Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

May 2009  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As an outpost of the One Universal Consciousness I remain faithful to the clarity of the sacred concepts to be found within the spiritual realm of existence and I focus my awareness upon dwelling within the Great Silence.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the ever-deepening levels of perception and discernment of my inner vocation! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Loving Harmony

Numerous are the inhabitants and nations of the world who have difficulty in agreeing with each other over eons of time. However, at this point in the Earth's evolution, even those who have been the most recalcitrant about negotiating for peace and unity are making some effort in this direction. The countries which are the leaders in the world today must put together particular efforts to be patient - to be willing to show mercy and compassion, and especially to be examples of these Divine Qualities. The small countries of the planet, urged onward by the Flame of Freedom, which is increasing in its intensity within all people - are truly seeking the way to better life for their inhabitants. Much is required not only of material to assist them, but of philosophy and example.  

Those who receive much assistance may seem slow to assist others, but understand that a person who is concerned with physical needs will need more time to build confidence in the assistance received, and understanding of the higher laws.  

Over centuries of time the human race has sought peace, unity and equality, and if we watch and look at the larger view, we can see that humankind truly is making progress upon this evolutionary path. Although it does not always appear so, and that is because it is so difficult to observe the Earth from its surface.  

Let me tell you of some of the ways in which the masses are growing and reaching. As the Violet Fire of Mercy, Understanding and Loving Forgiveness is intensified on the Earth, it stirs the hearts and minds of all humanity  to greater effort. Each seeks and climbs from their own starting point of consciousness, and there are always myriad ways of outer expression which come forth. That which seems unlikely as a great expression of art, for instance, is still the best expression of the one who brings it forth.  

Art is one of the means of communication between the cultures of the Earth that has been of great assistance in developing understanding between people. Art, in all its forms, has been used through the ages to express the feeling nature.  Art objects, images and reflections have always been a tool of exchange to assist humanity in their search for understanding and unity. It requires no words and yet conveys significant messages.  

As you may recall, upon occasion we have explained to the chelas how artistic representations can act as a focus for humanity, drawing their attention to the higher vibrations of peace, strength and the beauty represented within them. They may draw attention to a spiritual aspect or a divine aspect. Art objects can be used as focuses of energy wherever people have been drawn to the meaning they convey.  

As you reach a higher consciousness, you know that the outer forms are less necessary to you, having served their purpose in your progression. However, so long as you work on the Earth, the outer forms are the means used to assist all who are following the path to higher consciousness. Worship not the form, but perceive it as the expression of the inner cause.  

I encourage you to seek the highest in all forms of artistic expression and cultural exchange, to draw the attention of others to the qualities of Beauty as a true inspiration, and as a means of understanding others. The activity of exchange students in all fields of endeavor, be it the arts, science or business, or the many fields of service to others, is one which you are asked to continue to support, as it is one of the ways in which so much Unity and Harmony is brought forth.  

Let your attention be drawn to the positive, the unity and the exquisiteness of all creation, for where there is beauty, there is always Love.  


Rhythm of Life

On the rhythmic Sound Ray of Beaming Light, I come to you this day and I seek to touch your hearts. Humanity’s purpose is to manifest their Divinity, and to return ultimately unto the One Universal Consciousness while along the pathway of experience experience which is not accumulated, but rather transformed.  

A primary cause of your comfort in the human situation is the true understanding of the nature of RHYTHM. Habits of behavior are all created by rhythm; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of your Being are created by rhythm. Therefore, watch with loving care the rhythms that you have built into your life, and check that each rhythm creates only that which is good. Good habits are created by rhythm, as are unconstructive habits. If you assume a Divine Virtue which you feel you are in need of, then rhythm will build it into your character as a permanent feature, and it will be yours forever.  

Rhythm is beauty; rhythm of movement, rhythm of breath, rhythmic thinking and feeling, and doing only that which is beautiful can change your world into radiant Light. Through the rhythmic rays of the sun, the waves of the air, the heartbeat of the Earth, the flow of the water, and the all-pervading life force in all space, “be thou made whole”. Be aware of the enormous energy that moves the universe in perfect rhythm. This enormous force that holds the stars and the galaxies is not other than you. It is part of yourself, and you are part of it. It is the rhythmic ocean of which you are a rhythmic wave. There is no real boundary between you and the entire universe, for you extend far, far beyond your physical form. You are part of a wholeness which is glorious, and beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Your essence is eternal and shall grow in splendor.  

Re-tune the rhythm of your lower self, until it is in perfect harmony with that which is the most beautiful and lovely, and begins to vibrate in rhythmic harmony with the universe, with the Music of the Spheres, for it is humanity's purpose to do so. May the Holy Spirit dwell in and through you, and lift you, and all life, to heights of glory which pass the understanding of the human mind.  

Rhythm is a very powerful force in your life, for it builds into your nature that which you are, and that which you will become. Have rhythmic courage, courage to appreciate all that is Holy, courage to encourage all that is Holy; to feel joyful at all times; to accomplish that which is required of you; to take up responsibility, to allow the Holy Spirit hidden within you to fill you with the Pure Divine Energy of the vast Universe, as you qualify each breath you make use of, and send it forth with the essence of Divine Love and Divine Truth of the Holy Spirit.


The Process of Expansion

Beloved of the Ages, I honor the Radiant Light on the Altar of your Being, and I bring blessings and love to you all from the Higher Realms. 

Every soul must grow into the Light of God. Every soul has its infancy and childhood, its youth and its maturity. This is the way the soul evolves, and there is no short cut to this enlightenment. There is no technique, no breathing rhythm, no teaching - that can take a child to maturity - only the progress and process through time and space, via youth. It is a slow, rhythmic progress to enlightenment, and each stage of the journey must be assimilated by the evolving Being. All humanity will arrive, eventually. It would, therefore, be most unkind to judge a soul simply because it is in its infancy, and needs to sleep. Some souls sleep, and some souls are awake, and some souls both sleep and wake, but do not waken a soul that needs to sleep. That is unless you see the soul stir from sleep as you pass by, in which case you may gently offer a drink to that waking one.  

All humanity will eventually arrive. It is only a matter of time. But remember - it is a more beautiful journey if one travels the path FACING THE LIGHT, for many there are who travel towards their destination with their backs to the Light, and they have not turned around to see the Radiance until the journey is nearly complete. This is a very unhappy journey for the soul. Walk forward INTO THE LIGHT in Happiness, and Tenderness, and Joy - into the arms of the all-pervading Radiance of the Presence of God "I AM".  

Those who have attained Self Realization, and who can see the Oneness of God in all life, seldom speak of spiritual things, for their Beings are completely satisfied and abide in Divine Happiness. Many with inadequate knowledge fall into spiritual conceit. Once the soul is caught in this trap, it can travel no further. There it remains, caught in the trap of spiritual pride, while the unassuming and humble souls walk steadily and rhythmically past, pausing briefly to listen with kindness, and silence, to these discourses concerning their great spiritual knowledge, and high personal level of evolution. Beware the trap of spiritual arrogance for it is one of the easiest to be caught in.  

The one who travels backwards along the path progresses very, very slowly, but the one who is caught in the trap of spiritual pride is stationary until they realize how little they know, and then falls into a deep, deep silence before God.  

"I AM" calling you to be a Presence of Tenderness and Joy, and in your answering of that call you must totally relinquish all the faces of spiritual pride, so that the Grace of God may clothe you in the Cloak of Humility… the Cloak of the Christ Consciousness.  


Within the Silence

It is essential that you learn how to work in the Silence! This is becoming of greater and greater significance, because of the many changes taking place in the universe around you.  

A chela is often made aware of countless things before the rest of the world becomes conscious of them. For that reason you are learning to recognize the inner activity manifesting in the outer! You perceive the 'signs' and you must determine how to interpret these signs, and hold your silence. I ask that you hold fast, being faithful to the purity of the concept placed at your disposal, and keep working faithfully at the inner levels. This will be of the utmost support to those who are doing the outer work.  

It is true; you are connected with ALL LIFE! This connection is absolutely Sacred. There are many sent to the planet at this point in time who are there specifically for the purpose of doing the outer work. You are chelas, and as such, called upon to do the inner work, and to develop and express in a manner befitting your divinity, even though you are as yet unascended!  

A Divine quality often overlooked is that of obedience. I invite you to impress upon yourself this quality of Obedience, and to intensify its activity within your consciousness. Allow this obedience to be intensified within the consciousness of all the chelas who are doing this inner work.  

It is vital you understand that the term "inner work", refers to a specific part of the Divine Plan that is being brought forth upon the Earth. You have been advised from time to time that there are many from the Angelic realms who have volunteered to take embodiment to assist in this crucial work, which must, of necessity, be accomplished at all levels of existence and consciousness.  

As an individual chela, you meditate, and this is an element of your 'inner work'. Following your meditation, it is anticipated that you will bring the light and peace, and any instructions received during meditation, into your 'outer world'. At all times, as well, it is anticipated that you will keep 'tuned in' to the directives of your 'I AM' Presence. This is a very simple description of the ideal way in which a chela is expected to work, receiving the inner instruction, and bringing it into the outer manifestation.  

As groups there are chelas assigned to bring about 'inner work', and chelas who have volunteered to accomplish certain 'outer work' as well, when we refer to the Divine Plan for the Planet. Your group work is designed to be a constructive and supportive activity which will create the Cup in which the outer activity can manifest safely and peacefully.  

Many angels, especially from the First Ray and the Seventh Ray, have taken embodiment, and are continuing so to do, for the express purpose of bringing Light, Peace and Freedom into the most troubled and oppressed areas and countries of the Earth. After the initial inroads are opened by this group, many others will come from all of the other Rays, to take the subsequent steps required. They will be placed in governmental positions, for there will be many upheavals and much confusion to be overcome as the initial changes are implemented. It is most important that you each take the responsibility of acting as the outpost of the One Universal Consciousness, preparing yourselves at ever-deepening levels to receive and implement the information that is forthcoming. I cannot be too vigorous in reminding you to convey this perception to your consciousness! If discernment and insight is given it is for the purpose of being attended to and accurately comprehended and utilized!  

Beloved ones the foundation has been laid! The Principles have been given! Now is the hour when you must have the courage and the love required to overcome your human consciousness once and for all! Open your hearts, your minds, your eyes and your ears, to the still, small voice within you. Stand contained by the Christ within you! You are truly the manifestation of the One Universal Divine Consciousness, and as such, you must be silent, and pay attention, until you are firmly established in the Peace which totally surpasses the understanding of the human mind. You are needed to do your share of the endeavor at hand!  

Now center yourselves completely within your heart flame and enter that Sacred Silence, as you place these perceptions and communications within that Flame! Test them for PRINCIPLE! Test them for SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS! Test them for TRUTH!  


Joyfully soaring on the wings of the infinite inbreath of the One Consciousness, we now enter deep within the Great Silence.  Gently resting in the stillness of the profound tranquility of this expanded vibration, we easily and effortlessly attract and absorb the all-encompassing, prismatic, pulsations of Divine Light and Love.  

Firmly anchored within the outbreath of this endless stream of energy we are primed and passionate in our capacity to expand and project forth all the Light, Love and Peace required at this time in Earth’s evolution.  




June 2009