Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2012  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM the illumined energies of Divine Wisdom and Love joyously trusting in the perfection of the Divine Plan as it effortlessly and easily emerges from the Great Silence.



Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the eternal Light of the One Divine Holy Spirit! (3x) 

*The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Meditation ~ First Flame of Life 

In preparation for our meditation let us take a few minutes to attune to the One Universal Consciousness, as we begin the process of centering ourselves. Take a deep breath in and gently breathe out... Take another breath in and as you release your breath let go of all the tension of this day... Gather up any concerns or thoughts that have been causing you difficulty... Do the same with all the painful emotional feelings that seem to keep surfacing over and over again in your life... Finally isolate any physical pain and distress you have been experiencing and have been carrying around for so long. 

Take a deep, cleansing breath in... and slowly exhale... Visualize yourself being gently surrounded by a magnificent swirling pillar of Violet Light ~ in front... in back... on either side...  above... and below you... With each and every breath you take this mighty flame of purification, healing and transformation intensifies... Let us pause for a few moments and allow this magnificent spiritual instrument to easily and effortlessly assist in totally releasing all that is not of a constructive nature in our lives.  

Breathe in deeply... and gently release your breath...  Breathe in again... and slowly breathe out... Continue this relaxing breathing pattern and allow this existing harmony to take you deep into the Great, Great Silence.        

See before you a mighty Fountain of Violet Fire rising high into the atmosphere far above this space. Above the apex of the fountain rests a magnificent amethyst, radiating its rays of Violet Light in, through and around our beloved planet Earth and all sentient life upon it.  

Drink deeply of this sacred elixir beloved ones. Through the power of your holy breath draw this sacred essence into the center of your being... Once your heart is filled to overflowing, become aware of the connection of your heart flame with the One Universal Consciousness as we now rhythmically breathe together... We are one breath... one heartbeat... one body... one energy and vibration... one consciousness of pure thought and feeling. 

Purified by this sacred Violet Fire and fully aligned with the perfect will of the Divine you now truly recognize that you are one, one with each other and one with the Universal Presence of the Divine and we are gently lifted above all illusion. It is time, beloved ones, to go within and with the transparency of our inner vision see clearly, perhaps for the first time…  

So, just for today... let go of your troubles. Forget your goals. Release your desires. Abandon your questioning mind. Relax and allow yourself to get in touch with your true inner being. Breathe in… and breathe out... become aware of your feet as they rest upon the floor... your legs touching the chair... your arms... and your body and the position it is in... With each and every beat of your heart, feel the blood pumping easily and effortlessly throughout your physical body... experience the breath fluently filling your lungs and abdomen… Continuing to breathe rhythmically… release any tension you continue to carry in your shoulders… your back or neck… allow your torso to become very relaxed but upright. You are comfortable and feel very safe and secure… breathe in again… and as you exhale… relax… relax… relax…  

Become aware of the top of your head now… consciously breathe in deeply… and gently breathe out. Continuing to breathe in… and out, fully experience what is happening. You may feel a slight tingling of your scalp… you may even feel a warm glowing light radiating around your head… you may feel nothing at all but in response your crown chakra begins to open and slowly the ceiling above you fades away as you rise in consciousness high into the atmosphere above this structure… and above this time and place…      

Now allow yourself to be very still and fully relaxed… you are effortlessly floating… you are completely at ease… Expand your consciousness and become boundless… detach from any form of conceptual ideas within your mind. Allow your attention and focus to become infinite, open and clear. In this immense expanse, all types of things may drift in and out – thoughts, emotions, physical sensations – but allow your attention to let them just float by without putting any focus on them. 

Just let yourself expand and expand outward in all directions, until you are aware of everything at the same time, while not focusing on anything in particular... Allow your attention to expand until awareness itself becomes the object of your consciousness... until all the manifestations in the universe begin to collapse and you are able to see through and around everything clearly. 

When everything has fallen away, begin to discover the empty void out of which the whole manifest world sprang into existence... In this sacred place, nothing has ever happened... The universe has not yet become manifest... You have not been embodied... Even time itself has not yet begun... What you do find in this limitless space is complete and absolute freedom from any and all limitation and you are grateful...     

 In response to this boundless release and absolute independence you immediately feel the Light of your own Divinity expand and fill your entire being… Experience it… be responsive to it… and acknowledge it…  

I AM the protective, loving power of Holy Spirit… evolving always from the dazzling Presence of the One Universe Consciousness! I AM the Holy Spirit that permeates in tongues of Living Flame! Filling your entire Being with the Flame of Divine Presence… the Flame of Peace and Love.  

For this brief time, visualize yourself within the Great Silence… the center of infinity… beyond space and time… in the very heart of the universe… Listen to the messages… that come to you in a presentation that is yours alone to comprehend and understand!  


Through the illusions of human understanding, a Great Light appears! It is the Light of Divine Principle that which has always been and shall forever be.  

Divine Principle which is the First Flame of Life… that Flame which appears from within the great void… in the darkness which precedes all manifestation…  

Deep, deep in the silence of the soul, there is this Light… Deep within the recesses of the mind, and of the heart, this Light appears as the minutest Flame… a mere spark of Light… With attention upon it, it grows and expands in intensity and in scope; for in the presence of Light all darkness flees and is no more.  

This great Light precedes all that has ever graced the universe, no matter how great these perceptions have been. All the Suns, all the stars and galaxies… universe upon universe… and all the expressions of Light which have informed the planets about great events soon to take place have emerged from the One Light… the One Universal Divine Principle.

To this Source, then, we turn, and we ask: “What is the Divine Principle involved here?” This question must be asked, and the answer, once received, is to be adhered to in order to create anything of enduring significance.  

Ask then, this question, of the Divinity within you, for Divine Principle dwells within the heart of all creation… for everything that is created contains it.  

You are the directing force within your sphere of influence, for that entire sphere has expanded forth from the Heart Center in which this Great Light first appeared. Your sphere of influence is a galaxy all its own, co-existing in a universe of universes. By the very nature of creation, it bestows upon you this Light. Within it, you function…


Realize that all chelas are on diverse paths that move up the sides of the Mountain of Spiritual Attainment… that then merges at the peak… the point of culmination… of Spiritual Freedom. Knowing this, it is vital that you acknowledge each other with grace and gratitude… for the different ways in which you perceive shall all work together for Divine perfection within, as well as around you.  

Love is truly the integrating factor, the one component that every person desires and has need of to come home to the Heart of the Great One Universal Consciousness which is the essence of all life. There is, in that sense and understanding, only the one path.  

Endeavor continuously to add to all your relationships and experiences this one element that will enlighten, illumine, and unify all life. Accept each one where you are, without judgment as to where you imagine you should be. Love all, and yourself, unconditionally!  

Each individual spark of creative fire within each heart is loved! Breathe in the Flame of Perfect Love and Acceptance within that spark… fanning it into a mighty Flame that will unify all life on Earth… with the living Love of the One Cosmic Holy Spirit!  

Now, as you breathe in the Radiant Flame of Divine Love, expand it forth from your heart center… Become ONE with each and every lifestream in the universe... You are One in Love… One in Desire… One in Service… One in Constancy… with faithfulness relentlessly to the Presence of I AM within your heart!


Now slowly and gently begin to bring your attention back to our current surroundings… take a deep breath in… and gently release it… take another deep breath in… as you start to move your hands…    with each new breath begin to move your feet…    your neck…

your shoulders… and finally when you are ready… take another deep breath in… and then gently release it… as you begin to open your eyes…




Know that the principle of Unity is inherent in every healing, since a blessing must be both given and received. How, then, do we give the gift of healing to an unawakened lifestream who is not yet evolved to the point where healing has become a conscious desire? 

One reason healing does not seem to manifest more quickly, has to do with the fact that a person in need of healing is often unable to forgive themselves at the cause and core level of the problem. Another reason is that healing must be precipitated by a change in consciousness; unawakened lifestreams are particularly sensitive to the effects of the mass consciousness, which act to discourage such change. 

The outer demonstrations of discord are usually the result of imbalance within the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. The momentums of energy which create outer distress may be traced to these vehicles. Healing must be accepted in the mental and emotional bodies before there can be a physical manifestation of healing. Similarly, the cause and core in the etheric body must be transmuted, or the imbalance within the mental and emotional vehicles will likely reappear. 

In the conscious mental and emotional processes of one requiring healing, there may sometimes be a willingness to accept the blessing of restoration. The cause and core is more resistant, however, and the momentums of discord which emanate from that cause and core are often deeply entrenched. These momentums can be replaced by pure Divine Energy through the use of the Violet Fire. However, persistence in applying the Violet Fire is required, to create the new momentum which will transmute and transform the old.  

Chelas can work at inner levels to affect a certain amount of healing, even with­out conscious acceptance of the gift by an unawakened lifestream. The key is to obtain the active agreement of the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self of the individual. 

When you work to give the blessing of healing - or any other Divine gift - your first action should be to invoke the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of the person or persons involved, to work with you in the process of restoration. In this way, healing becomes a group effort - a true expression of the Principle of Unity. 

I prompt you to always command the Light through the I AM Presence to the Holy Christ Self of the lifestream, rather than directly into the lower vehicles. In this way, you do not run the risk of intensifying negative conditions. The Divine Presence within each person has the wisdom and the knowledge to guide the Sacred Flames from the Presence of the One Universal I AM into the lower vehicles, in the particular pattern and intensity which will most quickly effect healing for that lifestream. 

As Healers of the New Age, your results will be tremendously enhanced if you will remember to precede every healing endeavor by blazing the Violet Transmuting Flame in, though, and around the person or condition which concerns you. The Violet Fire will act to help clear the way for the Light that you send into the situation, often acting upon the mental and emotional bodies in such a way that the healing can be accepted on a more conscious level. 

As you work to bring healing to your brothers and sisters in the human family, know that you are enfolded within every effort in Divine Truth. One day, in the not-too-distant future, all humankind will be enabled to know that Truth in its fullness and the Truth shall make them free! Meanwhile, dear chelas know that I AM with you in your every effort to heal! 

* * * 

Cosmic Law 

As we examine some of the various Cosmic Laws which govern our efforts toward planetary healing and as we apply these Cosmic Laws in order to make them a part of our work, life will respond to us more rapidly. Thus will we truly have consciousness and mastery over what we are doing and saying as the Divine Essences we truly are. 

You are conscious of the Law of the Circle and the Law of the Square, which governs the strength and movement of the energy which you work with both individually and in groups for the benefit of Life on the planet. Both of these laws are enfolded within the great Principle the Law of the One. 

The Law of the One can be explained thus: I AM is all there is! As all Cosmic Law is based in Truth, so all Truth is born within this one Great Reality! It may be helpful to you to search for this great Principle at the root of every Cosmic Law you invoke. In this way, you will be placing your attention upon the Source of all Law - the I AM - and you may be assured that your work will proceed according to Divine Will. When your vision is elevated to the highest of all principles, the energy which you send forth shall respond to that Vibration of Perfection. As the words 'I AM' are spoken, the first law of creation is called into action. All the force of the Divine works through you to manifest the directive which follows these words; for the call is made in the name of I AM that I AM! 

The One Universal Consciousness works as one cohesive entity to develop and bring into manifestation the Divine Pattern as it is put forth from Divine Mind. All of us work as One - One Mind, One Heart, One Body of Light! As above, so below! The Body of Light which enfolds the earth and acts as the Golden Chalice for the ideas of the Divine and of which you are a part is an extension of the Body of Light in the Higher Realms.  

This, beloved ones, is the meaning behind the statement that you never, ever work alone! We all act together to manifest the Age of Freedom for this earth.  

Be patient with yourselves, dear chelas, as you work to increase your understanding of this great Divine Principle, and the Laws which issue from it. Know that as you accept and incorporate the orderly power of these Laws into your daily work, your every effort is supported by all who are or have ever been. 


* * *


March 2012