The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 16, Number 12                                                                                                     March 25, 1994


Beloved Chelas, 

The qualities and gifts of God's mighty Second Sphere have served mankind well, acting as a bridge over which the impulse of Divine Creative Power may proceed into the fertile womb of Divine Love. The Second Sphere has been known as the "Sphere of the Son", for here the descending energies of the Father meet the ascending energies of the Mother, and the Son of God is born! 

The seven primary attributes of the Second Sphere are Precipitation, Reverence, Wisdom, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Understanding and Illumination. We shall consider each of these qualities in some detail, so that you may utilize the fullness of their gifts within your life experience. 

As Divine Will forms the matrix of the work of the First Sphere, so is Precipitation the foundational activity of the Second Sphere. Lord Lanto has referred to Precipitation as the embodiment of the Law of Supply. This Law states that "when a new galaxy is created, the God Parents see that a complete supply of every substance necessary to fulfill the needs of all life within that galaxy is guaranteed even before the life forms are created and sent forth to inhabit that galaxy." 

In order to fully understand Precipitation, it is necessary to appreciate the way in which the Law of Supply affects the process of creative activity. Therefore, let us examine this law in detail, beginning with the first Impulse of Divine Mind. 

A Thought from the Mind of our God Parents - a "Divine Idea" - moves into the First Sphere. The process of manifestation begins, as the Divine Idea both creates and receives the blessing of the seven Primary Attributes therein. This is an important point! All of the attributes of the Seven Spheres come into being at the pressure of Divine Mind, and their only activity is the creation and sustaining of the Divine Idea! 

When the Idea arrives at the inner perimeter of the Second Sphere, the attributes of the First Sphere are manifest: The Idea is in perfect attunement with Divine Will. The complete supply of God Energy required is in perfect Order, held in Unity as a vibration of perfection. The Strength necessary to achieve manifestation is in place. 

Strength is the fullness of God's Power in a state of quiescence - a period of rest. As the process of creation proceeds, Strength manifests the Power needed to invincibly protect the original Divine Idea.

As the Idea moves on toward the Second Sphere, It enfolds itself in the vibration of Faith. Faith confirms and sustains the Law of Supply, according to the Will of God which is now finding expression through the Idea. 

You can greatly expand your understanding of creative activity during your time in the Silence. Remember, as you enter the Silence, you are enfolded in the Mind of God! As you abide the rein, reach forth your consciousness to recognize the Divine Idea which is you! If you so desire, you may then proceed into the First Sphere, where you may experience for yourself the process we have been describing for you.

Your brother, Kuthumi