Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2009

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,



Understanding that I am child of Spirit, and that Divine Spirit lives, in all ways, within my heart I sense and experience the stirring of the Three-fold Flame of my life energy.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting


... Violet Transmuting Flame the Sacred Fire in all its aspects as I expand my Spiritual essence!(3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *


It is amazing - the effect of the calls of a relatively small number of dedicated embodied lifestreams on behalf of their extended family who are caught in the web of illusion that exists within the astral realm. As many of those who were still lingering within the astral plane have decided to take the opportunity to enter the Temples of Transmutation open to them, and have proceeded into a far more positive situation than they were formerly willing to do.  

Dear ones, it is far more difficult in the astral realm than in the world of form! There, one is truly caught, if they have been unable to release their fear of change! The calls you make, sending your love and understanding to such as these, gives them the courage to let go and let God take control, enabling them to enter a higher vibration than was open to them simply upon their own merit earned through physical expression. If you could see with the inner sight, you would have some realization of the power you wield just by being embodied! It is amazing! I can only keep encouraging you to use this great power for the good of all life within the atmosphere of the Earth - where you have come to work in co-service with us. 

Let us be reminded of this - oh, so necessary service! And let us address the human emotion of grief, and perhaps shed some Light upon this emotion which may be helpful for you. I want you to be aware that you may assist those who are bereaved to adjust to the sudden and unexpected changes in their lives which are caused by the loss of loved ones, and to deal with the pain of grief. Grief is the natural human response to the loss of the physical presence of those who are your companions and loved ones. 

I speak of this to you because of the sometimes mistaken belief that it is somehow "wrong" to grieve about the loss of someone who is an important element within your life, or the life of another person. Grief, in its way, is a cleansing of attachment. 

Grief might be considered as one step upon the path of attaining the state of Divine Detachment or Objectivity, in which all persons, places, conditions and things may be viewed as being of value and worthy of love. In that state of consciousness, all persons around you are free, and so are you, regardless of the relationship between you. All things may be seen as useful, or beautiful, whether they are within your personal possession or not. 

Grief may also be experienced through the loss of dwellings, possessions or health because these often represent much more than simple physical refuge or security. True security lies within the consciousness of every lifestream, but until such time is reached upon the evolutionary path of each individual where they have this spiritual understanding, and the strength to stand firmly within it, grief is a natural response to the loss of these three-dimensional things. 

As healers of the New Age of Spiritual Freedom, each one of you is still working upon your own "attachments", as well as those of the persons and situations you wish to heal outside of yourselves. No matter where you stand upon the Spiritual Path at this very moment, it is of utmost importance that you view all life as sacred, and that you extend to all persons the understanding heart that you have developed as a chela. 

You have come far, but there will always be a road stretching out before you to be traveled, either upon the Earth plane or upon some other plane of existence. There will always be help available to you to take your next step, and it is our hope that you will take this know­ledge, and realize how fortunate you are to know you are so loved, and so assisted. Many is the heart which has no consciousness of this, and no matter what the events and choices are which have brought them to that unhappy state of being, it is not to be judged, but rather - Loved Free! 

My dear ones, I speak from the Heart of Love to each of you, to help you to know more strongly, and to give more freely of your love. Come closer and know I AM always available for counseling at all times. Bathe in the Fountain of Love, and do not look down upon the tears of those around you who need that Love. Ponder these words within your dear Hearts.


Activating Element 

Teachings from the Higher Realms are released in response to the need of the hour - whatever it may be. Those teachings are generally released to those upon the Earth plane who indicate their willingness to serve in this way. 

It is equally important that those receiving these teachings be able to serve with as much accuracy and clarity as possible, having been prepared over lifetimes to serve in this specific manner. It is necessary that both requirements be fulfilled, because all of the ability in the world would be of little use if it is not supported by a willing spirit to serve.

Often we have aspirants who are willing to serve, but they have not opened their minds and hearts to the variety of avenues available to them. This is an extremely important point to understand, because there is no one opportunity of serving which is more important than another. A person who is trained to write, for instance, may not have a developed the ability to teach what is written to others. Writings should to be published and distributed and there may need to be locations provided where chelas may gather and network. Funding is necessary to provide the physical ways and means of distributing teachings and obtaining and maintaining locations where groups can gather. As activities expand, translations are necessary to assist in distributing the teachings to all who desire them every­where on the planet. 

The list could go on to include much more, but the important point to be aware of is that - regardless of your particular talents and gifts - if you limit your possibilities of service to what you think you would like to do the most, you may overlook your opportunity of an entire lifetime. 

My beloved friends think deeply upon these words, for the Christ within your Hearts stands waiting for your understanding of these points of Spiritual Law. Your individual Divine Plans will be tremen­dously escalated, often through the understanding and implementing of even one such point. 

Enfolded your work within Divine Love, and know and accept that every word which is released is given from the Heart of Love. It was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be a gift from the Divine. Receive it, and let it be a decree that shall become the Activating Element within your lives, as well!

* * *

The Laws of Energy 

Under the cosmic laws dealing with energy, if energy is given, it must be repaid. Thus, if a service is rendered to you, at some point you will furnish that equal service to another. This is the law of which was spoken of when it was said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." These teachings which may have sounded like advise - were actually cosmic laws, given in the simplest terms so that all could understand them and put them right to use within their lives if they so desired. 

As these laws are put to use within your personal life, the results they bring give the idea that they may be used in a broader application, until finally the realization comes that you are truly dealing with a cosmic law. 

A law which is learned at any level of being applies upon all levels. It merely has to be applied to broader and broader situations until you see how it covers the entire planet and beyond. 

A law may be learned in a very unconstructive way, such as when a person is struck, they may strike back. However, when you truly understand the law, a chela is the person who will turn the other cheek if they are struck, thereby breaking the chain of negativity, and creating a new channel through which the same energy may flow constructively. Someone has to break a harmful flow of energy by taking the opposite response and action.

This was not understood very well in the past when it was suggested that if someone struck you, you should turn the other cheek. At that point in time, some thought those words or ideas were a sign of weakness which indicated a flaw in a person’s character. Even some philosophical schools established on the Earth in our recent generations have thought this to be a teaching of weakness. 

The truth is that it takes a person of great strength and courage to understand and act upon Divine Principle, and these teachings and ideas are based only upon Divine Principles. 

The example given deals primarily with physical action, but the laws dealing with physical action also pertain to mental and emotional action. These are the more subtle forces, which need to be contemplated and reflected upon. 

At this point in time, the consciousness of humanity has progressed, so that countless more individuals understand this law, and increasingly larger numbers of people are willing to abide by it, which will facilitate the Earth greatly now and going forward into the future. 

There are still those who would rule by force, but with time hopefully there will be fewer and fewer who will accept such imperatives. 

The numbers among humankind who are learning to reflect for themselves and express their judgment more boldly are increasing. This is due in part to the fact that communication is widely and more quickly available between the peoples of the world, but much is also due to the efforts of the conscientious chelas. 

Many people now pause and contemplate the forces they may set into action, which will - sooner or later - revisit their own worlds and spheres of influence to be dealt with. 

What is true for an individual is true for a nation. Among the nations, much also has been learned, but none of it could have come about without the assistance of the Forces of Light which surround the Earth to assist the people. The connecting link, however, is the chela, because they act as the 'outpost' of the Divine Light, and as their rapport deepens, the chela becomes more adept at receiving and interpreting the assignments of the Universe. Then they may be given more of the work to be done for the Octaves of Light, and they may be expected to use this personal initiative in accomplishing such assignments. 

For now, I ask that you accept the fact of the importance of the role you play in the relationship with the Octaves of Light. Few people truly understand the power which is theirs to assist life upon the Earth, especially through the avenue of co-service with the Legions of Light. 

You are most assuredly a part of the Activity of the Cosmic Christ, and having made this your conscious choice; you always have the Forces of Light at your command! 


"Because joy is an inner experience of the presence of God - a relationship - it is impossible to categorize it or define it in words. Like love itself, it cannot be taught. Each human being must find his or her own path to its door. For a few it may be a 'high road' of contemplation, of ecstasy and bliss. To most of us, however, joy comes in small doses, in short, faint glimpses of the Mystery of God present in the midst of our ordinary lives."

--Irma Zaleski, “Who Is God? The Soul's Road Home”




Unseen Beauty 

I AM is beautiful, and the Divine loves beauty. Because I AM abides in the Sacred Flame on the Altar of my heart, I Am beautiful, and I Am loved.  

If you acknowledge and love things of beauty - the waves of the sea, the blades of grass, the rising and the setting of the sun, and all that is present within the One Universal Consciousness, you will develop an eye that beholds beauty in all things revealed. For we are capable of creating beautiful things and of seeing only the beauty of all that is revealed!  

When you have developed an eye of empathy with eternal beauty, then, and only then, can you begin to develop an eye for the beauty of things not yet perceived, the world of the seen and the world of the unseen.  

When you praise and honor the beauty of the SEEN world you will find the Truth that the SOURCE of ALL the beauty in the SEEN world really abides within the UNSEEN world.

The Divine within holds and radiates all that is Beautiful. Abide within your own Christ Self and you will observe only that which is beautiful. You will attract and radiate only that which is beautiful, for you are beautiful!  

Carefully observe the words that you speak. Speak only words of reverence, beauty and praise, for such words of love and encouragement, and of certainty in the Absolute Perfection of the Divine Will in your lives, and in the life of your Planetary Home and Universe, shall live forever! They shall raise humanity to peaks of glory yet to be realized in the history of evolution.

Contemplate, meditate, and be present before the Great Light and Love anchored within your heart, and give power only to the Divine Essence which abides within.  

Honor the Great Beauty of your Inner and Outer Light!


* * *



August 2009