Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2012

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,

Fully contemplating the Divine Oneness of Consciousness, I experience the Dawn of a New Day and truly accept that I AM that I AM!


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting  

...the Illumination, Love and Understanding of Divine Peace! (3x)

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *  


Surely there is a window from heart to heart:

they are not separate and far from each other.

Though two earthenware lamps are not joined,

their light mingles.

~ Rumi 



* * * 


Illumination of Peace 

"I AM" that Peace for which you have called. 

I come this day to speak on the Illumination of Peace. And the core of this precipitation must be and shall be... PEACE! 

You know that there is a special electron at the very, very center and core of every part of Divinity, every blazing Three-fold Flame from the greatest to the lesser of your brothers and sisters... and that electron at the very core of Being is a cosmic moment of Peace; and it is that Peace that humanity recognizes as home. And this Activity shall rebuild the path Home to "I AM" Consciousness... and so it must have, blazing from its core, only the vibration of Peace. And what is the core of this Activity?  

It is not a human being or collection of human beings; there is no human element in it... it is the combined nature of each of your Three-fold Flames, blazing as One collective Three-fold Flame as the very essence of Shamballa. This Activity must represent the Homeland and give to other human beings the vibration of Peace; for like all before it, it will tread the path of Peace. 

It is part of the development of Illumination and Intelligence that on this plane of physical existence there is always a way to represent the Divine and fulfill Divine Will through an avenue of Peace. It is only ever the human ego that will tell you otherwise... for how are we to expect those of your brothers and sisters looking for Home to recognize it in this Activity, unless there is the core of Peace. 

You are aware as well in your own experience world that there is no greater Peace than the calm after a storm... and many of you have experienced that storm of human creation impinging upon your lifestreams over the years. And I believe I can safely tell you the storm, for the most part, is past. Oh, it may still rage if you allow it to but you may choose to see the gentle starburst of Sun... and allow yourself to be sealed in the essence and Light of Peace. 

Oh, the multitudes of Cosmic and Ascended Beings, Angels and Elementals who so desire to lend their momentum of Peace. And the more you open the door by walking the path of Peace, the more do you channel this vibration of Peace into your sphere of influence. 

There is not only the Illumination of Peace; there is the Peace of Illumination. And I ask, that you push yourselves individually to see that you generate the quality of Peace in every experience that washes upon the shores of your lifestream... for there are brothers and sisters seeking the way Home into your experience world, waiting for that single electron in their heart center to blaze forth that experience of Peace, so that they know they have come Home even for that instant... until a contagion of Peace has been spread - electron to electron to electron - through your vehicles... and through you into this planet, starting with a single electron at the very center of the spark of Divinity in each and every one of humanity.  

Approach every man, woman and child as the Christ... for you speak to that single electron in their heart. And if you can touch it with the vibration of Peace, you bring that child of God Home. 

Who else do we have to represent the Homeland? You are here because you have been blessed ¾ some Being opened that electron in your heart, and you have found Home. You are even the fortunate few who have found a Home within Shamballa. Can you not do the same for the remainder of your brothers and sisters in the Human Family? 

Let us journey together, in Consciousness with Angels of Peace and Illumination. Feel the Wings of Peace surrounding you as we journey in one Three-fold Flame, and find ourselves in a magnificent chamber of Light... where we feel the tropical breezes; we feel and see the lapping of water… that mystical electronic water containing within it the Divine Peace... electronic water element as yet known only in the Realms of Paradise.  

And in this grotto of Light is the beautiful Threefold Flame of Peace... and it is hidden by a mountain from humankind - a mountain of vibration... and around it is a cloak of invisibility which is the service of the First Ray of Protection... a gleaming silvery blue mirror that if humanity looks upon it from the outer world they see only themselves. Feel for a moment that the room in which you abide is the Golden Flame of Peace through Illumination. 

The mountain surrounding you is a vibration of Love, and all is sealed in the Blue Flame of Protection and Invisibility to the human condition. Dear ones I have taken you nowhere but to the center of your heart - for that is what the Golden Flame of Light, with Peace at its center, surrounded by the Blue and Pink in Perfect Balance represents... I leave you in this Flame of Peace. I leave you at the very core of your own Being, and again I ask you go forth in the name of the Divine guide. 

Build in your own worlds this eternal Activity of Light, and touch the electron of Peace in the heart of every brother and sister and bring them Home to I AM Consciousness...

 SO BE IT!            

* * *  

 When we remember

who we Truly are, we can

embrace life fully... 





I AM a force of God moving upon this planet.

I AM an upward rushing force of vibration and consciousness which is my Heart Flame… the true center of my Being.


This Flame is an electronic Aura spiraling around me.


Cosmic energy flows through this Aura.


I Am a Being of Very Positive Light.


I AM ONE with all Light… the Great Universal Consciousness.


I AM that I AM. 


*  *  *


Khatum (from Evening Prayers)

Oh God, you are the perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty, the Lord of heaven and earth. Open our hearts that we may hear Thy Voice which constantly comes from within. Disclose to us Thy Divine Light which is hidden in our souls that we may know and understand life better. Most Merciful and Compassionate God give us Thy great Goodness; teach us Thy loving Forgiveness; raise us above the distinctions and differences which divide us; send us the Peace of Thy Divine Spirit, and unite us all in Thy Perfect Being. Amen.


Hazrat Inayat Khan




Light is Truth 

Remain centered in I AM, because I AM is everyone and all things. Recognize that we are a composite, one cell that makes up the great timeless I AM Universal Consciousness, the Divine Principle of Life. Remember, eternally, that you have now reached that state of consciousness where you have discerned that you are I AM.  

Know this is true… one facet in the Truth of Light - be wise enough to accept this aspect of Truth and then guard it closely. For centuries from one phase to another, from one Dispensation to another, Truth has always come forth. But humanity at times only listened partially and then mulled over that Truth in their consciousness, and decided to modify or change it. You know very well that this has happened throughout the ages. 

Everyone can be a dispenser of Truth. They can give Truth through feeling, action, the spoken word or the written word. So consider yourself to be a dispenser of Truth, so that your Cup can be raised at all times in a state of listening grace, and you can send forth the Sacred Communion silently to all passersby. Every single drop of pure Light in the great Aura of this blessed Earth will make it that much brighter. You know in this state of your evolution that “like attracts like” and Light is Truth.  

Allow your Heart to be filled with expansive Love, for Truth really is the feeling of Love Divine. You are all Beings of Light, brother and sister cells, who are all playing a tone, a note in the Symphony of the Spheres. Look at what the blessed Elements have done for us this very day and every day! We have been given perfect atmosphere, where the air is vibrant for all to breathe deeply of the Pranic Elixir of Life. 

You know one often sees fireflies when the twilight comes, those sparkling little fireflies. Now I trust we can always look upon you and see your Light shining all over this planet in true joy of service. It is beautiful! It is so beautiful to see your Light shining, and you are all true dispensers of Light in whatever avenue you may be serving. Respect the Light within All Life, and in that Light you shall be bathed. 

There are great Cosmic Beings continuously showering you with an immense cascade of Light and you are expected to incorporate the entire planet, and all evolutions, in a glorious aura of Light. This aura will be the reflection of the Light of your Being. For surely you know that to dwell in the Higher Realms one must Love All Life everywhere. 

Be aware of the negative activities that take place, but know they cannot touch us... that can be true for each and every one of you if you only truly know that you are the Divine I AM in Action. Feel that Presence flowing throughout all your being. You are descendants of the Light who believe in the Truth which is imparted. You have been prepared to know that I AM is your Protector... until your final Victory in the Light.

* * *


By letting go, it all gets done. The world is won by those who let go!

~ Lao Tzu


* * * 

Universal Oneness

Children of the Universal One discern the meaning of ONENESS… Totality. You are just on the border step forward and actually abide in the Realms of Cosmic Cause, where you will comprehend, in true humility, the meaning of I AM. The single cell which you are expands its Light and links the Oneness of the surrounding cells. As your consciousness expands you experience the 'next' cell as part of you… and on and on... and in this expanded consciousness you experience no separateness. Reflect on how you are so unified!  

When you truly accept and know the meaning of Universal Oneness, any feeling of separation will cease to exist. You will truly understand what is meant by the statement, "Thou art in me and I AM in thee". It is this acceptance that another component or companion cell can have its particular function or functions, according to their capacity of consciousness to which it has evolved, in this center all the Truths of the Cosmos are available.  

Those whom you refer to as Cosmic or Ascended Masters use the fund of the accumulated knowledge to assist those who have erred on the side of the human and experienced a lower vibration, and at long last are endeavoring to find the way back Home. Practice, practice being the Center of your own sphere of awareness, and one day true enlightenment will be yours where there is no consciousness of self... a state of being where you may select any Jewel of Light from the Cosmic Heart of Oneness, and be a living, breathing pulsating component of the Cosmos. 

As you turn your attention to the blue sky... that shade or color is the expansion of a certain activity, just as the air you breathe is part of the Universal prana. The clouds appear to the naked eye as a separate expression, for visualization that is correct, yet a component of the One. You turn a switch or push a button for electricity in the manner you wish to use it, yet that is the same current which flows universally. 

The physical garments you wear are the vehicles through which I AM functions, yet they are composed of all the elements and are not separate. 

As you meditate upon the foregoing, in the Consciousness of I AM, slowly you will experience the Dawn of a New Day and know I AM that I AM. Yet, this can happen instantly.... then you will be free of all else except pulsating Light which fills the Universe, to color it any hue and widen your sphere of influence where living and breathing is a part of the Symphony of the Spheres. 

Some have used that expression to denote music, and that is true, for when dwelling in the Heart of the Divine all function in the harmonious radiation of Love Divine… each electron a beautiful tonal expression of the Perfection of Life. 

Come thou and dwell in me, where there is no separation in Consciousness.... 

I AM that I AM


* * *




August 2012