Your Home is a Sanctuary

It was meant to be a grail and a temple. It’s purpose was to be a cooperative focus of concentrated power, from which every member could drink, where their bodies could lie asleep at night in perfect security and peace, where their inner selves might find positive stimulus to go forth again into the world of form, where each one might find the others standing behind them with a feeling of confidence and faith in their ability to perform some service for the good of all humanity.


Each family is established to draw upon the powers of the Sacred Fire and the blessings of God, in concentrative and cooperative prayer. The family unit is there as a concentrated focus, a grail through which the gifts of God may enrich and strengthen each member... Oh, how each and every one of these holy families may give all the opportunity to grow, to mature and to go forth.



Watch Your Words


Any words that are not words of worship and praise need not be spoken. They shall pass away and be no more!


Words of love, praise, encouragement and certainty in the absolute perfection shall live on forever. They shall raise humanity to peaks of glory never before realized in the history of evolution.


Seize, then, upon these words, and harbor no others in your beings! Contemplate… meditate and adore the great Light and Love anchored within your hearts. Give power to none others! 

So be it! Beloved I AM that I AM!





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