Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2010  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As our life force moves within the sacred flow of energy our unique aptitudes and gifts blend creating and manifesting harmony and perfection in this world of form through the momentum of divine accomplishment.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the unity of mindful, willing cooperation! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Decree for World Leaders 

In the Name of the Presence of the Divine, I AM that I AM, we invoke all Beings within the Octaves of Light from the twelve Rays to come forth now as we offer this blessing for all World Leaders. 

We envision and decree that all World Leaders are surrounded and protected by the Blue Flame of Protection; that their minds are filled with Divine illumination, wisdom and understanding; that their hearts remain loving and full of compassion for all humanity. We acknowledge their Divine appointment and ask that their thoughts, words and deeds be directed to the highest good of the planet Earth. Let all World Leaders surround themselves with persons who are enlightened and dedicated to providing truth, peace and harmony to the world community.

We are grateful for the immediate manifestation of this call, for we ask it in the most Holy Name I AM that I AM. 

So It Is and So It Shall Be.

* * *


A true teacher is also a true student, for a good teacher always observes life with the hope of grasping ever higher levels of understanding, and then sharing this information with his or her colleagues and students. 

Beloved ones, have you ever considered how the teachings of any sincere lifestream ultimately reaches the consciousness of the seeker as a tangible and concrete understanding? It is within the oneness of life as manifest through and by the Presence of the Divine… I AM! If an individual's consciousness has not yet attained that point of spiritual awakening and re-connecting with their Divine Presence, anything of a higher nature that is shown or taught to them may encounter a great deal of resistance as to its truthfulness. 

The realization of this fact does not mean you should not share your Divine conceived ideas and understanding with others. However, what and how you convey your knowledge should be pursued with great care and discernment. When you realize a situation such as described above, before going into any subject of a spiritual nature, you should first explore the individual's current belief in the Divine or Spiritual; and starting from that point assist them in renewing their spiritual foundation by showing simple and yet very efficacious ways of re-connecting fully with their Divine Self. 

Perhaps one way of accomplishing this task is to first remind your brother or sister of his or her connection with the One Universal Consciousness, for we are all One. Be patient in this process, beloved ones, for it is important that progress is made at their own pace! This conscious recognition of one's own Divine Presence may take some time, because each individual must learn to discern what they see and hear. Always give them time to 'test the waters'. The time will then come when they may modify some of their previous ideas to allow new information to fit in with what they already accept as the truth in their life, or perhaps even transform them altogether. 

Remind them that Spirit is never forceful, but very powerful! Force is qualified energy that has been channeled through human consciousness. On the other hand, power employs a higher authority and Divine authority is always compassionate and loving, ever respecting the principle of free will. 

Remember to educate these individual in the basic principles of protection, purification and transmutation as manifest through the blue and violet flames of the sacred spiritual fire. Offer them many opportunities to work with these flames, but don't overwhelm or frustrate them. As they come to truly cherish and understand the information given, they will come back again and again, to ask additional questions or receive clarification on what they have already been given. 

During the upcoming days, meditate upon what I have brought to your attention and then expand upon it in your daily life as well. May the sacred Peace be with you always, my dearest brothers and sisters!

* * *

Conscious Unity 

There are questions that frequently come to the minds of many individuals just awakening to the higher spiritual energies: Why do I need the assistance of other beings of light? Why can't I accomplish my spiritual development by myself? I say to you: Why would you want to, when you can draw upon the strength, wisdom and life experiences of those who have gone before you, easing the complexities you shall encounter during the process of your spiritual evolution? 

Part of the answer to these questions is born out of the principle of the Oneness of All Life, which also manifests within the qualities of unity and harmony. By observing life, this same principle is found within the tiniest elemental life form to the greatest of the Divine free beings. Electrons combine themselves to create the millions of cells that make up the physical bodies within which your spiritual essence presently abides, out to and including the stars, galaxies, and entire universes as well. 

Unity is conscious, willing cooperation between all involved. It is the blending of unique talents and gifts to create and manifest harmony and perfection in the world of form. As we are here to assist and teach, we must be the example of the principles taught, and so must all of humanity, my beloved co-servers! We remain within the atmosphere of this dear planet to offer our momentum of divine accomplishment.  

Every newborn needs a hand to hold and gather strength from when they start to take their first steps. Then, when they are confident and strong enough, they gratefully release this helping hand, and happily walk forward on their own. That is all the help needed, for deep inside they know no one else can take these steps for them. 

The same happens to every sentient being. Through the quality of unity the beings of Light are always available, stretching forth hands to initiate, counsel, hold, or comfort. However, eventually there comes a point in your evolution when you must reach forth and draw directly from within your own Divine Presence, knowing without any doubt that everything you will ever need already exists within yourself and you truly are an integral part of the One Universal Consciousness, just as is all life. 

During the coming months I ask you to meditate on the concept of Oneness. What is it? How can you more perfectly manifest this within your lower vehicles, your family, your co-servers, your friends, and all humanity? As you ponder these many possibilities and improve your service to life, your awareness will ascend to much higher degrees of understanding as you grow stronger in the divine light of your own being! 

Wherever you may find yourself in your spiritual evolution, service is the decree of your existence; and you need to have a momentum of joyful living stored within your causal body so you can happily serve life! Divine infinite wisdom has always offered you the opportunity to build such a momentum by placing you exactly where you need to be to discover the lessons of life at all times. Be grateful, beloved ones, especially for being alive during this time of great change on planet Earth. Know you are here for a reason and not by chance. With your spiritual knowledge and understanding you have the illumined faith to follow your divine plan as the way is made clear to you, one step at a time. By fulfilling your divine blueprint you are also fulfilling the greater Divine Plan for all that is.


Daily Awareness 

Over time you shall each come to be a caring being of great light and love for this entire planet Earth as the natural result of the continuous purification of your lower vehicles. Your ever increasing understanding concerning the laws of life will also allow you to serve as caretakers of your many brothers and sisters in the Oneness of Life, for those who have not, as yet, fully awakened to their true divine identity. This does not mean, however, that you will take responsibility for another individual's misuse of energy, but through your loving radiation you will demonstrate to them that you understand their challenges and support their every effort to make things right. 

To respect an individual is to revere his or her life force as a sacred flow of energy coming directly from their Divine Presence. Through the qualities of respect and reverence for all life, you may be assured that your fellow traveler's energy is not disrupted by you, either consciously or unconsciously. Rather, it shall constantly move forward toward greater and greater perfection. This is an important point of law, my beloved chelas, and one that must be fully understood and incorporated into your own life not out of fear, but out of love and compassion! 

Another significant point of divine law affirms that each individual must focus their energies upon putting their own households in order, and thus this world would very soon be a much better place! The principle embodied in this statement is that of respect for one's self and others as well, for: How can someone be the example if his or her own temple (their lower vehicles) is not in order? 

Over the course of the coming weeks, I once again request each of you to meditate upon your everyday activities, in this way daily reviewing your own personal book of life. 

Find within it those situations in which you have felt threatened, afraid or even angry for some reason; perhaps because you thought you were losing control of something in your life or your particular way of thinking was being challenged... 

This review will assist you in piercing through the Veil of Maya and further reaching some of those last vestiges of the cause and core of your discomfort and distress, thus offering to you once again the opportunity to blaze the Violet Fire in, through and around each and every part of yourself in need of additional purification and transformation. 

Beloved ones, I realize that an exercise such as this is not always an easy thing to put yourselves through. However, by participating in this very personal work, you will find within yourself not only your weaknesses but your many strengths and gifts you have to share with others as well. I trust you will always choose to do what is best for you and those around you on your forward journey toward further enlightenment and spiritual freedom.


Energy’s Balance 

Beloved shining spirits of love and light, 

During these last few months of this year take some time to further re-activate the creative faculties of your being in the world of form and understand the deeper meaning of your existence on planet Earth, especially concerning your relationship with the beloved Elemental Kingdom.  You may continue with this work as you now perform a series of two exercises - one of descending energy and one of ascending energy. 

First, quiet your mind and body. Completely let go of all the cares of the day, especially during this sometimes upcoming hectic holiday seasons. After enfolding yourself within a mantle of Blue Flame and charging your lower vehicles with the Violet Fire of Transmutation, take some time to become fully aware of your breathing. Focus your attention upon its rhythm. Consciously choose to increase the pattern of each inbreath and outbreath. Now allow your breathing pattern to gently and easily slow down until you find the point of perfect peace within your being. Maintaining this sacred rhythm become aware of your seven chakras: your Crown… the Third Eye… the Throat… Heart… Solar Plexus… the Chakra in the center of your abdomen… and the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. Pause for a few moments until you can see them clearly, each as a revolving wheel of sparkling light, but perfectly in harmony with one another. 

Visualize the pure energy offered to you by the Divine Presence as this liquid light substance descends into the chalice of your consciousness. It is always available for your use in your daily life, service and evolution if you but remember to use it. See it gently entering your crown chakra, re-energizing and expanding your inner vision, allowing you to see and perceive energy as it truly is, unveiled from any and all illusion. This wonderful gift permits you to have a much higher level of spiritual discernment and fuller understanding of life. 

As this pure energy continues its descent down your silver cord, it slowly filters throughout every chakra of your body. You now feel greater trust in the fact that at your every call for assistance, the One Universal Consciousness sends you healing, comfort, peace, transmutation, protection and whatever you require to soothe your emotions, calm your mind, heal your memories, and manifest perfection in your physical body. 

With this realization and acceptance deeply anchored in your consciousness, you can now easily let go of all not of the light - releasing any and all blockages of energy existing in, through, and around your being. The result of working with this exercise shall be that a higher energy will emanate from your chakras flowing happily and freely throughout your lower bodies assisting you to come to the point where you will feel complete and fulfilled beyond description! 

Then, as you begin to feel happier and more balanced, you will be able to offer more of the many blessings to the Earth and all her evolutions. Beloved ones take some time now to share with the world what you have just received. Send this blessing into the heartcenter of the Earth, and see this beloved universe joyfully accepting this energy and offering it to all life... 

Keep on keeping on, beloved ones! Practice this exercise often and continue to use your spiritual knowledge for the greatest good of all life. Combining your knowledge from the higher realms with exercises such as this one, your mastery is assured!

* * *

Be Still 

Throughout the course of this year, you have deepened your understanding and applications of many divine principles and activities, as you put them into use in your daily lives and helped others by sharing your knowledge as well. Visualization and meditation are two of the most useful divine tools, for they permit you to tap into your blue print, your divine pattern of existence, and consciously bring it to fruition in the physical plane of this Earth. They also allow you to draw from your Causal Body all the good stored therein to assist your lifestream by precipitating peace and harmony in your world and in the world around you. 

Become still, beloved ones, and travel in consciousness to the Great Silence, that sacred place where the Great I AM Presence conceived, energized, magnetized and projected forth into the heart of a White Fire Being your beautiful divine pattern of existence in this universe. Experience now, perhaps for the very first time, the fullness of this ancient ritual, as the angels and elementals stand within the aura of your divine essence, charging you with their gifts of power, wisdom, love, purity, truth, peace, freedom, unity, balance, compassion, clarity and transfiguration. It was during this ceremony that you were bestowed with the same ability to create, to precipitate Divine good at will, provided your lower vehicles are purified, unified and aligned with your higher bodies, truly united with the One Universal Consciousness of Life. 

Beloved chelas, during the coming weeks take time often to still yourself within a mantle of protection and transmutation, and then place your undivided attention upon the divine pattern of perfection anchored within the heart of your I AM Presence... Consciously draw from it, the twelve-fold aspect of deity, fully breathing them into your heart center, then absorbing and expanding these qualities throughout your lower vehicles. 

Finally, project these various aspects of divinity forth to bless and raise all life. I would like to caution you: approach this process with patience and serenity. Give yourself plenty of time with this task, for each divine quality must filter through your entire being perfectly so the fullness of its gift may be received by you and used on the physical plane of Earth. 

May your heart always remain pure, allowing you to see the absolute beauty and perfection of your own Light being and those of all your sisters and brothers upon this earth plane!







December 2010