Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2010

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM constantly ascending in consciousness to an ever-higher more profound and joyous level of expression.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the fulfillment of my Divine Plan… my reason for being! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

My True Identity 

I AM a Force of God moving across this planet. I AM an upwardly rushing Force of vibration and consciousness which is my Heart Flame – the true center of my being. This Flame has become an electronic aura spiraling around me allowing cosmic energy to flow through me.


I AM a Being of very powerful Light.

I AM one with all Light – the Great Universal Consciousness.


And this is who I AM!


* * * 

 True Application

You have often been advised at a variety of times that Truth does not change - it just continuously expands within your consciousness. Anyone who believes they know all about a topic has much to learn. For instance, one who knows the means by which they can operate a typewriter may then believe they can operate a computer but will find upon trying that they only have the very bare basics and are not yet equipped to handle this very different expanded concept.  

You have been given the basics of Spiritual Law, and now as these basics are being put into practice; many chelas are finding that they are not as deeply or clearly grounded as they thought! 

Some may believe they wish to discern more of the Spiritual Laws which have been given. I counsel you to take this time to first extensively utilize and work with the material which you have already received. For you will find your consciousness has and can expand more deeply than you are aware... you will increasingly discover new levels of Spiritual Being hidden within these teachings you now possess… and find  that you are able to comprehend more than you may at first perceive.  

Constancy is most imperative, for when one applies their beliefs and values only now and again, they lack the quality of passion or enthusiasm. Be assured that when the chelas are committed to putting into practice the Truths already presented, more insight will be forthcoming!  

As one who studies a language other than their native tongue will discover, they must be diligent and continue to think, write and converse in the new language. You will find it is essential to use it very frequently. Contemplate this as you study at greater depths, realize that Spiritual Teachings are as a new language - a foreign tongue that you must use continuously, and although you have received much, it needs to be utilized and developed and cultivated incessantly! You will discover for yourselves that there is much that is still novel to you if you accept this opportunity that I AM offering to you now!  

Practice on the instrument of your individual consciousness and you will find progress that will be far beyond what you imagine possible, even as you accept these words of guidance! Once you have started to grasp these concepts you are then required to send them forth to all life.  

But to be a truly accomplished teacher, one must be ready at all times to discover a fresh or a new way of seeing the subject. As one's consciousness expands, you become aware of how little you really comprehend, and often will then become eager for more information. A teacher must be familiar with as many aspects of a subject as possible. 

Take this opportunity to remember that - "Example is the best teacher!” If a teacher wishes to assist another in any lesson, they must be an example of that teaching. Others who come to learn often think "I wish I could be like them!" That is true when the teacher is a living example of that which they teach! If you think deeply upon this truth, you will see that the door can be opened - the door through which knowledge will expand and expand, both in your own consciousness and in that of others.

 * * *

Light of Truth

During these many years you have trod the Path of Light and are now in a position to go forth and elevate the consciousness of your associate travelers. Observe that Divine Consciousness goes forth to every cell and atom in every part of life upon this planet. Experience the glorious Elementals as they raise their heads in recognition and then acknowledge the Holy Spirit. This glorious radiation flows forth over all the Planet... join this radiation and know that the planet and all life is truly blessed.  

I speak as the Exponent of Truth. With Love you now have the privilege of entering into this Aura, and feeling the Light of Truth enfold you in a soft mantle of brilliant green. Feel your very being saturated with the Light of Truth, sustained by the Breath of the Holy Spirit...  feel it, oh feel it, dear ones.

We have said so many times that Truth never changes, it just expands... expanding as humanity raises in consciousness... accept it within your life. Truths, Love, Peace pulsate at all times from the Cosmic I AM Presence into the Divine Presence within your own Beings. Truth... truth shall set all life free. Know this and be Truth in Action.  

Think always of Peace, which is so necessary at this hour when nations are in such turmoil and conflict. We call to humanity, who are pleading for guidance from the Heart of God... enter our beings, our consciousness... be examples to all around the planet... hear me, when I say... be expressions of Truth, for Truth shall set this planet free and raise her into the perfection ordained. By living the Truth of the Oneness of Being you help serve the chelas for whom the Path lies ahead, assisting all generations in their desire to serve the Light. The Divine Light that is eternally victorious.  

Now, in the radiation of the mighty Holy Æolus raise your consciousness to the glorious Temples of Holy Spirit pulsating in the ethers... See the glorious Cosmic Doves whose wings spread Light and enfold all life everywhere in their embrace. Do you remember, blessed chelas, the Cosmic Dove which the Holy Spirit placed in your auras so many years ago? The pulsating Light of that Dove flows through your aura at all times. Those of you, who have forgotten to honor the Dove every morning, every day, think of the daily presence of the Holy Spirit in these Doves which have grown through the years... it is pulsating, pulsating to set you free in the Light. Experience those Cosmic Doves. Love and nourish it, and know that much will be accomplished through the service of this Holy Light.  

I pause so that you can feel the enfolding Light of the Cosmic Holy Spirit which surround you in the Light of Truth and the Light of the One Universal Consciousness...   Go thou now to be Truth in Action, wearing a beautiful soft, pulsating garment of green Light, and enfolded within the blessing of I AM that I AM.


I Believe… 

I Believe in the Universal I AM Presence which is the Source of all life and the very essence of Divine Love – God in Action – everywhere present. 

I Believe in the individualized I AM Presence of God, acting through the Divine Self focused within every human heart, through which the Divine Will manifests in the world of form.  

I Believe in the Immortal Threefold Flame of Life – the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit – which is the animating principle of all self-conscious intelligence, anchored within every human heart. 

I Believe in the Universal Divine Essence, the Universal Unity of humanity in divine harmony and conscious communion with the Great Host of Light. 

I Believe in the eternal forgiveness and forgetfulness – through Divine Love and Mercy – of all human transgressions against the Law of Life; the purification of the soul through the conscious use of the Violet Transmuting Flame and all other purifying activities of the Sacred Fire. 

I Believe in the Ascension in the Light – Divine Perfection – through the conscious self-mastery of all substances and energy used in every thought, feeling, spoken word and deed…  

So be it, Beloved I AM that I AM!

* * *

 God’s Will 

The Will of God is Wise!

The Will of God is Loving!

The Will of God is Powerful!

The Will of God is Creative!

The Will of God is Joyous!

The Will of God is Freedom!

The Will of God is Good,

Divinely Ordered and Perfect!


* * *

Flame of Comfort 

Beloved friends, you are enfolded within the Sacred Divine Flames of Comfort, Peace and Healing. Be thou made whole, and let every cell in your Being remember its Divine Heritage. Let every cell in your being acknowledge and become its Divine Heritage, blazing forth with crystal Light, each cell holding in its heart center the Sacred Flame of resurrection. Be thou a Blazing Cathedral of Living Light. Open the casements of your Soul and let your Light shine before all in Love and amazement for the One Universal Consciousness that dwells within. Feel every fiber of your being blazing with light. Feel the vibration of this Light coursing through your veins.  

Be thou a comforting flame to those who walk beside you. When one truly understands the work of the Flame of Comfort you will be ever aware that it spreads in ever widening circles of comfort, peace and love, like ripples on a lake, enfolding all within its embrace.  

It has been conveyed and I know that you recognize, that your utmost work is in silent radiation to all life… as the Holy Essence of comfort silently and surely widens the influence of the Universal Light upon Earth. In the crystal pyramid of your own soul, your crystal pyramid of light, find the Silence and the stillness to create space within and around you for Sacred Healing to take place. This will take place with each conscious Holy Breath that enters and leaves your being, and you will truly be a blessing to all life, with the Earth benefiting from your very Presence.  

As a newly planted field of vegetation is nourished through the four elements, the tender shoots burst forth from darkness into light. Remember that truth - all nature bursts from darkness into light. And so I counsel you to feel a deep love and respect for every single blade of grass as it makes this transition - into light, and life and love and supreme beauty - because it followed its own Divine blueprint, without inner resistance.  

Your thoughts, which are the masters of your energy, must be nourished with the same respect for your Divine blueprint, being ever aware that your thoughts are the creators of your universe. As you think, so shall you become, and you have the free will to choose your thoughts. I very strongly advise you to think only good ones… ideas of immense beauty and positive essence.  

Center in I AM Consciousness - the Immortal Three-fold Flame of Eternal Truth - radiate silently to all life and nourish this Sacred Flame, until all humanity may, with great dignity, lay a sheath of blossoms of their own good thoughts at the font of the Universal Consciousness. You are loved and the Sacred Flame of Tranquility is ignited within your heart in Divine Love, Comfort and Peace. 

* * * 

Joy of Truth

I come to you with a JOY that will radiate eternally, a Light that will sustain life ceaselessly, a Hope that will surpass all, a Truth that will remain with you throughout all the days of your earthly existence, for I AM JOY, and at my approach sorrow is instantly transmuted into gladness.  

If you would be truly joyful I counsel you to be patient in adversity, be serene in disappointment, and be humble in moments of shining achievement, avoiding extremes and living a simple, humble life free from all pretenses for JOY is a personal relationship with the Divine and this is your true strength.  

Acknowledge the Divine Fire that burns on the Altar of your Heart a wondrous Divine Flame without smoke. It shines in the heart in all its luminosity and glory as the divinity manifesting in all your activities, resting in Supreme Harmony and Joy. With this Divine Fire you know life, and as humanity thinkest in their heart, so they are. Absorb this thought and let JOY and Happiness, and Laughter dwell within the container of the Heart, and radiate out to bless all life with buoyancy and joyful love, for you will surely find that at the root of all things is JOY. JOY is the mainstream of radiant health, so let Joy be in your Heart, and let Joy be in your eyes.

Think always of joyful things feel joyful feelings be a Joyful Presence and let your Presence be a buoyant healing force to lift all life you contact from gloom into delight, transforming all stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards the Light of I AM. In Truth, the fruit of the Spirit is joy.  

Be Positive. Break down the walls of unconstructive thought, and make for yourselves palaces of Joy and Peace and Truth wherein you will dwell with the Divine and find deliverance from all distress. Embrace the Great Law, and Eternal Truth and Joy will be yours. Climb the Path of Light and all tears shall be wiped away, and there shall be only Eternal all-Pervading JOY, which is the foundation of triumphant accomplishment in the Light.  

Seek only the Path that leads into the very heart of I AM, for within the Light of I AM there is hope and joy, health and strength, and deep, deep content.  

May all-Pervading JOY be yours, Now and Forever 

I love you, and I gently touch that Spark of Joy on the Altar of your Heart, that all Joy may be in you, and that your joy may overflow. No greater joy can be celebrated than to know that you, beloved chelas, follow the genuineness of your one true being!



* * *


July 2010