Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

November 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


From deep within the Great Silence I AM discovering my own True Identity and expressing the Consciousness of Unity of all life… the Inner Consciousness of Spirit and Light.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

…the pure focus of Love, the living jewel of Light! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *


No lifestream that incarnates receives in any embodiment more karma than their development will allow them to completely expiate within that lifetime. There is no disease, no distress or condition which, through the Law of Justice and Mercy, is to be experienced by any lifestream in that embodiment that is greater than the developed consciousness and power of the individual to whom that karma rightfully belongs. This is the law and you may be assured of this truth. 

Humanity has said that the Law prepares the back for the burden. That is true, to a degree, but the Law does not inflict the burden of returning energy upon the lifestream until, within the Flame in the heart and the capacity in the consciousness, there is the potential power to balance that debt. 

* * *  

Violet Fire 

Every time you see the words Violet Fire or Mercy's Flame and every time you think and feel, with intense feeling the buoyancy within that purification, you draw a greater and greater momentum of its efficacy into your lower bodies. As you are part of the consciousness of all humanity you draw that also into the consciousness of the emotional world, the mental world, the etheric and the physical worlds of the entire network of souls belonging to this evolution. 

Unfortunately this magnificent Violet Fire has been confused with the fires of great suffering and was assumed to be part of the soul's lot. As people came to realize that this Violet Fire is not painful and is not a punishment but is rather a joyful purification that changes the entire consciousness of humanity they will joyously welcome the use of that Violet Fire through the assistance of the Angels of the Violet Fire and through the Violet Flame Temples. This endeavor, of course, is relatively new. This is a fairly new activity in so far as the mass mind is concerned. 

As the knowledge and cognizance of the Ascended Masters of Light, the Angelic Host and the One Universal Consciousness becomes more widespread and accepted, it will be easier to draw forth the activities of the Sacred Fire for there will be more receptivity. Individuals who have experienced the Violet Fire, who have benefitted by it, who have entered the Temples of Light and then who are “born again”, will come forth much more flexible and much more receptive to these teaching and philosophy. 

There needs to be a continuity of consciousness. That is a continuity of interaction between the Higher Realm and the realm where humanity abides over which flows the Truth, Love, Light and Law that will permit unascended beings to utilize these gifts and enable humanity to generate these virtues in a tangible form in our current three dimensional worlds. 

When that bridge is fragmented, even temporarily, and the instructions from the Higher Realms do not get through or are accepted into the consciousness of the chelas, it is a break in the continuity of this endeavor. It has been attempted since the days of Helena Blavatsky with some small results to reach a few of the people and then the activities of Alice Bailey and Baird Spaulding and others carried to the western mind more and more of a realization of this Universal Consciousness. 

Now we are endeavoring again to hold a bridge open between the One Universal Consciousness and yours, and you in turn, begin to open the consciousness of those that you interact with until we have a true communion between the Higher Realm and the Realm of unascended beings.


* * *


Realize deeply the present moment is all you ever have.          

~ Eckhart Tolle                        


One Consciousness 

All of the energy in this universe is constantly emitting radiation and the quality of the radiation actually represents the whole issue of human improvement, as far as the Universe’s service to humanity is concerned. There is not an electron in interstellar space that is static or immovable and the so-called "inanimate" objects of the physical world are in a constant state of motion. 

The degree of evolution of each self-conscious individual determines the intensity and the dimension of the rays of radiation that pass through them. The higher the lifestream goes upon the spiritual ladder the greater is the expanse covered by their out-going energy waves and the more life, power and love directed to such a one by the Higher Realms and the greater is their accountability in the cosmos to which they belong because of the ever-increasing circumference of their aura. 

That is why the responsibility for spiritual knowledge and unfoldment is far greater than is comprehended by the chela who is so eagerly desirous of knowledge, of powers and the full use of the activities of the Sacred Fire. As in the physical world greater responsibility rests upon the shoulders of those in positions of trust and authority, so also does all spiritual knowledge carry with it an obligation to serve life selflessly and the far more important obligation to control and pour out through the radiation of such a one's being only those qualities which will enrich the universe through the greater scope of the amplified aura. 

If people could see what the unfoldment of spiritual knowledge did to their auras and how much greater was their personal ability to affect the entire universal scheme, some would hesitate (on account of the personal responsibility involved) before embracing this outpouring. 

When individuals have been under the direction of the Higher Realms as you have been, dear ones, for many years now… every time the Law is presented to you countless tons of energy has flowed into each one of your auras, remaining a part of your lifestreams and greatly enlarging the sphere of influence of all the Seven Rays. 

It is, therefore, expedient that you begin to incorporate into your very beings the essence of Divine Peace, Grace, Serenity, Kindliness, Tolerance, Understanding, Love and Gentleness because the repercussions for the slightest imperfection upon the Law of Harmony are much greater when the aura is expanded to such a large extent, because it affects a greater part of life. 

The activity of anchoring the Divine energy into your own bodies to set up new patterns of thought and feeling, coupled with our own conscious endeavor to hold your lower bodies within a harmonious expression, will do much to assist you. When your outer consciousness is constantly aware that it’s most essential duty is to preserve an intact state of harmonious radiation in the full knowledge of the effect it will have on the lives of others then your consciousness will become like a sun and your sphere of influence can be used cosmically to set up a like energy pattern in the lives of all those who will enter into your environment… besides the beneficial effect it will have on every expression of life, plant, animal and elemental being that it touches. 

Guard your thoughts and feelings, beloved ones, because these affect your radiation and tend to moderate your usefulness in the Divine endeavors to raise a planet and its people. 

* * *

Fountain of Life  

I want you to visualize a cascading sea of sound like a prismatic crystal waterfall descending thousands of feet through the mountain. This exquisite cascading river of Pure Electronic Force pours a melody through the Seven Octaves of Expression in its descent, from the Heart of God, into the world of physical appearance, and represents the constant flow of the harmony of each lifestream from the Divine to humanity. 

Each plane through which this exquisite sound of life tone passes is enriched by this glorious melody, and the sub-plane below repeats that melody in an octave that can be enjoyed by those dwelling within the vibratory action of that particular octave, where again it is lowered and transposed to enrich the lower octave in its descent Earthward. Thus, you can image the constant melody of your own individualization, because the lifestream is a constant repetition and is replenished anew constantly by the limitless Source of the Fountain of Life Eternal which, with unerring accuracy, sustains the note and expands the melody of all created beings according to their original composition. Thus, in the World of Cosmic Creation… color and music represent the manifestation of Divine Thought and Feeling. 

When the glorious melody flows forth from the One Universal Consciousness for its expression through the lower vehicles, the resultant melody and color depends on the harmony within each of these vehicles. The natural fore-ordained melody does not find expression until all vehicles are in perfect alignment. Here we come to an understanding of our Oneness with that exquisite cascading sea of sound and color, and if you will open yourself to its outpouring, you will experience pure Peace of Mind and Heart, and Great Harmony and Balance as well as a much fuller realization of the ecstasy of just being. 

* * *  

Humility and Grace 

Humility and Grace are both of Spirit alone. Neither can be brought under control by the outer senses of humankind, for each quality is given through humanity by the Breath of the Spirit of Life. Humility is an inner reverence letting the Power of Life express or flow through the Cup of one’s consciousness with no effort of the outer senses. In this way, Humility, like the Sun from the Heart of the Universe, flows forth in quiet gentle streams of life… a blessing and an anointing for all life. 

Grace is the beauteous, joyous, effervescing Happiness of Life that, from within the hidden inner depths of humanity’s hearts, makes each of them a delightful companion to all everywhere. The Grace of Spirit shines forth from those who know Oneness with all life; who are willing to join I with other forms, no matter where, thus making a greater, firmer bond of Spirit whereby humankind shall truly know I as Spirit… not flesh. 

Dearly beloved hearts, it is offered to each of you the gift of Humility and Grace of Life. It may be for you, each one, a living, breathing, pulsating, eternal Reality with each breath you breathe if you so desire. It needs only your acceptance, and then sustained consciousness of that Oneness. This means that each one of you must learn to live where “I AM”. This means much deeper within your hearts than most of you have yet gone… “I AM”; and there is the loving Gift and the Consciousness of all that “I AM” and what it means. 

Within the Secret Place of your own Great Silence you will contact your own Divine Identity, and there, also, may be found the gifts of all who are of the Higher Consciousness. Again we see the meaning of Master Jesus’ words; “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven (your own Christ Identity) and all other Gifts of Consciousness shall be added unto you.” So often has humanity heard the words humanity is but consciousness, and they remain but ‘words’ for them. 

Raise your own consciousness, by an effort of will, from the human or outer thinking, and fasten it to the mind of your own Higher Self within. In this way, your creative faculties will be raised, and you will find yourself thinking and feeling like unto your own Christ Self. 

Beloved ones, you are known by and express your form of consciousness each moment that you breathe. Humankind expresses mostly from the outer consciousness of I, yet if they will identify I with this True Identity, then in Truth will they express the Consciousness of Unity itself. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” are words spoken so many centuries ago, and yet humanity has not yet learned to BE this beautiful Being which is their True Identity. 

Enter deep, deep, deep within until you find the “I AM” of you; then in spirit, be enfolded in its Divine Embrace and absorb into its essence of feeling and being. Beloved Ones enter this day, into the Inner Consciousness of Spirit, and there shall be those of you who shall move wholly and eternally free as Spirit upon this Earth and also in the Higher Octaves of Light.  

* * *  

Divine Illumination 

Let us proceed… through the release of energy on a specific project or world-wide. There is a tremendous difference between Divine Illumination and Wisdom. Yes, many chelas receive a certain amount of Divine Illumination but are woefully lacking in Wisdom with which to use it. Know in what manner to dispense a gift from on High! Many feel elated when through gradual Grace they touch upon some facet of Truth they did not previously understand, when a gift or virtue is to be used for the benefaction of all life. Take the Light of the Sun… does it not shine on the just and unjust alike? Humanity is actually a facet through which energy flows, governed by our feeling world, which we know catapults the Essence of the Holy Spirit according to our qualification. 

How, specifically, can the Higher Realms assist you? In many, many ways – a simple ray of your attention to these Beings requesting the Truth you require for a certain accomplishment and you will find that energy amplified in a manifold manner. Take for instance: you were endeavoring to renovate a building with a few helpers, and then others more experienced became interested in the project and volunteered their help, would not the work be done in a shorter time if you accepted their assistance? These hosts of the Higher Realms… Legions of Divine Illumination and Wisdom who are experienced supporters await your call.  

There are so many very basic Truths which the chela unintentionally bypasses, and it is your seeking and perseverance to stimulate your consciousness in this regard.




We consciously and continuously surrender ourselves to be fused with the Love nature of the One Divine Universal Consciousness… as a pure focus of Love… as a living jewel upon this earth.  


Knowing that the cosmic Christ is working through me… I will radiate forth all the love, peace, contentment, happiness, security and abundance… to all life which I promise to love free through the perpetual use of the Violet Fire.


I feel the pulse beat of Love in all life and the continuity of Love in all experiences I will ever know. I AM born out of Love...  I AM evolving through Love...  I AM ascending back into Love.


I AM All Love and I AM grateful.

So Be It, Beloved I AM that I AM!




December 2013