Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2009

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Soaring upon the Wings of Divine Light I enter deeply within the Oneness of Cosmic Consciousness and become a conscious dweller within the Fourth Dimensional Plane.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Sacred Healing Fire from the One Absolute Source! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Being Higher Consciousness 

When earnest souls are aware of the Higher Consciousness and begin to reflect on this, naturally this energy flows to them, and frequently a powerful feeling or idea enters the conscious mind of the chela. This is a personal blessing that should be honored by the individual in the silence of their own heart. Here there is a danger that the awakening ego, once having received such an precise impression, may begin thereafter to accept all the suggestions of their own inner bodies; of frustrated impulses and desires; and once they have accepted them indiscriminately, through spiritual pride or egotism, they no longer will accept the authentic directions and truths from the Divine. And truthfully this often times may close the door of opportunity for advancement for an entire embodiment.

There is great opportunity in receiving an impression from the Divine, if it makes the lifestream more humble; more earnest; more valuable as an instrument in divine hands, but when people question you concerning this, always counsel them that for one such blessing, there may be a thousand subtle impulses from their own inner bodies which form tests in discrimination and humility.  

Consciousness is such a tremendous and interesting study, for it explains in its entirety the reason why the God of Love and the Divine Messengers must vary the presentation of Truth according to the development of the soul consciousness of the race, the cycle in which specific accomplishments must be affected and the orderly progression, not only for our Universe, but the Galaxy to which we belong.


The purpose for which individualization of lifestreams took place was that each one might learn to control energy through thought, feeling and action. The way the consciousness of the person could be reached depended upon the density or clarity of individual and collective reception. In the early ages, before the veil of maya shut away the visible sight of the Light Guardians and the Angelic Host, it was comparatively simple for the Teachers of the race to convey the method by which each person could draw, focus, picturize and externalize energy forms and little, if any, confusions or mistakes could occur.  

Alas; after the inner sight and inner hearing were lost, the Messengers of Light had to rely upon the mediator who, through exceptional purity of life experience, had retained the capacity to meet the consciousness of the Divine, receive these instructions and carry it back to the consciousness of those few who chose to accept these communications.  

In each age, such Messengers, Seers, Avatars and Prophets endeavored to convey to the people a portion of the Law and the people, responding, set up a new religion which was always confuted by the founders of the old. Then we found ourselves in the position of having to break down the prejudice in the very religions which had previously been founded, in order that the life wave ordained by the forward progress of the evolution might rise upon the shore of the mass consciousness, without the opposition which would break its strength, allowing much of its incoming power to be dissipated on the shoals of bigoted thinking.  

Humanity, for the most part, resists change and progress, not only of a spiritual but even of a physical nature. They grudgingly accept the revelations of the inventor; the scientist or the explorer; only when, with the limited receptivity of the senses, they can touch, feel and taste the manifest blessings. Ah, how very treacherous are the reports of the senses upon which humankind leans so heavily and how deeply have these very senses bogged down the spirit of life in gratifying their passing desires. Yet, these limited, degraded, selfish senses have become the measure of Truth, instead of the faultless, Immaculate Flame within the Heart, which rushes forward with no uncertainty when the soul does bid it come; judging with the righteous judgment which cannot be denied. Wise is the soul of humanity who measures Truth by this spiritual mentor.  

May your feet be winged, your soul be unfettered, and may your heart guide you quickly into the fullness of the Light of Truth.  


Our Divine Perfection 

Beloved Spirits of the Universe serving upon the Planet Earth with the oneness of purpose in mind - that of doing the Will of God and assisting the Spiritual Hierarchy in bringing the Permanent Golden Age to fruition as quickly as possible, I acknowledge you with the deep gratitude of my Being!  

The limitless field of Cosmic Service open to any individual who has a conscious knowledge of the use of the Sacred Fire can scarcely be conceived of by the intellect of humanity. Every individual, finding them self restricted by a physical garment, experiences the limitation which the imposed karma through the misuse of Divine Energy has placed upon that vehicle. However, once the consciousness is freed from the limiting concepts of human thinking, that one may soar on the Wings of Light into the Cosmic Consciousness and become a conscious dweller in the Fourth Dimensional Plane. Such a one then has the power to 'adjust' conditions of an imperfect nature which are expressing in the world of form. A moment's reflection will show the chela that they are of the same mind as the Cosmic or Ascended Being, for in the Oneness of that Consciousness, they become immersed in the ecstasy and beauty of Perfection and their being pulsates with the desire to bring Perfection to all life!  

At this point, I would like to impress upon your consciousness that Perfection is everywhere, and while you, in using the limited consciousness of human self, sometimes feel that you are limited in your service, you should endeavor at all times to dismiss such an idea. When one thinks of limitation, they are thinking of the lower self - forgetting that they function at all times from consciousness. Limitation only occurs when we chose the human rather than the Cosmic Consciousness of Perfection.  

It has been brought to your attention the concept by which you may cross the bridge from the human into the Realm of the Divine, and contemplation will show you the rationality of choosing the Cosmic Consciousness. When a chela functions from the Cosmic Consciousness, they have the ability to draw the Sacred Fire from the One Supreme Source of which they are an active component, and may direct the Rays of Light to 'treat' any unconstructive manifestation through the merciful use of all the Seven Rays - should the requirement be one of Healing, Purity, Divine Love, Illumination and so on.  

You have been counseled to become co-creators with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and it is now time for you to be able to function freely from the Higher Consciousness. If you would make it a practice of consciously returning to that Consciousness when, due to a momentum gained through the centuries of functioning in the lower consciousness, you slip into the groove thus created, you would find it more desirable to use the Exalted Consciousness and thus be in the world but not of it!  

There are many among you; in fact all of the chelas can become co-creators with the Supreme Source if they would but dispense with the lethargy in their lower vehicles.  

This bogs you down through the insidious whispers of unconstructive thoughts which are spawned for the satisfaction of the human self which does not desire to make the effort to rise to heights of higher consciousness which flow through one’s being while serving in this Divine Manner. Through the consciously directed Rays of Light from the Heart of the One Universal Consciousness, one can witness the alchemy of the Sacred Fire restoring the masses upon the Earth to the Divine-given Dignity and Perfection which all should express as individualizations of the Divine within us all!  

The same Power which the Elohim wield to create a Planet or a Galaxy is WITHIN YOU and I have come to nudge you on! As you clear your consciousness of limitation in an endeavor to quickly bring this Planet to the Perfection which she once knew! Now is your opportunity to prove your love!  

Anticipating your God-Action, "I AM that I AM" 


The Healing Light 

Let us discuss the subtle forces of thought and feeling and their action within your lives. All expressions of life-energy, whether of thought, feeling, or of physical expression, are creative, and are therefore "action". The use of words, for instance, is physical action, but it forms the "bridge" over which the expression of thought and feeling may flow into the world of form. 

A thought may be either “originated” by a lifestream, or "received" from a source outside of itself. This is true also of feelings. So often, when a thought seems to just "appear" in your mind, it is of the projected type. Ideas and feelings are life energy, and it is most important that chelas realize that they must use firm spiritual discernment to choose which ideas they care to nourish, support, and bring into manifest form of some kind. Note that I say "firm". You should not permit thought or feeling of an unconstructive variety to become a part of your expression world and you do have this choice. 

Feelings are even more likely than thoughts to attempt to be a ruling force in your lives. It's relatively easy to transmute a thought, especially if you find it unpleasant in some way. A feeling, however, can get a grip on your emotional body whenever you are the most vulnerable, so be sure to take charge of any fear or other unconstructive feeling that may enter your consciousness, transmuting it into Light immediately. However, there is one caution I will make concerning the transmuting of unconstructive feelings. If you find yourself reacting with a specific unconstructive emotion frequently, you must ask to have the "cause and core" transmuted, so that complete healing may take place. Take care not to suppress, or deny, a repeated feeling which you do not like, for the Divine never condemns unconstructiveness in your nature, but only heals. 

It has been taught that the chelas should avoid transmuting unconstructive feelings or manifestations only to ease the immediate discomfort, unless they first ask that the "cause and core" be revealed for transmutation, so that complete healing may take place. Otherwise, such feelings - and their accompanying outer manifes­tations of discomfort or dis-ease - tend to recur. 

Remember, to discover your weaknesses, so that they might be healed. Your emotional vehicle is the primary "tool" through which this discovery will take place, and you must face such weaknesses with courage, being thorough in your search. Know that you do not walk alone, but with the Beings of Light, who love and assist you! 

You may always ask for assistance, for the transmuting of unconstructiveness in your personal and collective worlds but know this is not an easy matter, and others have walked the Path before you realize this, and will always help you. 

Never mind if this advice comes around more than once in awhile, for it is sorely needed. Unless complete transmutation of all returning energy takes place, you cannot be the full expression of the Holy Christ Selves that you came to be, and that expression of Divinity is worth all effort required! 

Rest in Love, dear Friends, and give gratitude for your devotion to the Light of God in your lives and worlds! 


August Meditation

It is predawn… just before sunrise. You quietly rise so that you have time to walk down to the ocean and experience the rising sun. The air is cool and very still. The pre-dawn sky is deep blue, appearing as a calming velvet blanket stretching out from the horizon; upon this soft palette you see the bright but distant light of Venus, the morning star.

Sounds of the surf greet you with its natural cadence flowing in toward the shore, breaking on the beach, and receding back into the vast oceans of the earth. You start to breathe in tempo to the ebb and flow of the waves as they rhythmically rush into the shore and then smoothly drift back out. Except for the reverberation of the water there is an overall quiet around you. Barefooted you saunter along the water's edge letting the fresh cool waters gently caress and bathe your feet… you easily curl your toes around the soft wet sand and then peacefully move on letting go of all… as the water departs. You leave behind your tracks in the sand, only to have the waves rush in and gently wash them away.

As you continue on… ever so slowly, a faint glimmer of violet and golden ruby light appears along the eastern edges of the skyline… it gradually expands… streaking and highlighting the clouds high up in the heavens. Awed by this subtle change in the atmosphere you stand and gaze in wonder at the splendor of this earth.

You begin to hear the soft sounds of sea birds calling out their first songs… announcing the arrival of the new day. The tide has now receded to its lowest point, leaving the usual collection of shells, star fish, sea urchins and other magnificent bits and pieces from the ocean along the water's edge. You select a few offerings as you continue to walk along the water’s edge… picking them up… marveling at their precision and flawlessness… and then tenderly returning them to their rightful place. Within the perfection of this moment, you feel your Oneness with all life… and take a deep cleansing breath in absorbing this fundamental essence... and then breathing out send it forth for all beings to experience and know.

As you continue along the beach you encounter no one during this morning reflection… as your attention turns to the sky once again. A deep golden pink light begins to appear just above the violet blue horizon gently diffusing outward, enriching the sky with its beautiful radiant illumination filling the new dawn sky. Everything around you has now taken on a glowing golden orange and violet radiance and the clouds appear to be back lit by this swelling light. A soft breeze begins to pick up, gently embracing your face, bringing to you the clean, clear scent of the sea and the freedom it represents… The elements of air and water now merge, stirring up the salty sea spray and you are showered in their revitalizing essence.  

Each day Dawn brings with it newness of life, a renewal of spirit and a great delight for being alive. However, this morning there seems to be something extraordinary in the golden pink pre-dawn light. It emerges as a form – soft and feminine in shape. This beautiful and gentle form becomes clearer with each passing moment and you watch in awe as she now appears to affectionately touch the sea and kiss the sky all at the same time. You gaze upwards and she smiles in blissful acknowledgment, as her aura expands outward. Not only does she caress the sand and sea around you, but your heart, your mind, and whole entire being.  

Filled with a love so overpowering it is difficult to bear, you realize you stand within the magnificent presence of a great cosmic being of light. You now feel as if you are being lifted by this immense light to be nurtured and comforted by an all-encompassing love… you clearly begin to realize that this is true not only for you but for all the children of Earth.

Just as the sun begins to rise above the horizon blazing forth its warmth and light, you feel a gentle caress upon your forehead - a kiss that offers you peace, contentment, kindliness, patience,  gentleness and complete well being - all the fruits of the Spirit of which you have been desiring for so long. Your breath quickens now, as you realize what has taken place. You have gently touched the hem of the garment of a magnificent being of Light. In her great love for all life, she has stretched forth her essence touching you, all in response to your prayer, and you know your life has changed forever.

With time you slowly begin to become aware of the sounds of other people approaching the shore… allowing your consciousness to shift, you start to return your attention to the beach. Before parting you once more turn your attention towards the magnificent radiant light over the water as the sun makes its climb higher and higher into the sky… you breathe in deeply this sense of tranquility and harmony. Then you softly turn and start to walk back across the sand as you are now ready to face the upcoming day.

A song of gratitude springs forth from your heart and fills you with immense joyfulness for all your gifts of life… as the sun continues to radiate forth its warmth and light embracing and stirring all.


* * *


September 2009