Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

April 2009  

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Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Visualize the Sacred Transmuting Flame blazing in, through, and around your entire beings and worlds as you acknowledge and focus upon the expansion and development of your perfection and divinity in this world of form.


*The electronic pattern is the thoughtform for the month; your attention should be focused upon it daily, to intensify the activity. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Divine Perfection of my emotional, spiritual, physical and etheric self! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

What Will You Choose? 

It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to address you on this Palm Sunday. All through this season there are many special days which are acknowledged throughout the world which are closely related with my incarnation as Jesus the Christ. Today, I would like to discuss the deeper meaning of these special days because they always draw an increased momentum of energy due to the number of lifestreams on the Earth who give their attention to the events that took place while I walked the Earth over two thousand years ago. 

You, as chelas of The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, are aware of a great deal more than is yet possible for the great numbers of people evolving on the Earth at this time. For this reason it is especially important for you to use the impetus of the heightened energy of this season to raise your own consciousness further. 

One of the most important facets of my incarnation as Jesus is, that although I came as an avatar, the success or failure of my mission was very much dependent upon the presence of Mary, Joseph, the disciples and many other key persons who were in embodiment to assist me at that time. We were, in all ways, an ordinary family and group of human beings. We may have had the advantage of a more highly developed spiritual consciousness to draw from at the time but if any one of us had forgotten to draw upon this consciousness, my mission would have been doomed to failure. 

I bring this up now to remind you that all of you who are in a position to receive my words at this point in time are also highly developed in your spiritual consciousness, but it is your particular responsibility to also draw upon this consciousness deliberately and constantly, not only for yourselves, but also for the entire Human Family! 

There is a saying in a very important and sacred holy book which is often quoted as: “Many are called but few are chosen.” There is an extremely important misinterpretation in the translation of this statement and I want to be sure you now recognize what it is. This statement should read: “All are called but few choose!” Beloved ones please take some time to silently contemplate the meaning of this corrected statement in light of your new understanding. 

During the time of my mission on Earth as Jesus, all was brought into outer manifestation on the screen of life so that humanity would have the advantage of seeing the outer symbols, through which each individual could receive the understanding necessary to become the Christ in Action in the physical world! Everything that I manifested in the sight of the world bears a specific meaning and revelation to the inner world of everyone, once they can accept this understanding. 

With every step on the path of mastery, there is a Palm Sunday. There is a trial. There is a crucifixion and a resurrection but each chela must take care to consciously resurrect the Inner Christ and not call for the release of Barabbas! This does not mean that you must undergo the physical act of crucifixion and resurrection as I did, for I truly did consciously and willingly experience this for all humanity out of my love for all life on Earth at that time and all those who would surely come in the future. 

What I did for all, you too will do beloved ones but with the understanding of what you are doing and why. For those who do not yet understand, you are now being called to be a Presence of the Christ! If you do this many will choose to follow your example truly becoming forerunners for the New Age of Spiritual Freedom here on Earth! Your love must come to be no less than mine, and truly, it is your love for all that keeps you on the Path of Light to the Ascension, for this is your destiny, as it was mine and as it is for all humanity.  One in Christ Consciousness truly is a multitude, for the spiritual consciousness of any one of you awakens those around you, even without you having to say a word! 

The understanding I then offer today is for each of you to watch, pray and always be ready when the soldiers come to take you captive, for the wisdom of the ages truly is within you. The soldiers, the multitude of onlookers, whether they throw palm fronds before you and sing hosannas, or cry ‘give us Barabbas’, all is within you! Pontius Pilate who washes his hands of you and turns you over to your accusers, or Judas who seemingly betrays you with a kiss, may not be who they seem to be. Accept Judas for he is one who comes to start the process! He is the activator and the kiss with which you think he betrays you, is really the ‘cup of divine consciousness’ offered to you.  

You may choose, at any step on the path, to remain behind the Veils of Maya or drink from the sacred cup and be released into the full Light of your Divine Presence I AM! Even Barabbas, who was an unconscious actor at that time in history, may be a blessing to you, when recognized within. If you understand who he really is, you will then let him die, for you will know he has served his purpose and you have come full circle! Let him go. Let him go and become the Christ in Action - free and clear of all not of the Light beloved ones. The time has come to become the perfect example of who really lives within your sacred threefold flame!

Jesus of Nazareth 


The Order of Divinity

Cosmic Truth, and indeed, all the Qualities and virtues of the Godhead, exist in a realm beyond time and space limitation. They are ever-existent. They have always been and shall always be!  

A human being is of this Spirit, for they are Spirit made manifest in a world of form. Our primary purpose is to learn to draw forth the gifts of Spirit, and manifest them in visible, tangible form, in the world to which we have descended.  

All matter is a descent of Spirit into form, which seems dense in nature, but is malleable. The Spirit is totally sacred and pure. The quality of the form into which Spirit will descend represents the free-will offering of the one who draws it forth from the invisible to the tangible realm.  

To raise the vibratory action of the physical form to its Spiritual counterpart requires mastery in the truest sense. The holding of the Divine Will and Pattern is of the utmost importance, and necessary for perfection of manifestation. Behold perfection, for it already is! You must see through the physical to the perfection which is pulsating in the Realm of Light.  

Divine Order represents the order of Divinity, and as well, the order in which manifestation shall take place. Keep two facts always within your minds and hearts: Perfection already exists, and it shall manifest in the physical world! The time and the place is the responsibility of humankind within the world of form.



Beloved of God 

I AM Beloved of God and what is true for me is also true for you. I AM who reveals the truth of Divine Love for you, and for all life. I AM the heart of the Activity of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, because this reveals the Love Nature of the One Universal Consciousness at all times, having overcome the tribulations which you now may be experiencing. Act always on behalf of Holy Spirit, revealing through every thought, word, and action, that which is true for all life. Accept this, for it will bring to you the same freedom that it has brought to so many others.

 We are here today to create in you a Clean Heart. Acknowledge this! The word 'clean' means 'new'. Allow to be created in you this day a new heart. Believe this!  

We will begin by blazing the Sacred Transmuting Flame in, through, and around your beings and worlds. Close your eyes to all distractions and visualize the Violet Transmuting Flame blazing through your four lower vehicles - repeat this statement silently within your minds now: “allow me to acknowledge my Divine Perfection!" Say it to your mind. "Allow me to acknowledge my Divine Perfection!" Say it to your physical body, your emotional body, and especially to your essence. “Allow me to acknowledge my Divine Perfection!"  

Now - Expand! Expand! Expand! Say to all life that is bound by chains of illusion - 'Let go! (3X) Let go and surrender to your own Divine Perfection!"  

Now I say 'accept and embrace perfection!' The iniquity that you resist and with which you do battle, is the very thing that stands in the way of your Divine Perfection. It is already established, and but waits to be loosed upon the Earth.  

In the resisting of all that confronts you, which has the appearance of malevolence, you give it your full attention. To the degree that it has your attention, it has you! Heavy are the chains which you create in such resistance! On the other hand, your Divinity stands silently within the Chamber of your heart, just waiting to be released. 

My Beloved, you cannot resist your true Divinity forever by the actions of the human consciousness! Many times you have heard the saying 'Let go and let God', but I say 'Let go and let God BE God in and through you', for this is your True Self - the Divine Archetype, who is now, ever has been, and ever shall be!  

Many have believed that to 'let go and let God' means that God will do all that needs doing for them. This is true, because the Divine Self of you can and will do all things required. However, you must understand that in the letting go and letting God you are releasing your human will to the thoughts, feeling, actions, and reactions of the Divinity within. This is the part that is up to you, and must be done through your outer consciousness, and through your free will decision.

This action is an Activity of Light. You might try to see your free will as the Divine Gift that lies between the human consciousness and the Divine Consciousness. This gift is sacred, and shall always remain so. The decision as to whether it shall be used by your Divine Consciousness or your human consciousness dictates the outcome of the world that you will create. There is your Key, by which you may unlock the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest upon the Earth. This is the 'letting go'.  

Once a world of illusion has been created by the human consciousness, it must be recreated by the Divine. Use the Key of your free will to loose the powers of recreation. The 'letting God' is impossible without the understanding that God will BE God in and through your four lower vehicles. You may think you understand this concept, but you resist through the belief that your four lower vehicles are incapable to receive the Light of your Divine Self. This calls forth the emotion of fear. But through the understanding of Holy Spirit you will be assisted.  

Beloved Ones, the Light of Spirit is not a 'thing'. It is an Activity of Sacred Fire, and it makes all things new as it is permitted to move in and through those dear vehicles which comprise your human self. It creates anew as it flows through them, and as it does so, all that ‘seemed to be’ - ceases to be! Accept these words, and their meaning. All things are made new in those who can 'Let God BE GOD' in them!  

Let God BE GOD in you! Trust the process and perfection of the Sacred Fire, the Flame which is the Living Body of God, to blaze through you and make all things new!  

Each time you call the Sacred Transmuting Flame through your four lower vehicles, you dislodge more of that which is imperfect. You then permit the Divine Light to recreate in you, for it is true that you must be made anew. The Sacred Flame, moving through your vehicles, is recreating, making space in which your Divinity may walk, talk, and act in you.  

It is time now to understand that which has been hidden from you previously. Otherwise, you cannot arise and be that which you were meant to be. Through your human consciousness, you must fully comprehend, and, through it, you can and must receive the Truth. It will come right on through that consciousness in which you have existed for so many ages. The Divine Self within is the Flame, but you must loose it and let it BE. It will then create anew all that is required.  

The Sacred Fire is the Secret of the Ages. Now, through your acceptance, it may work its miracles in and through you, for you are the Ones who have been sent forth. Do not fear, for fear is the tool of human consciousness, placing itself in your path. In fact, you may take heart if fear surfaces, for it means that it knows it is about to go into the Sacred Fire and be transmuted into Light once more. Face it, bless it, and let it go into the Flame.  

With any negativity that comes to your attention, it may show itself as that old adversary called fear. Fear is the last-ditch stand made by human consciousness. As a mere protective gesture, it will not identify itself, for if it says to you "I am your fear of death, of non- existence", it knows you will laugh in its face. Being of the human nature, and devious in the extreme, it will present itself as 'anxiety'. It may even pretend to be a fortune-teller, giving you a revelation of some unfortunate event about to take place for yourself or for others. I will tell you that fear pretends to read the fortunes of many, and even of the world! Fear pretends to tell your future, rather than face its own end!  

Think deeply on these words, for I but reveal to you the Truth of what was given to me… it is said 'Fear of death is the last enemy to be overcome. So, when you experience fear, especially when it is so devious as to express itself as some unidentified, overshadowing portent of malevolence to come, see it for what it is! Recognize it, and let it go into the Sacred Violet Transmuting Fire. 

Then shall you have Joy, and your laughter will be the Laughter of the Ages, for on the other side of that poor pretender stands the Light, saying to you "Fear not! It is only I! I AM that I AM! Accept me!" 



We call to the essence of mercy and love to enfold all those whose loved ones have just left this Earth... to melt away all grief and sorrow and to fill each heart and home with happiness and gratitude for the opportunity afforded their loved one to know True Freedom and Progress upon life's path!


Let the angels of Peace abide by the physical body of each soul and hold the atmosphere and feelings where such release is taking place at perfect peace!  Let an aura of sanctity abide at the hour of transition, that the soul may be easily cut free from its Earthly tabernacle, and no grief, nor fear, nor sorrow distress it at the threshold of new Freedom!


Let the angels of deliverance welcome each soul! Let the lifestreams belonging to our evolution pass through the veil of so-called death in Grace!  Let each one be taken quickly to the temples of mercy and forgiveness and be bathed in the purifying fires of Saint Germain's Violet Flame!  Let them be ready to enter the halls of Karma in Dignity and in conscious awareness. 




In remembrance of long time Bridge member

Zola Davis  ~  2/17/20 – 2/25/09 ~



* * *


May 2009