Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

April 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


From deep within the boundless silence of the One Universal Consciousness the unconditional Love of the Violet Transmuting Flame expands the harmonious, peace-giving energy of I AM…


*The electronic pattern is the thoughtform for the month; your attention should be focused upon it daily, to intensify the activity. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the manifest Presence of Divine Love! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

I AM the Path of Light… 

May your ways be ways of gentleness, for the gentle soul is accepting and flexible, and therefore survives as the tree that sways back and forth in the wind. The hard, brittle and seemingly strong tree may snap and fall to the ground under pressure. Be flexible and accepting, and you will sway gently and rhythmically in the winds of change that are to come, always knowing that you are enfolded in a gentle compassionate love at all times. As the liberating energy of compassion, mercy and the power of forgiveness gently spreads from heart to heart, as the breeze gently moves from reed to reed on the river banks, the emotional forcefield of humanity will gradually become serene, and serenity is the defining core of all chelas who radiate the blessings of the Spiritual essence. As this serenity surrounds you, it will aid your journey inwards to the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, making it a smooth and lovely road. Once you have entered this realm, you will come to realize the Oneness of All Life, and you will come to understand that you are the universe, able to radiate compassionate love silently to all sentient life.  

* * *


We hear this affirmation issuing forth from the consciousness of the chelas time after time. Few there are who truly comprehend its meaning. I AM is all there is. When one is finally sheared of the human ego, they know that truly they are God. Contemplate very carefully what follows the thought, feeling or statement of I AM… for that will manifest! 

If truly each one accepts the fact that the sun is genuine and shines in the skies, so can you outpicture I AM filling the universe with the Light of your being - one element in the One Universal Consciousness of Life which encompasses ALL. 

There is only unity and oneness in life. Enter deeply within the chalice of your heart and dwell therein for All Eternity and the transformation you are seeking for this planet and for all existence will become a certainty. 

Do not linger in the illusion of separateness… know and BE I AM. 


This era provides all chelas with an unparalleled Opportunity to develop their higher Spiritual vehicles. You have been taught many ways by which you may advance upon the Path of Light. As your understanding grows, you are continually being offered new aspects of this information, since we are anxious to encourage you to the utmost of your ability. To some chelas these efforts to increase their Spiritual Awareness may have seemed confusing. Nevertheless, the core and truth of these teaching remains unchanged, and it is that, above all, that you must practice, and teach by example. 

Your journey upon the Earth is to bring into manifestation the Divine Blueprint held by the One Universal Consciousness. To do this, you must learn to remain constantly centered within your own Harmony and ThreeFold Flame, expressing outwardly only True Divine Qualities. You are the center of your own Universe, as I AM the centering factor of all that is. Within that realm all is subject to your command. If there is any disharmony, discontent, or any negative aspect in your life, be sure that they are of your own creation, and can only be removed by your actions. To this end, I advise the conscious application of the Violet Fire to your four lower vehicles. 

Remain constant in the simplicity which is Truth. Know that we are all ONE, each of us aspects of the Supreme Source of the Universe. 

I honor that Light which shines within you all, and offer you an everlasting sanctuary in Serenity when you call for it… Namaste… 


Balanced Service 

Know that all of the Divine qualities and expressions of virtue are relative... that is to say they are determined by the capacity within the lifestream to release it from their own abundance the richness received from the One Universal Consciousness. For example, the Light released by the Sun is of tremendously greater volume than the Light of a star or a tiny firefly. 

The Law governing creation requires of humanity that their assets fill the Universe according to its capacity. This capacity to serve, to love, to light is the responsible factor by which the I AM Presence defines the progress of the individualized Divine-Focus within each one. 

Only the innate capabilities and capacities of each lifestream will determine what is to be expected of it, and thus the very timid Light of one person might be the best that lifestream can offer, whereas a much larger outpouring of Light from another more evolved and accountable lifestream might fall far short of the minimum requirement of Universal benefit which that lifestream could offer to the Universe to return balance for Good received. 

No lifestream can serve beyond their capacity - in other words, when the equipoise and balance of the spiritual nature is disturbed the individual should seek that balance before expending their Life energy for the benefit of humanity... however, an individual makes it their personal responsibility to hold that poise and balance through application, thus increasing their capacity to serve. 

The third dimensional world does not require of an infant the balance to Life in the form of some constructive service in the name of humanity's cause, other than the happy release of joyous energy which forms a buoyancy upon which the older and more weighted lifestreams are nourished. After a lifestream has achieved their maturity and certain benefits of social education, civilization and mercy have enriched their consciousness, they are required, even in the outer world, to balance Life through some performance of constructive endeavor, the expenditure of energy through other human beings in the forms of teachers, physicians, etc. which has increased their capacity to serve. 

Now, a moment's introspection will therefore show you that any individual who has received the instruction, radiation and blessing of the Spiritual Hierarchy has, by accepting such instruction, increased their capacity to serve, and in that increase, such an one becomes responsible to Life for a greater minimum of service than the humankind of Earth whose capacities have not been intensified by such blessed illumination! 

* * * 

Violet Fire of Love 

You have long known it is necessary to use the Violet Fire in order to obtain Divine Illumination. Know that this is being accomplished through the dedicated service of the many Light workers. Know that the Violet Fire is Love incarnated in all its actions… Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love… yes, Freedom’s Love. And that Violet Fire is redeeming this planet, bringing her to her rightful place in this system. Oh, children of the One Heart I AM, know and be grateful, deeply grateful that you have been offered this understanding. The Violet Fire... the purification of all that is less than perfection and then one receives Divine Illumination; and through Divine Illumination you will rise into Buddhic Consciousness; feeling all the Blessings and the Love of Amida Buddha. Sacred is this hour upon the planet Earth, when she is enfolded in the great Compassionate Love of Amida Buddha. 

This Love, meaning the all-encompassing Love of the One Universal Consciousness... is truly Compassionate Love. You have only to turn your attention to this Love and you are enfolded in that Love… unspeakable Love... the Love, the sensitive Love of the Light. Feel that embrace and know that in the oneness of life you are blessing all evolutions on this planet, this planet being just one in this great universe. Today all life has been greatly blessed… to bring peace to this Earth, to bring understanding Love at this time when it is so needed. Let us rejoice that we have been a small part in this blessing to all life. 

Remember all through this period to think daily of what is transpiring in the ethers and bring that radiation into the planet Earth; into the very substance of the Earth, into the bodies of all peoples, that Divine Illumination shall manifest and all will know what True Love means. I repeat a statement given so often “Love is all there is”. And when one understands what Love is and expresses it, then they are in the Heart of the One I AM. 

Looking from the higher consciousness see the Angels of Violet Fire and the Angels of Divine Illumination, encircling the Earth and holding her close within the bosom of the One. I AM seeing the Earth sending forth the radiation which was intended, and is now beginning to manifest. The Ray of Purification, the Ray of Violet Fire is manifesting on this planet… and she is Freedom’s Holy Star! 

And as you continue in your endeavors and your dedicated efforts to hold the planet in the embrace of Love, and all who are serving so dutifully and joyfully to bring about the restoration of this planet, we know without the slightest doubt when this time comes to a close that it will be a blazing Sphere of Light; a Violet Fire Planet giving forth the Golden Light of Divine Illumination. Remember these words and enfold them in the embrace of the essence of Wisdom and Violet Fire. 

* * * 

As you know the Violet Fire is Love. And is a necessary ingredient for the Restoration of this planet. So visualize coming into the radiation of Love, the sacred, the holy Violet Fire traveling all over this planet, north, south, east and west, and then all over the world from this holy focus of Shamballa. See this entire planet blazing with the Light of Violet Fire, Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, giving forth a glorious radiation of pink. Feel it! Know that every cell and atom of your being is filled with Violet Fire this day. Feel the pink glow of Love going out to your fellow travelers in all walks of life. We have been told many, many times that purification is necessary in order that the Seventh Ray to come into its full dominion on this planet. That is what is taking place at this hour.  

Prepare yourself well for the words of wisdom which will come forth to fill your consciousness. Treasure each word of Love. For how many times have we said “Love is all there is”… Love is I AM. And the harmony of your true Being, as you say so often, is your ultimate protection. Feel it – Feel that protection of harmony. Always, the Harmony of your true Being is your ultimate protection. 

Know that the Love or Violet Fire travels from one focus to the other, and encircles this planet at all times, to be blessed and expanded by the Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Feel this Love, this mighty Essence of Light. Through the long centuries, you have advanced in consciousness, and been given the Truth that could be received by those walking this Planet.  

How you are Loved each and every one of you, the Love in the heart of the One Universal Consciousness…. I AM that I AM… sends forth this Love at all times, stretching forth and expanding the activity until all these beautiful thought forms which have gone forth meld into one, into the Eternal Oneness of I AM. And through Love do we receive Peace; the beautiful quality of Peace. When one has Peace in their heart, they walk along a very safe path. Safe from the intrusion of the outer world… be in this world but not of it. And I say to you today, be blessed with the Love for there is no separation, for I AM is Love and Love is all there is!




Morning Prayer 

I watch this morning for the light that the darkness has

not overcome.

I watch for the fire that was in the beginning and that

burns still in the brilliance of the rising sun.

I watch for your light, O God, in the eyes of every living creature

and in the ever-living flame of my own soul.

If the grace of seeing were mine this day I would glimpse

you in all that lives.

Grant me the grace of seeing this day.

Grant me the grace of seeing.

J Philip Newell




Service to Life 

Let the Crystal Ray of Divine Illumination fill your minds this day and dissolve the shadows of human concepts, opinions, and confusions. Let the full light of Divine Intelligence utilize the apparatus of the brain structure and carry your endeavors, individually and collectively, toward successful and happy manifestations! 

To give directions clearly is a beautiful talent; to receive them accurately is a major accomplishment, to draw the energies and substance of life together to obey those directions – is the most commendable of all! 

This is a service to Life, to clear away the substance and energy that is lodged in the lifestream through centuries of misqualified energy, to open the natural channel through which the Christ Self may connect with the outer consciousness, and through the personal self, accomplish its Cosmic purpose. 

Every activity, like every individual, must have a heart and head. As you have been told, in the Perfected Spheres, the Heart and Head are ONE in purpose and feeling. It is our endeavor to establish an intelligent, conscious connection between the Higher Octaves and yours, so that each student entering into that “communion” might share the design and purpose and represent that purpose in the individual field in which their respective talents have placed them. 

Thus through illumined, conscious understanding the “head” would be efficacious in directing the energies of any who might choose to look toward it for assistance. Through the radiation of the Divine Love and the nurturing of the individual divine qualities through the lifestreams chosen to “channel” the Divine Nature, we hope the students are nourished as the heart sustains the body. 

To this end, there are lifestreams who are primarily “mental” and others who are principally “feeling” cells in the body of this Universe. It is the blending and combining of these elements that has caused some confusion in the consciousness of those within the “crucible” of this universe. 

When we have such an opportunity of receiving the proffered service of humanity, it cannot be over-emphasized that such a desire must be efficaciously met with suggested measures by which the lifestreams may cooperate with the endeavors and current activities to life. By offering to draw together rhythmically those who have spiritually pledged themselves to encourage such service, it is through the One Presence and to enable them to bring the results of their endeavors in the field to the attention of the co-operative group, that the greatest assistance might be rendered the whole.  

If your endeavors are to bless the universe, let each become the fullness of their own Divine Nature, and approach each service to be like a clear pane of glass through which the Spiritual Light of the Sun may flow, unobstructed, to nourish the universe and all its component parts. 

Remember the attention of good souls is directed toward you over the entire known world now for love, for wisdom, for balance, for guidance, for manifest unity, patience, kindness, and understanding!





May 2013