Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

September 2009  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Filled with the Divine Illumination of Unity and Harmony of the ages, in a time beyond time, I know I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light sending forth waves of Love and Compassion to all sentient life on this planet. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the perpetual Truth of forgiveness, mercy and transmutation! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.



I would like to remind you that Consecration to the Light is a sister quality to Concentration. When a chela experiences a cosmic moment of Consecration, it is the quality of Concentration which then perpetuates that dedication and moves it forward into full manifestation. Without the efforts at concentration in an ongoing manner, toward the Light, the distractions and interruptions of the world of form can turn your moment of Cosmic Consecration into a mere, pleasant memory, rather than a momentum of Light!

To assist you on your path please feel free to utilize the following decree to help you focus and center your attention upon your mission of Consecration and Concentration: 

“I AM dedicated to expanding the Power of Concentration into all that is of the Light, until all humanity is able to realize their fullest potential which is total unity with the Divine Presence of I AM within.” 

* * *

True Reverence

True Reverence for life has no thought of 'like' or 'dislike' within it. It has no judgment about the use of that life. It has within itself only the recognition of the sanctity, purity and perfection of the life force accorded to each one. All life is sacred, and only the steady and unwavering recognition of this fact can begin to regenerate the Human Family in all its aspects.   

Beloved chelas, you are often too quick to see the negative expression of a life force, and to connect your consciousness with this outer appearance. You are too quick to judge and give an opening to the desire to punish the act, rather than to purify your perception, as well as the underlying motive for the act. Even within yourselves you punish and berate, giving power to the error, and forgetting the perfect potential residing within the Gift of Life! Yes, Life is a great and perfect gift, and mastery bestowed on those who persevere within this knowledge.   

Divine advice and teachings are not easily received, though they are constantly poured forth, even as the rain - on the 'just and the unjust' - as the saying goes. Think of this saying as 'it rains upon the perceptive and those who do not yet perceive'! The teachings are always there, just as the Rays of the Seven Spheres play always upon the Earth and all life upon it.  

Elemental life is a more natural and spontaneous expression than is human life. This is because it is unencumbered with the reasoning power bestowed upon humanity, and it takes its joy or its suffering only through its direct experiencing. If there is rain, the birds find shelter were it is  possible. When the sun shines again, they fly freely, singing forth their happiness. They question not, nor do they express frustration at the wiles of the nature kingdom around them. Humanity, however, has the power to change things, both for itself and for elemental life.  

It is the consciousness of the human kingdom that creates the shape and content of the elemental expressions on the Earth. Recognize the power of this dominion, and rather than wasting your efforts - and throwing away this Divine-given power - assert that authority! Assert that power, but be sure you assert it in love, compassion, understanding, and, whenever possible, in bringing comfort to life!  

The result of true reverence for life is displayed in this way. Help others without judgment, and though you may be unable to reach them through words at some given time, know that kindness, assistance, and the acceptance of them as your brothers and sisters in the Human Family speaks louder than any words and is at some level effective in touching this being.   

My friends, your life is respected by those in the Higher Octave. I ask that you contemplate this instruction, and reflect this example in the plane in which you are working. This, beloved ones, is true Unity and Harmony!  

The result of receiving is also giving and my request of you is that you act as a supporter of those who are not yet as enlightened as yourselves. This is true Reverence, true love and humility - before the Law of Life we ALL serve.


Seeds of Transformation

When the words - "Forgive them, for they know not what they do!" were spoken by Master Jesus they were spoken from a heart which realized, at that moment, that human consciousness was not yet capable of receiving the understanding of these teachings. It was known, at that moment, that most of humanity would not comprehend the meaning of these teachings, for some time yet to come. However, the seed of this gift was planted with expectation and faith of it coming to fruition in the years to come.  

Still - at the moment those words came forth the One Universal Consciousness revealed a vista indescribable to mortal mind! It revealed the ages which preceded the Christian dispensation, and the ages yet to arrive! It showed the way in which this fit into a plan of the evolution of humanity upon the Planet Earth!  

Thus was planted in the Earth at that very moment seeds of Forgiveness, Mercy and Transmutation that would bring forth the tides of Love and Compassion which would flow forth from our Being for all humanity! Even as the Christian Dispensation was only beginning to commence the Seed of the Next Age was already being planted! It was revealed how it would sprout and grow in the hearts and minds of all the people of Earth, so that they would be enabled to walk forward into an age of Spiritual Freedom - grown from the beginnings of all that was, and all those who would come and co-create far into the future.  

Oh, beloved ones, you have been shown the Unity and Harmony of all the ages - past, present and future! As all the people of Earth would be led forward into a Light they could not have even dreamed of at the time! Such is the Power of manifestation, especially when it emerges from the very center of your being!  

Out of the darkness of the soul-night, when we are not yet sure of the success or failure of our own Divine Mission - let me tell you - I cannot describe the freedom this vision gave the souls of humanity! Oh to be lifted up to heights of release and glory one had not been able to achieve during these times, and to know one could go on and complete that which must be done, and that would, in fact, be accomplished that which had been set before one!  

Oh, beloved friends of the Ages, know how difficult it is to let go and let the Christ within you light the way, but there is no other possibility. Of yourselves - remember - you are nothing! It is only the Holy Christ within that knows the Way, and it can only be revealed one step at a time as you move upon your paths, both individually, and collectively.  

I ask you to keep the vision before you, and always maintain faith and trust in the Christ to guide you through until it can be realized for the whole Universe! There is a Golden Thread of Love connecting all - one to the other - and it runs through the experience of all sentient beings throughout all the ages of the Universe! I remind you of this - and I counsel you - it is Truth! Keep fast to the trust established between all, for you have come to show the way, even as others were called upon to do before you.  

It is so imperative to release all the past, for all that has gone before is already a transmuted part of your being, the truth of which is already incorporated into your every experience at the very depths of your being. Stride steadily forward into the greater light of New Age! Do not allow the doubts and superstitions of anything past to bind your consciousness, because human consciousness can never keep pace with those who are called upon to be trail blazers for the New Age of Spiritual Freedom!  

There are many in the Earth who still cannot forgive, and let go of all into the Violet Flame of transmutation. These blessed ones need your understanding, your love, and your courage to set the example of Spiritually Free people, who are not afraid to let the past go, and break the chains that bind the consciousness of humanity.  

Be filled now with the Ray of Unity, Love and Blessing. Remember the Golden Thread of which we have spoken. It is a lifeline of illumination to your consciousness. Just know it connects the Heart and Mind of the One Universal Consciousness to yours at all times, and from this all life shall be drawn forth from the darkness of human understanding into the Full Light of Christed Consciousness.  


Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart...

Try to love the questions themselves... 

Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given

because you would not be able to live them.

And the point is, to live everything.


Live the questions now.

Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it,

Live along some distant day into the answers. 

-- Rainer Maria Rilke 

 * * *  

Flame of Eternal Truth

Beloved seekers after the Truth Eternal, I come to you on the Wings of Comfort and enfold you in my love.

You will only fully comprehend the Eternal Flame of Truth when you have firsthand experience of it in a specified situation. In order for you to live a truly spiritual life, then, you must experience clearing away every error, every desire, every prejudice, and every habit which stands on your path. Only when you have cleared away this debris will the Light within you guide your way home. "I AM" the Way, "I AM" the Truth, and "I AM" the Life.  

The acceptance of Truth very often involves the need for you to sacrifice old ideas. Perhaps you also need to sacrifice some cherished prejudices. Accepting the Truth usually compels the seeker and the finder to make fresh mental adjustments, and that is not easy. Although the Truth is Simple - that does not mean it is Easy. I counsel you, therefore, that you do not take the Truth and twist it into agreement with old knowledge. Do not allow old concepts and old prejudices to close the Gate of Truth. Let go of outworn ideas and Dream a New Dream!  

I would remind you once again of the principal truth which would raise the very vibration of your inner Being into loving Unity with the Holy Spirit within - if you could only truly understand the implications. The Soul of your Essence is Immortal! The Soul of your fundamental nature is Eternal! This profound Truth needs to be fully understood by each one of you. You are Perpetual! From the human level of consciousness it is beyond comprehension to imagine the eternal splendor of that which awaits in your future as you grow in beauty and loving unity with the Holy Spirit of God - the Spirit of the Great "I AM" - as you grow into the Divine Oneness with the Universal Consciousness.  

Let your soul be open to the beauty of the world that you may breathe in love, breathe out love, and become love itself in action radiating only love at all times. Pilgrims on the pathway home, I beckon you ever onward and upward toward the Truth that is eternal - that humanity is Immortal - and Love is All There is. Do you not know that the splendor of God is the shining magnificence of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of perfect Love, perfect Wisdom, and perfect Power, whereby humanity can express perfect Truth? The Truth is very simple - humanity is Love and Love is all there is.  

The Holy Spirit is Creative. The Holy Spirit is Divine. The Holy Spirit is the Essence of Love. It is the powerful and wonderful and mysterious way in which the Great I AM manifests through the three dimensional world.  

Kindle the Flame of Eternal Truth on the altar of your heart, and be enfolded in the Love of the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Truth.

* * *   

The Test of Love

Always embrace an opportunity to love another person! When you offer a gift of love to one person who comes to you with the need of comfort, affection and nurturing, you expand the ability to love the many!  

It was the Quality of Faith which sustained Mother Mary during the long days and nights of enduring the "outer appearances" of the trials of her son, Jesus. During that time, as she held the Light of Faith for him, she developed her opportunity to act as a Loving Mother for all the children of Earth, holding the Immaculate Concept for each one!  

Her trial was of the utmost difficulty. However, all of you are tested to determine the quality of your love, as well, for this is the main attribute necessary for the raising of all life on the Earth.  

The testing of the quality of love you extend to others is most often not as severe as that which Mary had volunteered to face. It is often presented in steps which you are always prepared to handle, and often it is only a lack of discernment which may prevent you from recognizing the need for love in another person who enters your world. Tests are truly only opportunities, and to you who have been given the Truth of the Cosmic Law, only the application is required!  

Think about this! Each time you apply the Law to a situation, the easier it becomes to recognize the opportunities as they are presented. With each one, realize that it is the right time to take action toward achieving your goal!  

The gift of Faith is always freely available to you. Just as it was offered to Mary during her times of greatest need, so I AM with you! Know that Faith is the strongest protection that you can receive! When you make your calls for the Divine Virtues of the Archangels, it is the feminine aspect which goes forth, carrying the gift to be dispensed into the womb of your consciousness. We are the Activity of the gift required.  

Faith is the virtue essential to sustain any Divine gift, for without it, uncertainty may creep in. Doubt is a factor which, if entertained within the consciousness, interferes with the ability to love. Faith, on the other hand, leads to Confidence and Confidence is the highest aspect of Faith. With each success you experience as you call upon, sustain, and maintain a faithful attitude, your Spiritual Confidence is expanded, until you become an immovable Pillar of Faith!  

My request is that you develop the ability to recognize each opportunity that is presented to you, no matter how small or how difficult - especially in offering your Gift of Love to those in your sphere of influence. Each time you are successful in assisting another person in this way, loving and accepting them, while sustaining the concept of their Divinity, you will build your Spiritual Confidence! Dear ones know that I AM always with you in your every attempt to expand the Light of Love, surrounding you in a Mantle of Faith, and filling the cup of your consciousness with Love!   

* * *


October 2009