Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

December 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM the Presence of the Sacred Fire of Divine Compassionate Love, transmuting all misqualified energy everywhere and replacing it with Divine Cosmic Love, Wisdom and Power.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...manifestation of the Divine Plan fulfilled for each and every one of earth's children! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *  


How matter-of-factly does the average person accept the various elements that are their being… the components of the Universe? Let us consider the Element of Air. In its highest form it is sometimes referred to as “Prana”. Sometimes it is acknowledged as the Essence of the Breath of the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit? Humanity, prone to form, feels the dispenser to be an individualized being… then we endeavor to understand the Oneness of all Life. How do we then define “Oneness”? Let us again contemplate the Air Element. Is it the gentle breeze which wafts through the atmosphere causing the leaves to gently flutter on their branches, or a tornado in its dynamic manner, which uproots trees, vegetation, buildings and so on? Do you realize that the superfluous use of words – whether tonal, written, or transference of thought, is the mis-use of the Air Element? 

Let us now consider the Fire Element and its various services, the highest form humanity refers to as the Sacred Fire of the Sun, which gives nourishment to the fruits of the fields and is the source of all Life… Yet, is not the Element of Fire a component of your being, as the warmth of that element flows through your garment from the Flame within your heart? If the Flame within your heart expired you would cease to have embodiment on this Earth, of which you are also a part. 

Is not the same true of the air? It is the Breath of Life which regularizes your performance as an individualized lifestream. Are you an island… an island in the great Sea of Infinity? I think not... just feel the Oneness of all Life. 

The Four Elements, as you presently know them, are part of all. Let us now reflect on the Element of Water – sometimes overwhelming waterfalls, sometimes trickling streams and gently falling rain… the very element that comprises the highest portion of your physical body, and the highest portion of our planet Earth… the very essence of your emotional body. 

Why are we considering these components? For the simple reason that humanity puts so much attention on material things. Humanity’s consciousness does appear in what you call three dimensional “form” in conjunction with feeling and action. All of the Heavenly Realms are in a state of consciousness having risen above an individualized Being to whom you often give a specific name, who can and does serve in various ways along many avenues of Truth. The chelas are still prone to thinking of this realm as “form”. That is true at times, as they can assume form when necessary, but the principle I am endeavoring to anchor more deeply into your consciousness is that they primarily serve as dispensers of Light, assigned or voluntarily, and accept the position as a channel for some specific phase of Truth to assist our brothers and sisters to raise their consciousness to the level where there is no separation between celestial and terrestrial. Accepting that, you will then begin to understand the Oneness of Life to which we directly focus our attention as it is a specific project of this year – the Unity of All Life in All Realms. Let God, Love and Life in its myriad forms comprise the whole Universe. May all humanity come to realize the Oneness of All Life. 

As you are embraced in Divine Love, every part of Life is enfolded to some degree in the Light and Grace of the Holy Spirit.




As the Cosmic Holy Spirit for this Planet, I AM the Breath within your nostrils and the power that makes your body move, your mind to think, and your will to express in action. This Life Breath is the Power by which you LIVE and WORK and SERVE. 

Therefore, everything that you think you do, I in reality within your being, do it using your cloak of flesh as a conductor of the Divine. Before you plunge into each day's activities, silently say: 

"One Universal Consciousness of all Life, work through me this day so that I may be a perfect instrument for the expansion of Good upon this Earth." 

Feel what that means, and then relax and know that the Presence of I AM… will do easily what you, through human effort, could not accomplish in a lifetime… until you are the True Representatives of the Divine upon the Earth.




When one looks at the magnificent structure of a suspension bridge, we see the supports which hold it in place and thinks of the strength of the material which comprises it. Further, we know that the substance is not rigid, but pliable, in order that it may cooperate with the elements as well as the weight which it must carry, which, of course, varies with the movement and weather conditions. 

The same is true of the nature of humanity. It must be strong to withstand the effluvia and the karma with which it is buffeted from time to time. The nature of humanity has been created by our own fashioning of thoughts and deeds and the various concepts which we have stored up through the eras. This nature must be taken into consideration as to how it measures up with the Divine Nature of the Christ Presence, and the necessary steps must then be taken through the use of the Sacred Fire for the changing of the patterns which have been built into the lower vehicles, in order that the sojourns on the Planet will result in building into our nature the Divine Virtues which are our destiny to express. 

In the case of the chela, particularly when we realize our purpose in the evolutionary plan, if we will not be pliable, and are rigid in our dealings with others, inflicting upon them our way of doing things, when governed by the lower self, much discord will result in our 'stanchions', and the supports of our 'bridge of light' will be weakened. If we shut our consciousness and will not listen to the ideas of others, we run the risk of the opinionated who believes themself to be without error or flaw, and this seriously impedes our own Spiritual progress. When we learn to Love all life from the Divine premise, we will be tolerant and invoke the Christ Self to separate the wheat from the chaff and in this way will further our Spiritual Evolution. 

As the Spiritual Hierarchy have repeatedly counseled, the wise chela will insulate themself in the Mantle of Light upon arising, asking always that the Christ Self be the only acting Presence in their being and world. If this is done continually, the lower self will recede and the Christ will be in control, and this will bring about greater harmony, not only in our immediate world, but in that of others with whom we associate be it in business, spiritual activity, or in our home and affairs. 

Within the Divine Presence reap the rich harvest of Spiritual Gifts waiting to be released from your own glorious Causal Body.




In its purest form… service is meditation… a circle of joy...





Great numbers have gathered together and in the Power of the Violet Fire have asked for release, but how many have first entered into the Sacred Heart Chamber and forgiven all of life? That is the efficacy in its use for you. It shall be done unto you according as you do unto others. 

The Cosmic Law is so impersonal and yet so practical. What you desire to receive from others, you must, of your own free will GIVE first, and then you shall receive it!

During this year when the Violet Fire needs to be flowing forth in accelerated intensity, the wise chela avails himself of the Transmuting Power of Divine Love and Mercy. How many of you have really used, in its full sense, these Affirmation:  

I AM the Divine Law of Forgiveness, Forgetfulness and Transmuting Flame of all misuse of Life's energy by all humanity and every living thing, its cause, effect, record and memory upon life anywhere;


I AM the Divine Cosmic Law of Forgiveness, Forgetfulness and Transmutation of every wrong I have ever imposed upon any part of life: human, Angelic, elemental or Celestial (either through sins of commission or omission);


I AM the Presence of the Sacred Fire of Divine Compassionate Love in my heart, forgiving all misqualified energy everywhere and replacing it with Divine Cosmic Love, Wisdom, Power and Victory of the expression of the Divine Plan fulfilled for each and every one of earth's children and all life evolving in, through and around this planet, now made manifest and sustained by Grace… 

Think deeply upon what is presented here, and find the Forgiving Love which is within the hearts of each of you.


I counsel you to start your day in reverence to the One… to the Flame of Truth, which is Perfection. Face each lifestream you contact in a tensionless manner with the Flame of Perfection between you, and looking through that see the Truth (the Immaculate Concept) of that lifestream. Do not give credence to any false appearance of the momentum of energy that appears imperfect, for when you recognize, when you rebel, when you allow your Divine energy to be stirred by any of those manifestations, you have ignored for the moment the True One Universal Consciousness. 

The Essence of Truth, Beloved Pallas Athena, awaits the slightest whisper from your hearts and responds instantly by bathing you in the magnificent Flame of Truth. Remember that she is objective, she is forthright, but she is all-loving in her discipline, and, every lifestream must stand at her threshold to learn Truth, before their Victorious Accomplishment in the Light!


 * * *  

Perpetual Peace 

The substance of this communication today is PEACE! It is apropos and it is essential that the illumined chelas daily send forth powerful energy toward this accomplishment. 

As stated many times before… direct your attention to assisting this Planet Earth and her people to a state of harmonious living, which can only come about when the governments of this planet cease striving for supremacy, one over the other. 

As it has often been stated the cause and cores of hatred and fear must be removed through the Flames of Transmutation and Purification otherwise a cessation of hostilities will not be of a lasting nature. 

People all over the Earth are calling within their hearts for Peace, Love and Tranquility but there are multitudes who are not completely and fully illumined and all they require is some rabble rouser to incite their emotions and they blindly join the crowd in any adversarial cause not giving consideration to the outcome! 

Peace comes through understanding and tolerance and at this crucial hour not only do all enlightened people but also the heads of the various governments require Divine Illumination to stem the rising tide of a world conflagration where contempt breeds further hate and fear. 

As you are aware the Angels of Transmutation render tremendous assistance in clearing away the rampant hatred and fear, allowing the Divine Will to express in a more expanded manner. I know within my Heart that a word to the dear and faithful chelas will result in a further concerted action toward the cause of World Peace, through transmutation and purification, permitting inroads to be made of the Divine Virtues of Tolerance, Understanding and Love of all sentient beings. 

May the Peace of the Holy Spirit be upon you, and all the people of this Earth!




It is very important that you should bear in mind the glorious Activity of Pure Divine Love, for it is Love which is the cohesive and sustaining power of all activities. It is through its acceptance and use that you will expand our evolution. Oh, the sweetness of Pure Divine Love cannot be expressed in words of the tongue, for it is the feeling which emanates from the Heart of Love which is the motivating Power of All-Good. However one must always remember that this is not just a pleasant feeling flowing through one's being, but it is the positive, strong sustaining Radiation which is of One Universal Consciousness… having issued from the Heart Center of Creation… dispensed so freely by the Supreme Source of All to be the magnet which expands the Borders of Perfection… here, there and everywhere… for All Eternity. 

Appeal to the remarkable advocates of the Activity of Pure Divine Love, to assist you in entering more deeply within the Flaming Heart of Divine Creation.




New Year’s Conference 2013-2014

Theme:  Everlasting Peace 

It is our privilege to inform you that The New Year’s Conference celebrating the incoming year of 2014 will be held from Monday, December 30, 2013 through Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at our International Headquarters in Payson, Arizona, USA. Services begin on Monday, December 30 and continue on through December 31 (celebrating the release of the energies of this year and welcoming in and anchoring of the new energies for 2014) and conclude on Wednesday, January 1st with a morning Cup service. Pre-registration for the conference is required as space is very limited and will include catered lunches. Registration deadline: 12/11/13. 

We will be holding our Annual General Membership Meeting (for Full and Associate Members only) on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 promptly at 3:00 PM at The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Headquarters, 1005 North Beeline Highway, Payson, AZ 85541.  

All members, subscribers, co-servers and lightworkers are invited to attend the conference and to come together in unity and cooperation for the highest good of our planet Earth and all life. Those of you who have attended the New Year’s Conference celebrations in the past are aware of the magnificent opportunity to anchor and expand the Thoughtform and Theme for the New Year. Registration forms can be found on our website. 


New Year’s Symposium & Conference 2013-2014 ~ (tentative schedule) 


Mon, 12/30/13

Tue, 12/31/13

Wed, 1/1/14


10:00 AM

Peace Meditation


10:00 AM

Supplemental Service


10:00 AM 

Cup Service



12:30 PM – Lunch


12:30 - Catered Lunch


Noon - Catered Lunch





3:00 PM

Transmission Flame




7:00 PM

Petition Service


7:00 PM

Silent Meditation










Supplemental Service