Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

December 2006  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Filled with Divine light, synchronization and serenity we manifest and illumine the Oneness of the Universal energy and vibration of Consciousness for all life on planet earth.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the union, harmony and tranquility of our divine Oneness! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *



During this sacred and holy season may each of us continue to follow our individual Stars of Divinity back into the Heart of the Great Universal Presence of God!  

May the year 2007 open with the pages of our own individual Book of Life wiped clean by the Cosmic Flames of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness allowing every opportunity for Divine Expression to manifest within us each and every day of the coming year!

The Staff

* * *

Cathedral of Living Light

My beloved friends may peace be with you, and may the wisdom and Light of Truth flood your hearts and illumine the Pathways of Light before you. May Divine Love be your guide – the Divine Love that accepts you for what  you are in order to guide you towards what you can become – a unique expression of Divinity, at One with the Universal Consciousness of all life. 

What a wonderful privilege it is to have been allowed the opportunity to incarnate into the human kingdom, and to have the opportunity to experience that greatest gift of all – Free Will – and to consciously choose to know I AM, ever seeking the secrets of the universe. We are privileged indeed. Know thyself and be at one with the ceaseless flow of Divine Love, ceaselessly being able to respond to it as we become a unique expression of the essence of the Divinity. The very nature of Love, the very nature of this essence of God, is selfless service, without seeking any reward, pure from any motive, save unremitting service for the highest benefit of all, and a deep respect for those to whom this service flows, with selfless surrender to the Divine Will of God. As you prove the Truths that have been given to you, by living them daily, you will experience the Christ/Buddhic Consciousness that will release the previously unknown qualities of freedom, of heartwarming joy, of Divine Love and the peace that surpasses the understanding of the human mind. The precious power of discrimination will be yours, as you become a blazing crystalline cathedral of Living Loving Light through the application of Truth in your daily living. 

Observe life, but do not judge it. Examine and love life, but do not pass judgment on it and as you cleanse the inner recesses of your own being and the contents are illumined by spiritual discernment you will feel a loving empathy with your fellow traveler gleaned from your own experiences of human frailty. The empathy is pure divine love overwhelming in its intensity. 

Humility is the ultimate virtue of Divine Consciousness. In humility you find the young at heart the young in spirit and you are then able to lovingly learn from the book of life all around you the secrets of human existence, from the lowest to the highest with equanimity. 

Observe, love and learn and as your Light burns steadily in that gentle windless atmosphere of the humility of your Inner Sanctuary your whole being, your whole world, your whole universe will be silently bathed in the boundless splendor and infinite light of its radiance. For you my beloved friends are not strangers to the Truth.  

As all the waves and billows of emotional unrest shall flow over you and you will remain at peace, as deep calls to deep in the roar of the Great Silence, and the illumining spark of I AM within your soul will leap into life in joyous recognition as it encounters the Divine Sparks within every one of humanity on Earth. 

Consciously abide within the Sacred Flame of Eternal Truth within as you let your Light silently shine forth to all life so that its radiance may lead all existence back into the heart of Divine Love.

* * *

To Those Who Overcome

The glorious white robe of Master Jesus is a constant reminder to the initiate and the aspirant that the life and energy of their being may be woven and is woven at every moment into a vehicle through which the soul must function and achieve at last everlasting peace. 

To those who overcome shall be given a white garment! This garment is woven by the Divine Presence into the substance of the bodies and aura of the evolving soul’s consciousness when the attention of the heart is centered on the spiritual center from whence all blessings truly flow. 

The aura around a lifestream consists of a constantly moving sea of electrons moving outward in all directions, driven by thought and feeling, and returning inward on the return course of their circular journey to find oneness in the heart of the Universal Consciousness. The radiation from the Presence, however, is vertical and passes downward through the bodies and then completes the circle back into the Presence. So you have the directive activity of the lifestream going out in a horizontal line, tying you to the manifestation of Earth, and the more ephemeral electronic circuit coming from the Presence made up only of those directed thoughts and feelings which turn toward the Essence of all life. 

The greatest amount of the energy of the lifestream is directed into the affairs of the world, so that circuit is often more powerful than the short intervals of contemplation, prayer, and devotions that form the divine circle uniting you with the Godhead but this is the beginning of that White Garment, that Seamless Robe which has neither beginning nor end. 

Now when the individual is done with interesting him or herself in the satisfaction of the personal self and more and more of their life energy is directed toward the Source, this Cosmic Cloak or Seamless Robe woven out of the individual’s own love of God not only increases in intensity but begins to form a natural protective ring that disconnects the energy of the lifestream from the magnetic pull of imperfect manifestation. 

It is not the matter of a moment to change the currents of attention from form and manifestation into the joyous contemplation of the God-self, and yet those individuals who have entered that discipline, when seen with the inner eye, appear to be held within an almost invisible mist that is barely discernible through their cloak of many colors. As individuals are singled out from the masses and entered under the standard of the Light Bearers of the New Age that mist begins to take more form and substance, and eventually it is the predominant vibration through the cloak or through the aura. It forms the garment which Jesus so powerfully manifested that those who touched its very fringe were excused of their mistakes and mercifully reinstated in health and well-being. 

Weave your seamless robe, beloved ones, so that those who touch its hem will be blessed by its quality—its gifts. To qualify that Cosmic Cloak, the spiritual electronic essence which is the protective power of your higher nature, with confidence, healing, spiritual conviction, or any of the countless virtues of the Great Universal Presence, is to render an impersonal service in which your self can never either be recognized or acknowledged as the doer and is the great impersonal blessing which forms the heartbeat of divinity.


All life must be restored to its original divine perfect pattern… to the Love of all Life… and as been said many times Love is all there is! Just how do you, each one, release your Love? Is it unconditional? Or perhaps it is love with conditions or ‘strings’ attached. When you think or speak of your fellow travelers, no matter where they may be on the planet Earth, send your love which is unconditional – Love them with Pure Divine Love and with all your heart. Feel that Divine Love through your whole being, and know that it will expand and expand and cover the entire planet, for in order for this planet to be restored; all life must experience perfection thereon.  

How many times do we say: “The harmony of my true being is my ultimate protection”. When you enfold yourself in this mantle of light and make that statement, you will go through your day with that protection, with that harmony, with that love. But remember you may well believe that you have that protection just because you have made the affirmation with your lips. But in reality the affirmation must come from within the center of your being, not just from your lips, and you must constantly feel and nourish that harmonious radiation at all times.  

When you allow yourself to be pulled from your center of harmony you lessen this power of protection. I know that you understand the power of love, carry this love with you at all times for Love is All There is. Love if Life, Love is Light, Love is in all the qualities of the Divine, and every glorious radiation that we send forth with our words or our feelings… carries the vibration of Love.  

We were created in Love and told to go forth in love and now sustain that love at all times. It is not easy and at times very difficult to remain in this vibration of Love but this is what must be manifested and is essential to our harmony… to our protection… to our restoration of perfection.


* * *

Sacred Journey Meditation    

(Continued from last month)

Expecting to struggle up and out of the steep canyon, we are pleasantly surprised when the chasm gently opens up before us, and our path begins to effortlessly meander back and forth, through gently rolling hills, until a beautiful vista is revealed to us. Far off in the distance we see that once again the mountains rise sharply upward and we quickly pick up our pace. Arriving at the base of the mountains, we take a deep breath, and begin our ascent. Continuing to climb, we notice paths off to our right and to our left. We are tempted to take one and then decide against it, since we are eager to get to the top.  

When we finally reach the summit, once again, off in the distance we see that range the mountains, as flat as a tabletop, stretching across the horizon from east to west and we realize our journey is not yet complete, but for now, we shall pause for while to rest and refresh our mind, body, being and soul. With this decision we are quickly enfolded in a magnificent green flame.  

As we gently breathe in and out the light from this sacred flame expands until it fills our bodies—our physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles. While this takes place, we begin to see within our mind’s eye a mixture of our past, present and even our future. We see all the good things and all the challenges in this life and past lives; all our relationships and interactions with others; the tasks we have completed, no matter how big or how small and even those we may have consciously, or unconsciously, chosen to overlook. Ever so slowly the reality of our true being becomes clear and we are grateful. We are so very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and eagerly continue on our sacred journey. 

Heading northward our path quickly narrows and we find ourselves deep within a beautiful forest of magnificent trees, many of them hundreds and a few, perhaps a thousand years old or more. We silently ask these glorious elemental lifeforms to share their limitless wisdom with us. As if by magic we are enabled to see what they have seen and experienced over the many years of their existence on this planet—the beauty and grandeur of each and every day and night; the abundant wildlife from the smallest of insects, to the majestic elk,  the mighty bears, mountain lions and all the birds in the sky. 

We also see small groups of indigenous people moving into or through this sacred space; after them the Spanish explorers on a quest for gold and other riches;  later many pioneer families searching for a place in which to create a new and better life. We also experience the weather—the gentle spring rains; the torrential summer thunderstorms; the early morning frost that causes some of the trees and bushes within the pine forest to change color, from various shades of green, to brilliant yellow, gold and red; the heavy winter snowfalls that fill every canyon and blanket every mountain during the winter and yes, even the cleansing and purifying fires that have covered this beautiful land from time to time.

We are now enfolded in a magnificent ruby-gold flame. It is the color of the most pure and perfect sunset we have ever seen. As we breathe in deeply the light from this sacred flame expands outward until it fills our entire being. Our spirit becomes calm and truly we are at perfect peace—a peace unlike anything we have ever experienced before.  

Looking upward we see our final destination and realize we don’t have much farther to go. Checking out the many trails leading to the top of the Rim we decide to take the quickest straightest route upward. As we crest the top of the of this magnificent mountain range, a ray of pure white Light descends from the heavens above to light our way,  guiding us ever deeper into the forest. The air is clean and crisp. It is cold enough that we can easily see our breath. A doe with twin fawns silently and cautiously crosses the path in front of us while a group of jays follow us, flying from tree to tree squawking loudly as if to announce to all the triumph of our arrival. The abundance of the elemental kingdom completely enfolds us and fills our senses.  

Forging ahead we cross a gently flowing stream. Its water is icy cold and very invigorating. Fully energized we continue to follow the Light, quickly climbing to the top of a small knoll. Finally the Light stops moving forward and begins expanding outward in all directions. As we look around, we find ourselves in the center of an amazing fairy ring. In the middle of this remarkable space large tree trunks appear to have been laid out in a sacred circle, beckoning us to come forward. Quickly we find a seat and begin to relax by breathing in and out in a gentle, rhythmic manner.  

The Light intensifies now and almost undetectable, it enters our crown chakra, and as we breathe in we are filled with its Divine Light. Breathing out, our aura is now filled with a royal purple Light and everything around us takes on a ethereal violet haze. Continuing to breathe in and out, the Light expands, and bands of ruby-gold, green, white, pink, gold and blue completely enfolds us. Continuing to breathe deeply in and out we begin to radiate this Light to all life on our beloved planet with each and every breath.  

Now, dwelling within the Pure Essence of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, we stand upon the threshold of eternity and flawlessly merge with the perfect, primal life energy of the Universal Presence of God. 

Joyfully soaring on the wings of the infinite inbreath of One Consciousness, we enter deep within the Great Silence. Gently resting in the stillness of the profound tranquility of this expanded vibration, we easily and effortlessly attract and absorb the all-encompassing, prismatic, pulsations of Divine Light and Love.  

Firmly anchored within the outbreath of this endless stream of energy we are primed and passionate in our capacity to expand and project forth all the Light, Love and Peace required at this time in Earth’s evolution. With each and every heartbeat we hear I AM. . . I AM. . . . I AM. . . .and a personal message as individual and unique as each of us is received, acknowledged and accepted by every one present.  

A gentle tug on the arm and the soft fluttering of wings in our ears helps to bring our attention back to this magical place, during our time of meditation and communion with the elemental life surrounding us. Fully conscious we now see that a light dusting of snow covers the ground around us and the snow still falls gently through the trees, blanketing everything in a magnificent cloak of silence and quietude.

Using all of our senses to take this wonderful experience in, we realize we have completed our task and the time has come to conclude our journey. Offering gratitude for the wonderful blessings we have received this afternoon please become aware of your breathing pattern once again. Breathe in deeply and gently release your breath. Consciously command yourself to return to this time and this place. Breathe in again and gently release your breath. Begin to feel your hands and your feet. Now feel the rest of your body, totally relaxed, but fully energized and ready to return to full consciousness and awareness.


* * *


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