Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

May 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Feel the Divine Essence flowing into your beings and let it saturate every cell and atom with Reverence for all life… the Body of the Supreme Source... I AM… for there is no separation in life… all is One! 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the natural rhythm of my life and releasing this energy in perfect harmony! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Healing Truth 

My dear friends you are going to hear many statements which have been made before but it is required by the Cosmic Law that you receive again and again the Truth until you can truly accept it in your feeling worlds. Oh yes mentally you know much of the Truth but until you can express the Truth in action, you shall hear again and again that which is necessary for you to become the Presence of Truth, your Holy Christ Self at all times and in all situations. 

Oh yes much is done in the Higher Realms to assist in alleviating the ills of humankind - be they emotional, mental, etheric or physical... and of course you know the physical is the result of what you hold close to you within your three other lower garments. Be it healing of the physical body, of governments or nations... any condition which is imperfect upon the Planet through an Invocation from the chelas of Earth and a turning of your attention to the great Focus of Healing, those imperfect conditions can be transmuted in an instant when in your feeling worlds you have accepted this Blessing. 

You have seen and heard a child or some friend from time to time when practicing a lesson, reading a book, or doing some assignment which had been given in school or work, "Oh, I've got it", the light has dawned upon them, they have had their consciousness opened to the acceptance of that which was placed before them. And it is the same way with the illumined chelas... you can call and call but unless you can truly pause for a moment and call with all the feeling of your beings to the activity of Healing, you will have only a partial manifestation! I do not mean that the energy which you give in calling forth the Light Rays does not have an effect... truly it does... but again we return to the full acceptance in your feeling world! 

Let us in this time of Truth actively endeavor to find the Truth of your being... with no reservations… putting aside the human. You can do it; you often do temporarily, if you will ask for help with the gathered momentum of Healing and the Truth of which we speak... you may enter into the Flame of Truth. It is time for that dawning upon your consciousness… like the early morning Sun lighting the world, will be the realization of the Presence of Truth which is in all Life... because God is Truth, no matter in what form the manifestation may take place, because by now you know that the Divine is everywhere.. The Divine is Love… Faith... Hope... and Charity are all expressions of Truth. As has been repeated many times, Truth has always been, and always shall be, and according to your consciousness… your acceptance… will you know the true meaning of Truth. 

I endeavor to encourage you to put your foot upon the Path, you have all advanced to the point where you can accept Truth this very hour... open your minds, your consciousness, your hearts... Open the door and let the Presence of Truth shine forth! Oh, beloved Pallas Athena, that glorious exponent of Truth… she knows full well the difficulty that humankind has in accepting Truth, for many things through the ages have things manifested as truth but were really only a masquerade in this great theatre of life. So my lovely ones, I hope with all the sincerity of my Being that I have conveyed to you how important it is to discern and accept the Presence of Truth within your beings...Truth is present else you would not have physical garments... the Flaming Presence of Truth is standing within each of you now and always. Let there be a glorious blazing Lamp of Truth bringing all humanity into its radiance… that Light drawing them closer to the Flame while their attention is upon it and the Higher Beings of Light will bathe them with the unction, the essence, of the Holy Flame of Truth.


* * *


“Every day as you walk the path toward the full ascension into the Light of your own I AM Presence, receive and accept the magnificent feelings of joy and peace embodied in all God’s gifts that you require to be happy in co-service with our Mother-Father God.”

Serapis Bey


* * * 

Caring Acts 

I would lovingly remind you that it is the small kindly acts of everyday life that manifest rhythmic balance in your life and create beauty. Kindly acts like the cool hand on the troubled brow, the gentle smile to the passing stranger, the loving words of praise and encouragement to a friend.  These are the small kindly acts that have a steady, rhythmic impact on the radiation of your own Causal Body.  The small kindly acts that you so often think of as ‘nothing’ – ‘nada’ – are everything, for it is in your day to day, moment to moment existence that natural and spontaneous love must always be. This is what determines your forcefield of Light. It is in the little things that your love expands and projects. It is in the everyday things that you may turn someone’s darkness into Light. 

You know not at what moment in time you will be, yet again, the answer to somebody’s prayer and you will not be found wanting if you move through life with quiet grace and a sincere and loving kindness to all. Be kind, one to another, for a devotee of the Light radiates only loving thoughts at all times, touching the hearts of all with the quiet grace of inner beauty which will eventually guide you home to your victorious accomplishment in the Light. Know that you are enfolded in Light and Love in your day to day living, and that you walk the Path of Gentleness. 


Call for the Violet Transmuting Flame

Beloved mighty, victorious Presence of God, I AM that I AM in me and in all who have anything to do with the release of the Violet Transmuting Flame of divine love, mercy and forgiveness to the earth and all her evolutions: 

Allow your Violet Fire to rise up – in, through and around me – right now and forever sustained! Blaze this dynamic power into every discordant thought, feeling, spoken word or deed  I have ever created at anytime, anywhere, for any reason whatsoever. 

Let the Violet Fire remove completely the causes and cores of all human distress and limitation which I have ever created in my world or in the world of others; as well as anything and everything of a destructive nature I may have accepted into my world that has ever been created against me. 

Replace it with the fullness of Divine love, purity, peace and wisdom. As all is transmuted back into perfection fill me with determination, courage, strength, power and everything required to enable me to do the Will of God at all times. Through divine love fill me with divine order producing and sustaining in me perfect health and supplying me with the limitless abundance of financial freedom. 

Allow the perfection of my divine self to be the only power acting in, through and around me until I AM wholly ascended and free. 

*I consciously accept this done right now for me and all life on planet Earth!  (*3X)


* * *

Elemental Light 

Feel the Divine Essence flow into your beings and let it saturate every cell and atom with Reverence for Life - the Body of the Supreme Source... I AM! 

You know we are in a time of Cosmic Change and humanities compatibility with the Elements is of foremost significance! 

Invoke the Great Beings of the Elements and all under their direction and ask that humankind become so filled with the harmonious radiation of the One Universal Consciousness that when the time comes for the shifting and sorting within the atmosphere all will go smoothly! 

This is a sacred trust given unto you, beloved ones, who know the importance of the elements, and remember also that you have the Fire, the Water, Air and Earth right within your own garments... for they are composed of those elements... and I ask you specifically to remember to revere the components of your lower bodies. 

Reverence for Life, of course, is one of the gifts from the Divine and in order for perfect Precipitation; one must be filled with Reverence for all... for we tell you repeatedly there is no separation in life… all is One.  

It is so very important that you aspire to this higher Consciousness for you are being prepared for the events which will take place in the coming era and we wish each of the chelas who are privileged to abide in this universe to be pulsating centers of Light. Be examples to all the pilgrims who will come…  for you as chelas and disciples are required because of the privilege which you have of a closer association with higher levels of consciousness to fill each blessed one with the Light of the I AM that I AM. Carry the Cup of your Consciousness aloft... giving drink to the thirsty... and many shall be filled by your Light. 

0 lovely ones, when the Flame goes around the world as it must every day it will be composed of tiny little stars symbolic of the keynote - "0 thou sublime Evening Star" and all through this time when you are all energized, shining above your heads will be a special Star - a gift from the all the mighty beings of Light. And we wish you to feel the cascading Light of this externalized Star fill your beings with Reverence for Life. 

And now my dear ones I truly revere the Light in your hearts and I thank you for your kind attention to these humble, simple and sincere words.


* * *


Love is less concerned

    with posture, ritual and law…

          than what's in your heart... 


* * * 


Divine Cooperation with the Kingdoms of the Elements of this Earth 

Great Universal Presence we join our energies with yours to return this sweet earth to the perfection she once knew. As one body, one energy, one vibration and one consciousness we now make this call: 

As the Hand of God in action in this world, we call upon the gnomes of the Earth element to repair all tears in the crust of this earth with your sacred essence. Heal the physical body of our blessed planet now! 

As the Hand of God in action in this world, we call upon the salamanders of the Fire element to transmute the turbulence at the center of this earth with your sacred essence. Heal the etheric body of our blessed planet now! 

As the Hand of God in action in this world, we call upon the sylphs of the Air element to purify the unstable and unsound aspects of this earth with your sacred essence. Heal the mental body of our blessed planet now! 

As the Hand of God in action in this world, we call upon the undines of the Water element to calm the rivers and seas of this earth with your sacred essence. Heal the emotional body of our blessed planet now! 

On behalf of all life we make this call and vow to maintain our efforts until complete and perfect healing manifests throughout our beloved planet, now and forever sustained! 

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM.


* * *


Divine Rhythm

The natural rhythm of your Spiritual Identity or I AM Presence is contained within the Flame in the essence of your heart, and the natural activity of life is to release this energy in perfect harmony with that rhythm… even in the process of walking or speaking and the most mundane activities of your daily work or play. 

When individuals are cognizant of this natural rhythm they perform the services of the outer life with immense grace and beauty, and even their physical bodies outpicture the natural harmony of their selves. 

In much earlier times all of the evolving lifestreams were conscious of this rhythm and it was extremely easy for the soul, the body and the spirit to function effortlessly because the natural vibration of the spirit and soul is the conductor of all the gifts, powers, activities and intelligences in the realm of the Divine. 

A requisite for finding one's own natural rhythm again is time undivided, first in the presence of nature where the Breath can be slowed down and the heart-beat sensed and felt, and the mind stilled. When one comes to that sense of "rest in action" they will understand the meaning of the Great Silence, and then the endeavor of the earnest one should be to carry that rhythm with them as they walk through the Sanctuary of the Silence into the world of form. 

It is unimportant how much a lifestream does or how rapidly they accelerate their rhythm, but it is indescribably important that this rhythm is maintained and that we abide in it and work from it to accomplishment. You know when you are learning something for the first time it is better to practice it slowly at first, and then accelerate the tempo when you can master the substance. 

Humanity for the greater part lives in a world of broken rhythm. We associate daily with workers who are endeavoring to accomplish projects in an atmosphere where the inner sound is like that in a bustling factory and this discord takes its toll on the sensitive being... but if one can maintain their rhythm within that dissonance it makes the "world" all so appropriate and you live in a harmony that is more than words... it is fact. 

* * * 

Decree for Purity

In the name of the Universal I AM Presence, unified in consciousness with all chelas and lightworkers in the Body of Light on planet Earth, we call forth all mighty beings of the Fourth Ray:

Beloved Claire and Astraea, beloved Gabriel and Hope, beloved Serapis Bey and all the angels and legions of Light from the Resurrection and Ascension Temples throughout the universe: 

Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!

your buoyant, crystalline flames through all embodied life on this planet. Let humanity now realize and understand that the quality of purity is absolutely necessary before any further progress forward in the Light can take place. 

Blaze your crystalline flames of purity in, through and around our physical bodies. Restore in us the joy, health and perfection of our physical bodies. 

Blaze your crystalline flames of purity in, through and around our etheric bodies. Restore in us the remembrance of perfection and the full glory of divine life. 

Blaze your crystalline flames of purity in, through and around our mental bodies. Restore in us spiritual creativity and selfless service, assisting us to understand and joyously continue to fulfill our divine plans. 

Blaze your crystalline flames of purity in, through and around our emotional bodies. Restore in us enthusiasm and happiness at being alive at this time in Earth’s evolution as we serve together with the angelic, elemental and ascended Hosts of Light. 

We accept this call fulfilled in the name of the Universal Presence of God.

So be it, beloved I AM that I AM.




June 2013