The Shamballa Letter

VOLUME 19, Number 17                                                                                                 April 25, 1997


Beloved chelas, 

What are the fears you have experienced over the last seven days? Was it fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of trying something new? Whatever the reason for your fears, were you able to go back to the root cause? If you were unable to accomplish this, please know it's all right. There is not one specific schedule that is right for everyone. It may not be time for you to look at these things right now and through the love, wisdom and power of your God Presence you were prevented from doing so. But please don't worry for this divine part of yourself knows all and will allow this healing to take place when it is right for you and then, perhaps you will pick up these letters again and my words will assist you so the ongoing process of relinquishment can continue to easily and comfortably unfold. 

Spiritual unfoldment must take place according to the needs of each individual chela. What is taking place in your life might not be appropriate for others. On the other hand, do not look to others for what you should be experiencing and judge yourself harshly. Remember to be patient and have faith in the divine order of all things. Allow your I AM Presence to work through your Holy Christ Self to guide and direct you. This, beloved ones, is the only way back into the heart of God! There is no quick fix! There is no magic potion which will instantly take you where you want to go. There is only God's Time and you must trust the process. 

Many have looked at my many lifetimes of embodiment and with judgment in their minds and hearts, have decided there were many things I did wrong and many things I should have done differently. To those individuals I say: Ye know nothing of who I AM! I now stand firmly anchored in my divinity and can say without exception All that I have done, all that I have experienced has made me who I AM and I would change nothing. Yes, I have learned much about life and God's Divine Principles but who I AM today has to do with the choices I made in the past and shall continue to make. Without each and every experience in my life I would be a very different person. 

Beloved ones, please understand this is not ego speaking, nor is it fear controlling my words. This is standing firmly in my own God Presence taking full responsibility of who I AM in my entirety and it is time for you to begin to do the same. In fact why don't we take the next several weeks and begin this process of self-acceptance. We will start by first looking at this lifetime. Pick a specific time in your life, perhaps when you were exploring career goals, preparing for marriage, starting a family, or expanding your spiritual growth. Whatever you want to begin with, the choice is yours. Examine the process of what it took to get to a specific point in your life. 

Today, I will use for my example, career goals. How did you decide what you wanted to be when you 'grew up'? From the time you were a very small child, did you always have an inner knowing of what you wanted to do with your life and follow through with it or did a friend or family member push you into something your really didn't want to do? How often did you ignore the advice of others and do things your way causing many unnecessary problems in your life? Just before you completed your education, did you fall short of your goal and for whatever reasons were forced to make a choice you would have rather not? 

These may be difficult life experiences to look at and tough questions for you to answer but be assured I do not ask them to cause you pain and distress. Rather I would like you to look at the perfection of each and every decision you made in your life and forgive yourself once and for all! It is time to recognize and accept the magnificent being of light you truly are for your forward progress will stop here if you are unable to do so. I don't mean you have to fully accept your divinity, for this might be more than you could bear at this time. All I ask, beloved ones, is to acknowledge that somewhere, in at least some small part of you, God can be found. You might be unable to feel it or see it all this time but you have experienced your own divinity to some degree within yourself and it is time to embrace this sacred truth. 

Yes, I know it is often easier to see God in others and it may take some time before you are able to accept your own divinity, but start the process, beloved ones. I know I have given you a great deal to think and it is surely not something that can be processed overnight or even during the coming week, but I have also given you a place to start. Until our next opportunity to communicate feel my Flame of Truth enfolding you as a mystic mantle of divine wisdom and illumination.