Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2006 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As we hasten our journey toward eternal Oneness our flaming Presence of Light shines forth allowing the Divine gift of Love to stream forth to all sentient life.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Violet Flame’s energies from the very heart of Love! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

Methods of Invocation of the Sacred Fire 

The magnetic power of the Fire Element within the heart cannot be denied by any intelligence or power of the Sacred Fire in any realm—human or divine. This is irrefutable law beloved ones. We must then move forward on the premise of certainty of accomplishment! The way and means by which this Sacred Fire may be drawn, focused, molded and directed will differ according to our individual development as well as the natural ray to which we each belong along with the requirement of the hour at personal, local, national or world events. 

In order to fully develop the invocative powers within, we must first recognize that within our own heart is a focused ray of the presence and power of the Universal Presence of God, containing within itself the pattern of our future greatness, even as the seed contains within itself the pattern of the future flower, plant or tree. 

This focus within our hearts is referred to as the Immortal Threefold Flame of Life. In the unawakened it is but a tiny “spark of divinity” but when an individual consciously places his or her feet upon the Path, this small spark begins to grow and expand in size, finally emerging from the “airless cell” much like bursting forth from a tomb, beginning the process of taking its rightful command of the lower vehicles. This is the basis of the “Second Birth” referred to so often in the spiritual teachings of the past. 

The recognition and acceptance of this Divine Presence within the heart, and the conviction within the feelings, that through this Presence and in the Authority of its Power one may invoke and draw forth from anywhere in the Universe whatever powers may be required to render assistance wherever it is needed makes the individual a conscious Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Fire,  one who is fully capable, with ever increasing efficacy, of invoking and directing its flaming Presence for the upliftment of humanity and greater freedom of all life everywhere!

* * *

Spiritual Design

The deciding factor which activates Life is determined by the amount of energy of the lifestream that is and has been dedicated in the past, through thought and feeling, to similar activities. In other words, momentum or accumulated energy waves form the “power house” which is the “activity” to which the lifestream repeatedly dedicates its time, energy and life essence. 

The more the tendencies of life have been shaped in a certain direction, the greater the potential of even involuntary action toward repeating these same activities. 

When the Spirit is awakened within the soul consciousness, it begins to play an ever-increasing part in the activity of the soul and personal self. Recognition of the spirit by the outer self is the first step on the Path. Acquiescence and respect for the spirit begins the momentum of serving the God Way and through the centuries this momentum gains its influence, until all the habits and desires of the outer self – while often not completely transmuted – are outweighed by the steady forward movement of the Spiritual Design. 

The more swiftly the spirit moves, carrying with it the evolving soul and its barnacles, the more demanding the experience for the soul. In some instances the spiritual potency of the awakening consciousness has formed a decided singleness of intention which is dedicated completely to Divine Will, Design and Way. 

These chelas have goodly momentum toward functioning with the One Universal Consciousness, and you are then asked that you intensify the purification of your vessels and your lower consciousness so that as your spirit advances into this One Divine Consciousness, it may not be delayed by the barnacles of the past human discrepancies and feelings. 

* * *

Inner Spheres

It is impossible for a consciousness to rise and not become impregnated with the vibration of the Inner Spheres in which temporarily our awakened consciousness is functioning. When such a soul returns again into a sphere below the one in which they had had the expanded experience, a great deal of the glory of the Sphere clings to their inner bodies and becomes a radiation in their aura. That is why in the East disciples flock around the holy man or woman and partake of that Spiritual Feast which the master unconsciously dispenses during the uplifted hour... the inner bodies of the disciples absorb those vibrations, those ideas, and that radiation which is sympathetic to their own development, and then the vast unclaimed flows outward from the sun of their being, seeking surface. If such finer, subtle vibrations, ideations and radiations are not claimed, they return as the water is drawn into the sun, naturally back into their own sphere. 

A design for study is sometimes qualified within the outer mind through the pressure of suggestion from the Presence or through the directed ray of the master, which enters into the brain structure by means of a vibratory action which can be comprehended and grasped by the evolution of the individual’s brain and outer mind. Thus, the master and the Presence not only use a direct impression which makes an idea arise within the consciousness of the individual but also use the medium of the written and spoken word, the visual sense, etc., in order to bring to the attention of the outer mind the core of some great Divine principle which the outer mind through study, contemplation and prayer can evolve into an active, potent and sustained part of the consciousness. Thus, instruction, or rather the opportunity for learning, is ever present with the chelas, though they often times feel that unless the instruction is “gold-plated” it is just “happenstance”. For this reason many sincere individuals pass through life after life not understanding the method of evolving the God consciousness through feeling, they often fail to successfully learn except through direct personal form. Your present thought of the Great Eternal Universal Consciousness is just such a key which can be evolved through your consciousness to a permanent expansion and illumination of your inner nature. 

When one receives the heart of a truth, contemplation, prayer and the deep breath will unfold from that fundamental core of knowledge the fullness of the truth. That is why the searcher for truth, when they have passed the egotistical stage that accompanies the opening of the spiritual eye, finds every human as their teacher. 

When an individual who is earnestly desirous of knowing and more importantly of becoming truth will find that the impressions of the God Self, the Higher Self of others and the Universal Consciousness may come in quaint guise, in broken speech, in any number of forms, and within this truth they will be able to discern certain links that will wisely enable them to co-relate the component parts into one whole for their greater illumination and expression.

* * *


Any endeavor towards right thinking, right feeling and right living are all made by the personal self when an individual sincerely sets foot upon the Path leading towards Spiritual At-one-ment. 

The outer consciousness becomes aware of the Divine Plan of the Universe and through the faculties which it has used during its illusory exile, it begins to build a bridge or communication between itself and the Divine Spiritual Self. 

When sufficient endeavor of a sustained and constant character has drawn the attention of the I AM Presence, the Higher Self begins to take a tremendous personal interest in raising and transforming the personality. People who are sincere enough to have engaged the cooperation and sustained interest of the Presence are easily discernible among the masses as more and more of the Divine Consciousness vitalizes and directs the raising, transforming and blending processes. 

Efforts of self-will lessen and the individual’s accomplishments increases a hundred fold. This is the inner meaning of what the Christians call “being born again” for humanity, as the tremendous glory of the Presence becomes an active, conscious part of their life and their consciousness is raised by self effort beyond those who have not yet accessed anything beyond their birth into the third dimensional plane and the mass mind. 

The Spiritual Birth comes to every human according to their previous experience and efforts… some in one lifetime and some in another… some early in childhood and some very late in the autumn of life’s journey. But it is the mystic union toward which all ultimately aspire and which when once attained commands the lifestream to be capable of only happiness, unity and all other positive experiences of the outer self which comes with such Union. 

The Divine Consciousness of the Oneness is not easily assimilated by the intellectual consciousness of the physical self. The mental concept of the One Divine Consciousness is a necessary prerequisite to the union and all deep study, contemplation and application are shaped toward the preparation for that moment when the potent, boundless Divine One Consciousness shall unite and transmute the consciousness of the third dimensional self.

* * *

Message from the President

Here it is the middle of summer and as usual, we have been very busy here at Headquarters! First, The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, Inc. recently purchased a three bedroom, two bath condominium next door to our property. It will be used primarily as an investment but also to house board members, full members and others who come to Payson to assist the staff with various projects and other activities constantly taking place throughout the year. The condo is in a small, well maintained 36 unit complex. Amenities include covered parking, a pool, and a tennis court in need of some major repairs that hopefully will be done within the next couple years. The first time this property was used was during the recent Summer Reunion and the consensus of all in attendance was “excellent investment”! 

A great deal of time was spent preparing for the reunion of full members last month. Everyone was able to attend except for one member from overseas. In addition to all the powerful services and wonderful thought provoking discussions, a great deal of time was spent catching up on what everyone had been doing during the last three years. The highlight of our gathering was an inspiring consecration and dedication ceremony of the new Headquarters. Hopefully, one day soon, many of you will be able to travel to the beautiful mountains of Arizona and visit The Bridge House. This part of the United States is truly magnificent and the purity of the atmosphere very easily allows one to connect with the higher energies.   

I also have some very good news to report. This month, or in August the loan taken out to pay for the property in Payson will be paid in full as all of the remaining property owned by The Bridge on Long Island will be paid off. Once again it can soon be said that The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, Inc. is free of all outstanding debt!  

As I look back over the past six months, what an interesting year it has been so far. For me it has truly been a time of working with family including parents, children, grandchildren, in fact, all members of my extended family. So much movement, change, growth, and in a few cases, lack of growth and understanding has taken place in the lives of those around me. For this reason much of my time has been focused upon the needs of others. Since I know that what is true for me is almost always true for all of you let us together increase our calls; especially using Decrees 3-01, 8-04 and 10-06. Remember, what at first often appears to be a difficult situation, with the help of decrees, affirmations and meditation can be purified, healed, released and freed!  

Before closing I would like to share the dates of the several activities surrounding the New Year Conference 2006-7. The Full Member Symposium will begin on Thursday, December 28, 2006 and end the following day Friday, December 29th. The conference will run from Saturday, December 30 through Monday, January 1. Finally, on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 the Annual General Membership Meeting will be held at The Bridge Headquarters at 2:00 PM. As I write my message I wonder what the rest of this year has in store for all of us! I feel it will definitely have its challenges. I also know it truly is an exciting time as the world continues to assimilate all that the new millennium has to offer; and humanity absorbs, adapts to and puts to use this very powerful energy, vibration and consciousness. 

In loving gratitude to each and every one of you,

Rebecca Ann Laycock


“It is time now, for the earth and humanity to arise and assume their responsibility to the Universe, walking in Freedom’s Robes and becoming the Light of the World!” 

                                                                             Thomas Printz

* * *

Decree for the Day

Beloved Presence of God I AM in me, I love and adore you! I summon forth*  

*Sunday - the magnificent blue flames of the First Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Will, Strength, Power, Protection and Faith  

Monday – the magnificent golden flames of the Second Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Wisdom, Illumination, Perception, Knowledge and Insight 

Tuesday - the magnificent pink flames of the Third Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Glory, Adoration, Devotion, and Pure Divine Love 

Wednesday - the magnificent White flames of the Fourth Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Purity, Integrity, Honor, Goodness, Resurrection and Ascension 

Thursday - the magnificent Green flames of the Fifth Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Healing, Truth, Honesty, Loyalty, Concentration and Consecration 

Friday - the magnificent ruby and gold flames of the Sixth Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Peace, Ministration, Silence, Kindliness, Beauty and Grace 

Saturday - the magnificent Violet flames of the Seventh Ray to blaze through me. See that God’s Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation and Freedom 

…is made manifest in all I do, in all that I see, in all that I say, in all that I remember and in all that I perceive. 

I love, bless and thank all the great Beings of Light from the *(First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth or Seventh) Ray who assist me this day, and every day.  

As God’s Most Holy Name  . . . I AM THAT I AM.


* * *


August 2006