Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2005  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Filled with unwavering faith and protection of the One Universal Consciousness we are confident in our trust and conviction for the ever-evolving perfection of all life.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Infinite’s Faith in all life and our relentlessly revitalizing faith in the Divine! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

Love Is… 

“…It has been said that Love is the cohesive power of the universe. It is the Law of Attraction. It is the force that draws all to itself and creates unity and oneness of purpose. It is the easiest and most natural expression of life. In reality, Love is but the responsive cord in each Spark of Life recognizing itself in all that is! 

It is love alone that is drawing back into itself all that has been and if each chela would choose to redeem their individual creation in and around their own lifestream, especially that which compromises their particular gifts and experiences—the divinity of their lifestream—when they ultimately reenter the Heart of God another petal of the Golden Lotus will unfold further revealing the perfection of the Divine Plan…”


* * *

Gratitude to the Beings of the Elements 

It is time to turn our attention to the Beings of the Elements and to the gratitude they deserve for their selfless service to the evolutions evolving upon the Earth. No human being can exist without the Fire, Air, Water and Earth Element! These elements comprise our garments. The element of Water makes up the greatest part of our lower vehicles in that it makes up our emotional nature. Do you not think it expedient to make peace with this element upon which so much discord has been imposed through pollution of every kind? This is also true of the other elements too! 

When we truly call upon the Law of Forgiveness for our own transgressions against the gnomes, the undines, the sylphs and the salamanders, the fiery element of creation which beats our hearts will expand and literally burst forth from our heartcenters radiating forth the Universal Presence of the Divine—I AM THAT I AM—to all life. 

The Water Element respects this radiation and bows in benediction. In fact all the Elements respect the Divine magnificent Virtues flowing forth in this manner and begin to imitate this activity in their own unique way further spreading divine gifts and blessings throughout the planet further lifting and raising the Earth into perfection. 

Take a lesson from the beautiful birds that fly so gracefully through the air. They are conscious always of the currents therein to facilitate their flight in safety. As they travel the Earth along the currents of the Divine Virtues they buoyantly and joyously dispense these gifts further widening the borders of God’s Kingdom here on Earth. 

Through eons of time humanity has violated the substance of the elements and the time has come when this imbalance must be corrected. Everything in, through, and around the Earth and throughout the Universe will assist us in our continued service of calling for the purification of the elements from the discord which has been imposed upon them—battering and buffeting them through the ages. 

Having some knowledge of Spiritual Law we are required to assist in the healing of the elements. Conscious of the gifts and blessings bestowed upon us by our Mother-Father God our gratitude and reverence for life will naturally radiate from our beings. The earth provides us a platform upon which to walk through this world; water quenches our thirst and provides many other beneficial services such as generating power and cleansing our bodies; we drink deeply of the air element all the days of our lives constantly receiving oxygen to keep us alive; and finally, we acknowledge the fire element without which there could be no life. These elements are always ready and willing to render service to us but to maintain this balance, gratitude and respect must come from us!  

Let us begin now! Become a radiating center of peace so that the continued cooperation of the elements will ensue and we will truly experience the beauty of serving the Eternal Light of the Cosmos while we yet travel the Earth plane.

* * *

Revitalized Faith

No matter what one’s religious belief or spiritual environment there usually comes a time when the trials and tribulations of the outer world (or personal) fills our souls and beings with great compassion, thus transforming tremendous tragedy into a victorious accomplishment to experience and share with the universe for the highest good of all. When this process begins we may be overwhelmed with feelings of hesitation, doubt or disbelief. Prompting questions of: why is this happening? How could so many suffer? What is the purpose of this upheaval? We must then come to terms with what the guiding forces are that appear and offer us the opportunity for growth and continued enlightenment. Each minute tentative step in our life no matter how unsteady or strong builds upon our spiritual journey and assists in our lighting the way for all around us. 

These sacred experiences also allow us to find the faith and strength to begin and then to continue the search for these time honored answers to the many questions that come to the surface during these times of change and difficulty, thus offering us once again an opportunity to be ever present in the here and now, and to focus once more are the necessary spiritual and life changing quest which we all need to undertake. This allows us to go directly to the heart of what “God, Allah, Yahweh, the Higher Power or the Great Universal Consciousness, I Am that I AM” is, by-passing and searching beyond a specific religion’s rules to become the truly “spiritual” being. We are now confronted with the two fundamental aspects, which is God is energy and consciousness. 

With this knowledge you are able to comprehend that God/The Divine exists in all things and therefore all is made up of this energy and consciousness. In the great scheme of things the Earth is a very small part of the universal divine plan, however, the level of energy we are able to tap into and our ability to use it well and expand it outward speaks to our place in the “bigger picture” or the Divine intend. For we all are aware that “where our attention is, there we are” and “where you are so shall you become!” 

Take a small period of time as often as you can each day to work with these all important concepts of “energy and consciousness”. Remain aware of how you direct energy, especially positive energy, and its immediate affect on all around you (smile and greet the checkout person), pay attention to the level of consciousness of others as well as yourself. Remember that energy is the life force upon which all things in the universe are based and consciousness determines its place in the universe. Place these principles on the altar of your heart and hold them sacred, for once anything is lovingly and purely placed there it will begin to grow and expand. Thus, over time you will find yourself becoming more loving, more supportive, more peaceful, more harmonious, more forgiving and more compassionate of yourself and all life you touch. And, be assured you touch all life!  

* * *


In the name of the Most High Living God which I AM anchored within my heart and the hearts of all humanity, I invoke the purifying Flames of Mercy, Compassion and Love to saturate my lower vehicles. Dissolve to the cause and core all conditions contrary to the mighty perfection of my own Divinity:


My emotional body, releasing all discontent and fear, now basks in the renewed expression of hope and everlasting peace!


My mental body, no longer bound by distorted thoughts of self importance, now fully and humbly accepts the directions of my higher self!


My etheric body, no longer plagued by memories of past injustice and mistakes, now records the limitless blessings I receive every minute of my existence!


My physical body, free from all outer manifestations of dis-ease, now reflects the perfect harmony of my true being!


Standing firmly in the perfection of my own Divinity, I consciously choose to enter the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light and I AM FREE! I AM FREE! I AM ETERNALLY FREE! 

So be it, beloved I AM THAT I AM.     

* * *

“…One man, woman or child learning the self-mastery of undisturbed peace, under all circumstances, can through the expansion of their consciousness, hold an entire continent in perfect balance. In early ages, this God Illumination, self-mastery and sustained peace, enabled those so equipped to sustain the entire Earth during her lowest ebb. 

Now the Earth and her attendant evolutions are rising out of the darkness into Light Eternal and many of the earnest and humble chelas shall be required to help in holding the perfect balance of the Earth and her evolutions during this time...”

* * *

Message from the President

Beloved Co-servers,

Just over four years ago the United States faced a horrible catastrophe beyond the comprehension of most of us. Fortunately, at that time many chelas were already at Shamballa for a Full Member Symposium and as a group we immediately went into action making calls for those who left the earthplane in such a tragic manner, their friends, colleagues and loved ones, the United States of America and the entire planet. Additionally, we spent a great deal of time discussing this attack, its significance and consequences at both the physical and the spiritual level.  

Now, once again a terrible tragedy has befallen this country. This time there was no Full Member Symposium but we came together at inner levels and once again made the calls for all the families and individuals unfortunate enough to be in the way of “Katrina” and the heartbreaking natural disaster she created. The property damage is tremendous. The people who lost everything and have been uprooted and scattered throughout this country due to this hurricane is unprecedented. Yet again we are asking why and looking for the answers to our many questions! 

This month let us focus our attention upon how the choices people made relate to this situation. First, we know that free will is probably the greatest gift we have been given from the Universal Presence. We also know that to learn how we choose to use this divine gift is one of the reasons we embodied on this planet. Instant gratification has a tremendous impact on human decisions and we often forget to consider the extent of the consequences of our actions not only on ourselves but on others. In fact, the choices we make impact others in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend because in the oneness of all life what affects one affects all in one way or another! 

It would be impossible for me to list all of the choices made that affected this tragedy but I will use several as examples and I ask you to consider their impact. I’m sure we can each come up with many more. What if the Mayor of New Orleans had chosen to use all the buses at his disposal to evacuate those who had no other way to get out of the city? What if those who evacuated had chosen to remain in their homes? What if the Governor had asked for help sooner? What if the President had gotten involved earlier? What if a different member of FEMA had been put in charge of this situation? What if the Convention Center and the Superdome had been adequately stocked with the supplies and assistance needed to care and comfort all who sought refuge at these locations?  

What if the oil companies chose to keep gas prices down by reducing their profits? What if the companies who supply building materials would not hold back their resources allowing the prices to skyrocket in anticipation of a windfall?  What if the levees had been reinforced to withstand a Level 5 hurricane? What if those who oversaw the needs of all the people who were unable to choose where they live had chosen to place them in housing that was above sea level? What if those individuals who shot at helicopters, police officers and others had never picked up their guns?

What if no one chose to assist those in need or get involved in the search and rescue operations? What if no one will contribute to the rebuilding of Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana? What if there is no continued support for the evacuees after the first few weeks and months of exile from their homes? 

What if we had not been using the decree for the Divine Cooperation with the Kingdoms of the Elements of this Earth, would the devastation have been worse? On the other hand if we had chosen to give this decree more often could Katrina have been a level 2 storm instead of a level 5? I do not offer these illustrations to place blame; rather to assist in recognizing the importance of our choices and their impact on ourselves, those around us, this country, this planet, our solar system and the entire universe.  

How blessed we are to participate in worldly activities at the many levels we do. As chelas of the Ascended Masters and members of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom we are so fortunate to have an almost limitless amount of information available for our use in times like these and in our daily lives. Several examples we are especially working with this year are:  

“Fully integrated within the Universal Consciousness of the Divine we lift our vision ever higher and receive… all that we need to complete our mission here on Earth…  …I AM grateful to have found my reason for being; no longer a seeker but a founder…” 

“…I affirm my ONENESS with the Universal Presence of the Divine…I share my unique gifts and blessings with all life…the true harmony and synchronization of my being!” 

“We are the restoration of perfect balance in the Threefold Flame of this Activity of Light…Our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies bow in humble obedience to this flame…In our service to life we now consciously choose to become one of the limitless Silent Watchers of this great Earth…our four lower vehicles have now become perfect receivers and transmitters…” 

“Great Universal Presence we join our energies with Yours to return this sweet Earth to the perfection she once knew…As the Hand of God in action in this world we call upon the undines of the Water Element to calm the rivers and the seas of this earth with your sacred essence. Heal the emotional body of our blessed planet now!...On behalf of all life we make this call and vow to maintain our efforts until complete and perfect healing manifests now and forever sustained.!...” 

My beloved sisters and brothers, free will choice is the greatest gift we have been given from the Universal Presence! How have you chosen to use this blessing the past nine months? How will you choose to use this ability in the future? As we quickly approach the end of this year we all need to ask ourselves these questions. I know I will. 

                                                                           Rebecca Ann Laycock




November 2005