Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

May 2010  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Dwelling within the Sacred Fires I Am a Cup of Light filled to overflowing with Love, Wisdom and Power whose primary intention is to bring forth the essence of the Higher Vibrations of the Universe.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...a concentration and consecration of dedication to the Light! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *


When one desires to raise themselves to a mindful understanding of the Law of Higher Consciousness, they must first recognize the fact that it is the internal nature of their entire being that must go through a period of sweeping change and attunement, which is absolutely unlike the currents of energy that have been their usual expression to date.  

Let us contemplate the four lower vehicles and their contributing force which, as a whole, makes up humanity’s outer personality and consciousness, and determines their state of evolution and progress on the Path.  

When one aspires to spiritual unfoldment, they find that the energy of their lifestream has evolved as a series of discretely motivated vehicles.  Each of these four vehicles is fed externally by any vibration going on in the particular sphere to which it belongs at any given moment. Thus, if tremendous currents of force are passing through the emotional, mental or etheric world, the bodies of the unawakened unconsciously can vibrate to these currents.   

Humanity's evolution is but a small part of the activity of the Universe to which you belong. Cosmic currents from various planets and elements and activities from the Fourth or other dimension are playing through the spheres. These currents have often been incorrectly interpreted as beneficent or malefic forces that affect, constructively or adversely, certain groups of individuals at various times. The truth of the matter is that these tremendous currents of force as they sweep through the spheres are intent on cosmic creation and the power of their release energizes the various bodies of the people according to the quality of the energy predominant in the inner bodies at the time of their occurrence.  

There are likewise upheavals in the psychic and astral planes caused by confrontations and war, which does not only affect the physical bodies of those in the conflict, but is a tremendous emotional, mental and etheric conflagration that may fill the inner bodies of every incarnate and discarnate soul with confusion and chaos. Thus, we see that a small part of the lifestream is manifest in the physical form and the greater part is under the influence of currents of energy of which the intellect is not always completely aware.  

You have been repeatedly reminded that there is no separation in life, that the currents which affect one, affect all of a like vibration. The advancing consciousness makes a cogent affirmation of its desires to rise out of the mass mind. Later one wonders at the rise and fall of the state of their consciousness, not realizing that the inner bodies can be subject to the mercy of the emotional and mental waves going through the universe released by the peoples of Earth, the discarnates, as well as from the Higher Octaves.  

Now, the chela must, in order to facilitate their progress and ensure a steady forward motion of their entire lifestream, learn how to disengage their inner bodies from the mass consciousness and tune them to the vibratory action of the Higher Spheres. The accelerated vibratory action of the latter will raise the lower bodies from connection with the mass mind, and will greatly strengthen them by the currents of the Higher Spheres to which they are attuned. While the higher vibratory action is vibrating through them, they will be immune to unconstructive forces, but once an individual allows any one of the lower vehicles to descend again into the turmoil of the outer consciousness, they become a part of, and are affected by, the mass three dimensional thought and feeling. It is therefore the individual’s conscious choice as to where their attention is to be positioned.  

I most happily wish to state that through your constant application of the Law of Purification and Transmutation, these descents into the lower consciousness are able to become less frequent. I come to advise you to be ever vigilant against the unconstructive forces which would seek to lower your consciousness and that of all chelas, resulting in discouragement. Remember, should this occur, it need be only of a temporary duration for through your own free will, you can immediately return to the higher state of Consciousness, and be nourished by the substance of Universal Good.  

* * *  

Joy of Service 

It has been your directive and should be your endeavor... to charge into the emotional, mental and physical consciousness of your being and all of humanity a Feeling of Joy in Service so that the sense of duty - the sense of service bound by apprehension, the sense of service because it is a habit - is replaced by an intelligent, receptive, pliant, buoyant, joyous consciousness. Such a consciousness, upon the very spur of the moment, can receive the Divine-direction from the I AM Presence or any Divine Being in the Universe and then be pliable enough to act upon this Divine-direction, no matter what it does to the habits and pattern which form the course of your daily living.  

Beloved ones, humankind and you who are consecrated to serve life, have little awareness as to how habit-bound your lives are. You arise at a certain time; you make your application at a certain time; you bathe and dress at a certain time; you eat at a certain time; and you have activities planned for your day (of a constructive nature - true) but often every little portion of your day is fitted into place as you would fit a mosaic into a tile floor. Then you feel that you are a very constructive person because you have a set pattern which is orderly.  

Now, because the currents which flow through the Cosmos are such that we do not always know in advance just what opportunities may present themselves which can be of blessing to us and the Earth at any given moment. It is often dependent upon the ability to instantly respond as unascended lifestreams who are chelas and who have already designed our day. These are chelas who are willing to recognize and accept these communications in the outer mind. Now here is the test of pliability - the test of holding the balance of harmony when the entire mosaic of the individual's world is disturbed (shall we say, in regard to your carefully laid plans). Then everything so planned may need to be laid to one side in order that we may be able to avail ourselves of a Cosmic opportunity or current for the blessing of the chela, as well as Earth's entire evolutionary scheme and the entire Galaxy at that moment!  

Now all through the centuries there have always been unascended beings who, first of all, have karma untransmuted from the past; second, have a great amount of logic and reasoning and they have to think over and ponder the reason and efficacy of a move until the Cosmic moment has passed and the Great Cosmic Currents which have been endeavored to anchor through such a one, is gone.  There are many earnest and sincere chelas whose emotional bodies like "sameness" and, beloved ones, as you pass on through the course of years, your physical vehicle becomes "set" into a pattern which is the result of your energy (life). When the pattern is changed, the physical vehicle and the Body Elemental are not always optimistically responsive, although your heart's Light is!  

Now within a Cosmic Scheme… the Archangels and other Beings of Light paint truly upon a cosmic canvas. They have insight into the Divine pattern and plan of the Universal Scheme and perceive, for instance, in the moving of a great Solar Body through the Heavens - seeing that there may be for a brief period - a tremendous radiation of this Solar Body. I counsel you to discern when a benediction and blessing can be magnetized and be made part of the redemptive process of Earth if unascended lifestreams, who are sincere chelas, can be alerted to be engaged in time! Then, if they will put down their pens and agendas for a minute and seize upon that energy, drawing it into the atmosphere of Earth, it will becomes a permanent part of the Planet itself.

Now I can tell you that, through the ages, the essence of Consecration and Concentration has served in this capacity as literally millions of beautiful Solar Beings, Cosmic Beings and interplanetary Emissaries have passed within the atmosphere of Earth on a mission to include a particular benediction or blessing upon the Earth. When there was incarnation upon the Planet Earth of even one unascended lifestream whom could be available and who would, of themself, prepare and reach up to this essence - that Divine aspect would invariably pour down to Earth those blessings according to the magnetizing power of the "Cup" which is the consciousness of the chela involved.  

However, for the one for whom has been able to make such an engagement, there have been many of these grand opportunities who have been swept through the Cosmos in the vicinity of Earth and have not been able to bestow their blessing here.  

Therefore, you can see that instantaneous willingness and readiness is absolutely essential to being able to utilize the consciousness of the chelas. We are now dealing not only with the redemption of this Planet’s evolution, but we are dealing with the forward movement of an entire Galaxy. For this reason the Interstellar Highways between Galaxies are now open and the Cosmic Emissaries who travel between the Suns of the System are often enroute from one Star to the other.  

Let us be able to seize upon as much of this Light as possible - this Light which is flashing back and forward within the greater expanse of the Universe. It would be so wonderful and of such great assistance if you would be available to do so, you could make your call at the beginning of your day and personal application offering all the energies released during those activities to your own "I AM" Presence, to these Beings of Light, offering it to be used as a magnet to so draw forth these blessings.  

Please feel free to continue to dedicate your invocations to specialized Beings of whom you know and whose radiation you thus draw in, through and around you, but also remember to be open to the great "nameless" Divine Intelligences whose radiation is available to you upon conscious request.  


Cup of Light 

Love is all there is. Love flows forth at all times, from the One Universal Consciousness to those who do so much for the Planet Earth. Feel always the Three-fold Flame anchored in the physical Earth energizes it at all times... the Sacred Immortal Three-fold flame of Life, of Love, Wisdom and Power. Feel yourself as a cup, as you go about your daily service. Feel that you are a Cup of Light, and that that Cup is filled to the brim with the gifts of Love, Wisdom and Power. As you give drink to your fellow travelers, bless them with the example of your way of living. Let them feel the radiation... let each one feel the radiation of your Being, for this is the Christ within... the Holy Christus dwelling within the Sacred Temple within your heart. The Christ knows how much any individual may require, for it is within that Being. It is only the Christus within all life which can know the need. Some may require illumination, some may require peace, but any Divine Quality that they may require will be accelerated... will be blessed... by your being channels of Light; Cups of Light.  

Each of you is a Cup of Light which is your own Being. Know at all times, that all Divine gifts to this Universe are in that Cup. Use that Cup well! It is a Holy Grail… each of you is a Holy Grail! Keep it sacred; keep it holy. Remain as Love. Let your consciousness be liberated from all that is human. You know, through the use of the Sacred Violet Transmuting Flame, that consciousness will be purified, purified of any imperfection that could be manifesting within your Beings. It is known you are working diligently, and trying daily to go forward in the Light, and you are to be commended for what you have done so far. Every time you say "I AM the Christ in Action!" That is a powerful statement. Say it with meaning and know that "I AM! I AM! I AM!" the Christ in Action!" It may be very difficult at times, as you go about your daily duties. But yes… you are the Christ in Action! You only lessen it a little by unconstructive thoughts, but you are overcoming that. You have prevailed over so much so far. You shall be so grateful, oh, so grateful, that you have been responsive to the Law… the Law of Love, the Law of Grace... and the Law of the One Divine Consciousness.  

All the Suns of the solar system are blazing forth their Light. It is beautiful observing it from the inner sight and it is beautiful seeing this inner glow. As you go forward, dedicated in your service, feel the appreciation of the Light! Be is grateful for even one tiny thought... one small call... but when multitudes are joined together in love and service... oh, the rewards are great.  

Blessed be the faithful heart! Blessed be all that lives. Know that all depend upon you, for the tremendous service you have rendered has proven your dedication to the Light. You have been watched through the ages, and you shall continue until your final victory in the Light, when all shall serve from Cosmic Levels... for that day shall come!  

Patience, as you know, is required. You have been patient, and you will continue to be patient.  Your sincerity is known... know that you can do all within your power, and that is a potent power, to bring Freedom to this Earth and all hereon!  

Blessed ones respect the Christus within... that is what is asked of you and know there is no separation in Love. Feel that you are expanding that Love, through dedication and service. Be Love in action now!  

* * * 


Humility is a Grace… let all accept into their being this Gift of the Grace of Humility. Humility cannot be assumed - it can only be nurtured within you as a Grace. With this Gift it offers to you true peace, sound counsel and spiritual comfort, with an abundance of Grace… and may that Grace reside with you now, and always.

Humility is an awareness of oneself as one truly is. Humility is a most positive approach to life and real awareness of oneself as one truly is.  

When you examine yourself within the entire concept of all that is, then you must be truly humble. When you consider the Abundant Love of the One Universal Consciousness I AM, to which all nature and all Cosmic Beings and Angels abide, then true humility must unfold within you. How could you conduct yourself otherwise?  

When you let go of the little self of the ego, and allow Divine Grace to flourish within you, you become totally unmindful of self, and you are perfectly humble.  

This pure humility promotes clear vision and you can then recognize yourself as a true chela. The deeper and the clearer your vision, the more acute will be your realization of your own significance and insignificance in the Great Scheme of things. This is true humility, and for you, beloved ones, know the Great I AM offers to each one of you this Grace of Humility.




June 2010