Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

August 2013

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


As I AM continually dwelling upon Right/True activities and positive qualities I endeavor to illumine all existence concerning our individual capacity to fulfill the Divine Plan of Perfection.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...all is in Divine Order! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.  

* * *

Divine Order 

As you open your Book of Life, see stamped on the introductory page, in letters of brilliant Light ‘ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER’.  When that statement is made, it is the edict of Cosmic Law that is emblazon with the Light and Purpose of your Being. Before proceeding to imprint each page with your Purpose as co-servers, take even a moment, and realize that all service in the Heavenly Realms proceeds in Divine Order. Know in the understanding of ‘I AM’ Consciousness all are ONE, and as such I AM is you, waiting to assist you in the performance of the part you are portraying on the screen of life. When given a leading part in a drama in the world of form, it requires the combined performance with your fellow beings to present to your onlookers a message through which they will experience happiness, knowledge or whatever the presentation may be. 

Every chela has a specific privileged part to play in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan of Perfection for the New Age. Accept this knowing that every instructor wishes their acolytes to present their best through entering into the feeling of what they are doing and Being that component in its fullness.  You have the capacity to play a very important part, either in the background or in the fore ground; in the mighty panorama which will be presented to the masses… and we depend upon you to exhibit the expertise resulting from your years of training!  You can, and will, play your part to perfection as you daily remind yourself… ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER for the project ordained when you took a vow to do so when you were given the privilege of embodiment. 

* * * 

Creative Energy 

Physically created entities are really energized thought forms that have been built about a lifestream by repeatedly dwelling upon certain activities and qualities. I shall endeavor to illumine you concerning your individual ability to free lifestreams from accumulations which weigh heavily upon them. 

Humanity being endowed with the creative power of thought, does cut out of the Universal Life Substance certain forms, according to the quality and nature of the thought, and this form is fed by the energy of the feeling world every time the individual turns their attention to the particular activity which created the form in the beginning.  Humanity’s energy through the Feeling Nature is their Life.  When we feel strongly, we release a great amount of energy which flows into the thought form corresponding to that particular feeling, and such thought forms grow in size and power every time the lifestream’s energy passes into them, until often these forms are as large as or larger than the physical body inhabited by the soul.  As the thought forms live on the energy secured from the Feeling Nature, it is to their advantage to stir up and draw from the feelings the substance by which they retain their life.   

When these humanly created entities assume a tremendous proportion and control a great amount of energy of their creator, they are sometimes servant rather than master of their own energy which is held within these vortices of distorted thought and feeling… expressions that live in and by humankind’s own life.  When an individual comes under the influence of one or more of these thought forms, they must have assistance of someone who dwells in the consciousness of ‘I AM’ in order to free themselves from the returning pressure of their own energy. 

Any lifestream seeing such conditions manifest in the lives of those they contact can render the Cosmic Evolution of our Earth a tremendous service by making a tremendous, concentrated call for the transformation of the original thoughtform, which is the cup, and for the purification of the energy that has been held within that form though the centuries.  The Feeling Nature supplies the energy but unless there is a cup or a focus into which that energy flows it cannot do much damage, but the matrix or vessel in itself must be transmuted or it will fill again and reassume the original proportions.




Service, oh my lovely ones, service is so beautiful ~ the joy, the happiness which comes in the Oneness of All Life is so magnificent… knowing that you are One within the Heart of God… of the Heart of the Divine… magnifying the Oneness of the Universal Presence…






Let us focus on the significance of Harmony…

Reference to a dictionary will describe it as: ‘a musical arrangement, or action, or combination of tones… an accord in feeling or action’… and very importantly ‘inner calm.’ 

When one wishes to function from the Consciousness of ‘I AM’ it is essential that their lower vehicles be in accord with each other.  We all know that dissonance in any one of our vehicles reflects that Radiation and does not outpicture the oft-repeated statement made by many chelas… ‘the harmony of my True Being.’ 

We all know if any musician in an orchestra is not in tune with the conductor, the resulting sound is lacking.  In order for you to be in tune with your Inner Self I AM it is imperative the tones being released from all your vehicles be in tune with each other, for you realize at this stage of your developing consciousness that every radiation emits a particular tone.  You are in the process of developing an instrument to a perfect pitch which will release a harmonious radiation for the benefit of all evolutions in their forward progress.  You are also aware that the nature kingdom is compliant to the tone released by one elemental, which gives the signal for all its species to put forth the effort and release the flower held within the tight bud which has been emulating from the pattern set for them by a Deva… or more highly developed co-server. 

It is the same in all Life, all kingdoms… the Seasons of the Year express at an appointed time and the outpicturing depends on the compliance of the various elementals assigned to each kingdom.  Flower and fruit production are often imperfect when there has been a drought or untoward weather conditions.  In the Human Kingdom humanity must learn to express the Perfection of the Plan set for them individually by raising their vehicles to a rate of vibration where all the radiation they emit is in tune with the Divine Director of their lifestream, I AM. 

Your specific service at this time is to increase the Radiation of Harmony for all Life… and any and all of us serving on this planet are desirous and eager to give assistance to anyone who is willing to release the Radiation of Harmony to another individual or project.  Let us bring forth the perfect tone of this planet which is an integral part of the Divine Plan.  Every time a thoughtform is verbally or mentally released, we will amplify the Radiation to attain the Perfection set by Cosmic Law for this planet. 

Love heals whether that radiation is in a worded message or using the vibrational essence of actions during one’s daily routine. If you would dedicate even a day to using the activity of Love Divine, any service in which you were engaged would be easier in accomplishment… be it for an individual, a group, or the planet at large. As you assimilate this simple message feel every word penetrating your vehicles with the essence of PURE DIVINE LOVE!!!


One Source 

Enter deep within the Secret Chamber of your heart to the One Source, and know that in this ONENESS is God. GOD IS LOVE, which is all there is… there is no separation. We are all ONE. From the very center of your Being look out upon this planet Earth and see her in the Perfection which is ordained for her. 

What is right for one may not be proper for another, according to the level of each one’s consciousness. If your associate traveler brings forth that which is not in accordance with your conviction, just be content with what you are doing and do it to the very best of your ability and be not concerned with criticizing others... for we must all use discernment when faced with conflicting ideas and feelings. 

If one wishes anything one only has to dip into the reservoir within and, according to our level of consciousness, it can be made manifest. All Truth is within. In this beautiful land see how the flowers and the trees outpicture the Perfection presented to them by the Deva. And so can humanity take the paint brush of their consciousness and produce the pattern ordained for them in the overall picture of Perfection. 

There have been many civilizations that have risen to great heights and have then fallen as a result of humanity’s interpretation of what they considered to be right. Life is continuously going through the process of restoration and then entering into a period of regeneration, which will ultimately result in the Plan which is on the Permanent Blueprint for this Earth being achieved. 

We are all ONE. “I AM” in thee. There is no separation. We are all One, from the tiniest elemental to the greatest Being in the Higher Realms, and we are all Love for there is nothing else. All is Love. God is Love. The expression of Perfection is the use of Love Divine. 

The Flame is already manifest within your Being. Now bring it forth into your conscious awareness, and know that this Flame is Divine Love. By the power of this Flame you can help your fellow traveler and, by your example, they will emulate you and help other chelas… until humanity can truly walk hand in hand with the Angels and ascend into the Light.

 * * *


What is your idea of God? Yes, you know it is "I AM"! When you can truly surrender the self to the Christ within, you can say in your heart, with feeling… I AM! You do not need to go anywhere to find God... God is Love and dwells everywhere in this Universe. Oh drink deeply of the Essence of Love Divine, my blessed ones... go within... forget your outer garment... and let that glorious Christ Self be FREE! Free to express the Light I AM everywhere.


 * * *


Buddha’s Eightfold Path of Enlightenment 

Right (True, Accurate, Correct) Views;

Right Resolve; Right Speech; Right Conduct;

Right Livelihood; Right Effort;

Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration


* * * 

If the hearts of humanity remember the first Blessing given and the momentum which has grown through the years, truly this is an Opportunity… an Opportunity for all Life to raise their consciousness to a higher vibratory level.  

Remember, in the Eight-Fold Path we are taught Balance, and one who has Balance is one of Wisdom. Our consciousness is illumined by using all Life, all Energy in a balanced manner. Most of you, I presume, know the Eight-Fold Path, the noble Truths; I would say a code of conduct given forth many millenniums ago and which has gained momentum over time. So I repeat this is an Opportunity for you to continue and continue to use the Violet Fire of Transmutation of Infinite Compassion and Love. Send it forth daily to bless all Life and we shall see the victory of this dear planet, Freedom’s Holy Star. Oh, she is blazing with such Light of the Violet Fire and the Golden Light of Divine Illumination this very day. May you each feel in every fiber of your Being, this glorious Benediction. Learn, dear ones, to permit the lower vehicles to be transformed into I AM Consciousness where you can, if you so accept this opportunity, go forward for the remainder of your journey on this Path on Earth to be a radiating center of the Light of the Eternal One, the embodiment of I AM Consciousness, and so shall that consciousness become part of all the evolutions hereon.

You have been taught the Truth through the years… Feel, oh feel the Violet Fire of Mercy’s Love and the Wisdom of Divine Illumination of the Buddhic Consciousness, all One in the Divine One, I AM that I AM. 

* * * 

I AM… 

I AM, I AM is all there is. When one can comprehend and be I AM at all times, one will reside permanently in the Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light, the land of limitless joy. We have said through the years, and you have affirmed, I AM that I AM… now prove it. You have been educated and according to your acceptance are you I AM at times, but I AM must be the permanent state of consciousness. When you deviate from the cosmic plan, remember the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love can transform all unconstructiveness, all the human consciousness. Oh love the Violet Fire, love the Sacred Fire, the Holy Fire, the gift of Freedom’s love. You have been told at various times that the Violet Fire is so grateful to be called into action… now is your opportunity to use it. The more you contemplate and be I AM, the more rapidly will this blessed Earth be returned to her divine perfection. Feel the radiation of your true being flowing through every atom and cell, until there is only light. I AM a being of light alone, sending forth my love to all creation. That is a truth. The Violet Fire of Freedom’s love will manifest on this planet. You will receive your freedom in the light through the Sacred Fire, and it is your duty to assist all other sentient beings. 

We are continuously sending the love of I AM to you. You cannot separate yourself from I AM consciousness; because the consciousness of I AM is present everywhere. Oh that great land of light and love within, you do not have to travel anywhere, but know that you are a being of light.  

You have all qualities within your being, because boundless limitless splendor is yours for the acceptance. Feel it, know it, and join your consciousness with the enthusiasm of the Violet Fire. Send the Violet Fire through all creation. In so doing you know that every part of life is benefited. Even if it is just for one upon this planet who needs the final step of purification, isn’t it wonderful to know that the Light in you, the Sacred Fire of Freedom’s Love, can set that one free. That does not mean free from a physical garment, but freedom from the human consciousness. 

I AM a Sun of Freedom. I carry Freedom’s banner everywhere I walk. You need to stay still to tread with purpose through this planet. The island of tranquility is within, the garden of the Divine, is within. I AM, I AM, I AM is all there is. I AM in you, in me, in a flower, in all kingdoms, for I AM is Light. Feel it… feel this planet blazing and blazing with the Violet Fire of Love, cleansing her of all that is less than perfection… a Garden of Paradise, a beautiful planet that shall shortly express perfection. I AM is a ray of light from the heart-center of creation. You have been told time and again to forget form, and know that all is Light. The Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light is at hand…  Do you choose to accept your permanent residence therein to bring forth all the opulence of all good to all life? Are you the doer of all deeds of perfection? It is only essential for you to remember to know and be I AM that I AM. Then you shall truly fulfill your mission on this Earth. 

Feel always your being as an island on a tranquil sea, and see the sun, the light of your being, looking upon it, and the countless little sparkles of light as the elementals rejoice in the tranquility of being. Rejoice in the light of the sun. Rejoice in the light of the sun of your own being… one facet in the One Universal Presence of I AM.





September 2013