Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2011  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Centered within the Flame of the One Universal Consciousness I AM inbreathing deeply, as I visualize pure Light entering through my crown chakra and expanding throughout my entire body and essence.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...pure Divine Light qualified with the Violet Transmuting Flame! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  


* * *  


My Beloved Healers of the New Age, 

I AM a Being of Healing, and I AM works with all phases of healing, primarily through the consciousness of Unity. You are aware of the term 'holistic' healing, which involves wholeness, unity, and perfecting the use of life energy. That, my beloved ones, makes it a 'holy' profession. 

I prefer to use the term 'misunderstanding of energy' rather than 'misuse of energy', because most difficulties that are experienced by humankind are due to the former. How­ever, regardless of the terminology, not understanding energy and how it works may cause temporary distortion to manifest within the mind, emotions, or physical vehicle. The longer a lack of understanding lasts, the more stubborn and persistent the resulting discomfort may be. However, I wish to emphasize that, as this understanding comes to a person, healing begins to manifest quickly. 

You have been told that the surfacing of symptoms signals the onset of the recov­ery. This is true. Often, if symptoms did not become evident, the chela would continue to be unconscious of a particular and specific misunderstanding of energy that was taking place in their life. Consciousness, dear ones, is of the greatest importance! 

Any distortion of one of your four lower vehicles is the result of one vehicle taking precedence over the whole. That is, energy may be usurped by one vehicle at the expense of all. The mental vehicle, for example, may suppress the emotional vehicle, for one reason or another, such as not wanting to experience a feeling which it finds unpleasant or frightening. The emotional vehicle, on the other hand, may draw more than its share of energy if it desires to feel pleasure, even if such a choice may not be a beneficial one for the other vehicles. 

The etheric vehicle is quite adept at taking energy to promote sensation within the emotional vehicle, based upon the memories stored. Sensation provides a feeling of validity to the etheric body. The connection between the etheric and emotional vehicles is very close. Misappropriation of life force by one may trigger the other, to the detriment of the whole being. 

The physical vehicle becomes the receptacle of many of the distortions within the etheric, mental and emotional bodies, eventually outpicturing these distortions in the world of form. 

If you can understand this concept thoroughly, you will understand better how humanity - as a group - has distorted the unity that is intended for all humanity. The Principle of Unity, sent forth from the Divine Mind, requires that every member of the race must work harmoniously with the others… for the good of the whole. 

Before this can take place, it is necessary that each individual work with the transmuting quality of the Violet Flame within their four lower vehicles, expanding the Flame outward to fill the personal aura, and then further to include all members of the race. When harmony and peace is restored within your own vehicles, a blessing is received by all life. 

I suggest that when you have a sense of imbalance, you sit down for a little while and, after calling upon your I AM Presence and centering within the Flame of the One Universal Consciousness within your heart, breathe in deeply. As you do so, visualize pure Light entering through your crown chakra and expanding throughout your entire body. When your body is filled with Light, breathe out gently, qualifying the Light with the Violet Flame. Do this for each of your four lower vehicles for as long as necessary to release the imbalance. 

When all pressure has been transmuted, remain relaxed. You may then examine your feelings and thoughts, and it will be easier for you to determine which vehicle was misappropriating your life force. Call for the complete dominion of the Divine Presence, I AM, and from that consciousness, you may receive the revelation necessary to purify the cause and core of the usurping vehicle, be it mental, emotional or etheric. 

As such information becomes evident to you, do not resist it or accept feelings of guilt for its presence in your life. Always remember, difficulties in your vehicles are the result of misunderstanding. Now that you are receiving understanding, you may be gracious to yourself, extending forgiveness and freedom to your instruments of expression. Release… release… release it all into the Violet Fire of Freedom's Love! Accept healing throughout your beings and worlds. Thus, you are building a firm foundation of Spiritual Truth upon which you may walk into the full Light of your I AM Presence! Know you are loved dearly! 





Dear Chelas of the One Light, 

It is interesting that it is usually the outer appearance that draws the attention of people to the need for healing. Then, when you become involved with the aspects of the One Universal Consciousness, you are trained to keep your attention away from the outer appearances of life! It is at this point that it becomes possible to teach about the meaning of the Immaculate Concept. 

To work with healing, particularly of the physical vehicles of humanity, is to serve on the 'front line' of Spiritual evolution! Your attention has been drawn by the outer appearances, which are the evidence of the need for healing. At the same time, you must work diligently at inner levels to hold the concept of the innate perfection of all humankind, and of all life on the beloved planet Earth. 

Beloved ones honor the life in all life! Honor the means by which each person comes to the Light, for it is through these experiences upon the physical… mental… emotional levels that everyone comes to the Divine Truth that sets all life free! By way of the outer appearance comes the Truth that resides in the Inner Sanctum! From the heart of Love and Compassion, which is the One Universal Consciousness, humanity both sees the outer appearance, and eventually sees through it! 

It is because of the caring and compassion within your hearts that you first came together with other Healers of the New Age. It is through that same love that you learned about and accepted the Truth of the Immaculate Concept. Dear ones, that Love is the mighty force by which you shall set the Earth free! 

This is why we, who have trod this path before you, now impart to you the deeper ways of healing. We started, as you did, because we cared about others. Still caring and loving, we stretch forth our Healing Hands to enfold your every effort to serve the Divine Light that is eternally victorious. Refuse no man, woman or child this same privilege. 

Give them of your Love, as you receive from the Great Silence. You will be guided and taught as you walk the Path of Truth to Freedom and Triumph, bringing all your brothers and sisters in the human family with you in your Healing Hearts.  

* * *  

"When you stumble make it part of the dance." 

* * * 

I AM Consciousness 

I come to you this day in an arc of Light from the Temple of Understanding. I see before me a Jewel of Light in Consciousness. As this area of the planet is approached from the upper atmosphere, you can see a tremendous Forcefield building. It is being fed from the great Retreats in all area as well as through your evolving lifestreams, for truly is there an understanding building within this collective consciousness, of the One Universal Consciousness I AM.  

As one looks out into this sea of Consciousness and they see the sparkling Jewels of the individual Light, the Light from your own Christ Flame, illuminating your auras and your consciousness. And there are more lotus flowers opening upon the top of the head in this collective consciousness than you might be aware of. The Temple of Understanding works with this crown chakra and its purpose is to facilitate greater understanding, through illumination. 

From a certain perspective, there is only one entrance into I AM Consciousness, and that is the Here and Now, which we have called in the Past "the Eternal Moment of Now". You have developed a wonderful acquaintance with I AM Consciousness. You have opened the door and often you step through, but it is only in remaining in the Here and in the Now that it shall become permanent. There is a strong tendency in the human consciousness to ponder the future. Such as… someday I will enter Christ Consciousness permanently. Someday I, too, will dwell in I AM Consciousness. Someday there will be a permanent era of Spiritual Freedom on this planet. Dear ones, I stand before you in that Reality Now... Here!  

It is not so much through effort of will power, but rather through the gentle path of understanding that you can remain in the Here and Now of I AM. Every great moment, of any variety, whether scientific, political or spiritual, has always been started by those who could create a different reality in the Here and Now. 

What they were seeking for all, we present for them now, even though the consciousness around them found it unbelievable. Take, for example, a scientific endeavor of putting a man on the moon.

Before it happened humanity would not believe it possible, and yet those scientists had an understanding of the forces involved, and once the understanding was received, the reality was before them. It was created with that understanding.  

You are the scientists of Divine Alchemy and understanding the powers of the Seventh Ray; you can be like those scientists and create a Reality of Spiritual Freedom. And in the peace of that understanding of forces involved, in the face of all doubt and fear around you, it shall be made manifest! 

Live, dear ones, in the Here and Now with the Powers of the Seventh Ray... I speak to you on what your heart already knows. 

It is the tendency of your human failing to tug upon you that is of concern. You must further your understanding of the power of the Christ Flame that you might live within it permanently in the Here and Now. Realize that through you, there is a greater Love in action than yourself... and there is a greater Power in action than yourself. 

There is a greater Wisdom in action than yourself and in that Knowing, there is greater peace. You have already supplied the faith. There are few others of the human race to whom this can be present, who have the faith in the Christ Flame that you do. Now, understand it and apply it, as the scientists do... there is a greater LOVE than myself in action Here. There is a greater POWER than myself in action here.  

And in the blending of those two shall come your Wisdom. Imagine for a moment the Beings of Divine Alchemy who serve in Zadkiel's Temple, who teach the chelas the Science of Divine Alchemy. They work with the force of Love.  

They work with the force of Power. They mix and combine these two in perfect balance according to the need of the moment. As has been said to you already, the Seventh Ray proceeds forward with all its blessings for humankind, when there are chelas embodied who can achieve the perfect balance between Love and Power... the centripetal and centrifugal forces. 

You have all journeyed to Zadkiel's Temple often, and there I AM as a force of understanding the invocation of Love and the invocation of Power, until in your day to day lives, you can stand forth in the Christ Flame. And understanding the forces in action, you might say... "Here there is a greater LOVE than myself in action. Here there is a greater Power than myself in action. Here there is Divine Wisdom in action. Here, I AM Present… Now!"  

So, dear ones, you are blessed with the peace that comes with understanding. You are loved so deeply and so profoundly for offering yourselves as Jewels of Consciousness to work with in all the efforts to advance humanity. 

* * * 


I come to you on the pathway of Peace from the Light of the Transcendental Sun. 

I AM here to encourage you to find the rhythm and the balance vital for the ascent of your soul. Numerous children of Earth are spending more and more time in meditation, and less and less time in physical effort! Moderation is required in all things, and you cannot rise up spiritually by virtuous concepts alone. If you do not put into practice that which you have been taught over the years, how can you be an example to your fellow traveler, and how can Truth become a living reality to you? The true aspirant will embrace physical work and welcome it as a great opportunity to serve. Observe the actions of those Masters walking this Planet today! 

I counsel you to find the balance between breathing out and breathing in; the balance between action and tranquility; the balance between giving and receiving. However humble the task, do it with Love and to the very best of your ability. 

Periods of concrete physical effort, periods of inner quietness and a humble spirit will change human sparseness into Divine richness. 

* * * 

Resurrection in the Light 

I shall reiterate and reiterate so it will seep into your consciousness totally, I AM the Resurrection and the Light. I AM The Resurrection and the Light. I AM The Resurrection in the Light. It has taken many centuries to bring you to this state of Consciousness. 

It is my heart prayer that these days of blessings are not something temporary while in the specific radiation of the Spiritual Hierarchy, but a permanent part of your consciousness, the Way of the Christus that beautiful part of the Divine in your Being. There is nothing else anywhere, in any of the evolutions, any of the kingdoms that is not part of the One Universal Consciousness. 

The Angelic Host have taken the paean of praise and amplified its radiation so that the mighty Light coming from all Foci, from the hearts of all of you, is certainly raising the Earth in a beautiful, beautiful radiance and surely the thoughtform that is present at this time shall express. A great deal depends upon you, whether or not you decide to continue in the higher rate of vibration. It is not easy, I know. Many have walked the Path on Earth. Many have had to climb the rocky path to the mountain top. 

We have spoken much of your Source lately. The Source of all is the One Universal Consciousness I AM that I AM. So if you wish anything to manifest let I AM speak, for I AM Consciousness is what is now expected of you. 

Well, you know how it is to control your own emotions, your actions. Think of I AM Consciousness when it is endeavored time and time again to raise your consciousness, the consciousness of all people to a higher level. It is decreed: You shall manifest perfection! But you must feed this Earth; with the mighty heritage of Light. I want every heart and every particle of your Being to ascend in vibration and you will walk this Earth blessing, blessing, blessing all Life.  

Do you realize that that is what you shall do through all eternity? Think of how all the Suns in this system holding their Light steady without wavering upon the children of Light, anticipating the time when we are ready to raise this planet to the higher evolution, the higher vibration, a greater state of evolution than it now presents. 

Oh Shining Star of Light. And if you love the Higher Beings of Light who watch over you at all times, you will love each other. Send the Light of your Being everywhere you go and give your blessing to all evolutions. Respond to the unction that is given you as the Earth responds to the rain and then to the sunshine. The grass and the flowers accept the anointing from above; the nourishment they receive. You can receive all the nourishment you require by remaining in I AM Consciousness. I repeat, I AM all there is. 

I AM... I AM... I AM! 

Before you leave this Earth, walk this planet in love and see the manifestation of the Glorious Star in the Heavens. Feel the love which is given to you. 

A teacher encourages his pupils, looking at this one and that one to see what they require most, and you are pledged the energies to do that for all humanity.




November 2011