Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2005  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Constantly flowing forth from the Universal Consciousness of the Divine the infinite possibilities available to all life await my attention and energy to manifest through me.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...God’s infinite possibilities and boundless potential! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.




A Blessing

May you awaken to the mystery of being…

as you enter the quiet immensity of the One Divine Presence.

May you respond to the call of Divine Grace…

of your sacred contract and claim the courage to follow its path.

May you choose to take time to celebrate the quiet miracles all around you that seek no attention.

May you have the unwavering faith to experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the divine heart of universal wonder.


* * *


The Sacred Dance of Life


Divine Principle is the First Flame of Life! Deep, deep in the silence of the soul, there is this Light. Deep within the recesses of the mind, and of the heart… this Light appears as the minutest Flame – a mere spark of Light. With our attention, our focus upon it… it grows and expands in volume… in intensity… and in scope… for before the Light, as any one knows, all darkness flees and is no more! Where there is Light, no matter how small or pale, no darkness can exist! 

The first thing one should always ask in any situation is: “What is the Divine Principle involved here?” This question needs to be posed, and the answer, once received necessitates adherence to without fail, in order to create anything of lasting value… for the Divine Principle dwells within the heart of all creation, and nothing is created which does not contain it. You are the directing force within your sphere, for all-of-that sphere has expanded forth from the Heart Center in which this Great Light first appeared. Your sphere of influence is a galaxy all onto its own, co-existing in a universe of universes. By the very nature of creation, it bestows upon you this Light. Within it you must function. Is this not wonderful?  

Much has been accomplished, some of these accomplishments are not as yet made visible, but they are there, vibrating in the etheric realm… vibrating in the hearts and minds of all chelas. There is a very special year just ahead – but it is important that you realize that it is just one of many special years which lies before us. 

As beings who are working within a physical time-space framework, at this moment, it is easy to become caught up in feelings of a need to rush, and to work in haste. Some have the mistaken idea that more and more sacred knowledge will continue to be poured forth. Beloved ones, understanding is just the beginning of mastery. Putting that which you have been made aware of into practice is the key. Be aware… beware of those who offer you a so called easy path to truth and wisdom. The New Age is truly upon us and the forward progress is in all ways a steady and sure advancing into the Light –eternally confident upon your Path! The Path of Light is a Way of Life! 

Relax into the Love of God – knowing your path will always be made clear before you. Keep your awareness centered upon the Love and Will of the Divine, breathe it in, and keep on moving steadily onward, becoming more and more the sacred expression of Divinity you are here to be! Know that you are here to BE… for I AM the divine image of the One Universal Consciousness, manifesting perfection in your being and world. 

Naught is wasted on your experiences – past, present or yet to come. They form the bread you eat, from which you steadily grow in spiritual understanding. Just be sure the Divine Image you are – the beautiful Presence from which you descended into the world of form, enfolds, you ever within itself, manifesting in and through you at all times!  

Step firmly into the Infinite Universal Flame, and BE at one with your I AM Presence, for truly I AM One… I AM the victorious Love, Light and Life of Divinity. There is no separation unless you so choose. 

Light Bearers are needed to consciously carry the Infinite Universal Flame throughout the Earth! To do this you must use the Fires of Transmutation to prepare the way, cleansing and purifying the consciousness of all those who have need, and then you will blaze the Infinite Universal Flame in, through and around all troubled areas of the Earth, raising the consciousness of all life involved. As you do this you anchor this flame within the three-fold heart of each individual and within that region of the planet. This is how the Earth and all life will be raised into the One Universal Consciousness within this lifetime.  

The secret of life is simple – the mind that accepts limitation will limit… the emotions that accept fear will bind you within that fear and the physical body is but the result of the activities of your mind and emotions. You must remember your own perfection and call it forth! Remember that when God spoke the Word, creation took place – you must speak to your own Divinity, acknowledge it and call it forth! Speak to the Flame within your heart! Awake from that, which is but an illusion… to the reality of you!  

Let the tidal waves of human emotion which has washed over you thousands of times now become the initiation of Holy Spirit – purifying your soul. The winds of your adversity now become the Breath of Holy Spirit – blowing the cobwebs of confusion from your mind! The night of your soul has now fled before the brilliance of the Risen Sun of Divine Illumination, shining freely throughout your Being! The Love of Holy Spirit now envelopes you in a cloak of spiritual freedom, a seamless robe of pure Light… forever more.  

Breathe in the Pure Light of your own Divine Self – and breathe out the Freedom to all Life until the belief in limitless nature is secure for ever more! It is so… as the Word has been spoken within the Light of Love! 

Life is a Sacred Dance! As you listen with your Heart and let the love of your heart flow through your hands of Light as you negotiate the intricate moves with the understanding love of your heart. The remembrance of the sacred dance will bring to you the knowledge of how you touch without touching, move without moving and heal without speaking or ministering on the physical plane.  

Keep your inner sight and hearing finely attuned to the Presence of God I AM that I AM, asking always to remember your Illumination and the Consciousness you brought with you from the higher realms. Request that you may manifest this Presence within the world of form, expanding the Light into everything you think, feel, say or do. Dance upon the Wings of the Ascension Flame, within the reality of your own divinity and let it blaze forth, around and through your entire being!


* * *


Chelas’ Thoughts & Forum:

The Tsunami…

…“I believe that the transition the Earth is experiencing right now is well predicted in ancient history books as well as the Bible, when terms like the ‘end of time’ and Armageddon are referred to. Due to the actions of the chelas and other lightworkers on the planet during the centuries of the past millennium the process will be mitigated and the transition will take place in a much more moderate way as is described in those scriptures. We as silent watchers however have to be vigilant at all times to alleviate the suffering and distress of the ones, who are enmeshed in occurrences like the tsunami.”… 


…“The planet Earth like all three-dimensional life is persistently and continuously going through transitions involving growth, transformation, development and change. We often think of this planet as a constant yet the truth is that it is a dynamic ever evolving entity like us and all of life. The underwater movement of the Earth’s plates resulted in a shift in this planet’s axis and a change in time and therefore consciousness as we had come to know it. With this shift many life forms moved on in their evolutions, but left behind much confusion, sadness and fear for many of those who were here to bear witness to this event. As silent watchers we can always offer our support through such avenues as Decrees 10-04 and 10-06 Liberation and the Law of Detachment… so all may go forth with their spiritual progress into the higher etheric realms and we may remain in perfect equilibrium… and centered in the true liberation of One Universal Consciousness. So be it, beloved I AM that I AM!”  


* * *


Journey Westward

Begin the process of centering yourself. Take a deep breath in and as you release your breath let go of the tension of the day. Gather up your worries and any thoughts that have been causing you difficulty. Do the same with all the painful emotional feelings that seem to keep surfacing over and over again. Finally isolate all physical pain and distress you have been experiencing and prepare to rid yourself of the burdens you have been carrying around with you for far too long. You are surrounded now by a magnificent pillar of Violet Fire—in front, behind, on either side, above and below you. With each and every breath this mighty power of purification and transformation intensifies and you are cleansed. 

It is now time to go within and with the clarity of your inner vision clearly see the reason for all that has been; not only for ourselves but for our beloved planet Earth as well. Opening your third eye even further glimpse some of the many possibilities the future holds.  

Joining together with all the other chelas, see yourself gently rising, spiraling slowly upward into the night sky. As the ceiling above you dissolves, the stars and planets become a magnificent shining vista before us. Every star, every constellation and every planet pulsates with its own distinct color and vibration. Yet, all together they create a wonderful lightshow that plays as a glorious symphony personally orchestrated by the Great Universal Presence. The moon shines especially brightly, illuminating the land below; and looking down; we can clearly see the trees, the gently rolling hills and tall mountains surrounding Payson.  

Looking closer we observe the many herds of elk and deer moving silently and effortlessly through the forest. A mountain lion perches precariously on the edge of cliff patiently waiting for whatever may come along. Many smaller animals of various sizes move through the shadows hoping to go unnoticed by the wide-eyed owls who softly call to one another. The beauty and majesty of the elemental kingdom is everywhere!   

The numerous homes of those who live in this area create a beautiful patchwork quilt of soft golden light that blankets the hills and valleys. Looking to the southern horizon we can even see the faint light of the multitudes who live in Phoenix—the vast Valley of the Sun.  

Observing this magnificence Heaven and Earth become one and the word that instantly comes to mind as we continue to observe the magnificent scene below as “silent watcher.” Perhaps this is what we have now become? Could it be that we, The Bridge as a corporate entity and spiritual activity, and each one of us have fulfilled our divine plan of ACTION? Maybe, the time has come, out of the compassion we hold for all life, to renounce our individual evolution in favor of all that we see?  

Is there nothing more for us to physically accomplish in this particular sphere then to silently share the secrets of the universe we know so well by heart?  Could it be that instead of pursuing our evolutionary path forward into still higher realms; we are to wait, watch, help and inspire others primarily from the silence of our hearts? We have a mighty task before us, beloved ones and together we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. Once again the call went forth and once again we responded! Gently return your attention to this time and this place and ponder your experience beloved ones. Namaste…





I honor the place within you, where the whole Universe dwells. I honor the place within you of Love and Light, of Truth and Peace. I honor the place within you, where when you are in that place that is yours and I am in that place that is mine, we are only ONE!





April 2005