Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2009 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As a beloved seeker of the Flame of Illumed Wisdom, who abides within a world of duality, I search for true Balance within my life and upon my spiritual path so I may once more be enveloped by the Oneness of All Life.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the ultimate Truth of all life creating true Balance! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Meditation - May 2009

As you close your eyes find a comfortable position and begin to breathe in deeply and gently to absorb the Divine Prana of Life. Reflect upon the concept that breathing is the blessed activity through which all living beings receive the Divine Essence of the Holy Spirit… the Sacred Essence of Life… the Creative Power of the Universe.

With this awareness of the importance of breathing, it is vital to appreciate why it needs to become a conscious process, and to be done precisely… so continue to breathe slowly and deeply until your breathing becomes a steady rhythm.

As you do, feel the Divine Prana entering your world, freeing your physical body of tensions, purifying your etheric vehicle so that it will bring to mind only memories of perfection; filling your mind with light, so it may express only the divine directives of your Holy Christ Self, expanding peace and harmony in your emotional world, to project love to all life around you. See yourself as the Living Flame. Know that you are a Living Presence of the Divine.  

As you center your attention on the Sacred Flame of Divinity within your heart, you become aware of the pattern of your Holy Breath. As you breathe in, feel the coolness of the breath at the back of your throat; when you breathe out, the breath is warm and gentle. Feel calmness and silence descend into your entire Being, with each breath. You become conscious of your Beloved Presence, enfolding you with a Mantle of Light. Every outbreath of the Presence becomes the inbreath of your body, and as you breathe out, your beautiful Mantle of Light expands and expands, becoming ever more radiant, more powerful in its protection.  

Maintaining this pattern, you receive a deepened awareness of the activity of the Presence of the Divine, as it sustains you with Holy Breath, and through the Divine Flame within your heart, send its Light into your aura, and onward into the world around you.  

Through this comprehension, you know you may qualify each breath with all the qualities of the One Divine Universal Consciousness, and send them into your world. With this awareness, a beautiful blue radiance enters your vision, and you breathe it in. As you breathe it out, you qualify the breath with Divine Will and Protection. See it enter your aura, forming a beautiful deep sapphire blue sphere around you.            (Pause) 

With the next breath, a brilliant yellow radiation enters, and again, you breathe it outward, qualifying it with Divine Illumination and Wisdom. It forms a sphere around the blue one.                            (Pause) 

As you breathe in again, a soft pink enters your body. Feeling the essence of Divine Love permeating you, breathe it out and see it form a pink sphere around the yellow one.                                  (Pause) 

With each inbreath, a new radiation enters…       

Now the crystalline white light of Purity, enters and is sent forth into your aura.         (Pause)

And then the emerald green light of Truth is taken in and projected forth.                   Pause) 

The ruby-golden radiation of Peace and Consecration is breathed in and released.         (Pause)

And finally the violet light of Transmutation and Compassion moves in, around and through your Being and, qualifies all with these virtues, forming their spheres of radiant light around you and becomes a part of your expanded aura.  

Gradually, the spheres begin to merge, and form a gently spiraling iridescent light all around you. You are now seated within the glowing sphere of Infinite Light of these Flames, and every Divine virtue is strengthened and expanded and revitalized within your entire Being.  

With your next breath, you begin to project these potent Flames outward, into all life within your sphere of influence, knowing it will energize all life it touches, bringing it to a higher expression in the Earth and all of the galaxies.  

Now you let your consciousness enter your current essence again, bringing this Light into manifestation throughout your Being and world.  

See your aura expanding and expanding to become one with the aura of all life evolving in our sweet Earth, manifesting the Unity of All Life. See that aura expanding even more now, until it covers the whole Planet to become one with the aura of the Earth and then the whole Universe.

See the Earth now as a Living Being ~ the Great Cosmic Living Being that she is. See the Earth breathing in a perfect rhythm; inbreathing to draw into her very being the energy from the Sun; holding the breath to absorb that Holy Energy, outbreathing to expand the essence through her vehicles, and holding the breath out to project the Divine Light to all life everywhere.

Visualize now the Beloved Cosmic Holy Spirit, holding our beloved Planet in an embrace of Light, projecting the greatest radiation of Divine Love ever known. See the aura of the Earth as a glowing sphere of Infinite iridescent Light radiation, filled with the essence of the Cosmic Holy Spirit as all her evolutions; elemental, angelic and human, absorb the Divine Essence of Love and Comfort of the Holy Spirit through the sacred activity of breathing.

The aura of the Earth expands and expands and expands even more, calling forth all the Light in the Universe intensifying the momentum of Light still further with the Light of their Beings.  

Focusing once more on your breathing begin to bring your attention back to our present location… with each breath begin to gently and slowly move your shoulders, your feet, your hands… and finally when you are ready become aware of your presence in this physical space.


* * *

The Balance of Wisdom

Beloved seekers after the Flame of Illumed Wisdom, who walk through the world of duality, I gently reach out my hand to guide you steadily back towards the Oneness of All Life.  

In the world of duality in which you abide, the key to self-mastery is BALANCE, and this BALANCE leads you to self-realization of the “inner self” and the “self without”. It is essential that you come to know SELF completely, so that you may come to know the Truth that the SELF is One with the Divine, and One with All Life, and then you shall finally reach the shore of the Ultimate Truth. The Truth that is one which cannot be fully spoken.  

To follow the Flame of Illumined Wisdom you need BALANCE in your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. A person who is one-sided or not fully balanced is limited. No matter how advanced they may appear to be, they have not yet reached the Shore of the Ultimate Truth, when such a limitation is present. Humanity needs balance between the head and the heart... balance between power and wisdom... balance between action and rest. A person without such balance can enter a spiritual path, but is not able to proceed along it effectively. The center of all life is rhythm, and rhythm creates balance.  

In coming to know the self without, you need all the worldly understanding you have acquired over the years. This wisdom is not a wisdom learned from the written word, but it is a wisdom learned from observing the book of life written in the eyes of every child, every leaf on a tree, in every star in the sky, and in every sunbeam... presented clearly in all that is.  

But what of total INNOCENCE? You may take your wisdom to the world without, to your universe, but this wisdom is not of the Divine!  

When you enter the Divine altar in your heart, appear there in INNOCENCE. Leave your worldly wisdom outside, and abide in emptiness, enter the Great Silence that you may become the Holy Grail. Unlearn all that the world has taught you, and let go of the personal ego altogether. Be there, in your heart ...with no motive, no expression, in total INNOCENCE, that the Divine may fill your Being with the Peace that passes the understanding of the human mind.  

In the outer world do everything with wisdom and good judgment, but with the One Universal Divine Consciousness be present only in Innocence. This is the Balance of the Ultimate Truth.


Love is Good! 

There is only one Good in the Universe, and that Good is Love... Pure Divine Love! Regardless of which virtue you seek, it comes forth from Love, for Love is the mother of all that is Good. If you desire patience, it is born out of Love. If you long for joy and happiness, it is born out of Love. If you desire freedom, it proceeds forth from the heart of Love. It is Love that gives birth to hope, endurance, harmony, tolerance and forgiveness.

Each and every word can be thought of as a name, and that name is clothed in a thoughtform as it goes forth. Into that etheric thoughtform is poured the feeling of the one who spoke the word. The 'word' has a 'tone' - it is a musical note. Our words, if beautiful and harmonious, create an atmosphere which is beautiful and harmonious.

It is important that you consider your words before you speak, and ask for guidance from the Higher Octaves of Light. If you speak forth in error and take notice of it, it is prudent to correct it immediately. With loving endeavor you will reach the ultimate Truth where your 'little' self can step aside and allow your own Christ Self to speak for you, creating loveliness and harmony in your world and your universe.

Generosity and adaptability, and all honorable principles and deeds of kindness come forth from a loving heart. All ignorance is merely a lack of Love.

Dissolve the false self in the knowledge of the True Self, which is divine, eternal and all-pervading. "Humanity - know thyself".

As you journey onward you will come to a point on the Path of Light when you will find the True Destination. The True Destination is within yourself, and you will know by your own sense of conviction that "I AM" the traveler, "I AM" the Path, and "I AM" the Destination.

Allow the Torch of your Soul to be filled with Light and to be enfolded in the Divine Love of the Great "I AM" – the One Universal Consciousness! 


 “When you see God in everyone, everyone will see God in you.”



True Happiness 

Without a doubt, HAPPINESS is sought after by every soul walking the planet Earth, whether they are aware of this fact or not. But for you, my beloved friend, who knows and understands that the realm of paradise is a realm of Happiness, it is wise for you to endeavor to comprehend the difference between HAPPINESS and pleasure.

Pleasure is a transitory state of being, often entered into to obscure from your mind responsibilities and limitations, and give brief consolation from worry. This is not true Happiness. Happiness is not found in the outer world, for it dwells at the center of your being, waiting to radiate forth to all life. Pleasure is an illusion of happiness, and is transitory. Happiness and Joy are Divine Virtues which can remain within you, and radiate from you, even under all the seeming strains of life. Happiness does not depend in any way on outer circumstances.

Divine Happiness is attained only through self-realization, and the recognition that self and the Divine are ONE.

The Self is not separate from any other part of life, for all is ONE, and that ONE is held by the cohesive power of Divine Love, and the Music of the Spheres is a Song of HAPPINESS and JOY.

It is the Divine Edict that every human shall enter the Divine Estate of celestial Happiness and Joy, which is the purpose of every Being incarnating upon the Planet Earth.

I know your tears, and I know your laughter, and I know that the Seed of Happiness on the Altar of your Heart will grow and expand, and radiate forth the buoyancy and the joy of one who walks hand in hand with the Angels.

It is not easy. Be kind and loving, one to another, and let your joyous Presence raise the vibratory action of the entire Planet.

How can you not be forever blissful, when you affirm: 




* * *


July 2009