Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2007 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,



Visualize a pyramid of purified and healing emerald green crystalline substance enfolding the planet as all is surrounded with an aureole of the Rainbow Rays.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Universal Presence of the All-Seeing Eye of the Divine! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

The Law of Forgiveness 

There is nothing gained by driving misqualified energy back to its creator because by the very act of misqualification, the generator proves that he or she is unaware of the Divine Nature of all energy and is in dire need of the application of the Cosmic Fiery Flame of Love and Mercy rather than an intensification of the quality of negativity which would be caused by the return of their own energy before the discord was consumed with the added qualification of the witness’s disapproval or resentment. 

Persistent and consistent use of the purifying and consuming fiery Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love will ultimately free the lifestream entirely from the accumulation of discord which makes the present karma and limitation. It will also build an impregnable Wall of Light around the use, keeping out the discord that is continually floating in the atmosphere caused by the emanation of others. When perfect harmony is evident in the daily life of the individual, then it may be said that he or she has used the merciful and forgiving power of God’s cleansing flame enough. 

* * *

‘Know thyself’ and the shadows longing for Freedom will be exposed to the full Light of the Sun beyond the Sun! 

‘Know thyself’ and understanding will illumine your consciousness! 

‘Know thyself’ and continue to reach every higher to abide forever in the land of the Eternal Sunrise!

* * *

As the Spirit of Shamballa stirs in the heartflames of the masses the work of the chelas becomes more significant and powerful. It is imperative that each of you project only the most positive and uplifting ideas and ideals into this united consciousness. Thus only the perfection of God’s Will can be drawn into the mass consciousness as everyone begins to search and reach up for enlightenment.

Due to the importance of this understanding it is time to make the commitment to ‘know thyself’! Look at your four lower vehicles through the eyes of your Divine Self, looking at both your strengths and weaknesses. Then with the Violet Transmuting Flame, transmute any lingering weakness into pure Light once again! Then, the wonderful divine gifts stored in your Causal Body will be revealed and used to beautify life wherever you pass by. 

To assist in this process it is time to travel in consciousness to further understand the meaning of the term ‘inner realms’. To prepare for this journey take a deep breath in and begin to center yourself. When you are ready, with your inner vision, see yourself being embraced in the loving arms of your own I AM Presence. Feel the great desire this magnificent part of yourself has to welcome you ‘home’ for it is not complete in its fullness of being until you ascend into Heaven’s Realm. Slowly your Divine Presence projects a Ray of Light to the Earth and your descent begins. As you move gently toward the Earth, you are still able to perceive the beauty of the Octaves of Light. However, the closer you come to the physical plane, the heavier the vibratory activity becomes. It is increasingly more difficult to retain the awareness of the Realms of Light. Finally, having reached the physical world, your awareness and senses are bound to the third dimensional consciousness for a time and your vision turns outward…. 

The anchorage of the God Presence in the physical world is the Threefold Flame within each heart. As you become aware of this flame and turn your attention toward it, you open the gateway to enter into the Realms of Eternal Light again. This is the reason the term ‘inner’ is used. All answers truly are within! You have drawn your attention away from the ‘outer realms’ and reunited with the Divine Consciousness within entering the ‘inner realms’ again.

* * *

The Search 

Every single one of us has hopes that when we die,

We will enter into heavenly bliss up among the skies.


We vision it a lovely place wherein to rest in peace,

Filled with gorgeous majesty where wonders never cease.


We see ourselves upon a cloud in purest white arrayed,

Our heads so free from worry upon soft grassy tufts are laid.


And angels all about us singing praises to the Lord,

With our songs gently blending with them creates a single sweet accord.

This heaven is a perfect state, to which we all aspire,

We, through many lives have sought and seeking, never tire.


We have sought it on the hilltops; we have sought it in the glen,

We have sought it in the desert and in the souls of men.


Finally, when seeking we have wearied and searched the whole world through,

When deeds we have accomplished till there is nothing more to do.


When all our quests completed and our many actions cease,

In quiet meditation we shall certainly find release.


For Heaven is not a place nor plane, nor either is untrue,

But its what lies deep within the souls of us, waiting to be revealed.


When earnestly its sought for, when we knock upon its door,

And we feel that we have done our best and can do no more.


Then---lo---the door is opened, and enter it we may,

Into this Divine Kingdom, always there to stay.


For once that we have found it and safe within abide,

All earthly worries pass away and we remain inside.


So let us offer up a prayer that we may sooner see,

This perfect state expressed in life for all eternity. 

(The above poem was written by beloved Geraldine Innocente shortly before her Ascension in the Light and edited in 2007 with her loving guidance for republication.)

* * *

Three Reasons for Your Ascension 

Your energy is almost redeemed and you have become purified - one whose energy has been almost completely redeemed and whose cycle of individualization is ready to close.  You are one who has transmuted through many ages of good and positive living the majority of your energies qualified imperfectly and have therefore, by that very preparation of the ages, signified through the color bands in your causal body that there is opportunity for you now to write your name upon the last page of your Book of Life, seal it and place it forever in the records of eternity. 

You have decided to take back all unredeemed energy for you are one of those souls who have awakened from the long soul sleep and remembered the glories, majesties and powers available on other stars, in other systems, and in other universes who waking, feels intensely and deeply the loss of your powers, the loss of your freedom, and through that intensity, have demanded the opportunity of completing the cycle of your manifest expression, quickly deciding to make the great sacrifice of taking back at no matter what personal cost or discipline, all the energies unredeemed in your life. You have been examined at inner levels and have been found capable of making this sacrifice and the Karmic Board has agreed to release your karma to you, knowing you can hold the balance through its pressure and if you endure unto the end can earn your seamless garment of Light. 

You have volunteered to become Guardian Spirits who have renounced freedom to come in at this period of cosmic change when the Sixth Ray has played its last cord and the gentle opening notes of the Seventh Ray have begun and who desire through your Love of God and humanity to offer your bodies as conductors of these subtle currents as step-down transformers, receiving instructions directly from the Universal Presence and carrying this information to the consciousness of all humanity!

* * *

Power of Concentration 

Let us speak of a gift which must be brought to bear upon every aspect of your life by your love and concentration until all has been transformed within your expression from the human to the Divine. This is not the work of a moment! It is the work of many so-called “lifetimes”, for true concentration is the art of being.

Everyone has being, it is true, but few are aware of the truth of that Being, and this is what the gift of concentration must be used to discover. The truth of yourself is that you are created in the Divine image and likeness of the One Universal Consciousness and that is the very fact which has fallen into unconsciousness, until you have come to believe that your physical and intellectual experiences are your reality. 

Upon realizing the Truth of Being one must start upon the task of removing all the masks assumed and begin moving back towards the own Divine Self. For this, the tool is concentration. 

There are sister qualities which are important in the process of uniting with the Divine Self. The first is Consecration, for it is absolutely necessary that you dedicate all of your energy and attention to this work. 

The second quality is Truth, because before you can reunite with your True Self there will be the necessity of facing some clear realities. It becomes necessary to leave the past in order to embrace the present and future reality of Unity with the I AM Presence, and this is worth any sacrifice that may be required along the path. 

Healing a major quality of the Fifth Ray, is the natural result of the process of rediscovering your true identity, for there is nothing within it but perfect radiant wellbeing and harmony! Conversely one has only to remember that dis-ease and dis-comfort go hand-in-hand with deception and all that is not of the light must be stripped away from you and your world. 

One of the most interesting facts of consciousness is that your individual consciousness is linked to all other self-conscious life, be it human, Divine or other. You exist in a realm where all energy which has ever been spent by humanity surrounds you at all times. Because energy can not be destroyed it exists within the level or strata to which it belongs until it is either transmuted and returned to the One Divine Universal Consciousness for repolarization or strengthened and intensified where it already is by other energies which are similar to it.

If you think about it for a moment, you will realize that you may either choose which level you wish to experience consciously, or you can float about from one level to another according to the whim of your emotional and mental bodies. The tool of concentration gives you the power of conscious choice as to where you want to be and what you want to experience at all times! 

Because you are connected to all consciousness within your sphere of experience, you must take charge of your individual consciousness, and extricate it from the mass consciousness. Then you may work with it until it is strong enough as individual consciousness to withstand the pressures of any misguided energy which exists within the collective consciousness. This is an extremely difficult task. This is why it is imperative to call upon the assistance of the Forces of Light in a constant and concerted way.  

The power of decreeing is tremendous in clearing the mass consciousness of darkness, transmuting it to Light, and returning such energies to the Divine Source once more! Your individual energy is powerful, but your collective energy is formidable. When it is used to transmute and purify, connecting with the Forces of Light, it will be the saving Grace of the Earth! 

Be aware that the Angelic Legions remain within your auras around the clock and deserve your deepest gratitude. With your inner vision know and see the tremendous work that is done daily and hourly to encourage and strengthen you and all of your efforts. Let your hearts be lifted up and your joy be greatly magnified for the Light Loves you beyond words and description, hold your attention upon this Light and Love during the days and months to come.

* * *

Ancestral Bonds 

In the creation of a galaxy the first movement is always in a sweeping arc, moving outward from the Central Sun. This is the emergence of the Suns of the system… each Sun representing a specific aspect of the original. These Suns are the first generation of a galaxy. As each new generation comes forth in beautiful horizontal arcs and settles into their individual orbits, each finds a specific place and time in relationship to the Sun… and each displaying its own unique colors and tones as it goes forth.  

So it is with our own personal “family trees”… for “as above – so below”. In the course of re-embodiments you are aware that individual lifestreams often travel within the same ‘family tree’… appearing perhaps on many ‘different branches’ and often working with some of the same lifestreams for many eons to complete certain phases of their evolution. And within this scheme of things all life must continue to move forward.  

There are those among you who have moved to a different area from the place in which you were born. At some later time you may have returned to your place of birth. Take a moment to recall this memory. Didn’t you feel how differently that place looked from what you recalled? Perhaps the place in which you made your emergence was no longer there… or had significantly changed in exterior manifestation and ambiance. Your old friends may have been gone or were now involved in very different avenues of life than previously. All was “different” and within yourself you felt the truth that “I can not go back! It is not the same as I remembered it!” At that point you absolutely knew you could never return to that place and moment of your life experience, even if it held magnificent memories for you.  

With this knowledge you could now be filled with gratitude for the learning experience that came from that time and place but you also know it was time to move forward to the greater offerings and experiences that are to come. At these precious moments you have the opportunity to release all of your past and to freely advance into the expanding hope that lies before you. Give thanks for the immense vista that is opening before you and spring forth into the new age of spiritual freedom that is so imminent for the Earth.

* * *


August 2007