Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2011  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Surrounded by the Cosmic Momentum of the Flame of Unity I AM Alive, Alert, Awake and Active, within my mind, body, feeling world and affairs and I accept the Mystic Union of my consciousness with that of the One Universal Consciousness.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the Great Silence, the harmonizing vibration of the One within the Essence of the Holy Breath! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Be Light in the dark.

Be Peace amidst the chaos.

Be Whole for all parts...   

~ Paul Darwish


 * * *


True Unity 

Much of humanity have accepted themselves as the personality which they wear in the embodiment they are experiencing at this moment and for them the weaknesses and habits of the personality are as much a part of the natural course of their life experience as the petals are of the rose. When a lifestream is awakening to the higher consciousness than he or she must lay aside the qualities that are unconstructive to life and more consciously become a harmonious expression of Divine energy. At this point there immediately ensues a sense of struggle, self-abnegation and self-discipline that goes on through numerous embodiments and which expresses as the amends and self-inflicted retributions that have been practiced in the places of worship and by the people in the suffering of their bodies and the denials of the flesh.  

I would like to express to you the Truth, which will enable the discerning individual to express his or her inherent Divinity in the natural manner which life intends. Only Unity is eternal and only Oneness is Truth. The aspirant must not dignify nor recognize the personal self as an adversary to be overcome because in so doing they give erroneous recognition to a power which uses the shadow-self, and which then, by the very life of the aspirant released through this power, lives to afflict you with distress. 

There are many unascended being who are thoroughly convinced of their identity as an ego apart from the fullness of the One Universal Consciousness, whose rights and whose attributes must be affirmed and protected by self-conscious effort. The constant struggle to maintain a separate identity rather than allowing the little self to flow gently into the one universal whole is unnatural and is the cause of much stress, nervous tension, emotional distress and unrest. It is the same as if one wave of the sea refused to merge and become part of the ocean. This uneven and unnatural struggle will soon exhaust our energy, which would be drawn by the power of the great ocean back into its natural one-ness with the sea.  

Chelas may think of the Divine as a Being apart from themselves and remain in a constant struggle with this separate entity created by its own belief. But know and remember that the Ascended Host of Light are part of the Universal Whole and from the Bosom of the Central Essence pour forth Light to all sentient beings of  expressions in the universe.  

An honest individual will realize with a little introspection that their entire life can be devoted to the maintenance of this separate ego or they can effortlessly flow forth within the One Universal Consciousness of all.




Each moment a door, every experience an invitation... to the One.




Inner Stillness

At this time, I would like to explore with you some of the initiations you have been experiencing. The term "initiation" is often used to describe a rite or ritual which signifies a new beginning. It can also refer to the beginning, itself. Thus, your ongoing application in seeking the Silence represents a very significant initiation upon your Path to Enlightenment. 

There are two basic forms of initiation for the chela on the Spiritual Path. One form is visible, and involves methods of dealing with the outer appearance of situations and people in your life. The other type is invisible, and deals more explicitly with your internal experiences… the aspect of you that is mostly unseen by other people. It is this second form of initiation with which most of you are presently occupied. 

You have walked steadily forward in your dealings with the outer appearance of challenges in your life situations, and your progress is excellent. I caution you not to trip over the inner lessons, for they deal with whatever remains of your individual stumbling blocks. These stumbling blocks have often been called 'the dweller on the threshold'. 

It is no longer possible for these impediments to be ignored, but how shall you deal with them? You will face them in the silence, and on your own. Although you will always receive assistance from the many Beings of Light through your I AM Presence, you need to move through this initiation minus the advice and opinions from family, friends, or would-be mentors. 

At this point on the Spiritual Path, to collect the opinions of others will only serve to confuse you. Such opinions will also pull your attention away from your inner focus and place it upon outer circumstances. This will not benefit you in prevailing over your obstacles.



* * *


Deepening Quietude 

As you move further into the Silence, availing yourselves of the full Light of Divine Mind, you will come to see how the two types of initiation are irrevocably intertwined. As you become ablefrom within your Cloak of Quietudeto keep your vision steadfastly upon the Heart of the Great Silence, you will come to understand that all visible initiations are simply the outer manifestations of your inner initiations. As you become strong enough to remain centered within your Immortal Threefold Flame at all times, all outer conditions will automatically align themselves with the Divine Will which you express. 

The principal step in this time of transition for the Earth is the purification and balancing of the four lower vehicles of the chelas, themselves. Only through this preparation, and the understanding that is gained through experiencing this process, may right leader­ship be established for those of humanity who are awakening from the slumber of centuries. 

This is why your time in the Silence is so important. This is why the Silence has been described as "both the first and the last step on the Path." 

Over the past several years, each of you has made considerable progress in this process of purification and balance. Now it is time to unify the energies of your lower vehicles into one cohesive vehicle within. To do this, you will avail yourselves of the increased radiation which is available to you always. 

Invoke the full Cosmic Momentum of the Flame of Unity to blaze in, through and around you. Be I AM Alive, Alert, Awake and Active, in your mind, body, feeling world and affairs, and accept the “Mystic Union” of your consciousness with that of the One Universal Consciousness.

As you enter the stillness, begin to perceive the activity of the Flame of Unity within your physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicles. As this Flame fills and enfolds your lower bodies, feel the purified essence of these vehicles begin to unite, blending with each other into one cohesive vibration of Universal Consciousness. Within the Flame of Unity, as you contemplate the Oneness, begin to realize the Truth. Become conscious of your Inner Essence as your own True Self. As you do this, the Humility of Universal Consciousness will begin to fill your Being, for Humility is the consciousness of Unity. Feel this Humility begin to express itself as Gratitude for the gift of Life. 

When you feel that it is time, return in consciousness to your physical location and turn to your Spiritual Journal. Attempt to express the Truth of your unity with the One Universal Consciousness, and with all life. Begin, if you wish, by describing the Truth of each of your lower vehicles, in their purified state and the various ways that each vehicle is able to express this in the world of form! 

If you find that you are having difficulty with this portion of your charge, do not hesitate to ask for help from your Inner Essence.  

As you accept the initiations being offered you by the Presence of the One Universal Consciousness I AM, know that I AM ever at your side, enfolding you in the Love of the One Heart! Bless you, dear ones.

I AM that I AM


* * *


Infinite Silence

I AM so very grateful for your Presence in the world of form! During this time each of you have worked to the best of your ability, practicing disciplines which are among the most important you shall encounter on your spiritual path. 

You may not have considered the fact that seeking the Silence is a very real service to all life upon the planet. This is not a selfish endeavor. Every Great Being of Light has had to make the same journey you are making now - learning the same lessons of mastery, determination and inner faith… before he or she could be capable of radiating the Divine Light at cosmic levels. The journey to the Silence… made on a consistent basis, serves to remove from the lifestream any sense of personal ego or self-aggrandizement in the work to be done. As you learn to put aside the world of form and immerse yourself, however briefly, in the full Light of Divine Mind… then and only then is achieved the "Mystic Union", spoken of through the ages by the great Keepers of the Mysteries. 

The task now before you is to broaden your consciousness of the Silence, so that the True Self may hold full influence in your every thought, feeling, spoken word and action. 

You have been engaged in a learning process which was designed with several goals in mind. The first goal was to create within you, a consciousness of the Silence. The tools used to accomplish this goal included the practice of mastery over your lower vehicles to attain simple stillness, as well as the initiation of a personal rhythm of seeking the Silence, practiced with constancy. 

The second goal was to create within your life experience, a momentum of Light over which you could make the journey into the Silence at will. To build this pathway, we used the mighty Flames of Transmutation and Unity, to purify the energies of the lower vehicles and fashion them into a proper Chalice of Consciousness, whose vibrational level is sufficient to bear the gifts and responsibilities of the One Universal Consciousness. As you became aware of the true nature of the Holy Breath, many of you were able to perceive the Light of your Presence in its fullness, and to indeed become that Light… even if for only briefly periods of time. 

In your continued learning, these goals remain. The process now becomes one of expansion; that is, you shall endeavor to expand the gifts of the Silence into all phases of your life expression in the world of form. In order to do this, it is important that you continue to seek the Silence daily at various appointed times and to use your Spiritual Journal to anchor the gifts of the Silence into your life experience. 

As you continue on to the next phase of your preparation, you shall begin to free your consciousness from all limiting ideas regarding the pathway to the Silence. Although you are encouraged to maintain the practices which you have begun, I want you to realize that it is possible for you to enter the Silence at any time, in any place, and under any conditions of the moment. 

Initiate this awareness through action. During the upcoming days, your assignment is to enter the Silence - through use of the Holy Breath ¾ at a moment when it seems to your outer consciousness to be most inconvenient and impossible to do so. It is preferable that you choose a moment when you seem to be in the midst of chaos and confusion. When the moment is right, simply divert your attention from the outer illusion, and place it upon the Great Silence within. Without any overt action on your part which would draw the attention of another lifestream, become aware of your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, and become conscious of the nourishment which you are receiving from the Presence of I AM. Become aware that, through the Holy Breath, you shall receive a bountiful radiation of any Divine Attribute which the situation demands. 

At present, do not concern yourself with directing the Light outside your own aura, unless you feel sufficiently centered to do so. The most important thing is that you become accustomed to entering the Silence in situations which are less protected and ideal than you would normally select for yourself. 

In silent respect to the Divine Essence within your heart, you are always enfolded within Divine Love… Namaste!


* * * 

River of Peace

It has been said that humility is the birthplace of gratitude. A tremendous grati­tude is born this day, for I AM humbled as I contemplate your strength and resilience, as you strive to master your lower vehicles and reach toward the Eternal Light! You have made great progress, as you transmuted the clamor of your lower bodies and completed your earthly assignments. Feel for just a moment, the joy of accomplishment, as you proceed upon your journey!

Many of you have been discovering within yourselves, that river of peace which flows within the heart of absolute stillness. As the point of perfect stillness is reached, this river of peace flows forth to envelop you, washing away the cares and concerns which sometimes direct the lower vehicles. This refreshment of spirit is a blessing from the Inner Consciousness to fill the uplifted Chalice of the earnest chela. 

Following the successful attainment of stillness, you have found that you re-enter the world of form with renewed joy and enthusiasm for the work to be done. You have begun to recognize the presence of the Cloak of Quietude and you have begun to acknowledge and feel grateful for this gift of Silence which remains with you throughout the day. 

Some of you have become more aware of the journeys that you make during your sleeping hours. You have begun to remember more of your experiences in the temples and facilities of the Octaves of Light, even though these experiences are oftentimes cloaked in symbolism which is not always easily deciphered. Be assured that the meaning of these symbols will become clear to you as you progress. It will be helpful if you take the time to write down these "dreams" upon awakening, in much the same way as you may be recording your experiences with the stillness each day. This record of your experiences with the Octaves of Light may become ever more valuable to you, as you proceed on your journey within.  

During the coming weeks, seek the stillness at the same time each day. You will find, however, that the amount of time required will expand past the initial few minutes you have practiced previously, for you will now begin to progress deeper within the Silence. 

As you enter the Great Silence, the flower of your consciousness will begin to bloom in earnest, as the Eternal Light of the Divine warms and nourishes the seeds which were planted so long ago by your Inner Essence. During your times in the stillness, allow yourself to open to the perception of the Divine Light, as it flows from the Heart of your Presence into the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. 

I AM with you, beloved chelas, and I AM love!


* * *  


December 2011