Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2005  

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Special Message

The Hand of God was present during the resent tsunami beloved ones and it continues to move throughout this planet via the divine gifts of compassion and unconditional love! For a force that was capable of not only changing the rotation of the Earth but the tilt of axis as well, how could the Universal Presence of the Divine not have been present?

We have all heard some of the stories of the limitless numbers of miracles that happened that day, for several days and even weeks afterwards. The mother who had to choose between her two children letting go of her oldest child when the wave came and they were all ultimately reunited; or the child who was not yet a month old who was found alive floating on a mattress inside a restaurant; and the man who was taken 100 miles out to sea who was found by a Japanese fishing boat almost a week later clinging to a piece of wood… God was definitely present beloved ones and continues to be present in all who are helping the survivors through their generosity and direct assistance.

However, I know within my heart of hearts that God did not cause this dreadful disaster. It was not done to cause suffering or to punish. I also do not believe that something of this magnitude occurred to pay the karmic debt of any race, religion or culture.

To begin to understand why this happened we must remember how recently we entered the new age of enlightenment. We are barely five years into this millennium with its new energy, new vibration and new consciousness. Just as each of us is feeling the affects of this tremendous change at all levels of our being—so too is our beloved planet!

Eons ago the elemental kingdom was called upon to create the world in which we live. This kingdom will continue to be an integral and necessary part of our future evolution so it is important that our relationship be strengthened.  For this reason it is of the utmost importance to broaden our awareness and create a solid bond with the Earth both as individuals and as a unified human race.

In so doing we must also expand and develop our connection with all members of the Elemental Kingdom. Thus shall the uniting of the Three Kingdoms become a reality—we now expand, expand and forever expand our feelings of gratitude and love to the Angels and Elementals for their limitless support of our existence on this planet and thus our path to self mastery. So be it!



February 2005  

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Alert and attuned to the Celestial Song of the Universe I stand ready to assist all life on planet Earth.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the pure and perfect wisdom of Divine Consciousness! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


The Divine Connection

The connection between the Infinite Universal Consciousness and the Higher Self of humanity is an eternal flowing stream of pure blazing light. This connection with the One Universal Consciousness is a bridge of thought and feeling, which is created by the self-conscious endeavor of the lifestream aspiring to re-unify with the Divine Oneness.

This union which animates the human heart must be consciously strengthened and reinforced by every lifestream who desires the capacity to maintain and sustain the clear benefits and virtues from the Divine whereas the activities of daily life will be completely presided over by the Higher realm. This is the natural estate of every lifestream in the Universe - an innate illumined consciousness, which is channeled in a pure mode as to the process of every instant of every day.

A chela’s grounding is to re-emphasize this conscious connection and communion so that “every activity, every heartbeat and every breath of their daily life becomes the divine and perfect activity of the Oneness.” You are able to endeavor in your own understanding and application to establish and sustain such a communion with the divinity so that your future growth might proceed in great peace to the fulfillment of your own sacred plan and destiny.


* * *


New Year Conference Discourse

January 1, 2005


Blessed ones, 

Today I come to share several sacred Gifts of Light with you. With these blessings, if you choose to embrace them and put them to use in your daily lives; truly you have the ability to change not only yourself but the world! 

As co-creators in the establishment of the divine foundation of the New Age your reason, creativity, skills and wisdom will now allow you to bless life more fully. Whether you share these gifts with those you personally come in contact with each and every day or through various projects you may begin or participate in, know your divine gifts and blessings to life are infinite and the possibilities are limitless!  

Especially serving as you choose to do so now, among the ranks of the universal silent watchers you are able to go forth in complete anonymity free of any ulterior motives, manipulation of others or unbalanced ego—intended or unintended on your part. Thus you are able to truly seek meaningful service creating many new and wonderful opportunities for yourself and others. 

Open yourself fully beloved ones! Share your wisdom with those who seek to learn from you but always remember this is a very important time, not only to give but to receive, learning much from one another. The establishment of the new spiritual human family has begun and the first order of business is to create a magnificent tapestry of divine love through the many golden threads of tolerance, caring, understanding and justice; sowing the seeds of comfort, harmony and peace in every heart.  

In the natural course of your spiritual evolution and in the oneness of all life in this great universe, to assist in this beautiful creation the time has now come when our watchword shall now become WE instead of I. In fact, you may have already experienced this change taking place during your times together. Over the course of this year this shall continue. Additionally, you will quietly observe many changes in your thoughts, written words and speech reviving countless memories of the long distant past. However beloved ones, be assured that with this transformation nothing will detract or take away from one of the most powerful names of the Great Universal Presence of the Divine—I AM THAT I AM. 

Always remember that fully integrated within the Universal Consciousness of the Divine we lift our vision ever higher and receive into our hearts, our minds, our beings, and our worlds all that we need to complete our mission here on Earth. We make no demands. We remain silent and lovingly support the Divine Plan taking shape around us. . . . the restoration of divinity in vibration, consciousness and form—the oneness of all life . . . . . our divine heritage!


* * *


Life is energy…

Every thing that breathes draws this energy into them by conscious action. The in-breath is the drawing into one’s self from the Source - God - the priceless energy that is life. And every time an individual does this, they become accountable to the whole universe for the use of this energy loaned to them by the One Universal Consciousness.

The breath in your body is yours, beloved ones, because you desired life and drew it forth from the Heart of the Divine. God, being all Love, granted your request and gave all the love you required. There was and continues to be but one condition, that this life, this energy must go forth from you harmoniously qualified to only bless life. Thus, in your inner soul you promised you would enrich the Universe through the right use of this life energy. 


* * *


Service is the Law of Life

For embodied beings who walk the Path of Light and who on this journey know the purpose for their being, Service is the Law of Life. The moment individualization takes place the Flame must begin to accept the responsibility to give balance to the Universe for the privilege of drawing breath, of using life and of sustaining a physical existence by which understanding and illumination brings freedom to the consciousness. As the law of one’s being is service the experience of life will constantly offer us infinite opportunities to serve humanity and all sentient life, in some manner.  

When a lifestream serves the Divine unconditionally their service will take them into the Presence and the benefit derived by all is knowing that the reward - the ultimate goal is not the result of any third dimensional strivings. Humanity one day soon will come to understand the One Universal Consciousness and thus serve this Oneness through Love. To serve God is the sacred contract of our own life, action and being. Use the desire to serve the Universal Cause of Good, to enrich the Cause of Good where you find it and expect only the benefit of the Divine Love of God.  

Service is the expansion of the Flame; it is the externalization, the manifestation of spiritual energy waves, and that Flame will bring on its return current the vibration of that which is served. Many have come and have remained within Earth’s plane because their Love of the Oneness of Light is great enough that they would bring to humanity the gift of Divine Presence. But the quality and quantity of their service is unaffected by those who receive it. If there be one life or a million it does not matter, and when you proceed in this manner you too will know Peace, for Peace comes when to the best of your ability you are endeavoring to serve the universal cause of good… manifesting it… and are not concerned with any external activity or situation and how it might effect you and/or your service.


* * * 


Message from the President

Beloved Co-servers,  

With this New Year has come a new flurry of activity within The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Our first Conference to welcome the New Year was held at Headquarters in Payson and everyone in attendance was very pleased. The layout of the building was very conducive to all our activities—the various meetings we had, the preparation of food and most importantly our spiritual services. 

Several suggestions were offered by the chelas during the Conference and I am pleased to announce that everything has been done except for the outdoor lighting which cannot be done until the additional parking spaces are added. However, it will be completed by the beginning of the June Symposium.  During the course of this year much more will be done to improve the property and create a more peaceful, healing and loving spiritual sanctuary within the city limits of Payson, Arizona.  

The members were also very impressed at how well the furniture we purchased here in Arizona went with the furnishings, artwork and statuary brought from Long Island. Additionally all the large windows in every room creates a wonderful merging of the indoors and outdoors, greatly strengthening the unification of the elemental, angelic and human kingdoms.   

Over the last few months interest from people living in Payson has increased so beginning in March we will start a local program. First on the schedule will be a series of six classes focusing upon relaxation and meditation. Then according to the response we will tailor other activities, classes and services to the future needs. 

Last year we decided to contribute financially to a charity in the community of Payson.   As an organization we chose to help the children living at the local domestic violence shelter. Since these children leave their homes with nothing except the clothes on their back we covered the cost of outfitting every boy and girl for school including clothes, shoes, a backpack and school supplies. We plan on providing this same service again this year.  

Of course The Gift of Light will continue to evolve. One of the ways I would like to see this happen is to reserve one page as a forum for you the chelas to share ideas. To assist in this project I would like to hear from you about the recent tsunami. I have already begun this discussion by sharing my thoughts on the subject. It is now your turn, beloved ones!  Please send a paragraph or two on your thoughts, ideas or even questions to my attention within the next few weeks and we will endeavor to include this dialogue in the next issue.   

Until then may this year be one of health, illumination, prosperity, comfort and peace for all life on planet Earth!

Rebecca Ann Laycock



* * *



Experiencing the enfolding cloak of the Presence of I AM softly wrapped about you, enter the silence, that special place within your heart where you always encounter the harmony of your true being. Within this sacred space, breathe in gently and deeply, as a magnificent column of shimmering light, with iridescent spirals of blue and violet softly appears and then descends from the atmosphere above you. As it envelops you completely, you are infused with the power of divine protection and the pure and perfect energy of this great light. Remaining aware of your personal breathing pattern, with each breath, draw this light into the very center of your being. As you do, you are filled with the knowledge and the meaning of the pure and perfect Love of the Oneness. All misconceptions within you instantly dissolve and are replaced with the unchanging but ever-expanding eternal truths conceived and brought forth by the Infinite Universal Consciousness from the very beginning of time.

Continuing to gently breathe in and breathe out, the column of light, expands and radiates outward until the entire planet Earth is covered and filled with its brilliance. All humanity is now able to perceive the light, is purified by this magnificent radiance, and embraces the Divine Decree - that all life is unified within the perfect love and divine truth of the One Universal Consciousness. As you observe this expansion of light, experience the absolute unity of all life at the cellular level. Know all life as an illuminating axis of purity, truth and unity - a powerful physical manifestation of the I AM Presence! You are an exemplar of Divine Will for all time to come, fulfilling your part of the Sacred Plan for the liberation of the entire planet Earth and all life upon it. With this wisdom also comes the realization that what is true for you - is true for all humanity.

Permeated with this Infinite Peace, Light and Love of the One Universal Consciousness, gently return your awareness to the physical plane, bringing the essential gifts of purity, truth and unity with you.




March 2005