Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2006 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Opening our hearts and minds to the pure essence of unconditional Divine Love we enter the magnificent Ruby-Golden Light radiating from the very center of our true beings.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the perpetual flowing spiraling essence of Light, Love and Peace (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


Law of the Circle

All life is built on the Law of the Circle, but the descent of Spirit into matter is only half of the process of being. The ascent of the lifestream should be an hourly and daily process. The pure energy that comes from the Universal Presence is amplified by the personality in all constructive use of this life energy. Thus, during every second of every day should the Ascension be a reality to all, and the actual process of ascending is part of daily living. 

When the flow of life energy from the I AM Presence to the human form is greater than the flow from the human personality back to the Universal Presence, the individual is ‘grounded’ or ‘earthbound’ as most of humanity seems to be. When the flow of energy from the personality is qualified with perfection and is greater than the Divine down flow, then does the Flame ascend and rise on this greater current. Thus it is that the Ascension takes place. Therefore, day by day, as you receive the energy of life from your God Presence and amplify it with good, this adds to the original store and you build the ladder upon which you will eventually ascend to your freedom. 

The Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that when only fifty-one percent of your energy is qualified constructively, your Ascension is assured. That is a very small balance—only one percent more—than the energy going back to the Universal Presence qualified with perfection! 

The average individual uses about three percent of this energy constructively; twenty-five percent destructively; and the balance of seventy-two percent is wasted force that goes forth helter skelter with every passing thought and feeling. Every day you receive tons of pure life energy—the pure and perfect primal life energy of the Universal Presence of God. That is the ‘down flow’; and every day you send up a thin stream of good thoughts, decrees, efforts and intentions. This is the ‘up flow’. The Ascension is a scientific fact and the up flow must balance the down flow—plus one percent! 

Check on yourself, beloved one! Is your mental body free from thoughtforms of worry, distress and distortions regarding the image of yourself, your sisters or your brothers! Is it free from the trash and accumulation of untrue concepts of the ages! Is your mental body able to hold the divine pattern and plan for your own identity as well as that of others—holding thoughts of only a positive and constructive nature? 

Is your emotional body bogged down with depression and with negative feelings that rise from the acceptance of limitation, age and dis-ease! Is it heavy with displeasure! Or is your emotional body filled with enthusiasm, faith, illumination, understanding and love for yourself and others? Is it filled with purity, dedication and consecration to Saint Germain’s great Age and Era of Freedom? Is it filled with the desire to minister to your sisters and brothers, and to use the powers of invocation and radiation to assist them? 

Is your etheric body clear of all hidden resentments and rebellions of the injustices of others toward you, with hidden hurts and imperfect memories? Or is your etheric body filled with the wonderful memories of the limitless powers of Light which the ascended ones use and you, yourself, once masterful wielded? 

Is your physical body vibrant, alive, young and vital? Has it developed dignity and mastery, refusing to accept disintegration, disease and decay? Is it charged with the power of endurance should you be required to go without sleep and yet be required to magnetize the Light and minister to those in distress? It is well to examine all of these vehicles! 

You do not know the hour, or the day when you will be summoned—summoned for even greater cosmic service—going forth with sealed orders: north, south, east and west throughout the universe. God needs alert minds, calm feelings, peaceful etheric and physical bodies rested, vital and alive!  You have a responsibility to be ready when the clarion call comes—whether it is to give increased service to life or ascend back in the heart of the Universal Presence of the Divine. Therefore, you must practice, practice and practice again—daily and hourly if necessary, the purifying and harmonizing of your individual vehicles so that you are in perfect balance and always ready for what is to come!


* * *


Our Gratitude

 Beloved and blessed spirits,  

Do you know how much you are loved? Have you thought in your long and tedious journey through the world of form of the amount and intensity of love that has been invested in your lifestreams individually?  

From the moment when you were called forth, a sweet and innocent Spirit Spark from the heart of the universal Mother-Father God, from that very moment of individualization, love has sustained you! Love has furnished for you, out of the beautiful Electronic Light Body of the Divine, the electronic form of your own Presence!  

Love has drawn for you the substance of the Elemental Kingdom, which has made up for you an emotional body by which you might feel the glorious Nature of the Divine, by which you mighty feel love and harmony and beauty, and every other feeling which is of that nature. Love has fashioned for you from the elemental substance a mental form by which you might receive the ideas of the One Universal Consciousness and fashion for yourself an individual world, peopling it according to free will. Love has created for you an etheric envelop into which you might record these experiences in the use of energy and vibration, building into this etheric body the mastery of light. Love has drawn from the physical atoms of this world the very physical body which you wear. All of that electronic light substance, beloved ones, is intelligent and beautiful, free life that chose to forego its happiness in spheres and realms of perfection for the questionable opportunity of making garments for your souls.  

Love, from the Heart of the Kingdom of Nature, fashioned for you this very planet, a platform upon which your feet mighty stand, fresh water to refresh your bodies and garments, the beautiful firmament with the blue sky of day and the star-studded mantle of awe at night, to give you rest and peace, to give you opportunity to refresh yourselves in your journey through the world of form. Love drew from the Kingdom of Nature into the Temples, the tiny elemental forms and assisted them to embody themselves in flower, in tree, in shrub, in grass, and the very substance that through nature nourishes and sustains your physical garment. Love has done all of this for you!  

Love drew the heart that this very planet earth might be sustained and humanity might have a planetary home. Love from the heart of the One Universal Consciousness to create a hierarchy that might teach humanity again the power and mastery of life within the sacred fire!  

Love has caused every Master who has finished the journey of earth, who has stood in the Halls of Karma and who has gained the victory of the Ascension, to renounce the peace of Nirvana to return to work in this lower realm, to serve and set life free. Love created the Karmic Board, that the creations of your own misuse of energy might not be pressed too heavily into one earth life but, in mercy, might be meted out century after century, so that the soul within might find opportunity to develop and not be smothered in the creation of its own thought and feeling.  

Love kept the Angels in the atmosphere of this earth when they might know the joy and happiness of realms where there is no distress or sorrow. Love keeps them in the physic and astral realms, cleaning and transforming the human creations, so that the clothing of every soul might be free of the appetites and passions and the lust, which do not allow the soul to rise into the halls which have been provided by that same love, to teach them the way out of their chains of repression to freedom!  

It is love indescribable that has created and fashioned in the inner spheres those halls that do not just appear by happenstance, they are thought out of the mental bodies of every Master who has chosen to contribute their thought and feeling faculties to create a focus into which the souls of humanity might be drawn, that they might be given understanding. 

It is love that has provided for you this beautiful focus. It is love in each of you that responds to the magnetic pull in this atmosphere, brings you here despite the pressure of your own aura and your individual world, and the heaviness that lies on your sweet souls, making you feel sometimes the task more heavy than that soul can possibly carry.  

Oh! My precious hearts, it is love, love alone, that has created and sustained this universe! It is love that keeps the very elements of your body from returning to the Universal. It is love that holds the planets in their orbits, the Sun in place in our Solar System. It is love that carries the systems in a perfect, rhythmic manner in a path around the Great Central Sun, moving, ever, ever onward to a manifestation of Glory which your precious hearts and consciousness could not conceive. If all of this love has been drawn and invested in you, do you not think then that you are an important part of creation?  

When the Great Cosmic Intelligence from whose heart and consciousness has come into being and form new bodies for eons of time, enfolds you with love to sustain and develop your bodies, and through the members of the Angelic Host, the Devas, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, guard this star and keep it in its orbit.... When mighty beings of light choose to remain in exile century after century... Do you not think that the Light in your heart is loved? Do you not think that you have been created for some great cosmic destiny? Do you not feel that love so invested should now have fit return?  

Is it now the hour when humanity shall rise and turning their attention to their own Divinity, ask that they may be shown without mistake what they as individuals shall do, for what purpose each one was created? Is it now time that the knee of the outer self shall bend before the Holy Christ Self, and in all humility, ask that the will of that Divinity through the outer be done? I think we have come to that day... the day of complete inner honesty and self-surrender when every human bares their head before the One Universal Consciousness and accepts the joyous, happy, harmonious, responsibility of fulfilling the divine plan for which love has sustained them for millions of years.  

It is no longer enough to be harmless... it is no longer enough to be passively good... to cease to do malevolence. Those who respond must constructively be doing good… loving. The Second Coming is individual, my beloved hearts, the shining Christ Self of each one stands waiting to externalize through the physical and inner bodies which it has sustained, guided, purified and guarded for centuries, a portion of that great Divine Plan which can be manifested through no other lifestream. Each of you holds a thread in the tapestry of life which must be woven and great the hour when the cosmic words might be said, "It is finished" and I may offer to the Universal, this planet and all upon it and say, "Into Thy Hands do we command this earth and these Holy Spirits.”  


* * *


Decree to Enhance the On-going Process of the Ascension

Beloved Universal Presence I AM THAT I AM, assist me to consciously and constantly abide within your Energy, Vibration and Consciousness as I make this call:


Through the power of the Sacred Fire TRANSFIGURE my every atom, cell and organ into the pure and perfect Light of God! I now command my physical body RISE, ENTER and REMAIN within your divine consciousness forever!


Through the power of the Sacred Fire allow only positive and perfect patterns of thinking to MANIFEST in my mind! I now command my mental body to RISE, ENTER and REMAIN within your divine consciousness forever!


Through the power of the Sacred Fire help me REMEMBER and EXPRESS the majesty and glory I had in the beginning before even this world was! I now command my etheric body to RISE, ENTER and REMAIN your divine consciousness forever!


* * *

Sacred Violet Fire

How many of you really recognize what the Violet Flame is? Yes you have used it through the years to transmute conditions of an imperfect nature into Pure Divine Light. But few have dipped deeply enough into its alchemic action to know how genuine that Sacred Fire is. Some of you have seen it with your inner and physical sight in action, but do you fully comprehend its reality, its veracity? When you love it sufficiently and have firm faith in its service to life you will then know that within your reach is a resolution to any and all tribulations.  

One of the first requirements for its successful accomplishment is that you must love the Violet Flame and when you call it into action you must be truly convinced that it will render the service for which you call. If even one chela would enter the feeling and sensitivity of that Sacred Flame and set aside their humanness long enough for the purifying activity to take place, there could be instant manifestation of Divine Good… the First Cause… just as you know that if liquid – such as water is poured into a cup you could alleviate your thirst. Upon having experienced its efficacy in your own world, you could then assist your associate travelers in the transmutation of any imperfection in their worlds. 

When you strike a match, a flame appears at its tip and a light emerges – when you put that tiny flame to another flammable substance this light increases in magnitude and strength. It is in this same manner that when you become sufficiently acquainted with the activities of Divine Alchemy that you realize it is from the premise of the One Universal Consciousness which accomplishes anything of a lasting nature. So permit yourself to use the Violet Flame… and apply it to all substances for you know that this great flame will transform the dross of any human accumulation… according to your application. 

Often and long have you been reminded and known of the use of the Violet Fire but still do you dilly dally year after year and not fully utilize this powerful and active force of alchemy. Daily, hourly… with every inbreath… all you need to do is to invoke the cleansing, purifying and transmuting Violet Fire in, through and around your consciousness to have this glorious activity to respond to your every call. Love this Violet Flame as it encompasses you, as it springs forth beneath your feet, ascends upon your head and surrounds you and your entire environment. Accept and breathe in its alchemy as it instantaneously transforms all not of the Light. As Priests and Priestess of the Violet Fire position yourself at all times within this fountain of flames allowing it to wash over you and all you come in contact with.


* * *


July 2006