Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

June 2013

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Through the rhythm of the Holy Breath an abundance of divine gifts and virtues flows along this stream of energy, awaiting acceptance into the consciousness of all chelas, for externalization in the world of form.


 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...greater strength, balance and harmony into my existence! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.


* * * 

Oneness of Consciousness 

Time and again it has been brought to your attention the fact that humanity lives within their consciousness, and that what they entertain in thought and feeling is externalized around them as the exact picturization of their inner beliefs and convictions. 

You know that the energy flowing through your I AM Presence into your lower vehicles of expression is in a pure state, and that it continues on its way through the Universe clothed in the picturization and feeling with which you have charged it. 

Let us take an account of your manner of qualification of Divine Holy Energy! Do you so love the Supreme Source for the release of this Life Force that you bless it with the Gifts of your Individualized Being, or do you, through some still pulsating causes and cores of imperfection, send that Energy into the beings and worlds of all humanity wearing a heavy garment of imperfection? As 'like attracts like', this Energy will seek its own level and join the mass entity of a kindred vibration. 

As the acknowledged chelas of the Spiritual Oneness, you are doing exceedingly well in the qualification of your energy in a harmonious manner. However, the chaotic conditions which are rampant upon the Planet have a tie-in with your own lifestream while there is still pulsating any cause of a negative nature. 

Please know that you are prodded on, not only for your own forward evolution, but due to the fact that, as chelas of the Spiritual Oneness, you are responsible, in great measure, to the Cosmic Law for the purification, not only of your own garments, but for the raising of the Planet and its evolutions through the release of greater and greater Light. 


Considerable instruction has been given to the chelas about the Oneness of all life and it is essential that we continue to counsel you on this subject, for all life must come to a realization that there is only One Universal Consciousness. 

Contemplating the self as one with the Universal Consciousness charges the individual with the positive mindfulness which makes that one a radiating center for all life. All who have risen above the masses and have reached the consciousness where they could sustain that state of being, have always kept their attention divine-ward, through realizing that the beam of Light, or silver cord, along which flows the electronic elements from the Divine is the conveyor of their sustenance or Holy Energy. 

We know that all energy flows in a circle and must return to its source and therefore it is expedient that the chela qualifies their energy in a positive or harmonious manner. For return to the sender it will and if it has not been constructively clothed it will come back to the originator to be transmuted, having gathered more of its essence along the way. 

In order to complete the circuit of the energy which has come from the Divine originally the lifestream is required to hold their attention on God-Good so that the energy can flow into the Immortal Flame within the Heart without obstruction and complete the circuit of returning to its Source. When the chela accepts and uses the expanded or Divine Consciousness, they begin to realize that by the constructive use of energy they are consciously expanding the boundaries of the Divine Universal Consciousness and that they are functioning from the Higher or Cosmic Awareness, thus when the harmonious energy returns to its creator, it is completing the circuit of the energy which the Divine has re­leased to them. 

Contemplation of the above will bring you a greater realization that the One Universal Consciousness is everywhere, in everything, and to become AT ONE with the Supreme Source is just a matter of transmuting all imperfectly qualified energy which has been released through the centuries and remaining in the One Consciousness which entertains only that which is of a constructive nature. 

The incessant call of the soul for Peace, Purity, Understanding and Unification with the Supreme Source must be answered, and in the call itself is the magnetic power that draws the seeking one into that higher state of consciousness wherein Truth can be perceived and incorporated into the seeker's being. 

If God did not provide within the physical body certain hungers and thirst which form the motivating power behind eating and drinking, the physical organism would not endure. These desires were intelligently focused within the form in order that the body inherently would seek the sustenance by which to build and sustain itself. 

In exactly the same manner God 'planted' certain centers of desires, one might say, within the soul of humanity which would sustain the soul's very existence as they become incessant in their clamoring for subsistence. If the body did not demand certain nourishment from time to time, it would not be refueled and would cease to be. If the soul did not desire Truth and Understanding, the individual would not make the necessary effort to connect with the Source from whence comes the Light which is its nourishment and its freedom. 

As the growing physical body requires more nourishment to expand to its full maturity, so does the growing, unfolding soul have more powerful and intense desire to draw greater Light and this period of seeking is a sure manifestation of the development of the chela upon Life's Path. 

Always bear in mind that the "call compels the answer" and the thirst for Truth is the invocative power to the Light which will return and fill one with the Nature of Divinity. 

~ *~

Frequently the thought runs through the minds of some of the chelas, "I wish I could serve in greater capacity." 

It is for this reason that I wish to speak to you today about service to life... every lifestream is a pulsating center from which can flow greater and greater forms of the One Universal Consciousness and in the release of this harmonious energy the I AM Presence and the Spiritual Hierarchy can expand the consciousness of humankind. It is through you, blessed chelas, that the Hierarchy and your own Divine Presence can make inroads in to the consciousness of humankind en masse. 

Through the ages, individuals with talents along the Spiritual, artistic, scientific and other Rays have brought forth much of the divine gifts for the enrichment of their fellow traveler, and when done in the spirit of selflessness and not for monetary gain alone, these individuals have accrued great prosperity in their Causal Bodies. 

The requirement of the present hour is for the drawing forth and utilization of the Sacred Fire of Purification and Illumination. The humankind of the Earth is clamoring for change, for a different way of living which will result in a more harmonious existence and eventually contribute to the unity of humanity, where divergent opinions may be expressed and dealt with in an attitude of tolerance and understanding. 

Through the application of the instruction which is released to you, you can expand your service to all the evolutions of this Planet, and since this is selfless service on your part and through selflessness, the soul rises rapidly into union with the Christ within. 

I counsel you not to demean your service to life but to be assured that every bit of harmoniously qualified energy no matter how small or trivial which flows through you is adding to the Light of the World.


* * * 

The Hand of God


In the name of the One Universal Consciousness…

I AM that I AM…


I AM the flame of Holy Spirit in action


      I AM the sacred fire breath of God  

...charged through me, loving life free.


As a disciple of Holy Spirit, I have come to set right the vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world and in the entire universe. As a disciple of Holy Spirit... I AM the sacred HAND OF GOD, moving through this world, instantly re-establishing divinity wherever this Sacred Fire is applied. I invite, invoke, focus, concentrate, manifest and sustain this sacred flame. I AM a director of the flame and I AM humble before its magnificent presence, grateful to unleash its power of love on the Earth…


I AM the hand of God, CHARGING (3X) the divine energy and substance in, through and around our planet earth with the Violet Transmuting Flames (3X).


In oneness of consciousness with the holy Christ Self of all involved, I AM the cause of this blessing of Holy Spirit; I AM the bridge over which it flows; and I AM its final effects of divinity re-established, the divine plan manifest in the world of form.


So be it, as the Holy Spirit in action, I AM.


* * * 

We often speak of the rhythm of the Holy Breath and the abundance of the divine gifts which flow along that stream of energy awaiting acceptance in the consciousness of the chelas for externalization in the world of form. 

It is also constantly brought to your attention the fact that there must be a separation of the chela's consciousness from the general mass consciousness of humankind which contains the accumulated effluvia of centuries and centuries of living according to free will choice. 

I would like to assist you in the further detachment of your consciousness from the world of humanity, so that you may more quickly function from the Consciousness of the Christ Self, not just part of the time, but at all times. 

Let us direct your attention to the realm of nature from which you may gain greater strength, peace and balance, for nature serves in a rhythmic manner, season after season, ever striving to outpicture the beauty which is presented to it. It is obvious that there is much abundance and beauty resulting from this rhythm of nature. 

To bring about greater strength, balance and peace in your own beings, I suggest that you endeavor several times during your waking period to take five minutes and to draw a deep breath into your body, feeling that you are drawing in the Divine Spirit - the lightness of the air, the light of the sun, and then holding that breath with your body, feel it move through your vehicles, for it is the Elixir of Life; then allowing that Breath to flow through you out into the universe, with your blessing for the use of it… you would then find an ever-present source of strength and well-being. 

Like the mountain climbers who consciously control their Breath, you would rise out of the human consciousness giving freedom to the Divine Self to enrich all humankind with the Blessings of the One Universal Consciousness… the I AM Presence.



* * *


July 2013