Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

March 2013

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I make every breath I take a blessing, knowing in the Unity of the One Consciousness that this will affect every part of life… and I remain centered within the radiation of the I AM Consciousness as I assist all sentient life on their journey home.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...the Truth of Life so it may manifest in the world of form! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Only Love 

Always wearing a garment of Love, that Pink Flame, that Holy Essence, enfolding all life bringing everyone closer to their inner presence I AM, for I AM is I AM everywhere. To sustain healing, one must dwell in faith, in love and accept the great gift bestowed upon them. Oh beloved ones of the One Light, what a privilege you have to have knowledge of healing and the Great Presence of Life within. For you know it is your assignment on this planet to bring peace, and peace is always enfolded in Love. Peace is unity, the One Spirit of the Divine, completely enveloping this globe. There is no true separation of state, country, race or religion. For in Oneness, we know all hearts are joined as One. The greatest lesson one can learn is that I AM dwells within. And it is within that acceptance that one goes forward in the Light acting as a magnet, a wayshower to all sentient beings.  

Dear hearts of Light, everywhere, I acknowledge the Presence of God within. Accept this simple message and go forth knowing always that you are a servant of Light and in so doing that Light within your being expands, and the mighty fountain of life, this blessed Earth, is enfolded in Love, in Peace and in Light.  

* * * 

Remember that Truth never changes although sometimes it may appear to be complicated because of humanity’s desire to intellectualize and analyze the Truth. The higher the Truth, the more simple it is, but humanity likes to complicate simple Truth, falsely believing that it will become more profound. Return to the Source and know the Truth that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! 

Is that not simple? It is very simple in that it is an uncomplicated Truth, but very difficult in that it is at times almost impossible to believe and apply to life all around you.

If you live a life of unconditional love, and genuinely and sincerely see only the Light of all sentient beings, you will come to realize the Oneness of all life, and that indeed it is true that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! 

Love is a circle whose center is everywhere, for every fiber of your Being is vibrating with Love, every planet is held in its orbit by Love, and every blade of grass sings a song of Love. 

Only love can open the Higher Realms within, and without the Love vibration radiating through your being these Higher Realms will not be part of your awareness. But you hold the key and that key is LOVE! Do not waste or dissipate your energy by being unloving – for you are a vital part of the One Divine Consciousness… all of one essence. 

You are loved, and you would be so happy if you, beloved ones, would only think loving thoughts, speak loving words, do loving things… and just be loving. There is neither time nor space for un-loveliness in your life.  

Let go of the shadow world, and return to the Source, and know the simple Truth that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!



In remembrance of Life Time Member

William Oles

who made his transition from this

earthly plane on February 2, 2013 


Meditation ~ Decree 3-08

Sacred Tone of the Seventh Ray 

          *Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire

          All causes and cores not of God's desire!

          I AM a being of cause alone...

          That cause is Love, the Sacred Tone! (*3x)

Breathe it in… and breathe it out… 

Quietly center yourself. Allow your breathing to deepen and expand… Feel the cool breath of life flow through your nostrils and down your throat, as it enters and fills your lungs...  Focus on the sacred essence of the Violet Fire as it is drawn deeply within and then expands flowing forth throughout your entire body… As you continue to focus on your breathing see the very substance of the air you draw in as brilliantly glowing violet light… as you inhale this light pervades all the cells and molecules of your body... As you exhale it increases and expands the intensity of the light within and around you. As this takes place feel your consciousness amplify and rise to ever-higher planes. Beloved ones, as you hold your attention responsive to this violet light see it move in, through and around you… allow the ascent of your consciousness to increase and endure! 

Contemplating deep within this illumination, a beautiful sanctuary appears. Instantaneously you perceive it as the Essence of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness, for you have journeyed often to this sacred and holy place during times of sleep and meditation. As you progress deeper and deeper within this essence you begin to feel the warmth of the deep violet light that always enfolds these virtues and its spirit, and you are gratified to once more experience this…  

You envision many magnificent domains filled with gentle etheric cosmic elemental beings... Gently winding through these exquisite spaces you ultimately arrive at the sacred Way of Supreme Harmony… The atmosphere all around you is charged with hosts of Violet Fire beings who playfully swirl in unison and harmony to the serene music that fills the air... These beings of light embrace you and lovingly support your desire to continue your journey with respect to the Essence of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation and Forgiveness. 

All about you appears to merge into Oneness… this leads you to the universe you seek. You immediately become aware of the greatly intensified activity of purification taking place all around you. Your physical body, your etheric body, your mental body, your emotional body… in fact the entire spiritual being of light you are is now bursting with Violet Transmuting Flames… you feel a new lightness of spirit and a renewed freedom of mind and body. With the continued support of all the Violet Fire Beings of Light you are clothed in a magnificent aura of Violet Light and effortlessly find yourself floating freely upward toward ultimate transformation and perfection…                    (Pause) 

As you draw near… the vastness expands and you find yourself within the Great, Great Silence filled with the boundless essence of countless higher spiritual beings who at times serve with you in the physical world of form. The atmosphere is one of mystical joy, love and peace and you sense that you would like to remain in this space eternally.           (Pause) 

You are surrounded by an etheric sea that holds the magnificence of the Sacred Violet Fire… unable to contain the full essence of this bequest to life, the numerous flames from the lightest violet shades to the deepest royal purple rise up and fill the atmosphere of this retreat… and flow along the ground as this liquid light substance fills the ethers. You begin to feel yourself filled more and more with the qualities of forgiveness, compassion, transmutation and freedom…  

Merging with the flame, you move deep within the fire and gratefully opening your arms, hold yourself in a posture of grace and acceptance. Observing the movement of the flame, you see a shape taking form. It is a luminous presence from within the flame that holds forth a bowl, which is being offered to you. 

With anticipation and joy, you reach out to accept the gift. As your hands encircle the bowl your entire being fills with gratitude and love. Drawing the bowl towards you, you look within it and see an iridescent aquamarine liquid through which the light of the Violet Flame creates a luminosity of all the colors of the rays, gently moving throughout the substance contained within. The Violet Flame itself is revealed in the liquid as it is permeating the substance with its essence of purification and transmutation…           (Pause) 

Slowly you raise the bowl and drink deeply of this elixir. Immediately you feel energized as this purifying essence slowly flows through your body permeating every cell of your being. You are empowered by the faith, strength and perfection you feel moving outward throughout your head, arms and legs… You feel the healing power of love as this sacred essence moves in and around your heart... As your heart opens to receive this blessing and – as it releases and expands – you release this blessing out to all life around you… Feeling the purity of your purpose and the purification of your intent this energy now flows freely throughout your lower bodies, into your aura, throughout the vicinity and beyond merging with the liquid light substance you have transversed through since your arrival. 

Continuing you close your eyes and remaining in a prayerful position, you express your gratitude for this opportunity to the powers of the Seventh Ray of Purification, and to the Violet Fire which has so willingly been your guide during this process of transmutation. Looking once again into the flames you return the iridescent bowl to the Violet Fire of Purification and observe how the colors of the rays now boldly blaze forth adding to the flame. Filled with a love unlike anything you have ever known you hear the voice of Compassion and Mercy: 

“In the purity and love of the true light of your being you are the light of the world! You are the gift to all humanity! You are the blessing of the One Universal Consciousness manifest in the world of form. Embrace and cherish this truth, beloved one! You have the ability to receive all and you have everything to give. Hold the essence of this divine truth deep within and allow it to be you… for it is you. You are a blessing to all humanity!” 

As you slowly begin to return your attention to your physical location, you truly understand that this truth applies not only to you, but to all humanity upon this planet; and you happily look forward to receiving the many blessings of the One Universal Consciousness that always surround you. (Pause) 


*Transmute, transmute by VIOLET FIRE

          All causes and cores not of God's desire!

          I AM a being of cause alone...

          That cause is LOVE, the SACRED TONE! (*3x) 

Breathe it in… and breathe it out…

I accept it done, as a child of the SEVENTH RAY...

So Be it…. Beloved I AM that I AM…   (Pause)

Taking a deep breath in and gently exhaling you slowly begin to return to your physical body and location… breathing in deeply… and breathing out gently you begin to slowly move your hands and feet… with each breath you continue to stretch and move a little bit more… finally when you are ready… you open your eyes… You are grateful and pleased to have returned to where your journey began today…                  Namaste… 

* * *

Unity of Truth 

Feel yourself enveloped in a Mantle of Peace and Love as you refine your lower vehicles through the use of the Sacred Fire of Transmutation. 

As you proceed on your appointed path, be it in the spiritual or earthly field; remember daily the following often reiterated blessings: 

Every Breath you take should be one of Blessing, knowing in the Unity of Consciousness what affects one part of Life, affects all. Remain centered in I AM Consciousness so the Radiation flowing constantly from your Being will assist all sentient beings to a higher state of Consciousness. 

Accept the Love and Peace which is sent to you and be at ONE with the higher Consciousness which is available for all to appreciate and use in the higher Spheres of Light. 

* * * 

Your gentle goodness is your ultimate self-mastery. See only that which is good and beautiful around you, and offer energy only to that which conforms to the Law of Goodness. Think, speak and act only according to the Law of Goodness. 

Your goodness and your inner harmony is your ultimate protection, as the return currents of your thoughts, words and deeds enfold you in an ever expanding forcefield of protection. 

You are the center of the universe you create by use of your free will and the center of this universe is always supreme harmony. From this center, where I AM, hold the immaculate concept of beauty and goodness for all your brothers and sisters. It becomes easier with continual and constant practice, I promise you.  

* * * 

Observe the Truth of Life and Resurrection all around you. Observe the Truth of the Will of God manifesting through all the Realms of Nature, through every bird song, every blade of grass, every tree, and every flower. Observe the Truth and then become the Truth, gently unfolding according to your own Divine Blueprint, unencumbered by the lower will of the three dimensional world. 

Observe how humanity has developed trust in the Truth of the seasons, in the Truth of the sunrise, and in the Truth of the sunset. Be True to yourself, for there are those who Trust you! 

* * * 

The River of Life carries your boat along, but it is not the river that holds any perils for you! It is your own Free Will which holds the perils. If you are prepared to forfeit your free will and surrender totally to the Divine Will, the River of Life will lead you through the turbulent waters, through the still waters, and into the pastures of peace. 

Your courage can overcome your discouragement, and on this wave of the energy of courage you will be lifted higher and higher until no passing cloud hides the Sun. When you master your fears completely, then the courage rises up on gracious wings of serene power, and descends again into the visible plain on gentle wings of beauty. 

Let go and let God, and Self-Mastery will be yours. This is a Victory that can be yours always, the Victory over your own lower self. 

Let go and let God and by Divine Grace know thy True Self.



* * *


April 2013