Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

April 2010  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Dwelling within the one Divine Universal Truth of all that IS… I AM the life force and energy that flows through all that is in existence within the world of form.


*The electronic pattern is the thoughtform for the month; your attention should be focused upon it daily, to intensify the activity. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Oneness of the perpetual Infinite Light of the Universe! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Oneness of Truth

I salute the Divinity that dwells on the Altar of your Heart, and I bow to the All-Pervading Eternal Light that dwells in ALL that IS.  

The mysteries of Life are many. One by one they will cease to appear to be mysteries as your understanding is expanded, and as you see and realize the TRUTH of the individual entity, the ONENESS of ALL LIFE. Throughout the whole of the realm of Nature there is a profound similarity a profound ONENESS. It is found in flowers, trees, blades of grass, insects, animals, birds and humankind, for they all spring into being, grow and fade away in like manner. Winds and rivers, tides and clouds, rainbows and dewdrops, are all affected by the movement of the great cycles that flow throughout and within all that IS.  

A dewdrop is as great a mystery as is a human being. The element of a relationship is as great a mystery as is the enigma of the Universe itself.  

There is but ONE Truth. “I AM” is ALL there IS, and the life-force of "I AM" flows via the elements through the veins of the human, the flower, the mighty oak tree, the tiny insect. It moves within the waters, and in the sun's rays, and drifts earthwards in the beauty of the snowflake. All these units are firmly bound by one common thread... All belong to the great relationship of EXISTENCE, and all are touched by the Breath of the One Universal Consciousness.  

When we linger and dwell on the beauty and the majesty of a rose, and the great mass known to you as an elephant, and consider all the vast wealth of foliage that lies between the blade of grass and the giant sequoia tree, which endures while mighty Empires rise and fall - this is where wisdom is found. Wisdom is found in understanding the single unit - the Oneness of all Life. And what is it that holds this Oneness of All Life in Orbit? It is Divine Love.  

One great Truth dwells within all. The Truth is yours, the Truth is mine, for the Truth belongs to ALL, and is the pivot of all that IS.  

The great genius placed high on a pedestal by others and the tiny insect brought into Being by the breath of the Sun, are ONE, united by ONE Divinely fashioned power.  

Here we stand, in reverence and in humility as the breath of life dresses all nature in the most beautiful and majestic of robes.  

Communion with natural beauty, and loveliness, will lead towards a healthy mental vehicle, a healthy emotional vehicle, a healthy etheric vehicle, and hence to a radiantly healthy physical vehicle.  

Let us all, you and I, dedicate ourselves to Loving all Life, and all that is Noblest and Best in Humanity, and acknowledge and affirm the Sacredness of All Life, through matter and spirit, in sunbeam and in cloud, in the day and in the night, in life and in death, that each may reach the Planes of Eternal Light - the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, wherein none are deaf and none are blind.  

My beloved and precious ones, build palaces of joy on the altars of your Hearts, that the Earth may be filled with the sweet incense of your Heavenly Dreams, that you may become Living Suns, spreading the Glory and Majesty of the All-Pervading Light around and among all, for in the little things you will see the seed of all that is the greatest, and loving all life will feed the world with the Divine Love that has been placed within the Sacred Flame on the altar of your Heart.  

In the Great Silence, seek to hear the Song of your Soul, and in the noise of the market-place, seek to find the sweet solar quiet of heavenly peace - the peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind.  

Tread gently through the flowerbeds, at all times on footsteps of peace. 

* * *


Frequently, chelas have asked how they can help overcome the lack of spiritual understanding that appears so evident in many parts of the world today. It is constantly important to awaken the guardian spirits and the more evolved souls in embodiment. They are needed as protectors and teachers at all times.  Regularly you have been requested to make calls for the awakening of the Guardian Spirits who have fallen into sleep.

As you call upon the 'I AM' Presence and the Holy Christ Self of any lifestream, the attention of the spiritual soul is drawn and gently activated. The result is a release of light and love to the individual for whom the call was made, providing a spiritual stimulation that will be at a level acceptable for their development. This can be accomplished without disturbing their physical, mental or emotional balance. Also, and this is an extremely important consideration, working in this way will not interfere with any specific karmic requirements they may need to fulfill for their spiritual evolution. 

For anyone to believe that they know what is best for another individual is an error that is often encountered in those who otherwise have a sincere desire to help others. This is a point that all chelas need to keep uppermost in their consciousness in the work of healing. No matter how well you may think you know another person, it is not possible to know what their spiritual requirements and needs are. If you work in the way described, you will be using a safe technique of spiritual awakening. This technique may also be used for healing the lower vehicles, and for other specific needs. 

A very important point to keep in mind is that the effectiveness of any technique is contained within the Principle upon which it is based. Look for the principle involved in any teaching that is presented to you. Then test the techniques presented to see if they are effective. Seek the truth in this way. Thus you shall be able to develop spiritual discernment.

* * *

It is not doing the things we like to do, but liking

the thing we have to do that makes life blessed."

~  Goethe

* * *

The Cosmic Key 

Do not be concerned if you do not immediately see the manifestation of the immaculate concept which you hold in your hearts for yourself and the world. Remember - you are at the beginning of the New Age! Before its completion, many of you will perceive yourself and the Earth expressing the New Age vibration! 

This is a time of purification and making ready. To many the information you receive may seem simple in language, but to the mass consciousness, this is not so. It will take time, education, and experience to realize the truths that are being explained in detail to the chelas at this time. These truths will become the guide for the New Age. They will form a true philosophy of Love and Unity through compassionate understanding. Through these teachings, peace will become the most valued commodity, treasured above all else that a human may possess.

The New Age is being unlocked one door at a time. Those who are being awakened will gradually pass through these doors into Spiritual Freedom. The purpose of the Heart Center is to know this truth, and to nourish and love all life free. The Master Key that will open all doors, regardless of their seeming dissimilarity, is the Violet Fire. 

As purification takes place, each one will see a cosmic door emerge before them. Some believe that there is only one entryway, but I tell you there are many! The doors, like all words, are merely the symbols of reality not yet made manifest. They are the thoughtforms and themes of humankind's imaginings of the New Age. 

At this time, the symbols and talisman of the future attract those of the masses who are at various steps of awakening. As they proceed into higher consciousness as individuals, these objects will become of less and less importance but, for now, they are providing focal points for growth. The disciples of the New Age, wherever they are, by whatever names they are known, shall always hear the voice of the Teacher.

* * *


Under cosmic law, the first dedication of energy is to its source. If you, as a creator, generate a thought, word, or action, it proceeds outward from you, seeking agreement among all the vibrations within the atmosphere. It will do its work gathering unto itself all similar vibrations and increasing tremendously in power and activity. But... when this is done... it will return to you with this expanded vibration and force! 

Imagine a solar system, with a sun in the center and planets orbiting around it. Every planet that was sent forth at the thought and feeling of their sun shall return to that sun at the proper time. This is knowledge with which you are all familiar. Using this mental picture as an analogy, consider yourself as the sun at the center of your solar system, with all the thoughts and feelings you have ever generated forming the planets around you. Each individual planet is gathering similar energies unto itself. It is fed with your continuing energies that are of a like nature, as well as other compatible vibrations that happen to be floating around in the stratosphere. When these planets have reached maturity and learned all they can out there in your solar system, they will come home to you, bringing their gifts. You, as creator, have breathed them out, and on your cosmic inbreath, they will come back, enduring to form your causal body for all time to come. 

This analogy will give you an idea of how you can create in beauty and harmony. If you feel you are not creating a system that is quite to your liking, realize that you can transform and alter whatever you need by changing your thinking and emotional responses. As you do this, your outer actions and manifestations will adjust also. They must, in order to outpicture the inner transformation you have made.  

You have been advised to be creative and find ways to use energy wisely and constructively for the New Age. This means to be creative in how we use the tools we have been given. Of course, we must remain open to new ways and means of forwarding the work, as well. The use of creative visualization is one of the primary tools that has been given to you for this purpose. And many of you are aware that while you are utilizing these gifts you are also visualizing the activity being called forth. Begin to become more conscious of this. 

I hope with all my Heart that you will take this advice to the center of your beings, and be creative with the use of all aspects of your life to form your harmonious structure around you. This can develop and restore your every creation to the perfection you desire in your world. 

I ask that you use all tools available to you and feel free to alter, change, recreate and create a new, whatever you feel will be helpful and healing to the universe, starting within your own beings and worlds. 


A Humble Path

As a chela, you understand many things, but you must always bear in mind you must be ever more humble, for humility is the companion of all true spiritual understanding. True humility in no way announces itself. It is silent in the face of obstacles or oppression. True humility knows itself to be truly free in the most important sense, which is inner. Outer humility is needed, but only the individual knows whether true humility dwells within their own consciousness! 

Become accomplished at being humble! Also, learn to think with practicality! Both aspects are Divine, and will do more to draw the Light into the Earth than many of the extravagant ideas being presented by those who wish to claim your attention. These may only distract you from your Spiritual Paths. To be practical in your spiritual work means to discover ways to apply your spiritual knowledge on the physical plane. 

Spend some time in reflection upon the Beings of Light who have helped you over the years. As you move more deeply into the new year and beyond you will discover a great expansion of your spiritual abilities! You will be sustained in this practical work of applying these abilities. 

You have available to you the constant communication of many Forces of Light. You have only to turn your attention to these Spirits of Light and feel the return current of this awareness immediately with you! It is anticipated that you will take advantage of this reality, calling forth this energy to merge with yours, as you work for the highest good of all life upon the planet and beyond. 

Realize the privilege that is yours, and magnetize the impetus of the Energy and Light. In that way, you will intensify the qualities of the Flame which you call forth for yourself and the world. If all chelas concentrate upon this effort each day the Divine Plan for all of humanity and the entire universe would be tremendously accelerated. 

Over the years you have repeatedly been offered opportunities to utilize and learn about the use of the Violet Fire. We urge that each one in embodiment use their creative powers to continue developing and expanding this endeavor in calling forth the blessings, vitality and love of the sacred Flame of Transmutation to bathe you and all else in its light!


* * *



May 2010