Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2010  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As I AM beloved of the Divine Presence I joyously trust in the perfection of my Divine Plan as it effortlessly emerges from within the Great Silence.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the eternal Light of the divine will of my true being! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *


Let today be a day of joy and blessings where dreaming the impossible becomes our reality.  

A day where we walk with angels through a lush garden of bliss where we lift our hearts high that all may see its beauty as we set our souls of fire with love and compassion for all.  

Let us today embrace heavens glory and seek to touch every soul in a way that bathes them in holy light liberates their spirit.


New Year Conference/Symposium

January 5, 2010

“From the east come the wise men, join them and follow the star. In the hand of the Heavenly Father rests the hand of the Divine Mother, holding an immaculate pink rose. In the heart of the rose is your own awakened Christ.      (Pause)…  

I AM alive, alert, awake and active in my mind, body, feeling world and affairs and I accept the mystic union of my consciousness with that of the cosmic Christ…”  

These words beloved ones were given to The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom at the stroke of Midnight on January 1, 1988 and it has taken until today for this magnificent thoughtform to manifest in you blessed ones. Your Divine Presence truly has awakened and become active during the sacred time we have shared together throughout this New Year’s Conference. 

All of you realize that there is something different – dare I say something very special about this conference especially in how you responded to the energy. Know that all who have walked the spiritual path to enlightenment before you have thought the same thoughts, felt the same feelings, and stood upon the same threshold as a new and wondrous opportunity is offered. 

Now, once again it is up to you how you wish to proceed my beloved, as you have agreed to come together once again in a few short months, take time until then to prepare, prepare yourselves well to accept individually and thus collectively, as you choose whether to undertake your next assignment and continue to fulfill your mission here on earth. Those of us in the higher realms patiently await your decision. Until then nurture your immaculate pink rose beloved ones!



Monthly Meditation

In preparation for our meditation today let us now take a few minutes to attune to each other, as we begin the process of centering ourselves. Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out... Take another breath in and as you release your breath let go of all the tension of this day... Gather up your worries and any thoughts that have been causing you difficulty... Do the same with all the painful emotional feelings that seem to keep surfacing over and over again in your life... Finally isolate any and all physical pain and distress you have been experiencing and prepare to rid yourself of the many burdens you have been carrying around for far too long.

 Take a deep, cleansing breath in... and slowly exhale... Visualize yourself being gently surrounded by a magnificent pillar of Violet Light - in front... in back... on either side...  above... and below you... With each and every breath you take this mighty power of purification, healing and transformation intensifies... Let us pause for a few moments and allow this magnificent spiritual tool to easily and effortlessly assist in fully releasing all that we no longer need in our lives. Breathe in deeply... and gently release your breath...  Breathe in again... and slowly breathe out... Continue this relaxing breathing pattern and allow the harmony to take you deep into the Great, Great Silence.         (Long pause) 

Take another deep breath in and slowly exhale.... See before you a mighty Fountain of Violet Fire rising high into the atmosphere above this room. Over the apex of the fountain rests a magnificent amethyst Maltese cross, radiating its rays of Violet Light in, through and around our beloved planet Earth and all life upon it.  

Drink deeply of this sacred elixir beloved ones. Through the power of your holy breath draw this sacred essence into the center of your being... Once your heart is filled to overflowing, join your heartflames with the One Universal Consciousness as we now rhythmically breathe together... in and out... We are now one breath... one heartbeat... one body... one energy and vibration... one consciousness of pure thought and feeling.  (pause) 

Purified by this sacred Violet Fire and fully aligned with the perfect will of the Divine our four lower vehicles are now one, one with each other and one with the Universal Presence of the Divine and we are gently lifted above all illusion. It is time, beloved ones, to go within and with the transparency of our inner vision see clearly, perhaps for the first time in our lives…      (pause) 

So, just for today... Forget your troubles. Forget your goals. Forget your desires. Forget your questioning mind. Relax and prepare to get in touch with your inner being. Breathe in… breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out... become aware of your feet... your legs... your arms... and your body... With each and every beat of your heart, feel the blood pumping easily and effortlessly throughout your physical body.... Take a moment now and offer your gratitude to your heart for its tremendous service to you...              (pause) 

Continuing to breathe rhythmically in… and out… release the tension you continue to carry in your shoulders, back and neck… allow your torso to become very relaxed. You are comfortable and feel very safe and secure… breathe in again… and as you exhale… relax… relax… relax…         (pause) 

Become aware of the top of your head now… consciously breathe in deeply… and gently breathe out. Continuing to breathe in… and out, fully experience what is happening. You may feel a slight tingling of your scalp… you may even feel a warm golden light radiating around your head… you may even feel nothing at all but in response your crown chakra begins to open and slowly the ceiling above you fades away as you rise in consciousness high into the atmosphere above this building… and above this town…            (pause) 

Be very still now… you are fully relaxed… you do not need to use any effort… just allow yourself to be completely at ease… Expand your consciousness and float totally free… detach from any form of conceptual engagement with your mind. Allow your attention to become vast, wide open and clear. In this wide-open expanse, all kinds of things may come and go – thoughts, emotions, physical sensations – but do not focus your attention on any of them. 

Just let yourself expand outward in all directions, until you are paying attention to everything at the same time, while not focusing on anything in particular... Allow your attention to expand until awareness itself becomes the object of your consciousness... until all the manifestations of the created universe begin to crumble and you are able to see through everything clearly. 

When everything has fallen away, begin to discover the empty void out of which the whole manifest world sprang into existence... In this sacred place, nothing has ever happened... The universe has not yet become manifest... You have not been born... Even time itself has not yet begun... What you do find in this limitless space is complete and absolute freedom from any and all limitation and you are grateful... (pause) 

In response to this boundless independence and absolute self-determination you immediately feel the Light of your own Divine Presence expand and fill your entire being… she speaks softly, first to your emotional self: “I fill you with the freedom of forgiveness and love… you are free… be still and know that I AM in you and you are in me!” 

Then to your mind: “I bless you with the Light of Understanding born of the Flame of Reverence for all life… take my faith and devotion, and be at peace.” 

To your etheric body: “I redeem your past with the Flame of my life… look and you shall discern the necessity of all experience – for your path has led to my door! Accept my gratitude and be still.” 

And finally to your physical body: “I love and bless you for your selfless service in reflecting the fullness of you divinity within… lift your eyes to me now and allow me to continue to be your pattern of perfection. I love, bless and thank you for being.”      (pause) 

You become still! You are at perfect peace! However, ever so slowly some unconstructive thoughts and concerns begin to intrude once more as you momentarily think of someone with whom you tend to have difficulty with. Your Presence lovingly speaks to you once again, “Give that one to me.” 

Gladly, you stretch forth your arms, and she takes this someone from you. They sit down, facing each other, on a seat in a small grotto and began to confer in soft, low tones. 

Even though you want so much to hear what they are saying, you remain still and just observe for a time. Then your Presence turns and says to you, "Don't you trust me?" You respond: "Yes, of course." Your Presence tells you: "Then leave this one in my care and be about your business."          (pause) 

You wander in circles for a time, feeling useless. You cannot seem to let go... and peek into the grotto once again. To your amazement your loved one has gone but your Presence remains and says, "Give me your anger." You are surprised but hand her a small simple cardboard box which is very, very heavy despite its size. 

Then she says, "Give me your thoughts and opinions." You begin to empty your pockets, finding many different thoughts and opinions, many that you didn't even know that you had, or thought you had let go of a long time ago...         (pause) 

When your pockets finally seemed to be empty, your Presence said, "Now give me your desires." You keep them in a very large bag made of the finest cloth and held tightly closed with a finely engraved silver clasp, which you constantly carry over one shoulder.  

You feel some reluctance in giving it up, for it holds all of the hopes and dreams you have for yourself, all your friends and your loved ones but eventually you hand the bag to your Presence. Then, from deep within, you hear a reassuring voice - "Only in the Hands of your Divine Presence will these desires take root, grow and blossom to fulfillment"... (pause) 

Then your Presence looks deep into your eyes and says, "Give me your love." At that moment you panic for you know she wants all of your love - even that which you keep to yourself, hidden deep within the chambers of your heart... Finally, taking a deep breath, you gently and lovingly hand your beating heart, your very life essence, to her and you actually feel relieved...         (pause) 

Next, she says, "Now give me your fears." This bag is smaller than your hopes and dreams. It is a simple, well worn, sturdy leather bag and you gladly give it forth...     (pause) 

"Your curiosity!" is her next request. You quickly go through this simple bag made of colorful patchwork scraps before you let it go. But before you do you find one of your deepest desires hidden deep inside. It is your desire to have all the answers and know the outcome of all situations in your life experience. Wondering how this is going to affect your life you now reluctantly give it to your Presence...          (pause) 

Finally she says: "Now, my beloved, give me your will." You say; "My will! You want my ability to choose for myself? I have always proudly worn this gift on a shiny gold chain around my neck! How can I give this up? What will happen to me?" With these questions still fresh in your mind you are suddenly filled with a love and peace unlike anything you had ever known and you knew what you have to do... As you remove this very important part of yourself and prepare to hand it to your Presence, you see that it is tarnished and lacks luster. At that moment you are very grateful and easily hand over your will....     (pause) 

Upon giving your Presence what you thought was all of your most prized possessions, you unexpectedly feel empty and very small. At that moment a bell softly rings and a small table suddenly appears before you laden with delicately smelling fruits, none of which you recognize. You offer a simple prayer, blessing the food before you partake of this abundance. 

Helping yourself you notice that each bowl has inscriptions written in gold around the sides. Taking a small portion from each, you clearly see the words: "love, joy, peace, contentment, patience, kindness, generosity, faith, gentleness and purity." Of course you silently say to yourself. These are the many fruits of Holy Spirit...   (pause) 

Never before have you tasted anything so exquisite – so sweet and light. When you have finally eaten your fill, your Presence hands you a golden chalice and from its elusive scent, you know this must be the sweet nectar of the gods. As you sip this delicious liquid, a feeling of renewal fills your entire being and you are grateful. 

Looking down upon your plate you see that an exquisite pink rose has magically appeared. You gently pick it up and hold it close to your heart. Closing your eyes you breathe in deeply to take in its magnificent perfume. When you open your eyes again, you find it has disappeared, becoming an integral part of yourself. The process of relinquishment is now complete and you silently say to yourself:  I AM free! I AM free! I AM eternally free! (long pause) 

Once again, you are fully relaxed… you are completely at ease… your consciousness expands and you float totally free… you are detached from any form of conceptual engagement with your mind and your attention is vast, wide open and clear for it is time to begin our return journey…


But first while we remain in this state of perfection, fully attuned to- the Universal Presence of God, let us focus our attention, our energy, our compassion, our healing power, our Light and our love upon the Island of Hispaniola and the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic while they go through the process of life, death, and survival they currently find themselves and their countries in... Also, take a few moments to work with Mother Earth and the many fault lines that cover this area and go out all around the world… (long pause)


And now take a deep breath in beloved ones... and as you release your breath, become aware of the top of your head... Fully experience what is happening... your scalp begins to tingle... and you feel a warm golden light glowing around you and enfolding your head... Continuing to breath rhythmically... in and out... feel this golden light moving downward - into your neck... your shoulders, arms and hands... filling your chest and torso... continuing down into your legs, your knees, your ankles and finally your feet... Finally, feel yourself present in this physical location once again... 

As you continue to return to this time and this place, breathe in deeply... and gently release your breath... Take your time, for as always there is no need to hurry... Enjoy this experience for as long as you like... (pause)... Breathe in again... and slowly release your breath... Now, stretch a bit, and when you are ready you may open your eyes....

* * *


March 2010