Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

September 2013

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Today I AM open to the presence of miracles… …and I AM honoring my connection to the universe. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the manifest Harmony of my True Being! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.



One Breath 

Feel the gentle ebb and flow of the Holy Breath… breathing in and breathing out. ALL LIFE BREATHES. All life breathes in harmony with the universe… for ALL LIFE IS ONE. Be aware of the Breath, for awareness of the Breath unites all things, until the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE will be a living reality.


Every enlightened Being who has ever walked the Path of Earth has shown humankind that ALL IS ONE, to love their companion traveler as themself, to treat their associate traveler as they would wish to be treated and to see and feel the unity of all life. Take the journey inwards, and feel this unity with every Breath.


May Divine Love and Peace be everywhere and be made manifest now.


* * *



Love is so vast a thing that the wings of the morning and of the evening cannot enfold it. 

Feel the Power of Love filling your being and become a pure vehicle for its experience. From the Three-Fold Flame in your heart center feel the fires of unconditional love radiating out to all life. 

At the heart of each one is the physical anchorage of I AM expressed and realized through action. Of the three aspects… Love, Wisdom and Power… LOVE is the one that it is most necessary for humanity to fully express. This planet is a planet of LOVE. It is the major classroom for the emotional body, being composed almost entirely of water. Here you must learn to direct and express the Love Power of your emotional bodies to the Service of Light. 

Other realms are devoted to expressing and refining the virtues of Wisdom and Power. To seek solely after either of these two attributes while in physical manifestation upon this planet is to divert from your true purpose. Only Love stands alone... tempering it with Wisdom and Power brings the greatest service, but even alone it can transform discord into harmony, darkness into Light.





There is a tremendous difference between Divine Illumination and Wisdom. Yes, many chelas receive a certain amount of Divine Illumination but are woefully lacking in Wisdom with which to use it. Many feel elated when through gradual Grace they touch upon some facet of Truth they did not previously fully comprehend, when this gift or virtue can be used for the benefaction of all life.  

Take the Light of the Sun… does it not shine on the just and unjust alike? Humanity is actually a facet through which energy flows, governed by our feeling world, which we know catapults the Essence of the Holy Spirit according to our current qualification. 

There are so many very basic Truths which the chela may unintentionally bypass, and it is of value to stimulate your consciousness in this regard. Often time’s statements are reissued not only for those new to this activity but for those who have previously read them and then delegated them to a place on a shelf… Divine Truths often become clearer and more relevant when frequently revisited for deepened understanding and wisdom…


Divine Aptitude 

Let us turn our attention to the Divine Qualities and their expressions. You will realize that those Qualities and expressions of Virtue are relative. In other words, they are determined by the capacity within the lifestream to release constructively qualified energy from its own momentum of the Quality accrued through the ages to enrich the Universe. 

As an illustration, the Light released by the Sun is of tremendously greater volume than the Light of a Star. The Law governing creation, however, requires of humanity that their Virtue fill the Universe according to their capacity. The capacity to serve, to send forth Light, is the determining factor by which the Higher Self and the Spiritual Hierarchy measure the progress, or the retrogression, of an individual. 

Neither the Divine nor highly developed beings would expect more from any lifestream than their innate capabilities and capacities will allow. Thus the very timid Soul Light of one person might be the best that lifestream can offer, whereas a much larger outpouring of Light from another more evolved and responsible lifestream might fall far short of the minimum requirement of the universal benefit which that lifestream could offer to the Universe to return the balance for Good received. 

No one should try to serve beyond their capacity. The chela, of course, realizes that it is their personal responsibility to hold that balance and poise through application, thus increasing their capacity to serve. 

The world of form does not require of an infant the balance to life in the form of some constructive service to enrich humanity's cause that is expected from an individual, who has achieved maturity and has had certain benefits of education and mercy enriching their consciousness. As the adult individual has expanded their consciousness, they have increased their capacity to serve. 

A moment's introspection will show you that any individual who has received the instruction, radiation and blessings of the Masters has, by accepting such instruction, increased their capacity to serve and such a one becomes responsible to Life for a greater quantity of service than humanity en masse.




Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

~ Kahil Gibran                   



Unceasing Peace 

What is meant by a person's strength of character? Actually this is an individual’s ability to withstand the pressure of the thoughts and feelings of the mass consciousness of the third dimensional world. This does not mean 'battling' imperfect energy as it comes into your aura, but to have the ability to sustain a calm, peaceful radiation under any potential stress of imperfection which comes your way, whether consciously directed at you or merely pulsating in the atmosphere around you.


Spiritual Training through the centuries has always endeavored to show the initiate that it is necessary to build and unfold the inner nature to the point where only the pressure of Good from our own Divine Presence and those who have attained and sustain the Consciousness of Perfection in the Higher Realms could change the quality of our radiation... and that would mean an expanded emanation of the qualities of the Divine.


When an individual reaches that place on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment where they are non-recordant to the pressures of the human consciousness - be it through our associates, our environment, race or nation and they do not register in our lower vehicles, such a one has developed real strength of character, which flows from them in a constant radiation of Good in the outer world. Such a one is not easily swayed by the opinions of others, whether they blame or praise them; an initiate whose radiation is unchanged by the effluvia which the world of form presents from time to time.


You my chelas, are among those who are in a period of training which will result in sustained poise where you can serve with the Cosmic Hierarchy in a true Divine way… natural, calm, secure in the Love of the Universal I AM Presence, filled, with the Grace of the Divine, giving forth a Radiation befitting a chela of the Holy Spirit. 


* * *


"The constant struggle to maintain a separate identity rather than allowing the little self to flow gently into the ONE UNIVERSAL WHOLE is the cause of all stress, nervous tension and emotional distress and unrest."


* * *



Every thought and feeling form that lives in the aura of humankind sends forth a continuous sound. These in combined action, emit a constant vibration of harmonious or discordant tones. 

When one realizes the great number of lifestreams incarnated upon this Earth and of the thousands of times they have inhabited this Planet, all those auras are sending forth the perfection or imperfection which they have created through the centuries. It is no wonder at times there is a discordant broken rhythm pulsating in the atmosphere and that humanity finds at times the world a difficult or nerve-racking place in which to live. 

Each lifestream has a responsibility to emit a harmonious sound in accordance with the Divine Plan of the I AM Presence. There is certain music from the Inner Spheres that individuals have tuned into and brought forth as the great compositions with which humanity is familiar, and these do bring a semblance of Harmony into the jangled vibrations and that is why beautiful music can be so calming to the emotional worlds of humankind. It changes the pattern of thought and feeling and compels a semblance of harmonious sound from those who are bathed in this music. 

If one were to just play or listen to harmonious music, so very much can be accomplished, for them and for all life, as that radiation flows out to bless all life everywhere. 

* * * 


In the outer world, if one desires to obtain some product or amenity, you know that there must be some medium of exchange - either monetary or through services rendered. The same Law applies to a Spiritual activity. One cannot just half-heartedly petition the Cosmic Law… the feeling nature must contain the heart desire for such an expression. 

It has been stated many times that "Forgiveness is the Heart of Love" and that affirmation is particularly apropos right now when you are endeavoring to accept and become the Immaculate Concept and to hold that Divine Image for all humankind. During this time, when unprecedented assistance is being given to you, to enable you to be that Immaculate Concept and to accept that Divine Perfection for all humanity, the foregoing takes on added meaning. 

Once again I humbly counsel you to use the Violet Transmuting Flame to transform all your transgressions of the Law and to call upon the Law of Forgiveness for your companion travelers. In order that you may be the Immaculate Concept which is ordained for you, it is requisite that you FORGIVE ALL who have caused you any distress since the beginning of time, and that you ask forgiveness for the imperfection which you have imposed upon any other part of life since you first journeyed forth from the Heart of the Divine… when you chose to take incarnation in a physical garment. As you do this, the glorious Resurrection Flame can bring forth the Perfection which you once knew and you CAN MANIFEST that Immaculate Concept!


* * *


I AM… 

Hear my desire, oh dear ones of Earth, for I AM the All Power of the Universe. 

I AM the Master Musician tuning the strings of the Harmony of your True Being for the benefaction of all humanity. 

I AM the ever increasing pulsation of healing truth manifesting the Divine Will through all humanity. 

I AM the Divine Will manifesting through the third dimensional world as the ever increasing radiation of healing truth encompasses the planet Earth. 

I AM the harmony of the Universe pulsating through the consciousness of all humanity, and the harmony which I AM is the ultimate protection of all sentient beings. 

I AM one true note in the Cosmic Symphony… 

Hear my appeal for in the Great Silence is the Truth of the Ages. 

All who seek the Truth of the Ages shall find it in the Great Silence of the Harmony of their True Being. 

Hear my entreat, oh children of Earth.


I AM that I AM




The fires of enthusiasm are not the fires of the zealot, the fanatic, which burn to ash and destroy! Enthusiasm is balance! Enthusiasm is a positive, conscious progression but the feeling is always governed by the Presence of the Divine! Enthusiasm is contagious, even as is doubt and fear! Be careful that which you carry in your feeling world, for contagion through the feelings has been the creation or ruin of every Golden Age as well as the foundation of every magnificent spiritual and physical perfection!


Some of you are spiritual incendiaries! The fire of enthusiasm is in your heart. The powers of the Sacred Fire are within the compass of your being and to you is given all! Enjoy the radiation of Light; that Light which comes from those who wield the Sacred Fire, the sweet anointing and benediction of which will survive and remain long after all is gathered into the Oneness!"



* * *



October 2013