Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2010

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,



Within the compassionate understanding of the illumined forgiveness I unearth the wisdom of mercy contained through the true center of the One Heart of Being.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting


...I AM the Oneness of I AM that I AM!(3x)

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *

The Compassion that comes from Understanding is surpassed only by the

Understanding that comes from Compassion. 

The Forgiveness that comes from Illumination is surpassed only by the

Illumination that comes with Forgiving. 

The Mercy that comes from Wisdom is surpassed only by the

Wisdom that comes from Mercy. 

"I AM" in your Heart. 

"I AM" one with the Buddha within you. 

"I AM" that "I AM"


* * * 

The Healing Truth 

Constantly call for the Divine Quality of Truth to be projected into all your efforts during the coming days ¾ and beyond! This has a tremendous effect of healing in all areas with which you may become involved, be it education, the environment, government, personal/family life, spirituality and so forth. Ultimately, unless truth is brought forth in all areas of planetary endeavor, no lasting healing may take place. 

Be alert, not adding your energies to any unconstructive endeavors, but recognizing that the cause and core of all such underlying effects in the educational and governing institutions on the Earth must be brought to the Divine Light for transmutation to take place! This is far more important than you have yet realized. 

You will observe more and more situations being brought to the Light. Remain filled with Love so that you do not unknowingly enter into any unconstructive circumstances that may emerge! 

To avoid this possibility, you must work for the healing of these situations and you should do so in the most positive ways possible! Do all you can to understand and remember this most important teaching, as you move into and through the times to come. 

Do not allow yourselves to become discouraged in any way due to an outer appearance. Remember to be positive in thought, word and deed, faithful to the knowledge that Divine Will is Perfection for all life. Do not permit yourselves to be judg­mental in any way! Allow yourself to be within the silence more often, rather than engaging in unconstructive opinions and discussions about the many issues that will come to your attention. 

Most beloved chelas of Light… never was your understanding more needed than right now at this crucial point in the evolution of the Earth! Up to now, you have sometimes spoken out against the very issues you desire to see healed. Now you must learn to be silent, working inside your own consciousness to release all judgment of others, including situations and conditions. When you are critical, you give your power to the very conditions you wish to heal, because you give your attention to the activities of shadows and confusion. You must align your forces with Light, and Light alone! 

Only through a clear channel may healing flow! Only from a clean cup may a lifestream receive the Elixir of the Divine Love that shall bring surcease to all pain! Only through the forgiveness and compassion of the Violet Fire may all life be brought to the Light. Know beloved ones that Truth is not easy, but it is the only absolute heal­ing and purification for the souls of humanity, and you are the harbingers of Truth through which all healing will flow! Be at peace, and work unceasingly to purify the vessels of your Hearts and minds! 

Work to bring Divine Truth into your every activity during the coming days, realizing the Force of Love that it is. Accept the cloak of Truth about you now, and receive the Healing it brings, as you prepare yourselves to project it forth to all life on this planet Earth.  

We are ONE in the Body of Light! 


A Sense of Balance 

All desires to serve in very specific ways must be carefully examined by you to be sure that you are not requesting to serve in a way you feel to be more exalted than another. When you decide that there are only certain tasks that you want to do, or are more equipped to do, be cautious not to close the door of opportunity. Under certain conditions, the fact that you particularly like to do certain tasks could present an obstacle to your spiritual growth. 

Most people like to perform the things that they feel most secure and comfortable doing. Don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Give yourself the opportunity to develop those areas of expertise that feel unfamiliar to you, especially if such an opportunity presents itself without your seeking it out. It may be that you are being presented with a chance to fulfill some undeveloped part of your nature which has yet to be balanced. In this way you may complete your Earthly education, and possibly even more quickly realize your Ascension in the Light. 

If you compare life to a magnificent opera, think about all that must go into such a production. All the beautiful music that has ever been composed and written is of no use if there is no hand to play the instrument; no voice to sing the song. Even when you have the singers, the orchestra, and the conductor, you must have the stage in which to present the opera. Rehearsals must be scheduled and fulfilled to polish each act of the production. Costumes and settings must be created. People are needed to prepare the theater for the performance by setting up the scenery and seeing that all is orderly and ready. Finally, but not least of all, there must be an audience to attend the performance, bringing their abilities to appreciate and enjoy, or possibly even to critique.  

Is one function more significant than the other? Are not all these functions necessary to the final production, presentation and outcome? All of these possibilities and aspects have their place in helping us to stretch and grow! 

Consider that a beautiful vibration of harmony, joy, and satisfaction in a "job well done!" rises into the ethers during a truly successful performance. That happiness and satisfaction which is the result of all the combined forces that went into the final performance is music to the heart of the Universe! 

Your need now is for balance within your lives. As you continue to balance the Threefold Flame within your hearts, watch for opportunities to finish tasks maybe begun a long time ago. Stand ready to assist others in ways you have not attempted before. Remember, you can always draw on talents already developed whenever you need to. Step forward now and remember to call on the Ascension Flame to lift you to new heights of achieve­ment in all ways! 

* * *   

The Path of Accomplishment

You have been advised that you may always take advantage of the opportunity for special spiritual grounding. Your response to this offering and opportunity will depend upon your perceptions, de­sires, and willingness to serve the greater good of the earth.  

As you consider the areas of service in which you are predominantly attracted, go into the silence to assist you in discerning the right path more clearly. This will help you decide how to proceed for the greater good of the whole. 

The Divine Plan for you and all life is to be restored to the beauty, harmony, peace and perfection held within the Divine Heart and Mind. Each person is somewhere within this process, taking whatever steps they can to express more of the perfection they knew within the One Universal Consciousness. Each one is presented the opportunity to be a part of this great plan, if they so desire, and all will be acknowledged. The only requirement is that you do your best, continuing to proceed forward by making some self-conscious effort. 

The individuality of spiritual progress through evolution is clearly evident. Equally, with each step forward toward the Light, the individual who is consciously on the spiritual path will act to inspire and raise the vibratory activity of those around them. That is, they will be incorporating each spiritual step into their personal life, and actively setting the example to the outer world in all ways possible. 

Many people believe in and respond very strongly to the personality trait called `competition'. However, in the true spiritual sense, competition is nonexistent, because it is a part of human consciousness. Competition encourages one to constantly look outside of them self and compare their progress with that of others. Do not allow the idea of being better than someone else become more important than simply being your best. The high accomplishments of any person should be an inspiration to others, rather than bringing an unconstructive influence to bear upon the ideals of self-worth and unity that true spiritual understanding brings. 

A chela of the Light will fill them self with gratitude for the presence of others in their life who inspire them by their advanced attainments, taking encouragement by the examples that are set. Do not allow yourself to harbor a sense of failure or discouragement in observation of others accomplishments. 

With every step upon your path of Light, just do your very best, and realize that you are perpetually moving forward. Be grateful for those who have shifted above the mass consciousness in significant ways for the examples they set and the accomplishments they create and share. Do not compare yourself with others, but use your time to do the things you can to improve life around you. As you allow yourself to be inspired by the accomplishments of others, you will know that higher attainments are also possible for you! 

Call on the great Archangel of Restoration at all times to assist you in restoring every facet of your existence to the perfection that is held within the Divine Heart and Mind of the One Universal Consciousness for you. Know that only you can fulfill the specific portion of the Great Divine Plan that is yours ¾ and be grateful! Be very, very grateful! 


Body of Light 

Spiritual energy has many functions as it moves about the Earth, which we will talk about as the need arises. Let us characterize the significance of the term, 'Body of Light', as it focuses upon the relationship between the network formed by the many spiritual Retreats and the corresponding network formed by the chelas. 

Desire to expand and clarify your understanding regarding the term; 'Body of Light'. This term was meant to designate the unified body of chelas through whom the spiritual energy may be channeled for the good of the entire universe. It is connected with the network of spiritual retreats by bridges, or ties, of Light. The bridges are formed at each point where a chela resides and works. When there is a group, the bridge at that location then intensifies, because the energies of each member of the group are woven together to produce a larger and stronger expanse of Light. 

This entire network created by the spiritual energies of the initiates, chelas and other Light workers, becomes a vehicle of the One Universe Consciousness. Perhaps it could be understood if you think of the network of spiritual Retreats as representing the I AM Presence for the planet which it serves. The network of initiates, chelas, and other Light workers then acts as the intermediary, or step-down transformer, for the human consciousness. The Body of Light receives the higher understanding from the focus of Light, and then translates it into practical ways and means of presentation to the human consciousness. 

Another service given by the Body of Light is that of making calls on behalf of humanity, for whatever it perceives as needed to raise the group consciousness. It may also make calls on behalf of other evolutions embodied on the Earth, such as elemental life, embodied angels and in general, whatever it perceives the needs to be. It serves as a transmuting and transforming focus for the planet. Consequently, the Body of Light may be understood as a step-down transformer, as well as a step-up transformer! 

Often the importance of each and every chela to do the work that forms this sacred affiliation is spoken of, and it is such a joy to be able to more and more comprehend how it is truly ONE! Truly UNIFIED in CONSCIOUSNESS! Your progress assists all the evolutions that follow you, but also the Ones that are preceding you. As I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD, so, my blessed ones, are you! 

When Master Jesus said that there was much to learn that could not yet be received, he was speaking of the true nature of Divine Love. As each of you learns to receive; as you learn how much you are loved within the Heart of the Supreme Source of All Life, then you can gradually begin to bear the burden of Love. The burden of Lovepure Divine Love—is LIGHT!


Contemplate the words - 'I AM the LIGHT of the WORLD'! Contemplate the words 'my burden is Light!'

* * *   

Your knowledge about the Body of Light and its great potential will be of tremendous assistance to you during any challenges individually or as a group. Concentrate upon the Body of Light thinking about the unity it represents among all chelas and Light workers on the planet. Develop your powers of making the Body of Light ever stronger, as it is the expression of the unity required to hold a planetary focus of healing. 

This is extremely important, for as you concentrate upon the power of unity within the Body of Light, you are each developing your powers of spiritual telepathy. The power of spiritual telepathy is contained within the concept of unity, and it will become more necessary, facilitating and increasing the flow of Light between individuals who are work­ing together for the common good. Realize that a relatively small group of chelas, working in any one area of the planet, who have a special need for strength, protection, or any Divine Quality, will be able to draw from the whole planetary Body of Light.  

Although you have been given an understanding of how you are functioning as an embodied being of Light, it is intended to show you that you are also members of the As­cended Sister/Brotherhoods of Light. Know that “You are in me, and I AM in you.” 

Fully experience the unlimited Vision of Unity ¾ the expanded understanding of common purpose. Every Light worker upon the Earth is a part of this vehicle for the Cosmic Christ energies to this planet, whether they are aware of the Body of Light or not. However, the advantage of awareness, of consciousness, is a immense power. It means that each one of you, as chelas, can empower the vehicle of the Cosmic Christ energies to the Earth by your acceptance and incorporation of this knowledge into your everyday activities. You, who receive the gifts of consciousness, become the benefactors to all life. 

Beloved Cells in the One Body of Light, know you are loved ceaselessly! Accept this Gift of Unity, and let it expand within your precious hearts. Together, we are ONE!



Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico*

(Dr Masaru Emoto) 

"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures in the  Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings... to the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons, corals, algae... to humankind... to ALL living creatures...

I am sorry.
 Please forgive me.
 Thank you.
 I Love You. 

(*Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist from Japan who has done extensive research/publications about the characteristics of water. His research has revealed that water physically responds to emotions)


* * *


August 2010