Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

January 2009  

* * *  

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Embracing the eternal Light of the Divine - I AM overflowing with profound joy and the magnificent realization of expressing my Divine Plan in the here and now.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the energy, vibration and consciousness of the essence of a Silent Watcher! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

New Year Conference - Midnight Service

December 31, 2008

Beloved ones,


Tonight as I speak to the hearts and minds of all humanity, I also speak individually and collectively to each and every one of you sitting in this room in a very personal and profound way.  It is from deep within the heart of the Universe that I come specifically at this sacred and holy season to gently hold you in the palm of my hand and speak softly to your innermost being, assisting you to further expand your divine essence throughout the physical realm in which you currently reside. For as you more fully enter the Realm of the Silent Watchers the time will come when you no longer need to use words, in either written or spoken form to touch the minds and hearts of those around you.


However, before I can speak further of your continuing role in the Divine Plan, there are two concepts I wish to bring to your attention to ponder and reflect upon. As always, there is so much to share with you beloved ones but I often find that you are unable to listen, for your consciousness has fallen to a level where you can no longer hear my words and your vibratory level has slowed to such a degree that you cannot detect my all-encompassing and loving embrace. It is my fervent hope and prayer that soon - very soon - this will no longer be the case!


With all the knowledge and wisdom you have received throughout the ages of your existence, why do you think this connection continues to be broken? It is primarily due to the gift of free will choice and the human need to be fully in control of your life. However, it can also be part of the evolutionary process. When an individual looses something very precious in their life, she or he will often work much harder to get it back thus strengthening the bond even more. So it is with your connection to the spiritual hierarchy beloved ones.


There are not many who choose to ascend the Mount of Attainment into the rarified atmosphere of the higher realms. Of those who do, it takes a person of strong spiritual character, determination with a great love for all life to remain steadfast throughout the climb following the oftentimes difficult and precarious path to the summit.


In your world what happens to the physical body at high altitudes? Do you not become tired and lethargic, lack energy and feel the need to get more sleep? In rare cases the physical body may even react violently with no improvement until one returns to a lower altitude.


What is the solution to this so-called problem? Aside from getting more sleep so you can spend additional time in the inner realms the key, as it always is, is patience beloved ones, patience and the constant use of the sacred violet fire! You must wait; wait for as long as it takes, to adjust to the higher atmosphere, which, when you do, you will feel totally invigorated! The pure clear air of the higher environments feels exhilarating and you will experience a new energy, a new vibration and a new consciousness!


Why do you think The Bridge has once again manifest at this particular physical location beloved ones? This site is a gentle reminder as well as additional preparation to bring you - and through you - every man, woman and child on this planet that much closer to the full manifestation of the Universal Divine Plan. Upon your arrival at The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom, looking back down the hill you can easily see how far you have come since you left the ‘big city’ with all its distractions and interruptions. Yet looking ahead you see beautiful snow covered mountain ranges beckoning you ever onward and upward while you find rest and renewal in a magnificent place you know so well. It is all about the further preparation toward your effortless transformation!


The view from the top of the sacred Mountain is truly magnificent and well worth the effort. You are currently being prepared to journey ever-onward into newer and higher levels. Once again I invite you to continue on this sacred path. It is time to enter and remain always within the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light for this is where you will find me, patiently waiting at the apex with open arms and a joyful heart for you - my beloved chelas. We are grateful. We are grateful. We are so very grateful. So be it, beloved I AM that I AM. 




Group Petition – 2009

A Call for Divine Direction


In the full power and authority of the beloved Presence of God I AM that I AM, from the heart of Alpha and Omega, anchored through Shamballa where the Will of God is acknowledged; beloved ascended ones representing God's will: 


SEAL!      SEAL!          SEAL!


all official governmental positions in beloved El Morya's blazing diamond heart and luminous presence — separately and cooperatively.


Let the Will of God be manifest in, through and around all the government administrations FOREVER! Witness that all those who are placed in offices of authority and responsibility fulfill the great Divine Plan of Perfect Government and management. Charge these currents of light through the electorate of this and every nation on Earth, to guide each one within their free will choice.


Reveal through the Illumination Flame, the divine purpose and plan for each office and reveal to each the spiritual courage necessary to fulfill that office perfectly. Let the Light of God that is eternally illumined guide and support all leaders and those selected for service, everywhere.


We consciously accept this manifesting now even as we call.




* * *

New Year Conference - Petition Service

December 31, 2008


Blessed Children of the Light walking the Pathway of Earth, I am very happy to have the opportunity of addressing you at this Conference as you prepare to enter a new and glorious year. It is always an experience of great importance when we come to an assembly of chelas where the power of your attention has formed a magnet drawing us to you through the raising of your consciousness to the Realm wherein Perfection abides. Thus a sacred channel is once again formed through which all Love and Blessings may flow Earthward in ever-expanding waves of divine radiation.


Constructive action must be kept alive through your calls beloved ones and it must not be allowed to subside after the initial attempts! Love of God is a tremendous Power for Good; not the love of a single individual, but the Love Principle within all life does cause an expansion of that Divine Virtue! Let no one say that Love is a meek and mild quality for Love is the Power which holds the entire universe together. It is the Love which flows forth from the Spiritual Hierarchy, constantly expanding the Love of these Beings for all life, and it is the Love emanating from the One Universal Consciousness to each of Earth's children which sets all constructive ideas into motion. I wish to emphasize that Love knows that Wisdom and Power must serve hand in hand with her to make the perfect manifestation of any activity, anywhere throughout the Universe.


I AM privileged to express this Facet of Divinity at this crucial hour in the Earth's evolution. I appeal to you to give your blessings to what Love really means. No words can express what this feeling is, but Love is a Radiation that cannot be denied. It takes myriad forms to enable the evolutions of Earth to understand at least a little of the all-encompassing Radiation which flows constantly from the heart of the Supreme Source of Life. It seeks always to find anchorage within the consciousness and hearts of all humanity.


Love is a tremendous raising Power especially when wearing Wisdom's Robes. Speed the day when all humankind will feel the pull of Divine Love and know the meaning of that Virtue! Love embodies Compassion, Understanding, Wisdom and so on, for the Heart of all Creation is Love.


When a chela, or any individual for that matter, can actually experience the feeling of the prevalence of God in everything, he or she will know that Love, Wisdom and Power - the Animating Principle of Life - is Divine Will, Divine Clarity and Divine Truth. Then that one will be inspired to go deeper into the Heart of Creation and further experience the Oneness of Perfection, which recognizes no superiority of any part of life over another.


One can find the Love Principle expressing through an individual working in the fields, who is convinced that Nature will reward their constructive efforts by bringing forth good crops. We know that we must keep these fields free of weeds to accomplish this, and so it is with each chela. Chelas must realize that they have to continually weed the garden of their consciousness, through the activity of the Sacred Fire. When a mother, tenderly caring for her child, knows that this child is the handiwork of the Divine through the Threefold Flame, that mother is coming closer to the true meaning of the Oneness of Life and this flame must be constantly fanned through the activity of the Sacred Fire.


When you hear the statement that the Earth requires Love, know that this is the expression and expansion of many Divine Gifts and Virtues, for there is no separateness in life when lived according to the Divine Plan. God is One, God is All. God is everywhere present!


When one understands the meaning behind the various expressions of Beauty, he or she learns that diversification is necessary to bring the God Qualities into manifestation, in order that the Kingdom of Perfection may express on Earth - or anywhere throughout the Universe. Through the blending together of the glorious tones of exquisite Beauty, the Symphony of Creation will play its Celestial Music.


All life expression has a True, or God Tone. As the various notes known on Earth are necessary for the manipulation of the scales, so are the various facets of Divinity required to complete the over-all Plan!


This little elaboration on the indivisibility of God may assist you to a better understanding of Oneness, and you will realize that no individual on Earth - chelas specifically - should envy the talent of another. Within our own being are the necessary Gifts which must some day, if not expressed at present, manifest through your individualized being to complete the over-all tapestry of creation.


Learn to understand your sisters and brothers beloved ones. Remove your consciousness from the little self. Oh, chelas of Light I implore you to surrender your lesser human tendencies in the Merciful Sacred Fire and expand the Light so required for this Earth at this time in her evolution. Use the many gifts and blessings you shall receive this night. Expand and project them outward to share with all life throughout this coming year. You will be amazed at the progress made!




"May you so live that all who meet you will be uplifted, that all who bless you will be blessed, that all who serve you will receive the greatest satisfaction. If any should attempt to harm you, may they contact your thought of God and be healed."

- Peace Pilgrim 




Thoughtform for 2009


As life on this planet strives to fully and completely enter the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, all Silent Watchers on Earth and beyond now lovingly unite their individual energy, vibration and consciousness as ONE, gently expanding their influence at all levels to assist in the recognition and acceptance of the perfect and divine order of this ongoing sacred and holy process. 


Theme for 2009


Following the path of the middle way I now consciously choose to let go of all not of the Light, allowing God to take full command of my life. As I experience a profound joy beyond words, I AM now clothed in a magnificent cloak of perfect love and divine order pledging to begin and end each day with this simple and effortless command:


I AM!       I AM!      I AM that I AM!



* * *



February 2009