Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2012

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM the Universal Oneness of all Life, I AM all the Truth of the Ages, I AM the Sacred Essence of Love Divine for all eternity… I AM that I AM!


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the perpetually flowing stream of the Tao! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * * 


Mercy is Beautiful


Tenderly I tread through God's flower bed

On my way through the day and night.

The dawn calls me on with Celestial Song;

And the dusk with its hush lingers on.

I live in a sea of such beauty to me

That I ponder how all this could be?

Then a petal unfolds; and so gently... I'm told

This is the way God meant it to be.

Thus I journey hence, and I pray; no offence

Shall ever again find its way through me.

For as I travel on, I can think of no song;

But of Love... grateful Love, Mercy and God Peace!




Tao of Forgiveness

Oh, beloved Violet Spirits, thank you for the love into which you have invited this humble Spirit.

I feel welcome into the garden of consciousness that you have created this day and I welcome you into the Consciousness of the Seventh Ray. 

Feel the spirit of I AM here in this abundant effort. Know you are recognized as chelas of the Seventh Ray, those of you whose spiritual impetus is so awakened when the Rays of Violet begin to play upon this planet. Some of you are here physically and some of you are attuned in consciousness having been awakened through the spiritual stimulation of all the Seven Rays and some of you are the "newer souls" that awaken only with vibrations of Spiritual Alchemy, as you have done before when the Violet Ray was active in preceding cycles upon this planet. 

Be aware of the Presence any time you use the Spiritual Fire of any of the Divine Graces, for it is available to bring your spirits further acceleration in their unfoldment under the Seventh Ray. 

Let us journey now in mindfulness together as a consciousness that outpictures a spiritual sanctuary... a monastery or a temple garden... and with the fullness of the I AM Presence externalize this consciousness here and now in this holy sanctuary and draw in the heart of Divine Love. You who have come from many places of the Earth and in consciousness, I invite you in from the dusty roads of normal human existence, into the spiritual sanctuary of Divine Consciousness.  

Here the prevailing experience is one of compassion, forgiveness and loving embrace of mercy and transmutation. While you are in this garden today, you are being offered an opportunity of absolute forgiveness and transformation of any thought, feeling, action or reaction that has been done in innocence by yourselves this lifetime which shall be transmuted here and now, so that even in the remaining time of your full consciousness can dwell in the illumination that is to come at the climax of this era.  

I invite you to let go this day of your deepest hurt, your most profound resentment, any of the unconstructed thoughts and feelings that you harbor in your inner vehicles. Placing them in the Cup of Consciousness and raise them into the tremendous Loving Aura, setting them Free forever. Will you let go? Will you give up that difficult experience that you have tripped over time and time again? Just letting it go and feeling it pass through the Ascended Vehicles releases you from the pressure of that experience forever; I consciously wait now for you to let go so that this burden might be taken from you.    (Pause...) 

Even though your vehicles are glowing with more Light, there are still some wounds which can be cleansed of the irritants, so they might permanently close over and be healed within the confines of the Sacred Fire. This is what needs to be done… for this is true Mercy and Compassion to the evolving souls on this planet. 

Let us contemplate for a few moments on forgiveness and how you might practice forgiveness in the coming days, for truly forgiveness is the heart of Love, one of the Divine Graces offered to the evolving children on the planet Earth.

Forgiveness, dear ones is the art of keeping your Cup empty and clear of this world. Reflect on that for a few moments. Sometimes your lifestreams are so filled with the worries and concerns of this world and there is little room in the Cup for Divine blessings which are available to all. Forgiveness is a continual process of the letting go of anything of the past, or any worries of the future and continually flowing in the Tao... absolutely remaining within the "here and now" without letting anything rest in your Cup for very long, but rather allowing it to flow through you in a constant stream of Life and Light. 

You walk the path of the Tao whether you know it or not. Life greets you, passes into your experience and passes through you. As long as you let it go continually, the opening channel for greater Light, greater experiences, widens and you become a grander Cup. 

And as long as whatever experience you are having passes through you the Cup remains empty  to be filled with all the Graces of the One Universal Consciousness. Feel yourself for a moment as a Cup moving through space with a stream of Light entering the top and flowing out the bottom like a hollow reed. You can imagine for a moment that if there is a block the flow stops... that if you choose to remain filled for any length of time with anything of this world, that the stream appears to stop. That of course, is an illusion but it is a very profound illusion to the human mind and blocks forward progress spiritually. 

Work within the influence of the aura of continually forgiving, letting go with mercy and compassion, all life experiences upon which have passed through your world. For yourselves then, you are able to see the lessons in everything that is presented to you in the moment. At times there are experiences where chelas, however evolved, are temporarily blocked from a very important experience that was available for a split second but was blocked by the illusion of pain and unforgiveness.  

Even as much as a smile from a stranger in a crowded market place could be a return current of energy through your life that could be so deeply appreciated that it would bring with it a profound blessing of illumination or freedom. And yet, dear ones, you walk through the market place of life preoccupied with the market and not with the Tao that flows through that market.  

You know it is much beyond the time when you need to cloister yourselves in the monasteries of the physical plane, for the Tao, the great river of Higher Life, flows in all places. Instead, walk within the monastery of your own spiritual sanctuary and outpicture that gift for others. If you are to grow in Love you must present to humanity a sanctuary in which they will accept that Love through mercy, compassion and gentleness.

You can help open this door for them through such an experience. And this day I leave you the gift of a Violet Fire Angel so that if, perchance, you discover within the next few days there is something you wished you could have let go of, that gracious Angel will take it from you. Anything you wish to give up (of a lower nature) will pass through its Flaming Presence... as an outpost of mercy, transmutation and the gentleness of Divine Love. 


Love Divine

Oh Love Divine: that Essence which is this entire Universe… that Sacred Essence of which I AM just one cell, as are each of you. 

I ask you to go deep into the recesses of your being, removing all thoughts of the outer and just feel glorious Light… Love Divine encompasses you… goes through your being and knows that I AM bringing all the Essence I AM of Love Divine. I know your every feeling and I praise you for your magnificent presentation. 

I counsel you to the very best of your ability to hold the Love Radiation as you move through your respective orbits, because it is essential that that radiation permeate the entire Earth. I speak to all chelas, the Group Avatar, those blessed ones who are tuning in, and no greater love has come forth to you this day. Reflect a moment and feel that love just filling this universe. 

Feel it! Appreciate it, and as you are doing so I’ll ask that you remove any little obstacle that may interfere with the continuance of that love. You know, while the human is still present, we have great temptations. So, remember daily that you are a wayshower. You are the Divine in Action according to your acceptance of the guidance which is given you.  

Love is a form of discipline. Love thou thy neighbor. Love every particle of Life even as you love the three dimensional elements around you. Every part, every morsel of food, assists you; everything that you do, all the elements that are in your being, and see how happy you can make them by greeting the Light which is everywhere present… beautiful, stunning elements. In humility have reverence for all life and that holy Essence without any qualification on your part.  

Just let the beautiful Light which is your own Divinity go forth to all Life and, truly, as you travel along the Path, the river of your Life, your craft will steer a straight course as you journey for many, many years in Earth's time to the True Source of your being, and ultimately, after passing through the beautiful, magnificent, powerful radiation of the One Universal Consciousness, you will be enfolded, you will find the victory of your Ascension and all will be there to welcome you.  

I mean the Ascension of your Consciousness right here on this planet! And those who go before you will assist you. How? …by shedding the Light from the Realms that are higher. Many of you may come back again. Of course that will be a free will choice. 

Love all Life and know that you are children of the Universe none greater than the other just having raised your vibratory action to a different level. Light cannot be separated for Light is everywhere. Light is all there is. Forget form and think of us as only Beings of Light.  

You no longer need visual aids. Some still do and that is all right if it helps you, but I say, "Throw down the crutches and walk in the dignity of your own divine being." You know how much you are loved. I AM elated to be able to enfold you in the Love of the Divine Oneness.

* * *


Through the centuries there have been many Truths, many facets of the One Existence… an Existence which is truly alive. 

Truth has been presented in many forms over the ages, according to the development of humanity’s consciousness. Many profound words have been given through the eons and then humanity, thinking from the outer consciousness, has often altered those Truths to suit their own outlooks, desires or present understanding.  

Chelas of the present age, the Truth is always simple. Know that these Truths have been preserved and held in the Archives of Cosmic Consciousness so that when the time comes… when human's understanding is ready, they may be brought forth to a full comprehension. Now is the time. I repeat this is the hour when many statements shall be revealed and according to their acceptance, shall the individual go into a greater Light. Many there are of tender years who shall give you statements of such great profundity that you, who have studied various facets of the Law, will be truly astounded. 

Now it is up to you, who have been seeking the meaning of Life, what becomes of the vehicle of flesh and the inner vehicles at the time of so-called death. There is no death. Life goes on according to your Feeling, your Acceptance and your Knowing within your Being that this Truth - your Truth - and the Divine Universal Consciousness - are One. 

Over the years there have been many so-called spiritual movements, many with seeming sincerity who have been offering lessons to their followers according to the manner in which they see the Truth. There are some such activities that have not yet opened their souls to the inflow of Truth and lead many astray from the path of true Light. Deep, deep in you consciousness are the jewels of the Divine Mind - simple Truths which will open the door wide  and then you will step into the vastness of the great Sea of All Life.

Your concepts, your understanding will grow, your Light will expand and you will perform the service for which you came to this Planet. Each Spirit Spark has the potential of greatness not the greatness as you presently understand it, but the greatness to follow the all abiding innate Truth - that Plan for which you were given embodiment. That Plan which is so very definite, so easy to accomplish from the Realms of Divinity. 

Here, I must warn you of the forces which are thriving upon this planet, seeking to infiltrate humanity's consciousness with statements or concepts which are of an unconstructive nature. Many well-meaning and dedicated individuals in many walks of life are accepting that which is not of the Truth. These - "sugar-coated statements and honeyed explanations" - which draw the lifestream toward the nectar, as does the sweetness of the flower draw the hummingbirds; but the hummingbird, in its inner wisdom, knows the difference of that which is nourishment or not!  

I AM speaking in this manner because the immense Truths have been sealed in the Sacred Vaults of this planet and in the ethers. They are preserved in numerous forms and are accessible to all, who are the true followers of the Path. I implore with all the intensity of the Love of my Being that you will accept this aid. Oh, yes, there will be among you some who will leave the Path. That is perfectly all right. No one is forced to accept that which is offered, for you each have the precious gift of "free will".  

There may be those whose so-called 'faith' in their physical leaders encourages them to change their belief. It is only possible to progress forward if you discern and follow One Path. There are many Paths of Light, but you can only travel one at a time to reach your goal, which may be the beginning of the next Path. When you have outgrown one, you will be presented with the opportunity to follow another higher Path, for truly the door is always open for you, but many there are who do not discriminate, and therefore do not recognize their true Path and wander blindly down many different pathways, diluting their energy and causing themselves much confusion. 

If you are ready to be a true follower of the Path, you will have no interest in, or will have outgrown and now be bored with the psychic realms, and the search for other lifestreams who can 'cleanse' you, and tell you of past incarnations which invariably infiltrate the ego. There are entities from lower astral planes who masquerade and use the names of great ones! 

If you are ready and prepared to "Be Here Now” for it is Eternally Now then you are ready to walk hand in hand with True Divinity. The time has come when you must choose, for you may not do both. If your experiences are not yet complete in delving into the psychic realms, then we have come to the parting of the ways. To you we say - may you be blessed on your journey. Blessed are you who listen from the depths of your beings and accept what the Truth presents… a very simple statement… in silent contemplation in the tabernacle of your Being. 

That statement will expand and expand and the very essence of that Truth will permeate your Being, enabling you to climb the next rung of the ladder of Light. 

Let us take the simple statement not given in words but in feeling; a transference of feeling to the chela: I AM the Resurrection and the Life. Look what is accomplished with that Truth which was right for all times. We are now entering the Age of Perfection. Anything that is perfect has no deviation from the original pattern. You shall be fed and you shall grow! We are counting on you, a designated group of chelas, to waken the consciousness of all humankind, maybe through a word, a lesson, the printed word or simply radiation… an example for all humanity to follow. I tell you, much is being accomplished through your endeavors. 

Love thou thy neighbor. Love, as you now know is the Truth of Life, a beautiful feeling of BEING; an unconditional love which encompasses all. Let your consciousness expand until you find the meaning of the Oneness of All Life… the Restoration and Peace.  

With all the Love of my Being, I give you the simple TRUTHS:          

I AM that I AM and you are Love unconditionally!


* * *


July 2012