoken about the 'spiraling radiation' or 'aura' which is visible around the primary Flame of many of the Ascended Masters. The color of a Master's personal Flame designates the Sphere of Service within which he or she works. This is the major creative impetus behind every action of the Master, and can be thought of as his or her 'primary purpose.' The aura of the Flame indicates the Master's method of attaining that purpose, as well as any special interests he or she may have. 

For example, beloved Lady Kwan Yin has a Flame which is Violet, with an Aquamarine radiance. The primary color Violet indicates that she works within the Seventh Sphere. She embodies the qualities of Mercy and Compassion, which are attributes of this Sphere. The radiance of her Flame Aquamarine is comprised of gentle hues of blue and green, indicating her special affinity for some of the qualities of the First and Fifth Spheres, specifically, Protection, Unity, Healing and Truth. As she chooses to use these qualities in her work with the families and children of Earth, the radiance of the First and Fifth Spheres manifests as an aura of her personal Flame. 

I wish to emphasize that the color and radiance of the personal Flame is a matter of choice. Although it is usual that the primary color of the personal Flame remains constant, this is not always so. On rare occasions, an Ascended or Cosmic Being has chosen to dedicate themselves to a particular area of service for a certain period of time, in order to serve a major need of a planet or a star. When such a commitment is made, the color of the personal Flame reflects the totality of his immersion in the activities required. 

A good example of such supreme sacrifice is that of beloved Micah, Angel of Unity. When the Sixth Ray most recently reigned upon the Earth, Micah accepted the Chohanship of that Sphere. As Chohan, he clothed himself in a Flame of Ruby with a radiance of Blue. The primary color of his Flame denoted his total commitment to the Sixth Sphere, while his established momentum of Unity remained as an aura around His Flame.

Micah embodied the qualities of the Sixth Sphere through his incarnation as Master Jesus, and beyond. Only when he had fulfilled his obligation, and the Crown of Chohanship was passed to beloved Saint Germain, did Micah return to his 'primary purpose' of embodying the Flame of Unity for all life. 

The personal Flame of an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being, can offer a real insight into his or her service and interests. As we work together in brotherhood, such under­standing will assist you to know us individually, just as we know you! Dear ones, we are very grateful for your friendship! 

In loving brotherhood, I AM John, the Beloved