Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2008  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Love has called us, love in the hearts of the lifestreams dwelling upon this Earth plane, for "I AM" ONE with the love in every heart, and humanity is increasingly expanding the expression of Love so that a quickening in our universe impels us to stand on the threshold of Oneness.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Love that is the cohesive power of the Universe! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Declaration of Grace 

I release all outer expressions and appearances and open myself as a chalice to be filled with the Divine Grace of the One Universal Consciousness. My outer self is silent and in this state of listening Grace, I perceive the Divine Plan taking form even as I articulate these ideas.


I recognize the Presence of God in all life and I invoke the gift of Grace of the Holy Spirit to saturate the consciousness of all humanity, lifting us ever higher until we are ONE with the Divine Presence within. By Divine Grace I descended to this Earth. In a State of Grace I will remain until the Divine Plan is manifest and through Grace I will ascend back into the Heart of God.

* * *

The Call of Love

Love has called us, love in the hearts of the lifestreams dwelling upon this Earth plane, for "I AM" ONE with the love in every heart.

With the great number of chelas all round this Planet so sincerely expressing more and more love, that love which they embody and expand has formed a magnet which has impelled us to send forth this Release. As each shall read these words, there shall be a quickening within their beings which will indicate that they are on the threshold of ONENESS!  

The Secret of the ONE is revealed to those who are love incarnate, and when "I AM" witness to the bud bursting into flower, there "I AM", for it is our privilege to enfold the aspiring Individualized Flame in the Presence.  

We know that love is the cohesive power of the Universe. It is the force that draws all to It, and results in Unity. It is the most natural expression of Life, because only in separateness is there struggle and suffering. Love forms the responsive cord of one Flame recognizing Itself in all that is.  

The more any one individual can become concentrated in the Power of Love, the greater is their individual part in the unifying of this particular solar system.

The Cosmic Note of Creation has completed Its work, and removing the pressure of separateness, the Cosmic Note of the New Day is returned to the Universal Presence to transform the Great ONE. This note sounds first at inner levels and is perceived by the more sensitive Parts of Life before it becomes the Keynote of the outer world.

In this Cosmic Return, each Part will bring back a very much greater expansion of Light than it had when it was propelled into individual Being, and the Cosmic Circle, when completed, will be much brighter and much richer for this experience.  

Your creation might be likened to the outbreath of the body when all living things are breathed into space, and the inbreath of the body when all are drawn Home.  

It is our particular Joy to represent the awakening of that cohesive Power in the hearts of humanity that will draw them, without exception, back into the Bosom of the Eternal. The less humans struggle, and the more they relax in the great pull of love, the easier will be the return, for return all must, and there is not one electron in this system that will not be breathed back eventually into the Heart of God.

As the Macrocosm, so the microcosm, and you too, must breathe back into your being and world all the substance, all the Life and all the Light that you as an individual, have sent forth. This being a Cosmic Fiat - there is returning on the inbreath, good and otherwise, (both of which you have sent out) which will cause a tremendous pressure in the bodies of those not aware that it is but the COSMIC HARVEST, not only of the Cosmos but of humanity as well.

It is love alone that is drawing back into Its Cause all that has been, and if each chela would redeem their individual creation of force around their own lifestream, which comprises their particular gifts and experiences, when they plunge back into the Heart of God in the Ascension, then that much quicker would the Cosmic Plan be completed, until with the last returning soul, the final petal of the Lotus will be drawn again into the Heart of the Solar Logoi, and the completed Solar System will stand revealed as the Divine Plan.

The period of sleep is over. This is a period of Fulfillment of the full Glory of the Cosmic Day, when each person, and each electron, has poured their all into the CUP of the ONE, and all drink together from Its never ending Opulence.  

Rest, beloved chelas, in the Arms of Love and let the Cosmic Tide of Love carry you on a barque of Peace - HOME; your arms laden with your experiences of the centuries, shorn of heartbreak, with but the richness of the Greater Life and Understanding.

Pour, thou, thy gifts upon the Altar of the One. See gathered there other shining Parts of Thyself, and offering their Gifts to blend with thine and so make the Whole greater in Glory.

* * *

Hands of God

As a Disciple of Holy Spirit, I have come to set right the vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world and in the entire universe. As a Disciple of Holy Spirit, I AM the Sacred Hand of God, moving through this world, instantly re-establishing Divinity wherever this Sacred Fire is applied. I invite, invoke, focus, concentrate, manifest and sustain this Flame. I AM a director of the Flame and I AM humble before its magnificent Presence, gratefully I unleash its power of Love on the Earth.

In Oneness of Consciousness with the Universal Divinity I AM the cause of this blessing of Holy Spirit; I AM the Bridge over which it flows; and I AM its final effect of Divinity re-established, the Divine Plan manifest in the world of form.

So be it, as the Holy Spirit in Action, I AM!<


Stretch forth your hands!

Stretch forth your hands in friendship!

Stretch forth your hands in love!

Warmly clasp the hands of others and let them know you care!


Your hand stretched forth with a smile on your face says: “Sister or brother, I am glad to see you! I greet you with love, with blessing, with joy and with gratitude for your presence here with me.”  And yet, you may not have spoken a word.


Hands are one of the foremost instruments of expression upon the physical plane and if you think about it, they automatically express the thoughts and feelings held within. If you do not wish to say that which is in your mind and heart, your hands may be clasped tightly together but they are shouting to all who have the eyes to see:  “I will not speak!”, or “I will not help right now!”, or perhaps they are saying: “I cannot help just now!”.


Those who understand the language of the hands do not judge the nature of these statements. Rather, they will be aware and perhaps they will stretch forth their hands in love and understanding. Sometimes the loving gesture of just one human being will be the action that will open another to the Light!


Life is, after all, a very complex thing and especially here on Earth, where so many veils yet cloud and distort one’s spiritual vision. Chelas must become aware at many levels of their being, so that not one call for help will escape their notice. Your sisters and brothers constantly give many signals and so often - if the heart is suffering, lonely, or in need of physical assistance - it may be hard to ask, even among chelas.


The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom was begun by students of the Ascended Masters who began reaching up into the Octaves of Light for wisdom, for strength, for healing, for peace and for love. As you now do this, the masters will always stretch forth their “hands” to you. Dear chelas, when you clasp your hands, let it be in prayer, in gratitude and in love for you will then be all the more able to accomplish that which is required of a master of energy! 


* * *

Harmonious Energy

The energy of each one's lifestream is the Conductor over which passes any and every activity that the individual experiences, thus the energy of the lifestream becomes the only means by which good or evil can enter the experience of the self-conscious focus of the One God Life.

All life desires Good, Beauty, Affluence, Happiness and the limitless number of expressions of the qualities and experiences found in the Realms of Heaven, thus it behooves Life to understand more fully that the nature of the 'Carrier' determines the Gifts. 

In the outer world, individuals entrusted with the conveyance of gold, jewels and priceless securities are people of high principle, moral integrity and flawless character, because the goods they convey are thought to be of enough value to be protected by the best means of conveyance that the human race can procure. Humanity would not entrust valuable possessions or physical assets of great integral value to lifestreams of a questionable nature. As below, so above, but to a far more exacting degree, as the quality of the 'Carrier' forms an essential part of the particular experiences and gifts conveyed into the possession of the individual.  

If lifestreams were as careful of the quality of their energy as they are in securing a bond for the one entrusted with their physical assets, they would find that the Gifts of the Divine can ride into the lifestream only on HARMONIOUSLY QUALIFIED ENERGY and that if they allow their 'Carrier' to express any other quality, they are automatically disqualified from conveying the Gifts of the Divine.  

For instance, discordant energy will not bear the current of Healing or Supply. A harmonious stream of electronic energy is a natural conductor for the perfected gifts which each lifestream requires so much, but which cannot ride into the experience except upon a beam of energy representing that one's own lifestream, which must vibrate at a harmonious rate in order to convey these finer and most sought after gifts of Divinity.  

Each one sets up their own line of contact or disconnects themselves according to the particular qualification of the energy in their lifestream from time to time, but the individual who has mastered the control of the energy of their bodies to a point where there is in no way a break in the connection through discord, can on no account know limitation, disease or the many manifestations of the appearance world that can only ride in on the broken rhythm of the discordant energy.

* * *

Pallas Athena’s Sphere of Truth

Blessed ones, I so desire you to have a compatibility with my Being - I wish to show you that true communion between a Cosmic Being is an ecstatic feeling when the neophyte has surrendered self and blended this consciousness with the Cosmic. This is the state of being which we are endeavoring to have you express at all times.

I come not to scold you, children of my Heart. I come in deep Love for the pulsating Center of Truth within your Christ Self. Please believe me when I re-state the urgency of the hour, the time for you to do something about the dispensation of Truth to others upon this Planet!  

When we in Heaven's Realms see the turmoil in the consciousness of the youth, we pray with all the sincerity of our Beings that some among our chelas will throw off the cloak of their staid and rigid consciousness and seek out constructive lifestreams among the youth who can and will lovingly carry the Banner of True Spiritual Freedom to the masses! You will witness mass awakenings taking place among the younger generation - are you going to choose to be a part of their God Illumination? You see the dissonance of the few, but there are millions of young people, who are willing to listen and they will do so if they are not approached with the dictums of "thou shalt not". The way to interest the youth is to have educated members of their own generation who are expressions of God's Way of Living go among them to find out their interests. It is not wise to go with a closed consciousness and turn a deaf ear to what they have to offer. There may be some beautiful jewels of Truth in their credo which can be blended with what you know of God's Way of Living and, combined, can be an ever-widening magnet to bring others into the fold!  

I know you will feel the necessity for action while you are listening to these words or reading them, but I counsel you TO DO something about it. I have aforesaid that your responsibility is great. Do you love the Mother-Father God with all your heart or are you going to settle back into the groove of complacency! I have come this day to tell you that I shall keep after you until you express the dignity and Divinity which is befitting the Guardian Spirits which you are. You chose to come to the Planet Earth for the expansion of God's realm and the Karmic Board acquiesced to your plea. Do you honestly think that your Book of Life presently shows a balance for all the Instruction which has been presented to you? I am speaking to you individually and to enjoin you not to consider what the other chela is doing but what YOU can do!  

No one on Earth can judge their fellow traveler. We, who use the activity of the All-Seeing Eye of God, know what you have accomplished and that which you are willing to do in the future by simply glancing at your auras! In those instances where YOU KNOW you have been recalcitrant, grasp the unprecedented opportunity of the activity of this year and use and use the Sacred Fire to clean up your lifestreams - it is not the other individual's world alone which should be cleansed. Think of all the energy wasted by releasing your energy in the disapproval of another's actions which could be spent holding the Immaculate Concept for that lifestream, and in so doing adding to the Light of the World. Let the Purification begin with your own world, each and everyone!




November 2008