Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2007 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Visualize a crystalline diamond in the atmosphere. As it revolves it sends forth rainbow rays of limitless diverse colors and hues illuminating the hearts and the worlds of all humanity.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the illumined flame of harmony to bring about Divine Will! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

I enter into and abide within the perpetual exultant flame of eternal Truth, and my world is a world of Divine Love; my world is a world of eternal Truth; my world is a world of Violet Fire; and I AM a blazing cathedral of Living Loving Light! 

* * *

Ascension Meditation

Take a deep and gentle breath in… and slowly breathe out… breathe in again… now easily and effortlessly release your breathe. With each breath you take you are calm... you are quiet… you are still… you are at perfect peace. Feel a wonderful field of energy flowing around your body, growing and intensifying with each and every breath. This energy is white in color. It has a warm, loving, freeing energy.

Let us begin by visualizing within your mind’s eye the physical structure of a magnificent temple. As you observe its architecture it is simple but modern. It blends into the landscape but seems slightly different from the other structures in close proximity.

Walking up the steps you pause for a moment just outside the door, preparing yourself for what is to come, and upon entering, you silently and reverently remove your shoes and quietly proceed down a tapered vestibule. 

As you walk through an open doorway, you feel the Presence of beloved Kwan Yin. Immediately you are enfolded in her Flames of Forgiveness, Mercy and Compassion, and you let go of all residual negativity that remains within or around you. The Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love actively transmutes and further purifies your bodies, until you feel completely harmonious and free. For a time you sit and enjoy the offerings of this space, but very soon you become aware of the overwhelming desire to proceed further into this immense Temple. 

Upon entering the next area, you come face to face with yourself, and you see the magnificent perfection of your being and world. You may even be gently shown some areas in which further improvement on your part may be required. Having observed that which you need to see within yourself, before advancing further, you feel deep gratitude well up in your heart and expand outward, as you once again consider the opportunity which now lies before you. 

At that moment you turn and find yourself standing before the great Guardian of the Ascension Flame, Serapis Bey. For a few moments you remain silent and motionless, basking in the magnificence of this being. Then you hear his powerful voice within your mind: 

“As often happens to the initiates who are ready and come to this great Temple I now offer you the opportunity to further develop your spiritual nature. You will find that there are no official teachers here, other than your own Divine Self - that sacred one who resides deep within your own heart flame. You will be surrounded by impressive libraries filled with volumes of priceless books, but no one will point out a single course of study, for that shall be left completely up to your own inspiration, guidance and intuition. You will also find countless symbolic treasures of fine art and collectibles, all containing secrets and messages of immortality and truth, but no one will suggest that you take the time to study them. 

“Beloved one, the resources of this retreat are yours, including the glorious opportunity to engage in the activities of everyday life, which will act as the proving ground for all that you have learned. All of this and more is left entirely up to you, to follow your heart and listening to that still small voice within and develop your own course of study.”  

Grateful for this message you pause for a moment to consider the truth contained within this great Master’s words, and suddenly you realize where you are and quickly ask yourself if you are really ready to take your next step? Instantly, you receive an affirmative answer from deep within and are invited into the sacred inner sanctuary. You are suddenly deeply aware, that beginning right now, you will often find the time to enter this magnificent Focus of Light - to sit in silent meditation and on occasion participate in a sacred service that will assist all life, and you are grateful. 

The first thing you notice upon entering are the countless members of the Angelic Host from all the Seven Rays, many of whom have taken up permanent residence within this sacred and holy place. Looking closer you see specific areas of the room dedicated to various ascended masters or cosmic beings. At times, you can actually feel and on occasion, even see the activity of the Ascension flame being directed into the specific work of each. 

There are countless chairs placed in a circular pattern around the altar for your comfort. Taking a seat, you begin to breathe deeply in... and out. Quickly becoming more centered, you go into a very deep meditative state, and prepare yourself at all levels of consciousness, to receive into your being and world the full power of the mighty Ascension Flame allowed by cosmic law, depending upon your development.  

You breathe in... Absorbing the purity of the Ascension Flame throughout your four lower vehicles...You breathe out... and feel every molecule and atom of your being beginning to vibrate faster and faster. Continuing this rhythmic breathing pattern your entire body feels lighter and brighter.  

Consciously you add the full momentum of your lifestream to the Flame of Purity, expanding and projecting it forth, until everything within this room is surrounded with this mighty power. Even the atmosphere around you is filled with its crystalline white radiance. 

The walls gradually become translucent, and after a short time, they are no longer visible to your sight and you realize that your vibratory level has been raised above the world of illusion. It was as if the walls were nothing more than soft fabric panels and as a gentle wind blew through the room, they simply fell away.  

You now see before you magnificent, ancient columns, in the very distinctive style of the Atlantian architecture. The central focus of this Temple is filled with wonderful treasures and artifacts. Flawless tapestries hang upon the walls, against a perfect backdrop for the many magnificent statues that have been sculpted. 

Intricately colored mosaics of fine marble line the floor and you pause for a few moments to observe their magnificent intertwining patterns. Looking up, you notice that the ceiling above you is open to sky. The moon and stars shine brightly down upon you and, much to your amazement; you can actually reach up, touch, and feel their radiance. Consciously choosing to expand your consciousness even further, you are quickly able to feel your connection with the entire universe!  

Aside from the Light shining down from above, the room is illuminated by an unknown substance that emanates forth from the structure itself. A soft white glow fills every corner, and no silhouette is allowed to cast its shadows anywhere within this ancient and sacred focus of great Light. o:p> 

Soft music is carried on a gentle breeze, its origin and melody unknown, but very familiar to you. Totally at peace, and at home where you now stand, you once again gently rise into a higher level of consciousness. It is within this elevated state that you notice one section of the room radiating brighter than all the others and your full attention quickly turns to this wonderful and amazing sight. 

Concentrating upon this space, you begin to feel ascending and descending energies coming together. You draw closer, until you can actually feel the activity and power of the Ascension, spiraling upward from the very center of the Earth and downward from the Universal Source of all Life. Understanding the reality of this wonderful gift, once again you hear a voice: “Come beloved one! Be not afraid! Come and join me within the all powerful, all loving, and all knowing mighty Ascension Flame.” With these words, the great Serapis Bey takes form before you and stretching forth his arms, he invites you into his loving embrace.  

He continues to speak: “Have no fear, or doubt that what you are experiencing is not real. Let go of everything you no longer need. Let it go right now into this Sacred Fire. Trust yourself fully and let it happen right here and right now, for then you will truly be forever free! Join me and all the great Beings of Light - both ascended and unascended - who have consciously chosen to take this same step and serve the planet Earth from a much higher level of consciousness.” 

Receiving these beautiful words deep into your heart and mind, you are confident, and now have the courage necessary to step fully into the Flames, becoming ONE with them... You drink deeply of the essence of Purity! You feel the power of the Ascension Flame coursing through your body. You absorb the Light, allowing yourself to be filled with its radiation. Ancient memories begin to return, flooding you with the Truth and silently you affirm within your soul:  

I AM! I AM! I AM! I AM the Flame of the Ascension, restoring perfect balance to the planetary Threefold Flame! I AM the Flame of the Ascension, purifying all the evolutions of the Earth through my radiation of perfect Love, Wisdom and Power! I AM the Flame of the Ascension, allowing Hope to anchor, blossom and flourish in every human heart! I AM the Flame of the Ascension, raising all humanity ever-higher into the radiant Joy and Peace of the Universal Presence of the Divine! 

The pain and distress of the entire human race is now transmuted and dissolved, replaced with the buoyant, raising, joy of the mighty Ascension Flame, and once again, you hear the voice of love within your mind: BEHOLD! I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW! o:p> 

“You have been raised in consciousness by the great power and love of the Ascension Flame, and it is your responsibility to remain at this level until such time as you are prepared to move forward once again. For a moment, consider the wonderful tools and profound wisdom you have been given to maintain this activity and send your gratitude and love to the ONE Divine Source of All Life.”  

In this sacred space between worlds, please receive one final message deep within your mind: “In the early ages, before the corruption of Earth’s people by the shadows which surround them, the Ascension was accomplished consciously and beautifully by every individual after he or she had completed their cycle of embodiments on Earth.  

“Two thousand years ago beloved Master Jesus brought to the outer consciousness of humanity the understanding that the Ascension is the ultimate destiny of everyone and that his life was a living example for all to follow. Most people consider his sacrifice as an unusual and unique expression of mastery available only to him. However, I ask you to always remember his words: ‘The things I do, all shall do; and greater things than these shall ye do!’”

Our journey this today is now almost complete. There is but one more thing to do and that is to... Take a deep breath in... and gently breathe out... Breathe in again... and slowly release your breath... and when you feel grounded and fully present please return to this time and this place!

 * * *

The Human Veil

In the early Golden Ages when the Electronic Energy drawn forth from the Heart of the Presence was precipitated into the physical atmosphere, it retained its purity and self-luminosity. Although it became form, it still remained uncontaminated Light Substance, the atmosphere of earth and the illuminated light that made up the four elements remained transparent and the thought and feeling forms of humanity were radiant prismatic light. In this rarefied and beautiful celestial atmosphere, the finer bodies of the already perfected ones, the angelic host, the cherubim and the seraphim were easily discernible, as there was no impure substance to stand between the physical sight of the evolving master and the perfected ones who were guiding their evolution.

Slowly over time the human veil was created and remains to this day. It is a mass production of impure thought and feeling which covered the Electronic Light with heavy, dense, scarce forms and clouded the atmosphere of earth with a substance vibrating at such a low rate that it cut off the sight to the higher purer vibrations. This veil of humankind’s making formed a self-created barrier between the very help and substance which the people required, and only by the conscious use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, and its attendant purifying decrees, may this massive dark veil be again dispelled.

Individuals who are progressing upon a higher pathway of life, while yet unascended, are subject to this veil as well as to their own individual cocoon but as they rise in consciousness, purify their individual world and insulate themselves in their Tube of Light and Oval of Purity, they individually rend their human veil and become an integral part of the rarefied atmosphere of the Inner Realms.

 * * *

Divine Principle

Through the darkness of human understanding, a great Light appears! It is the Light of the Divine Principle – that which has always been and shall forever be. 

Divine Principle is the First Flame of Life – that Flame which appears in the void – in the darkness which precedes all creation.  

Deep, deep in the silence of the soul, there is this Light. Deep within the recesses of the mind, and of the heart, this Light appears as the most minute Flame – a mere spark of Light. With the attention upon it, it grows and expands in volume, in intensity, and in scope; for before Light, as any one knows, all darkness flees and is no more. 

This Light then precedes all lesser Lights which have ever graced the universe no matter how great these Lights have been. All the suns, their stars and galaxies – universe upon universe – and all the manifestations of Light which have told the inhabitants of planets about great events soon to take place… such as the star of Sanat Kumara to the people of Venus and the star of Bethlehem to the people of Earth, have emerged from the One Light, for the Divine Universal Consciousness – is Principle. 

To this Principle then we must all turn and we must ask: “What is the Divine Principle involved here?” This question should be asked and the answer once received should be adhered to without fail to create anything of lasting value. 

Ask then this question of the Divine within you for Divine Principle dwells within the heart of all creation and there is nothing in existence which does not contain it. 

You then are the directing force within your sphere, for all of that sphere has expanded forth from the Heart Center in which this great Light first appeared. You cannot be an exception to this law. Your sphere of influence is a galaxy all its own, co-existing in a universe of universes. By the very nature of creation, it bestows upon you this Light. Within it you must function. Is this not wonderful? Ponder and meditate upon this…

 * * *

The wisdom of life requires the chela to watch carefully that the desires of the emotional body, rather than the stirrings of the Presence in the heart, do not stimulate action. Often a good chela will say that their heart is not in service, when it is merely the imbedded rebellions, resistance and impurity of the emotional body that is not in service. The dear heart is confused by this recalcitrant emotional world. Discrimination, attentiveness and insight are required to distinguish between the two forces, spiritual promptings and emotional reluctance.




September 2007