Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2011

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


With all the force of my lifestream I offer one-pointed concentration and consecration, toward the assimilation and expansion of Light within every cell and feeling of all sentient life on this planet.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...constantly flowing stream of the Divine in the essence of my being! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *   

Everyone carries with them at least one and probably many pieces to someone else’s puzzle. Sometimes they know it. Sometimes they don’t. And when you present your piece… to another, whether you know it or not, whether they know it or not, you are a messenger from the Most High.”

~ Rabbi Lawrence Kushner 


* * *   

Centering Your Consciousness 

A primary factor in the study of the evolution of humankind and the mastery to be attained by each lifestream lies in a clear presentation of the central or focal point of the individual consciousness. 

The human consciousness, you have been told, is a conglomerate mass of thought and feeling and represents in essence a great cloud held together by a magnetic force within the center of that mass of moving energy. The heart center represents the intelligent discerning and feeling point of consciousness and the area from the center to the circumference is the aura of radiation of that heart center of the individual's outer personality. 

In studying the four lower bodies as the contributing factors to the consciousness and as the "qualifiers" of lots of Divine Energy, we see that the central point of consciousness is in constant motion, functioning in one or more of the four lower bodies and is like a basketball tossed by the players in the course of the game.  

The individual thus functions from the heart of the emotional body, or the mental, or the etheric, or the physical, moving like the pendulum of a clock from one to the other, according to the particular experience and pressure and the wile of the body which tries to secure for the moment the prize. 

The body which secures the center of consciousness is highly energized during the time when that focus is within it, and, therefore, the lower bodies seek and compete with each other to secure the center of the individual consciousness through fair or other means.  

This is a completely disastrous condition for the progress of the lifestream, because an individual whose central balance is constantly shifted to the authority of their lower bodies is a prey to their emotional outbreaks, their etheric memories, etc. 

The Grail provided for the focus of each lifestream's consciousness is within the heart and when the individual attains mastery they hold their consciousness within the Three-fold Flame in their heart where perfect balance rules all outer activities and where the Light Ray from the Presence forms a direct line of communication, inspiration and direction, which is much more easily received from the Secret Place of the Most High.  

If, however, any set of circumstances can throw the consciousness to the mercy of the emotional, mental, etheric or physical bodies, the direct communication between the soul and the Spirit is interrupted. 

You have read, perhaps, and seen in pictures how a boat in distress will be circled either by a plane or a rescuing vessel, but the turbulent sea between would not allow the life line or the connecting link to unite the two. It is in the same manner that the Higher Self, during the times of emergency, has to throw this line of force into the battling sea of the lower bodies, hoping to catch the consciousness in its rapid progress from one to the other. 

Many people are completely at the mercy of the lower bodies and find themselves functioning in an emotional frenzy or a mental battle, completely unaware that they have slipped from their moorings. 

Your four lower bodies are like four rooms through which your consciousness reaches into the physical appearance world for certain defined effects. 

Through the emotional body it should absorb qualities and feelings of the Presence and radiate them; thus through the mental body the consciousness absorbs knowledge, receives instruction from the Presence gives it forth; the etheric body should be a storehouse of all the Divine memories of the past and should be used as a reservoir; and the physical body should be a vessel through which contact could be made with the Three Dimensional Plane. 

All these bodies, however, should be Open Doors, through which the consciousness works, maintaining its anchorage always within the constantly flowing stream of energy in the heart. 

You will find upon contemplation and observing yourselves how illusive is the center of consciousness and how quickly it slips from one to the other of your bodies before you are even conscious of it. The purpose of stilling one's self is manifold, but one particular activity is to draw the consciousness back into the Secret Chamber of the heart and then to function from within the Light Ray at all times.  

Even the mental contemplation of this gives you a feeling of poise, mastery and detachment. You will always have a direct line of communication from Higher Realms and you will only release energy kindly because from the Fountain of the Sacred Water of Life within your heart there can be only kind emanation. 

It is only when the heart center of consciousness energizes one or more of the lower bodies that they seize upon the Creative Principle and send forth unconstructive and imperfect energies. 

If these lower bodies cannot get the heart center of your consciousness they have no independent authority and they know this. Here you have one of the most powerful ways to mastery if you will contemplate it. 

All the accumulation in your four lower bodies could not act and could be purified and consumed without struggle, if the center of the intelligent consciousness of the outer self could be hidden in the heart of the Presence and not allowed to be coaxed forth by any external tying into the caprices of any one of the four lower bodies. 

Being directly concerned with drawing the Consciousness into the Threefold Flame in your heart, you will find your bodies straight, your sense of struggle greatly diminished and you will have an alert, calm poise that should amaze you in your forward progress. 



Lamp of Truth

I come to you today bringing you the Lamp of Truth. Truth is always simple. It has been embroidered through the centuries, but time and again some core aspect, which is Truth, comes to the fore. Individuals grasping onto this part have carried it through the centuries, bringing forth the Truth. To have Truth you must have understanding, acceptance and wisdom.  

I am confident that all the blessed chelas have had their consciousness so raised over the years that they will be able to accept the Truth. It is the Edict of the Cosmic Law that Truth shall be accepted by all humanity of this Earth, brought forth by the Light Bearers, serving in a dedicated manner through their very demeanor, their radiation and their articulated expression. Hold the Lamp of Truth within your hands. Fill it daily with the Oil of Love Divine and you shall find the way through any darkness that may appear on this planet.  

As you remain in I AM Consciousness you need have no fear because, like your brothers and sisters who have evolved to a higher state, you can see and assist those who need your help. But do not permit anything of a negative nature to enter your consciousness - for, looking upon any situation, see only the Perfection of I AM. How many times have you been reminded I AM is ALL there is! 

I wish to impress upon you the statement "I AM that I AM". With constant repetition in your feeling world you will BE that expression. Be ever so careful how you use I AM. Whenever a statement is made which is prefaced by I AM… I AM goes out and makes an imprint upon all Light. We want this planet Earth to be the Perfection which she is destined to become - a Planet of Love Divine. The more you can think I AM, the more quickly shall that Perfection manifest. Think now for a moment... go deeply within your beings and feel the pressure of I AM... the Truth I AM... the Truth I AM infiltrating your very Beings. 

Much has been accomplished leading up to this expression. Look upon the taper which you carry ...which you place on the Altar of Love. Feel that Light, the Flame within, burning as a mighty candle. Allow the candle to be a Light which shall be alive for all Eternity… I AM Light! I AM Light! I AM Light! Throughout the Universe shall that radiance flow and the Celestial Host will amplify every feeling of Light which is Love for your fellow cells, no matter in what form I AM manifests divinely. 

I wish you to know that Truth shall manifest. Truth is and has always been and shall ever be. Expand, Expand and Expand Truth in the hearts of all Life, no matter whether it is in a child, in a flower or an adult. Truth is always present and Truth is eventually a comforting feeling, part of the activity of the Holy Spirit... the Holy Spirit which each of you shall become as you follow your loving direction. Know always there is someone in the Heavenly Realms to assist you... sending forth the radiation of Love Divine for a fellow traveler who has not quite reached the peak of their present potential. 

I wish you to know that every communication that comes forth wears a cloak, a gentle cloak of soft pink and know there is a pink essence of Divine Love flowing from the Earth at this very moment.

I AM that I AM


* * *  


There is only one antidote for illusion, and that is Light! There is a great deal of the Divine Law in that one simple phrase. Often the world is caught in the confusion and chaos of illusion. It is like a subtle illness; but if the patient is unaware of the ailment, they strain at all they do and they cannot do it well. And, if one is unaware of the disorder, one does not ask for the remedy. 

It is part of the endeavors of the Higher Beings of Light to work with humanity to "demystify" illusion. Illusion is basically lack of Light, like other disorders that lack a certain nutrient. Just as death itself can be caused by lack of breath or air in the environment, illusion is caused by lack of Light. 

Therefore the answer for the removal of illusion (and protection from illusion) is very simple ¾ expand the Light! Truth has always been that simple; more Light from the I AM; the Source of All Light. 

There is an ancient Law which states; "What you think and feel you bring into form." Because of the lack of Light and the film of illusion covering the Inner Sight often one cannot reason clearly. One's feelings perpetually run into negative forces, thus creating greater and greater effects of chaos, confusion and more illusion. If one consciously replaces imperfect thoughtforms with pure thoughtforms more Light will be generated in the awareness and your feelings will fill with positive, constructive Divine qualities. And when enough of humanity perceives and feels this way, the establishment of an enduring Golden Age will be the final outcome. 

So I AM here to join with you in the anchorage and expansion of the perfect Thoughtforms, which contains within it a thousand, thousand forces of the Spiritual Hierarchy in one simple, clear Light filled idea. With just one purified and raised group of chelas, we can charge into the physical, etheric, mental and emotional planes of the planet Earth this perfect Thoughtform; and through one-pointed concentration of the Christ and radiate into that Thoughtform all the Feelings of the Divine. 

All the force of your lifestream offer this one-pointed concentration and consecration, toward the removal of illusion through the assimilation and expansion of Light in your minds and feelings. You are masters in development of thought and feeling and now is the opportunity for commencement. 

You are the champions of Truth standing up to the forces of illusion, holding them at bay and slowly dissolving them with the Forces of Light.  

So many supporters of the Spiritual Hierarchy offer you their momentums of Sacred Fire, which when planted in your souls, give off the Light; each Sacred Fire a different Radiance, but all of the same Light of the Central Source I AM, protecting your evolving souls from illusion. 


* * *



I would like to impress upon you a few points regarding Sound, which is ever present throughout the Universe. It is important that the chelas thoroughly understand the statements which are presented to them from time to time. When these facets of the Spiritual Law have been brought to the fore, you have listened to them, or read the words, and temporarily they have registered on your consciousness... and truly, the effect has been honorable. 

It is now requisite that what was a spasmodic imprint on your consciousness should become permanent. You know that every part of life emits a tone and the result of that radiation adds or detracts from the harmony of existence. Every word that you speak, every thought, and every action sets into motion either harmony or discord, and it is imperative that you understand now that as your consciousness expands and your radiation increases, your individual tone is making a greater impact on all life.  

It is important that you tune your outer garments as a protection for what the Christus must wear in order to function on the physical plane. At this time people listen to the music of the period, and while that harmony is perfecting life, conversely the radiation flowing from many beings is at times chaotic and inharmonious. 

At every moment the earth is sending forth a tone created by all life thereon, measurable and immeasurable. With sufficient chelas aware of their responsibility to be radiating centers of Harmony, at all times, the vibratory action of the earth can become a celestial tone of boundless beauty, adding to the splendor of the Music of the Spheres, and your purified energy can balance the scales of radiation. 

This small planet has a most important function in the Cosmic momentum of the hour. You must realize that as the radiation is sent to you at all times, the crown of Light which you wear can feed not only your own vehicles, but serve as dispensers of the energy required as you become more aware of, and responsible for, your own individual function. 

Realize, feel, your service is to create Perfection through the Light entering your being at all times, for your qualification of that energy affects the overall plan. The sounds emitted from your vehicles must strike an overall tone of harmony. 

Knowing that each of us has a service to perform, tune up the chords of your being as your consciousness lifts into true harmony with the Universe. The forward progress of this planet can and will strike a higher note than has been possible since the descent of humanity, and the lowering of the consciousness. 

I appeal to you to enter into the Sacred Chamber of your being, the well within, and help the tone of earth to lift from the unreal into the real, from discord into harmony. Raise and accelerate the planet into the manifestation of her destined function in the Harmony of Creation.



* * *


July 2011