Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

July 2013

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I AM profoundly, completely and unconditionally Loving all life… all elements that embrace any manifestation, by delving into the Heart of its being and experiencing the Oneness of all existence.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting  

...the true essence of loving all life free! (3x)

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * *  


Any activity to be really effective must carry the radiation of Love, because we know this is the cohesive Power of the Universe. Without Love any service or activity is not lasting… one must Love all life, all the elements which comprise any manifestation, by going deeper into the Heart of its being and experiencing the Oneness of all Life. Accept this Truth in your feeling worlds and you will have learned the true essence of loving all life free!


* * *


Expanding Truth 

The ascent of consciousness from level to level reveals an entirely new and more expanded aspect of Truth as the spiritual horizon is widened, the intensity of Light is increased and the capacity of the aspiring soul expanded. 

Consider the illustration of a ladder placed against a wall in which small openings have been cut at the various heights. You can visualize an individual ascending that ladder slowly and looking through the apertures to the horizon on the other side - each ascent of a rung enabling you to see through the corresponding opening in the wall a greater vista, revealing to you more information and a wider horizon and giving you a truer state of being on the other side of the wall. 

The confusion of philosophy and religion is due to the fact that there are individuals at various stages of ascent and each one, though truly reporting the picture as they see it, gives a report of the view according to their particular place upon the evolutionary ladder. Our evolutionary ascent, however, is more complicated than the physical example because the ascent is in consciousness into increasing stages of awareness, and each ascent raises the soul into a place of greater brilliance of light which is so dazzling to the inner sight that no form nor semblance of the conditions within that strata to which we have newly ascended can be distinguished until the aspiring consciousness has become accustomed to the expansion of our own Inner Light and its surrounding radiation. 

When the soul's Light within has expanded to a point where the brilliance of the Light of the new sphere is tempered we can then live easily and freely in this higher realm and find it peopled with Intelligences and forms expressive of the particular sphere's vibration. After we have accumulated all the knowledge and truth of that sphere determined by our own Light, mind you, we again are filled with an impelling force that projects us upward into a more exalted state of consciousness where, again, we must become accustomed to the brilliance of that sphere before we can distinguish the Truth that is within it. 

In the early stages of spiritual evolution, this journey is more or less confusing and seems to fill one's mind and consciousness with contradictions and uncertainty, but as we rise it becomes more or less of a Divine adventure that never ceases to intensify the feelings as new horizons stretch on ahead even to Infinity. 

Keep your consciousness ever on high, for the rewarding vistas will fill your soul with Beauty, Harmony, Illumination and the ever-increasing Radiation of Perfection.





I AM… two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.






How you are loved dear friends for your constancy in carrying on the expansion of the Bridge of Light over which the peoples of this Earth shall walk into the Freedom of the higher spheres! 

It requires tremendous effort for the bridge builders in the world of form to construct a physical span which will carry the weight of humans and vehicles in safety from one destination to another. A mighty service these structural workers render, but greater still is the service which beneficial lifestreams give as they lend their efforts to the spiritual illumination of the humankind of Earth, to make easier their pathway on the arduous journey to ultimate Freedom in the Light!  

Harmony is the keynote by which humanity finds their True Identity, and the more one uses music in their daily life, the easier will be their way. Musical vibration does flow from the lifestream who goes about joyously performing daily routines, for every radiation which is harmonious expresses the electrons going forth as a stream of light, each carrying the tone and vibration of the sender… their individual keynote. 

We often speak of a Blessing to life and every human perceives that statement in a different manner... What does a Blessing mean to you? It should be the acceptance of a Divine Release from the Higher Realms... it is an anointing or the expansion of a Divine quality. 

Some reflect that it is a release of Divine Love... true... but usually a Blessing is the enfolding Radiation which enables the recipient to expand a gift which they now have, or can develop. 

It is an opportunity for a chela to expand the borders of the Higher Realms - and when a Blessing is sent forth it is the Radiation of the Christ within - thus do all Blessings come from the Heart of Divinity. 

In releasing a Blessing to life one builds a beautiful constructive momentum which will serve them well in making the adjustment in the Inner Realms, and when assigned service after crossing the Bridge into the greater Light - we will find that momentum will enable us to fulfill the purpose or reason for being! 

I shall now conclude with the counsel to be "in tune with the Infinite" so that the service which the Spiritual Essence wishes to send forth to the Earth and her evolutions during these times will be accomplished through your conscious and willing participation. 





Let the Crystal Ray of Divine Illumination fill your minds this day and dissolve the shadows of human concepts, opinions, and confusions. Let the full light of Divine Intelligence utilize the instrument of the brain structure and carry your endeavors, individually and collectively, towards positive and constructive manifestations! 

To offer instructions clearly is a beautiful talent; to receive them accurately is a major accomplishment, to draw the energies and substance of life together to follow those guidelines is the most commendable of all! 

It is a service to life, to clear away the substance and energy that is lodged in a lifestream through centuries of misqualified energy, to open the natural channel through which the Christ self may connect with the outer consciousness, and through the personal self, accomplish its Cosmic purpose. 

Every activity, like every individual, needs to have a heart and head. In the perfected spheres, the heart and head are ONE in purpose and feeling. It is our endeavor to establish an intelligent, conscious connection between the Higher Octave and yours, so that each chela entering into that “relationship” might communicate the Divine design and represent that purpose in the distinct field in which their respective abilities have placed them. 

Thus through illumined, conscious understanding the “head” would be efficacious in directing the energies of any who might choose to look toward it for assistance. Through the radiation of the Divine Love and the nurturing of the Divine qualities through the lifestreams chosen to “channel” the Divine Nature, we hope to nourish the chelas as the heart nourishes the body. 

To this end with great thought and care, some lifestreams are predominantly “mental” and others are mostly “feeling” cells in the body of this Universe. It is the blending and combining of these two elements that has caused some confusion in the consciousness of those within the “crucible” of this endeavor. 

The scattering of the spiritual seeds has borne beneficial fruit in the short matter of time… and most remarkable, the response has been from those desiring to participate in active service, not from the spiritual dilettantes who flit from “movement to movement” sipping the spiritual nectar of each unfolding flower, but desiring to contribute little or no energies in serving the Plan. 

When we have such an opportunity of receiving the proffered service of humankind, it cannot be over-emphasized that such a desire must be efficaciously met with suggested measures by which the lifestreams may cooperate with the divine endeavors and activities to life. By offering to draw together rhythmically those who have spiritually pledged themselves to encourage such service, it is divine desire to not only bless them through this Presence, but to enable them to bring the results of their endeavors in the field to the attention of the co-operative group, that the greatest assistance might be rendered the whole.  

If your endeavors are to bless the planet, let each become the fullness of their own Divine Nature, and approach each service not to press the strength of personal opinion or dogmatic and pedantic human will, but to be like a clear pane of glass through which the Spiritual Light of the Sun may flow, unobstructed, to nourish this movement, and all its component parts. 

Remember the responsiveness of noble souls is focused toward you over the entire universe for Love, for Wisdom, for Balance, for assistance, for manifest unity, patience, compassion, and understanding!  




Every human creates their own environment and fills it with the assets of their choice. This is the garden in which we dwell.


I propose you ponder a lesson from the garden of nature and see the compatibility of the numerous flowers, shrubs and trees. The illustration to be learned is that humanity can shape and transform their consciousness… we can thereby change our environment, and we can transmute any unpleasant or unconstructive thoughts and desires, for we know that beliefs and desires eventually outpicture. You cannot change other people through force, but you can certainly harmonize your own attitude towards others which will have an effect. 

I recommend that you fill your world with thoughts, ideas and emotions that are harmonious and abide in peace and love with all life. When this is accomplished, your surrounding environment will be a blessing to you and to all with whom you interact and this abundance will expand and develop within the Unity of Energy which blesses all life. 




True Light 

To the chelas of the New Age - the Ascended Aspects of Light have spoken with many words and in many voices… yet the message has been ONE… that the Divine Light burns, as it has done throughout Eternity, within the hearts of every living creature.  If you realize but this single Truth, then all endeavors have reached their goal. 

Though the single unutterable Truth of Creation is beyond the true expression of your world, and the understanding of the human mind cannot encompass the actual Grace of the Divine.  The truth offered is in reality but distant echoes of the thundering melodies of Divinity.  These truths are spiritual bridges, linking the planes of existence which the devotee soul may climb step by step into higher realms. 

Know this, and meditate upon the communications you receive, using this as tools of spiritual development, reaching into your heart and mind and illuminating within it the truths that you seek to bring into the consciousness of each one of you.  Like the early morning dew, these frail words evaporate beneath the force of the burning sun of spiritual energy that is the reality of the sublime Higher Beings.  As you look down you will see only the reflection of this glorious sun, glittering in those drops of water.  When the dew evaporates, as it must, you will see naught.  Then you must lift your eyes upwards, and direct our gaze upon the True Source of Light rather than focusing upon its reflection. 

I urge you to take into your Divine Consciousness the message that is behind these words.  Understand that we are all united in our highest vibrations and that the Spiritual serves all humanity in their search for Truth and Enlightenment for the Planet.  These teachings must be clear within your hearts. Follow faithfully the true promptings of your Christ self at all times, and I promise you that you will soar like birds through a clear sky.  

I AM is a Being of Fire, an expression of Light, a pulsation of the Flame of Divinity.  Join with this Sacred Fire, and become, in your own worlds, blazing beacons of Divine Light, knowing that all are One in service and essence.  


One often hears an individual say ‘How I wish I could be like that!’ An aspiration can be the answer… all one has to do is use the same positively qualified energy and bring into manifestation the example we desire to exhibit… you can, if you follow this simple directives… 

Be a Light Bearer… a Beacon to all with whom you come in contact!

You can display the perfect example of a chela… the way it is in the Higher Realms at all times, realizing that any imperfection is just the outpicturing of your prevailing consciousness at that given moment. Let the Light blaze forth to illumine all life at all times and be enfolded in the embrace of Love…







August 2013