Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2010

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I consciously embrace my true Oneness with the dynamic intelligent network of infinite spirals of interconnected and interdependent Divine Energy which pulsates with the living Breath of the One Universal Consciousness.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the radiating harmony of the Divine Living Energy! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Unified Light  

One spiritual discipline, to which we would particularly like to direct your attention during this time, is that of increasing your conscious unity with the Body of Light. It is easy to lose sight of the effect of your daily choices upon the Body of Light. Yet, your every action and reaction moves immediately forth into the Body, affecting every component in some way. This is so important that we will remind you of this from time to time. 

In the Second Ray, the emphasis is on Understanding and Enlightenment. It is necessary to keep the principle of service in the forefront of your consciousness. Remember that, through your own gifts and evolution of consciousness, you enrich and strengthen the group work and serve the planet. 

As you continue to discipline yourself to spend time in the Silence each day to anchor the Light into your own life, cultivate the habit of projecting your understanding into the group consciousness. This activity will serve two purposes. First, it will help to keep you aware of your unity with the Body of Light, so this unity can become a motivating factor in your every action and reaction. Secondly, the Body of Light will be enabled to absorb each lesson in its fullness more quickly, thus facilitating the radiation of each understanding into the mass consciousness. 

As the momentum intensifies, each of you will gain the greatest understanding of the portion of each lesson that pertains to your particular area of service. As you share your understanding with the group, you know that every chela will be doing the same. Thus you receive a great expansion of understanding about the very gift that you gave, immediately and with love! You are already experiencing the truth of this statement, as you share your experiences and lessons with each other. 

I would like to offer a brief decree and visualization, which will help to build your momentum of discipline in this area:



Beloved One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM!

*I AM GRATEFUL! (*3X) for the Golden Light of Illumination,

 Wisdom and Enlightenment, and especially for the Understanding

of my perfect Unity within the Body of Light upon the Planet Earth!

In your name, beloved Presence, through my Inner Christ,

I now BLAZE! BLAZE! BLAZE! the Understanding I have been given, into the

Consciousness of the Body of Light, for the benefit of all Life on our beloved Earth!


As you give this decree, see a Ray of Pure White Light descending from the I AM Presence and entering your Crown Chakra. It gently moves downward and enters your Heart Center, where it blazes forth as the steady, Pure White Flame of Divine Principle. There it is received and intensified by your Holy Christ Self. Now golden in color, this Flame begins to move outward, filling your body with its liquid Light Substance. 

Focusing your attention upon your three upper chakras, you lovingly send a Golden Ray into the Body of Light, which surrounds the planet Earth. As you do this, envision numerous other chelas entering into this same service, and the Body of Light is now filled with the Golden Light of Illumination, Wisdom and Enlightenment, uniting all chelas and lightworkers everywhere. 

Accept it done, right now with full power. I encourage you to use this decree and visualization often until it becomes an automatic and inseparable part of every step you take on the Path of Illumination. As your understanding of this service develops, you may wish to expand this visualization and share it with others. Accept the gratitude for your every service in expanding the Light of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power on this planet and know you are loved! 

* * *  

Transmutation of Water 

Take a deep breath and, centering yourself, allow your inner vision to take you to that special space of perfect love and unity, where you often go to commune with the Divine Presence. See your many brothers and sisters of Light who have also come to intensify the vision that now begins to manifest before you. See how the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love blazes forth and fills the lower depths of the Gulf of Mexico. 

All pollution, negativity and unconstructiveness of any kind is quickly transmuted and dissolved, and the bridge over which the Love, Perfection and Divine Essence flows is clear of any impediment. The sacred fire moves forth penetrating and covering the Gulf of Mexico and enters the essence of all elementals, allowing their hearts to open and heal fully. All sentient beings everywhere are now ready to receive and embrace a much higher level of spiritual understanding which results in their absolute and comprehensive healing. 

Observe how, through the work of these magnificent flames, a great increase in the purity of the healings offered has manifested. Everything becomes much clearer to the people of Earth, as they now begin to understand, accept and fully balance all divine principles within their daily lives and surrounding environments. 

Feel the magnificent power of this momentum spread throughout all the areas of this planet and know without any doubt that this shall continue as the restoration of the emotional vehicle (the water elemental) of this physical focus from this day forth shall only contain divine principles.  

Through the efforts and example of all chelas and light workers everywhere, divine principles now become an integral part of the lives of all people and elements upon the Earth. The powerful Ascension Flame assists in this endeavor as the desire and need for self-mastery becomes the guiding force in all human development and rela­tionships. Through its ever upward, spiraling power, the Earth and all her evolutions are raised into a much higher level of consciousness, thus enabling us to receive, understand, and put into use the ever expanding wisdom from the realms of light! 


Within the perfect balance of the qualities of love, wisdom, and power, we strive to facilitate the restoration of the beloved oceans to the pristine glory and perfection this sacred Focus of Light knew when it was originally brought forth and began to serve our dear planet Earth. 

Through the all-pervading love and peace that now enfolds this focus and emanates out across our entire world, may only harmony and unity become the directing force in all third dimensional relationships. 


Flame of Being

In the world of form, the degree of manifestation of an individual's Flame of Being is affected by the evolution of the lifestream. Within the unawakened consciousness, the Flame manifests only at the level of the Holy Christ Self, and can be seen as a spiraling radiation around the Threefold Flame in the Heart. As the individual becomes more conscious of their connection with the Divine, the Inner Christ is enabled to expand the aura, increasing the activity of the Flame within their daily life experience. 

You often hear reference to the "pathway of light" between the Inner Christ and the conscious mind. This pathway of light is the bridge over which the Flame of Being moves into active manifestation. The pathway extends from the Heart Center, upward through the Throat Chakra to the Crown Chakra. 

The process of awakening these three chakric centers is initially the responsibility of the Holy Christ Self. As an individual begins to work with the Inner Christ, the progress along the path of light becomes conscious. It is at this point that the student enters upon the ‘Buddhic Path’, for the expansion of the personal Flame becomes a service to all life. The Flame of Being unites and balances these three centers, ultimately interacting with the Third Eye Chakra and enabling the individual to create and manifest at will, at the prompt­ing of the Presence of God, I AM. When you begin to feel activity in the area of the Third Eye Chakra, you may be assured that the balancing activity is well under way. 

The radiation of a personal Flame is visible within the Octaves of Light. The vividness of color and extent of radiance are indicators of which lifestreams are able to accept the 'touch of the Divine.' As you continue to express the Christ in the world of form, you are expanding your own Flame of Being, until it shall completely and consistently enfold your lower vehicles and your aura. Thus shall you become more responsive to the Rays, sent through your own I AM Presence and into the hands of your Holy Christ Self. 

You will perform great service as you begin to visualize the pathway of light between the Inner Christ and the conscious mind of every individual in your life experience. In this way, you work with the Holy Christ Self of the unawakened lifestream, helping to widen the path, so that the Christ can manifest more quickly. 



If you ask me what I have come into the world to do,

I will tell you: I have come to live out loud.

- Emile Zola



One Infinite Breath 

When the various attributes of the Spheres are described, we may use terms such as 'primary', 'secondary', etc. When using such terms, we refer only to the order in which the creative process proceeds, and not to the relative significance of the qualities themselves. It is important that no Divine attribute be considered as “higher” or more valuable than any other aspect. Morya often says, "The Infinite Nature of God guarantees equal importance to the mountain and to the grain of sand. Indeed, do not the grains of sand meld together in the construction of the mountain?" As you come to understand the movement of energies among the attributes of the Spheres, do not allow limitations of language to serve as impediments to your understanding of the perfect Order and Unity which enfolds all Divine creative activity. 

You may also hear the use of terms such as 'descending' and 'ascending'. At all times, these terms pertain to the creative Divine Outbreath and Inbreath. In no sense do they indicate an activity which is less than pure Divine Perfection. Human consciousness often interprets these terms to mean moving toward or away from the Divine. Here, they shall be understood as moving toward or away from form or manifestation. Manifestation does not indicate separation… that is only an illusion! There can be no such thing as separation from the One Universal Consciousness. 

In fact, misinterpretation of these terms indicates that there may be some misunderstanding of the manner in which energy moves from the Divine Mind into manifes­tation. The currents of Divine Energy move forth in a continuous spiral. In this way, all energy moves rhythmically out and down as it descends, then in and up as it ascends… corresponding to the pattern of the Holy Breath. As the substance of Divine Mind moves forth through the Spheres, it continually completes its journey and returns Home again, moving forth in an ever-widening spiral which is unbroken from the moment of its inception.  

This is a four-dimensional activity, which does not easily conform to the language of the Earth. Nonetheless, let us attempt to awaken our memory of the magnificent Order and Beauty of the Spheres. Please take just a moment to quiet your mind, breathing deeply of the Sacred Elixir of Holy Breath. Close your eyes, become centered, and call upon your Inner Christ to gently open your Third Eye Chakra. Feel the Flame of Divine Principle, in a gentle and rhythmic pulsation, as it blazes from your Heart Center to your Third Eye Chakra. When you feel at perfect peace, you may proceed. 

See the Sun of our System ¾ the Flame of Being of the One Universal Consciousness. For a moment, perhaps, the Light Essence of the Sun may seem too brilliant to look upon. Yet, with your Inner Vision, you become acclimated to its Radiance. You perceive all of the colors of the rainbow, dancing within the Flames of the Sun. 

Radiating from the Sun are countless spirals of Divine Energy. This Energy moves forth in all directions, corresponding to the three dimensions with which you are familiar. Now, perceive the fourth dimension, which is Divine Consciousness! Each spiral of Energy is conscious, intelligent, living Substance! From the moment it moves forth, following its pre-ordained path, it also begins to return to the Divine Source. None of the spirals you perceive are closed circles! Rather, they are all interconnected and interdependent. Their Source is One! 

You perceive fluctuating bands of color which enfold the Sun. Each spiral of Energy representing a single Divine Idea moves through these bands of color, whirl­ing outward from the Source. The bands of color are fields of Energy, intelligent and dynamic in themselves. As a spiral moves through each of these fields of energy, it inbreathes, expands, and radiates the color of that Sphere. 

As you watch, see the spirals of Energy begin to send forth spirals of their own! This is the activity of consciousness, expanded by the gift of free will! Every spiral of Energy pulsates with the living Breath of the One Universal Consciousness. All of these Energies radiate sounds and scents and colors, in pure harmony with the entirety of creation! Beloved ones look with your inner Vision, and you shall see and understand! 

I leave you with this vision, to enfold and uplift you in the days to come. Your every effort to serve the Light contributes the harmony of the Spiral from which you came forth and also to the Harmony of the Source!  


O Living Breath of God 

O living breath of God, awaken us this day.

Open the windows of our souls.

Open the walls of our minds.

Open the doors of our hearts.

Awaken us to hope. Awaken us to joy.

Awaken us to the coming of the Light.

Velma Frye


* * *



September 2010