Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2011  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


A Radiant Iridescent Circle of Light... representing the Perfect Unity of the combined service of Higher Beings and humankind from within the Circle of Infinite Love. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the wisdom and patience of Love! (3x) 

*The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Pathway to Shamballa


With integrity and humility and as a seeker of the Truth, I now desire to know myself…


It shall then be through selflessness, sacrifice and service that I will let go and allow the divine process to help me find true freedom.


However, first I must be patient, and through transmutation and release, move ever forward, until with gratitude for answered prayers, I can trust and simply be. 


* * *


Relax into the diamond heart of your own perfection and place your attention upon God’s Perfection. The Will of God is divine order in all things; divine love expressed through all life; divine unity with the eternal source of all life – the One God – from whence we came.

El Morya 


* * *  


In the name of the beloved One Universal Consciousness, I AM that I AM, within our minds and hearts, and in the minds and hearts of all humanity, we now relinquish our will and accept God’s Will in all aspects of our lives. Together, we acknowledge the invincible power of Divine Will in action in our world as we fully surrender our self to the perfection of our Higher Self. We concentrate and consecrate the full power of our being at all levels of consciousness to the advancement of all life in the Universe.


I AM that I AM and I AM Divine Will in action here!

I AM that I AM and I AM Divine Love in action here!

I AM that I AM and I AM Divine Wisdom in action here!

I AM that I AM and I AM the Divine Plan manifesting perfectly! 

Right here, right now, constantly expanding and forever sustained… 

So be it beloved I AM that I AM.


* * *  


Oh mighty Presence of God I AM, in and behind the Sun beyond the Sun, beyond the Sun, I welcome thy Light which floods all the earth. Into my life! Into my mind! Into my spirit! Into my soul! Radiate and blaze forth thy Light. Break the bonds of darkness and superstition. Charge me with the clarity and purity of thy white-fire radiance. I AM that I AM and each day I shall become more of thy Divine Manifestation.


* * *


Circle of Infinite Love 

I come to speak on the Wisdom of Love, the Circle of Infinite Love. The Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, its history, its present service and its future destiny, exists only to prove the Wisdom of Love. In an Infinite stream of service to the planet, the Ascended Masters of Cosmic Love and Wisdom, who make up the Great White Brotherhood, continually apply the greatest understanding in Loving this planet Free, guiding, guarding and directing humanity away from the self destruction of the human consciousness to the immortality of Divine Perfection within I AM Consciousness.

At the opening of this New Year cycle there is a tremendous opportunity for the evolved human members to learn the ways of the Divine, in service to this planet. In the past years of Compassionate Love, there was a tremendous reawakening of an Inner drive within much of humanity to serve the planet more selflessly, more impersonally, but the application, direction and organization of such awakening desire is proving a difficult challenge for even the best of the humankind.  

For Divine Success, either individually or in groups, it requires organization of the effort on the Inner planes. Therefore, it requires Divine Knowledge: of the cause and core of the problems of humanity as well as the present awakening of Compassion within humankind; of a working understanding of the Inner planes; of Karmic Law; and of forcefields (negative and positive). In short, it requires knowing, understanding and living the Great Cosmic Law of Wisdom. 

It is the service at the Royal Tetons to teach humanity this great Law and to reveal the collective Wisdom evolved through countless ages of Infinite Service to this Great Law, in setting this planet Free. Specifically, we reveal a complete overview of all the unseen forces in action for a given area of humankind’s development and then formulate plans as how to best assist humanity in balancing these energies, for the forward progress of the planet.   

The Wisdom evolved within the Great White Brotherhood is summed up in the symbol of the Circle of Infinite Love. 

We are now at a time when the Earth needs to be raised out of the self destructive pattern of the human consciousness. It requires abundant Love to maintain the Perfect Unity in Consecrated Service. It is only through Love that true Unity within the three dimensional world of form is maintained.  

For Divine Love is the one immense Energy that overwhelms any lesser force that might raise the illusion of separation or division... revealing itself as the Love of the One Universal Consciousness, in Unity with the divine all, in service to all members of this kingdom. Every Higher Being of Light is an authority of Love and an expert of the great Cosmic Law, with the Understanding to appreciate all the forces in action in a given area of endeavor and thus the patience (for Patience is Love, impatience is fear.) to do only the right and perfect thing every time, all the time.    

It is our hope to set this great plan of the earth into action in humanity, to teach the awakened souls the collective Wisdom of the Great White Brotherhood in service to the planet. Divine Will is now evident within humankind in sufficient intensity. Now must come the Understanding and Inner organization of this Divine Will. It is the great plan of the earth, held in the Heart of the Divine that the Great White Brotherhood find from amongst humanity, souls who will govern and direct this planet from within the Wisdom of the Great Cosmic Law. It is towards this end that the Circle of Infinite Love directs its efforts. And I cordially invite all chelas to do likewise... To Know, To Dare, To Do and To Be Silent! their ever expanding Infinite Love for this planet!  

This year there shall be available to you many Forums and each shall have a Divine purpose and plan unto itself. Within each a great Being of the Spiritual Hierarchy will draw into their Forcefield those awakened souls now serving the planet in any given area of endeavor for the planet. For example, First Ray Beings will be present with those souls who could potentially become or influence governmental leaders and administrators; Second Ray Beings will draw unto themselves those souls who desire to eliminate ignorance, poverty and hunger; Fifth Ray Beings and others will attract those who desire the elimination of disease and distress in the bodies of humanity; and continuing through all the Rays and all the endeavors of humanities' progress.   

Many great Beings are in embodiment but lack in the outer mind the acceptance of the Wisdom that shall be clearly revealed to them. The Great Law shall be taught in a direct, simple, straight-forward manner, removing it from the shelves of the 'occult' to the immediate 'Here and Now' of the great endeavors afoot in forwarding the planet. The Inner Reality of the Great Law, of the perpetual Light that is Eternally Victorious and of our Presence will be overwhelmingly 'real' to the souls drawn to this focus, just as it was for many others over the years. With the assistance of the Karmic Board, a Divine Remembrance will be established in each one. Then this Inner Reality will be translated into outer plans, through understanding the Great Cosmic Law of Life in Action, in the 'awake' consciousness.  

This is the point where the chelas are of great benefit, for the souls attracted on the Inner to the vortices require all the assistance possible in accepting that the Law can be known and lived outside of this sanctuary. Your value to the Great White Brotherhood is forming a Bridge of acceptance to the outer awareness of these awakening souls, both while sojourning in the Temple in "projected" consciousness as well as in the outer world in the "awake" consciousness.   

Such teaching goes on ceaselessly in many Temples of the Great White Brotherhood (the Halls of Science, the Etheric Cities of St. John, the Temples of the Golden Robe, the Temple of Divine Government, etc.) but there are two important aspects to bring to your attention at the opening of this Yearly Cycle. Firstly, the Karmic Board was convened for the dispensation of Cosmic Grants and will be probing the ability of these awakened souls to accept that aspect of the Great Cosmic Law which oversees their area of interest and as well, the chelas' ability to assist in constructing a Bridge to the outer mind and conscious acceptance of these awakened souls. Secondly, the chelas will be presented with an opportunity to work closely with the Great White Brotherhood, that they may KNOW and LIVE the Reality of the Circle of Infinite Love, preparing themselves to perfect the chelas’ Circle of Infinite Love... the Group Avatar. Just as the Higher Beings and Ascended Masters form the collective Body and Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the chelas form the collective Body and Spirit of the Group Avatar. And the Great Plan reveals the two becoming ONE, one Circle of Infinite Love. It is time to Know this, to Dare this, to Do this and to remain in the Silence of Love.  

In your group endeavors visualize and feel the chelas’ Circle of Infinite Love. See this circle as your own Arisen Christ, your immediate sanctuary group and, as well, the world-wide family of chelas, known and unknown to you. See it melding as One with the whole Circle of Infinite Love. Prove your developing capacity to Love as a collective Unity, unconditionally and ceaselessly, Prepare for opportunities to bridge the gap to the outer consciousness of the Great White Brotherhood... to Know, to Dare, to Do and to be Silent!  

Individually in your private meditations connect with the Circle of Infinite Love. Even if you cannot yet generate Unconditional Love at all times, you know the Divine can and does and this will be proven through you as you unite with this Circle of Infinite Love.  

The Energy will flow from the Universe to you, out through the world and back to the Divine; allowing all to see you can remain in the One vibration of Love, the Divine's outpouring of Service to this planet. Prove the Circle of Infinite Love between you, the I AM Consciousness and the world. Consciously apply through your I AM Presence to assist in any possible way in bridging the gap to the outer acceptance of the awakened souls... and then LET GO and LET GOD!  

It is important that the chelas serve with the greatest possible Reverence. I encourage each chela to personally recommit their Faith, their Love and their Reverence to the Great Cosmic Wisdom, Cosmic Love and Cosmic Power; the Masters of the Great Cosmic Law, who form this Perfect Circle of Infinite Love which sustains the planet.  

During this annual Cycle, each of you in this Circle of Light will be enveloped by the consciousness of the Wisdom of the Great Cosmic Law, drawing each of you up into the Buddhic nature of your own I AM Presence. But your use of such a gift shall be observed, as I AM bound to do in the accounting of these Energies.  

All are invited to join in perpetual service with the Great White Brotherhood, within the Circle of Infinite Love… in Great Reverence to all lifestreams... I AM that I AM!




See Love in all things.

Be silent till Stillness speaks.

Give thanks for what is. 

Paul Darwish                



Great lessons may be learned from the Forces of the Elementals by the chela who is wise enough to consider them self ONE with all life. Contemplate these words of Wisdom and reap your harvest, as does Nature through obedience to Divine Will.



In tranquility...

Some of Nature's envoys, like the rain, or hail with pellets round,

And thunder, their accompaniment... reveal themselves with sound,

But the soft, still snow that gently heaps in magic drift and mound

Spreads its whiteness quietly in silence, o'er the ground.

The morning sun finds stones and ruts with glistening turbans wound.

So, silently, Truth comes to dwell where deepest needs abound

In quiet moments has the soul transforming power found.



Dearly beloved Presence of God, I AM that I AM, to you – who through your great love, created all that exists in this universe – to us who serve you each day, we are grateful for your constant outpouring of Love and Light. We welcome your blessings of each and every kind. We ask that you hold them sustained in, through and around us and pour them through us for the blessing and raising of all life on our dear planet earth. As we now stand cleansed of body, mind, soul and spirit, may you forever weave the pristine substance of your living loving Presence in, through and around us and our worlds. 

May the dreams, visions, ideas and plans for increasing humanity’s goodness be manifest and recorded at the end of this new year as deeds well done as the ephemeral substance of the inner realms clothe all the elements of this physical appearance world and stand forth as perfect examples that will continue to bless and raise the entire human race. 

And now, may the benediction and blessing of the Most High Living God and the peace which does surpass the understanding of the human mind be with us always to protect and guide us on our spiritual paths toward enlightenment and freedom. This shall be for we have spoken as God’s Most Holy Name. 

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM. 


* * *


March 2011