Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2010 

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As the Illumined Rays of Wisdom and Love flood my Being, I AM arising from the tranquil waters of my existence into the Vibration and Radiation of my True Essence.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the One Divine unifying embrace of Holy Spirit! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *


Situated on the shores of our understanding and perception we gaze out across a radiant Sea of Love… and experience the eternal sunrise of Divine Illumination blazing forth powerful Light Rays into the chalice of our heart… thus manifesting the Love of the Cosmic Holy Spirit throughout our Being and the world all around us. Upon accepting and assimilating this Divine Love we instantaneously intensify and project it forth to all life in the Universe.





Greetings from the Realm of the Divine Mind, where all are World Teachers continually in service to raise humanity's ability to experience Divinity and then to think only as the Divine thinks... eventually consciously being the One Universal Consciousness.  

You have been encouraged to realize yourselves as God in Action: the Doer, the Doing and the Deed.... the continuous action of the Divine manifesting through humankind. In accepting yourself as the I AM Presence, the Sacred Fire in Action united with all of the Divine Perfection, you will undoubtedly notice that it then becomes easy for the mind to acknowledge Oneness. One of the challenges in teaching this Truth to the intellect of humanity is that there is little language that expresses Unity and much language that expresses separateness (even as you scrutinize some of our faithful decrees we continue to utilize). 

If these words are analyzed, it appears you are calling for something outside or separate from yourself, to come to you and manifest in through and around you. Yet we have asked to be the Divine Presence already containing all Perfection, acting through the vehicle; rather than the identity of a set of vehicles attempting to be the Divine. But here again, language fails us, for in true Unity with the Divine, there is little to say. It just simply IS… I AM... just by ‘Being’. This is why in some instances or settings there is only Silence… no spoken word. Unity is a fourth dimensional Reality that is captured only inadequately in third dimensional language.   

Each of you know this Reality of which we speak the experience of Unity with God as the I AM Being. So I would present the following to you to resolve the dilemma between remaining in non-separate Divine Consciousness, yet giving the decrees and affirmations (that yet seem to contain the language of separateness) that remain in use, because the energy continues to be released from the realm where the Light is needed. Before each decree, affirmation, chant or song, firmly set in your mind the Reality of Unity with the Oneness of the I AM Presence and then through the decree, etc., allow the energy to find entrance into the physical plane (because you yet exist in that plane), no matter the words. And remember when you speak in the Divine Name, I AM, the voice center sets the vibration of the earth's atmosphere into action, beginning the actual manifestation of that which is called forth. You are re-establishing on Earth the science of Invocation, Precipitation and Divine Ceremonial.  

So what is yet lacking in the ability of language to capture your True Reality as a Divine Being united with all the Perfection of Divinity is made up for with your mind, setting the stage for that which you wish to manifest. All of I AM continually draws your intelligence up into the Mind of God, especially while you rest or meditate. Focus on this and you will be assisted in this exercise of perceiving Unity, no matter what the deficit of language. Language must be the servant of the mind and not vice versa. And from the clear Mind comes Divine Creation, through the action of Love.  

The Holy Spirit brings patience and it is surely needed by the chelas, for you are yet Bridge builders, meaning that even though you see and can 'taste' the other side (experiencing your Unity with the Divine), you remain (because of the sacrifice of embodiment) linked as human and Divine Consciousness. Your service is to be able to perceive total Unity with the One Universal Consciousness and yet translate it into workable exercises for the mainstream mind or less advanced students, using common language, so all may enter the Bridge from the human side and eventually emerge within the Eternal Light. But you continue to still remain connected with humanity and the Divine as a mediator in a well respected tradition. It is called - 'becoming the Christ'.  


* * * 


Beloved Presence of God I AM that I AM, by your authority:

I AM beloved of God eternally,

trusting in the perfection of my divine plan!


I AM constantly transmuting darkness into Light,

yielding my will to that of the Divine!


Joyously, the angel of my Divine Presence emerges now,

to take full and complete command of my outer self

right now and eternally sustained.


I AM the resurrection and the life of the perfection

of my Divine Plan, manifest in the world of form.


Right here! Right now! And forever sustained!


So be it, beloved I AM that I AM. 

* * *


Loving Wisdom 

I AM Sophia, an attendant of Wisdom sustaining a planetary Vibration of Love. From the Focus within our Sun, I represent the Wisdom of Love otherwise known as the Protective Principle of Love. The Wisdom of Love is the Third Ray in action where the Divine Mind of God is translated into practical application for the perfect results that Love itself intends for every Divine aspect. This Solar momentum of Wisdom and Love is now focused within the planet Earth through many Sacred Retreats. I AM dedicated to establishing the Truth of Love within the consciousness of the planet that is destined to someday occupy the higher vibratory level as the Love Planet.  

I come at this time when all other Planets and Suns are completely ready for the Great Cosmic upshift. Many Cosmic Beings (most unknown to you) are turning their attention to Earth. Each One has a specific purpose in a coordinated effort to return the Earth home into eternal Truth. At this time, specific Energies are intended to forward the feminine aspect of Spiritual Freedom, assisting humanity in the development of inner mastery of the creative faculties of thought and feeling. In past ages, where the masculine aspect of development was predominant, there are examples where thoughts and feelings were attempted to be mastered through outer action, often resulting in conflict and chaos. New energies come now to assist you towards an Inner Mastery of thought and feeling, giving Power back to the Divine Flame within the Heart to balance the lifestream. These come to reacquaint humanity with the Temple of Mastery and Resolution within them of which their own Christus is the Hierarch. Within your Flame is the Power to resolve every thought, feeling and circumstance - the Power of Illumined Wisdom and Love.  

The Energy now offered is the feminine aspect of Holy Spirit, which when accepted and embraced will balance the drive towards outer action with Loving Wisdom. It is not intended to impede outer action, rather to insure that it is God Alone in action through the individual, resulting in a perfectly balanced nature. This Gift dispenses a peaceful presence of calm into the feelings allowing the Divine Presence to take dominion in every situation. It is an initiation with Holy Spirit, allowing the Miracles of the Divine to Flow through one who has mastered difficult 'tests' with the Inner Action of the Divine Flame, rather than adding to the shadows by action of the outer personality. Here is your opportunity to prove your heart desire to live in a Spiritual World of Truth mastered by Spiritual Accomplishment, rather than the illusory personality world, influenced by the usurped power of the outer personality.  

If you can achieve this you would reach the point beloved Jesus did when he found himself at the River Jordan, where Holy Spirit filled his Being, strongly connecting him with the Flame of the Presence. This is the action of this Flame. Spirit connecting with the Christ in you to firmly set you upon the Path of your Divine Plan, the actual Ministry you came to give this planet, from the point of Consciousness within your I AM Presence. The tremendous Love within your Being must reveal itself, as it did with Jesus and others before you. It is your unrelenting destiny to do so.  

Your outer mind is not even aware of the tremendous Love Nature within you, born within the Sun, a Divine heritage from your Divinity. It is our deep desire to assist your Love Nature to arise within you like the Sunrise at dawn, as one Spiritually Born within the Sun of I AM.  

How many embodied souls can be counted on to believe in, let alone assist with, the Cosmic Progression of the planet? Even then, how many students or chelas can be counted on to be one-pointed in preparing themselves for the vibratory level of Divine Love (therefore preparing the way for others to follow)? It is YOU, you who comprehend these words and feel this Radiation, in whom has been placed the hopes and aspirations. As you must now be aware, I AM here to assist this planet into a transition which must take place soon.  

The greatest assistance we can be is to bring the same Solar Radiation of Love into the Earth, to prepare ‘the Way'; and to prepare 'the Way-showers'. How are the Way-showers prepared? Through a process of the chelas discovering that I AM already in the Center of the Heart Flame and that of all humanity.  

There I AM! How is this? In the origin of the Universe, part of the actual Solar Flame proceeded farther out from the original Outbreath of the Great Central Sun and is to be found within the Solar Flame and Radiation of Helios and Vesta and all the Suns beyond. Therefore, I AM already within the Spirit Spark and Eternal Flame of each soul in this solar system of Helios and Vesta.  

Thus, each individual soul Flame in each solar system contains the 'seed' Vibration of all the preceding Suns, as well as the principle vibration of their Parent Sun. This is the original Divine Plan of the Great Central Sun, knowing that eventually all the planets and suns would be breathed back in along the same outward path. How it would help on the return journey Home, if the Vibration of the next orbit up was already "seeded" within the lifestreams of the present orbit. This ‘seed’ vibration could then be nurtured and developed at a time just preceding each Great Inbreath, to make for an easy transition into the next orbit.  

Can you see the Illumined Wisdom and Love of the Cosmic Law in preparing the Path Home into the Heart of the Divine – the One Universal Consciousness; for all individuals and for the solar systems?  

The very best way to perceive the Presence in you is to visualize a Rising Sun, coming up over the tranquil waters of your soul. This symbolizes the energies of our Sun arising from the souls who have mastered the water planet, Earth; and who are ready to proceed upward into the orbit of the Etheric planet of Love Divine. It is also symbolic of Holy Spirit arising from the Christed soul on Earth. It is perhaps easiest to feel this Radiation as a Sunrise of Holy Spirit, arising from within you, slowly lighting up your Being with the Rays of Illumined Wisdom and Love Divine of the Eternal Morning of the Divine.  

I AM One with the Force of Love known as Holy Spirit, which is represented to this planet by the Cosmic Holy Spirit, Æolus and which must also encompass the complement of the magnificent Radiation transmitted to this planet. Now, whereas the masculine aspect of Holy Spirit is envisioned as 'visiting’ a prepared chela (in an active propulsion of Love and its ‘Miracles’ from a Sphere beyond the chela), the feminine nature of Holy Spirit is envisioned as slowly arising within an Anointed Soul. By pointing this out, I hope to illumine you as to the Balance in becoming true Disciples of Holy Spirit... in opening up to and accepting both the Energies from Spheres above and Energies that are already an inherent part of your Being. The two meld to form the complete Being of Holy Spirit in which the Christ Self arises into the Supreme Mastery of the I AM Presence, ready to externalize the fullness of your Divine Ministry on Earth.  

It has been said that the Third Ray of Holy Spirit is the manifestation of Love; Love revealing itself. For the planet Earth and all her evolutions, this now means being readied in consciousness for the great transition to the Fiery Love orbit. This project supersedes all others, for the Great Cosmic Edict has sounded and the time approaches. In readying yourselves, practice Constancy for this alone may assuage the deep thirst for Holy Spirit that this coming brings. May I suggest that in your individual and group efforts, you feel the Sun of Holy Spirit arising in your Being until its Cosmic Rays of Illumined Wisdom and Love flood not only your own Being, but all the Earth in a glorious Sunrise of Sacred Fire. See and feel the Sunrise arising from the tranquil “waters” of your own soul and of your collective group. The Divine Light must manifest itself as Sacred Fire on this water planet and I AM here now to guide you, each one in becoming 'Bearers of the Flame', until the Earth is a Sea of Etheric Light.  

Each one of you is welcomed to the Focus of Wisdom and Love. This Etheric journey will be as if you proceeded into the Sun itself. There is a tremendous vibration of Beauty manifest within this retreat for your enchantment. The Focus is situated over the ancient city of Istanbul, representative of the cross-roads between East and West. It is important that these cross-roads be bridged, as if balancing two-developing spheres of consciousness. Much Illumination and Love has been anchored on this Earth through Wise and Holy women and men through history but now there needs to be a UNITY OF MANY WISDOMS of the Earth into the One Illumined Wisdom of the Divine Love. Come now into the embrace of the Divine Mind of God, the Mother of Love and find in yourself the true Disciple of Holy Spirit which you were embodied to manifest.  

Stand ready to meld the Spirit with your Arisen Christ, giving you an initiation of Holy Spirit, bringing that magnificent Radiation to the foreground of your life, proving the Truth of Love embodied, for all to see. Enfolding you in Sunrays of the Illumined Wisdom and Love Divine… I AM!  



Spirituality is the depth of your bliss in the midst of your problem.

~ Rev. Chenoweth


* * *



April 2010