Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

February 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


With every breath I AM filled with the serene feeling of gratitude that I awaken each day to the renewed opportunity to continue to fulfill my Divine Plan… as I AM a blessing to all life. 


Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...a deep abiding grace and Love for all life! (3x) 

*The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Meditation ~ Precipitation

Welcome dear ones the theme of this meditation is: “Realization”. What does that mean? In general it means that a plan or ideal you treasured in your mind and feelings finally manifests in the world of form. Often it is the acquirement of large amounts of money that finally manifests at the near end of the embodiment after which the individual finds out that his or her beneficiary is wasting the heritage. So what was the use of a lifetime of labor? The key part of realization is “real”, and “reality”. So what is real? There are only two realities. The first one is consciousness - I AM THAT I AM, I exist; and the second one is - Here and Now… I AM always here and now. The rest is changing. The here and now can be in a male or female body, in between embodiments… but I AM always here and now for all eternity. However, the consciousness is expanding and so is the field of endeavor. The consciousness of an insect is very limited. It grows within an animal, it expands even further in a human being and continues to grow into an ascended master and on and on in ever greater Cosmic endeavors. So let us focus our attention to realize something that will last between embodiments and expands forever onwards. And what is that…? Qualities!!! Love, compassion, power to heal, patience, gratitude, illumination, courage, faith, joy, that grows into the joy of service, peace, etc., etc., etc. These are our real friends, our tools which will expand indefinitely when we give them our attention. Hence these meditations and visualizations... They serve to show us to make clear thoughtforms, which we energize with our feelings. Now let us each take one specific quality which we treasure very much and visualize for the next few minutes this quality radiating forth from us with full force. Become that quality...  Let your world be this quality... There is nothing beyond this quality. Inbreathe it... expand it... become it...  (Pause).  Breathe in... and breathe out..... Bring your attention slowly back to the sanctuary...


Divine qualities are developed as everything else is: by experimenting with energy, vibration and consciousness. Some are very familiar to you, because you worked with them during many lifetimes, others are more difficult to attain, due to lack of practice. All are necessary to become a balanced divine being, but they don’t need to be equally developed. Also here free will choice is the deciding factor.


Just like a painter is selecting the colors they need to outpicture their creativity on the canvas, so is the Holy Christ Self-selecting the most beautiful combination of faculties and qualities to outpicture their divine plan in the world of form. The choices of your creativity decide which path upwards on the mountain of attainment you will go and who will be your supporters. Free will is a beautiful gift when it is stripped of human tendencies.  Divine qualities are energies as you know and they are always expressing themselves in the outer and inner levels. You also know, that energy does not act by itself; it always needs a consciousness to direct it. Qualities already have a consciousness of their own, so they always try to manifest themselves in the worlds of form. The energies of the divine qualities are forming the bridge between the octaves of light and the three dimensional world.  

When you work with them on a daily base alone, and rhythmically in a group activity, the Ascended and Cosmic Beings are able and allowed to strengthen and augment them for the greater good.  However, when the initial impetus diminishes, also the energy in the higher octaves weakens. Therefore keep your efforts strong and regular to secure this ongoing service to life.  

And yet, with love all becomes easy and possible. Love is the keynote of all the divine qualities in this universe. It is the cohesive power, which keeps the atoms and electrons together in joyful cooperation. What does love look like? It is a pink energy, which emanates a strong attracting activity. Like a magnet attracts metals of a certain kind, so does love attracts vibrations of the same kind: cells of a certain kind, organs of a certain kind, and levels of a certain kind. It is all love, claiming its own and putting these conglomerates of the same vibration where they should be in the divine plan of the cell, organ, body, organization, etc. However it is the free will of any self-conscious being, which can alter the divine structure that love provides. Hence the importance to surrender human will before you can enter into the activity of divine creation. It is not always necessary to “DO” something. Even when you are alone, sitting in the silence you create… receiving ideas and eventually making plans. When you focus on a specific principle, you enhance its influence in the world of form.  

Let us now start with a project we can continue with later if you wish. Something you want to dedicate your energy to for the rest of this embodiment. It can be the healing of a disease you suffered for such a long time; regaining vitality; becoming the embodiment of a virtue or quality; becoming an exponent of a certain service. Everything is possible, but take care that it is for the highest good of all concerned. There is a specific process to manifest your plan: 

The Four Steps: 1. Conceive clearly your desire or plan. 2. Write down your plan. 3. Visualize your plan completed. 4. Read and review your plan often.   

* 20 Points to Remember Daily

The Five Imperatives: it is imperative that... 1.  You do not discuss your plan with anyone. (Prevent negative energies of others to delay or destroy your project) 2. You do not doubt or fear. 3. You do not mix human elements with your plan. 4. You do not acknowledge a condition less than God. 5. You do not have a set time for your manifesting.   

The Six Things You Must Know and Feel: 1. that your ability to create is God's attribute of sight. 2. That God's Life and Power are acting within you. 3. That God is the DOER, the DOING and the DEED. 4. That when you decide to create a thing, it is God acting. 5. That the greater the intensity of your visualization and feeling, the quicker your picture will manifest. 6. That when you use all the constructive processes, it is impossible to fail.  

There Is No Opposition, Delay or Failure: are the Law of God. 2. Perfection manifests instantly. 3. There is no delay or failure, when you accept the Divine Plan. 

Your Desire Is a Command To Appear Now: 1. God acts through you. 2. When you see, God sees and this seeing is a COMMAND to appear NOW!!!  

For the next few minutes I like you to find out what you wish to manifest in your world. If you are already working with an idea, explore it further and perfect it more. If you have not, visualize what you want to precipitate. However be sure that it is only one thing... one thing at the time, because you do not want to dissipate the energy. Perfect it till it manifest in the world of form for everyone to see. Then you have proven the law. Put your love and dedication in this meditation. (Pause) Breathe in... and breathe out.... slowly bring your attention back to the sanctuary. 

All new inventions and plans to enhance the comfort of the human race are realized in this way. The law is - all changes on a plane of existence have to be done by the dwellers on that plane of existence. The masters have to direct their energies through the chela who is willing and able to use his or her vehicles to make the changes. It all depends upon us. So let’s ‘keep on, keeping on’.




Children of the Light:

In consultation with Beloved Æolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit, concerning the privilege of releasing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to the peoples of the Earth, we unfurl a precious scroll and present its message to assist you on your Path toward Ultimate Fulfillment. 

 On this Scroll the words inscribed are "Practicing the Presence" these words are precipitated directly from the One Universal Consciousness.  

It is through impression, inspiration and sometimes implication that the Divine Edicts of the Universal Cosmos must be imparted into the lives of the chela to forward the word of the Spiritual Truths. 

In this year when the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame is accelerated by the dedicated Energies of the Beloved Ascended and Cosmic Beings who serve with the Violet Fire, we believe that this added stimulus should spur you on to prove your love for the Seventh Ray and its glorious service to this Planet and all her evolutions... this sweet Earth which is loved so dearly. 

When all become so interested in the Way of the Presence that they desire to accept the Presence as the Doer, the Doing and the Deed, the vibratory action of the Presence could actually impress the feeling nature, the thought formation and draw the outer self and the Presence into an intelligent and harmonious partnership... the Presence of every sentient being has accepted the Law of Universal Oneness and the fullness of Divine Will for all humanity... and when each man, woman and child listens to the True Voice and feeling of the Presence there will be no discrepancy in the out- picturing of its Perfection. 

The most subtle part of "The Practice of the Presence" comes in the pride of the human self and the law of discrimination in distinguishing the prompting of the Presence from the desires of the outer nature that shall externalize. There is a testing ground for each such vibration released by which any soul, developed or otherwise, can know what force is acting, and this testing ground is Harmony, Peace and Love. If that is present within the thought, the plan, the design within the feeling, it has come from the Spiritual Essence of the Presence to be embodied in the physical world. When the Presence and the outer self are as One, you can proceed with greater expansion of Perfection.


* * * 

Despite our beliefs,

identities limit us ~

I AM limitless...


* * * 

Love Precipitation 

Precipitation is very, very simple. You are precipitating with every breath, and your precipitation occurs when you send forth the idea, and it manifests exactly in the form that you have decreed. Be very careful of your thoughts when you express the desire to have something manifest, because you create a pattern which is set by your energy. 

One of the first lessons to be learned and applied is reverence for life, and when you have reverence for life you Love life. It is very simple.  

Love must be felt in every fiber of your being. It cannot be diluted by human thinking. That is an entirely different expression and is not part of pure Divine Love. Take a moment, safeguard your thoughts... Are you centered in the very heart of your being? 

Blessed ones, precipitation is going on, and has been going on, every time you send forth a thought. Thought, coupled with words and deeds, manifest exactly as you have sent the idea forth. Is that not simple? You may love an individual, and the individual feels that love, and you say “I love you”. But that love is tempered by your thoughts. The day is at hand and must come, when you love all life with a deep abiding Grace. Grace, which dwells within, is a Divine gift and with that Grace from the very center of your being, you can bless all life. 

Always know that there is a great learning process in attaining degrees of love. The time is at hand to experience from within, from the center of your being, all-encompassing love. That love shall go forth throughout the Universe – expanding, continually expanding, until it entirely embraces all life. 

As we have told you so many times, all Truth is simple. Know, from this moment forward, that with every breath you are blessing all life with the Grace of the Holy Spirit. Feel that unction flowing through your being. It is flowing through each of you to anoint all life.  

Realize there is no separation in life and as any part of life accepts that love, no matter to what degree, it shall nourish them and they shall feel a stirring within their beings. A feeling of love will bless every aspect of life. 

Know that Precipitation occurs at all times and blesses all life without limit. 

Hold in your consciousness that you are precipitation in the Light of the One Universal Consciousness, of which you are one cell, and that Light shall bless ALL life everywhere.


* * *


What you are afraid to do is a clear indicator of the next thing you need to do…


* * *

Joyful Purpose

Greetings dear chelas, I offer you the feeling of the Cosmic Flame of Happiness in abundant measure. That glorious activity is within your being... you do experience it spasmodically, but it is my heartfelt desire that its essence will flow from you at all times.

True Happiness, relatively speaking, is not often experienced by the average individual, and yet it is within our reach at all times. The reason is that we often look to externals for this state of being, when all we have to do is withdraw our consciousness from the outer and enter the One Universal Consciousness wherein the Gift of Happiness dwells.

Consider a carefree child running with the soft breeze caressing and tousling their hair, and you witness an expression of Happiness. 

To experience Happiness does not mean that one has to be in an apparent state of elation, but it is the calm feeling of the essence of Love Divine which flows through one who is anchored within the Christ as they go about their daily activities. It is truly a magnificent blessing to others to be a radiating center of Happiness, for that love flowing through you journeys throughout the Universe to anoint all life. 

The Cosmic Reservoir of all life holds within its Matrix all the Happiness that could be required to bring a state of harmony to all life ...paradise upon the Planet. 

I would like to draw your attention to a very important activity which should be a part of your living... Do you, beloved ones, awaken each day with a feeling of gratitude that you are being given another opportunity to fulfill some portion of the Divine Plan? And, at the close of day do you send forth a reverent, humble prayer that you have sustained this privilege?      

Yes, there are many days that you do follow this pattern, but if you would make this a daily ritual, you would find the accelerated vibratory action of your being was well worth the few moments required to turn your attention to, and enter into your True Beings. 

You truly can all be the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus… the fragrance of the radiation infiltrating the earth at all times… to restore her to the Divine Purpose for which she was so ordained…

 * * *  

LOVE is less concerned

with posture, ritual and law –

than what's in your heart...



 * * * 



March 2013