Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

October 2013  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


I feel the pulse beat of Love in all life and the continuity of Love in all my experiences. I AM born out of Love...  I AM evolving through Love...  I AM ascending back into Love.



 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...Flames of Peace allowing every sentient being to be transformed by this Love! (3x)


* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *  

The Middle Way 

It is our great desire to fill your consciousness with the meaning of Divine Illumination. You have received tremendous blessings from many great Beings of Light. You have accepted that Light and you have used it well. Now you have the opportunity to infiltrate your consciousness with Illumination and of Love Divine, giving you the activity of Love, Wisdom and Power. And I ask you to turn your attention to the qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power in perfect balance at all times… the greatest focus of the Middle Way upon this planet. Now some of the chelas are very accomplished in sending forth Love. That is good – some Wisdom and some Power – but in the minority there are few who have reached the point where they are using the perfect balance of Love, of Wisdom and of Power. 

It is the greater intent to fill the Cup of your Consciousness with the balancing power of Divine Illumination of which we have abundance. Then you can go all over the planet to the various Temples and Foci which you know are exponents of the Divine Will, but you must keep in mind at all times that it takes the combined activity of Love, Wisdom and Power for any Being to emphasize their particular Quality. You have been given this instruction through the ages as well as in this embodiment. You have reached the point where you now realize what it means to be God-in-action. When you are truly God-in-Action you are centered in the Source within your own heart – the chamber wherein dwells “I AM” – and when you can truly say and feel “I AM” – when you mean it from the very depths of your Being – you are a developed server of the Light. We do not say that you are not serving to the best of your ability in any of the qualities which are predominant, but we hope you are using this perfectly balanced activity in your world… for there is much to be balanced on this Earth.  

There are various negative conditions rampant at this hour and they must be transmuted, for everything is coming to the surface so that we may clean up this planet. We know, of course, and we have seen through these many years, the nefarious forces which are at work. We must realize that this is the result of a natural activity which is coming to the fore for transmutation. Mind you, and I Am sure you realize that within every living, breathing being on this planet there is a cell, a Flame of the I AM, otherwise they would not be in embodiment. Just send the Light of your Being in the manner in which you feel you can give the most service and clear up these unsightly negative activities, knowing they are coming to you for compassion and liberty as one would say.  

Be thou a Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Fire and bathe each man, woman and child in the Flame of Forgiveness. And whether they know it or not, or whether they are able to feel it at this time, with all the rampant forces which are coursing through their beings, they will receive a Blessing. You know, they say constantly flowing water wears down a stone. However, we want and we desire of you to use a dynamic activity and quickly release, release, release all the causes and cores of negativity which abound around individuals and groups. 

I speak to you in Wisdom so that you will know how to proceed, because we are coming to the end of this yearly cycle and we are well pleased with the service of our dedicated chelas. So, know, with all the love of my Being that we are with you, serving with you, giving every assistance possible to assist you in your forward progress in the Light. 

May the Cup of your Consciousness be filled to the brim as you feel and accept that which has been given to you today. I counsel you to dispense the gifts of your lifestream freely to all Life so that everyone shall be Free – Free in the Light - more quickly than may be expected. Blessings to you in the Light! 



The Way is not in the sky. The Way is in the heart.

~ Buddha



The Divine Will shall manifest for this planet. The Divine Will is Peace and how shall that manifest? In Faith, when you can accept I AM Consciousness you will find that you dwell in a higher realm, and every heartbeat, every breath you take goes forth to bless life. Now speaking about all life, remember to respect the Light in your companion travelers. Know that they are a blessing to you, sent upon your path so that you can bless them for being a mirror into which you can look and see something which is akin to your own self. When there is anything negative expressing, and you rebel in your consciousness, that is a blessing to you because it is your opportunity to use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire of Freedom’s Love… the Sacred Fire of Faith. In Illumination you will adjust your attitude and become the Christ in Action, expressing at all times the Divine Will. 

I counsel you at this time when humanity’s attention is upon Peace to remember the hosts of the Blue Ray who are particularly active, with their mighty flames of Blue Fire to convert all imperfection. You individually can increase your use of the Blue Flame by your attention. Your attention goes all over the planet, because it joins that to which it is akin; so your attention on Faith, on Protection, on Divine Illumination, can work marvels, marvels to you, but just an action of the Law. Remember that! Remember that all Life is good. All Life is Divinity in Action. So you can rejoice in the fact that during this particular period, when the Legions of Violet Fire, the Legions of Blue Flame of the Divine Will, of Faith, and Protection are particularly active, all you need to do is focus your attention, turn your attention to that activity. That is your outflow of Blue Flame. The Sacred Fire going forth to amplify that activity. Remember that it is quite simple… where your attention is, there you are! You have heard that over and over again. So when you wish to send forth the Flame of Peace, remember that you must have Faith. Faith is acceptance. Acceptance means that you have Faith in it. Very simple… the Law is simple. But to understand it, you must use it, practice it. The greatest asset you have is I AM. Know that when you live in I AM Consciousness, all is Perfection. You are raising this planet Earth to that perfection which she shall manifest. When we can get that thought across to the chelas, not intellectually but in their feelings… that I AM Consciousness is part of their Divine Plan. One must continuously dwell in I AM Consciousness to continue to serve the Light. Surely that is your desire. Contemplate these simple words over and over until they become a part of your Being. Where your attention is, there you are! Play in the Cosmic Symphony with the Angels, because you are part of this Consciousness... all part of I AM. May the tones of your Being, of Beauty, of Perfection, of Peace, of Divine Love, and all the attributes of I AM resound throughout this sweet planet. And may she manifest, manifest and manifest the Divine Will of Peace and Unity. 

So saying, I bless you… I AM Consciousness is your blessing, for I AM a component in the overall Consciousness of the Oneness, I AM that I AM.



What you seek is seeking you.   

~ Rumi 



Celestial Harmony 

As the vibratory action of your beings is raised, so is that of all Life – culminating in the Unity of all.  

Divine Order and Harmony are one. When anything is ‘well ordered’ the tone of Harmony is felt, and will culminate in the vibratory action of Perfection ordained for the Planet. 

When you speak of the “Harmony of the Spheres”, do you really know what that implies? It is Life pulsating as one Heartbeat – the rhythmic flowing radiation felt by all life as each tone blends into the Celestial Symphony. 

Should you sense a repetition of Truth we present (The Oneness of all Life) it is for the specific reason to impregnate your consciousness with the Truth present in all life. Oneness is experienced by the one who feels the Harmony of their being blessing all life, and expands the sphere of their Awareness to the height when the cells of their own vehicles feel the pulse beat in all realms blending in Oneness of “I AM”. Then shall Peace express through all! 

I counsel you to learn to maintain the Radiation of Harmony through your beings. Let each chela take the ‘paint brush’ (the tool of their energy) and depict on the canvas of their consciousness the expression which is ordained for their lifestream, an outpicturing of Harmony which is their responsibility in Service to all Life. 



We pledge that the path we walk in life leads only to Love; that our etheric vehicles will radiate Love transmuting the past… that Love in our awareness will insure expression of only divine thoughts… and that  Love in our feelings will reaffirm that the Divine is the only power acting in our world.


In this awakened consciousness of transforming Love, my spirit is Holy Spirit and I AM love radiating forth to all humanity! I pledge to release these blessings forth to all life around me.  I AM Love permeating form until all is drawn back into the indivisible Oneness.




The two worlds in which humanity lives – Elemental and Divine – are continually vying for your attention, especially as you each make yet another attempt to rise above the elements of your being to restore your mindful awareness of the One Universal Divine Consciousness. The more things of the earth that are absorbed – both physically and spiritually – the greater the burden for your vehicles to bear; and the greater the “weight”, the more will it claim your attention… and where your attention is, there you are! The true balance of the elements of your being must be established, before the Spiritual Being within that physical vehicle – you – may once again soar free in consciousness.  

This is a natural desire of all embodied lifestreams, and they are constantly being reminded of this higher state of being when in their finer bodies (the etheric vehicle) during the sleep state. Thus everyone seeks to return to their Spiritual Source, looking to outer world sources rather than to their own, oblivious of the fact that their true salvation lies within their heart, where the true Sun of God awaits recognition. Even though the Presence of the Divine is pulsating in, through, and around you at all times, it is unable at times to penetrate into the cells in the physical vehicle which have been blocked with human effluvia, be it yours or that which has been absorbed from others. 

To assist you in achieving higher consciousness, there was provided for you the Holy Spirit. This Spirit Essence, called Prana, is provided for the express purpose of giving to each one an easy way to cleanse, raise, and purify the lower vehicles… through the simple act of breathing! 

With each breath you take, and according to the way you breathe, you draw into your vehicles the Prana of Life; thus it has become known as the Holy Breath. Through breathing you can remove completely all tension, effluvia, and the many emotional blocks which chain you to earth. Many seek to cleanse the physical vehicle through the diet, while others use exercise or even yoga. These methods, of course, apply predominately to the physical vehicle. Water may cleanse the body… be it from within or without, but the true cleansing comes from breathing deeply, and rhythmically, the Prana of the Holy Spirit.  

Remember this as you tread the Way of the Divine; and consciously place your attention on the activity of the Holy Spirit as you breathe in deeply the richness of Life from the Universal Source. With each breath taken, you will find much of the tensions in life just slipping away and this is where you will realize true comfort. Have you not often wondered as to why the Holy Spirit should be called the “Holy Comforter”? 

Bless the Sylphs of the Air, who bring their gift to you laden with the Life Essence of the Holy Spirit… a continuing lifelong gift to ensure that you will always have the means and the method to overcome dense matter, and its accompanying restrictive effluvia. 

Breathe in deeply now, and receive these Blessings, as you are enfolded in Divine Love which transforms and removes all that would hinder you in your daily journey upon Life’s Spiritual Path.  

* * * 

Mastering Love 

You, the chelas, are in embodiment to become Masters of Love. 

There is no lifestream who is not in some manner a Dispenser of the Love Element. 

Love is the dual force of expansion and contraction; cohesion and radiation. It is a centripetal and centrifugal force. Each one must be anchored in the exact center of their world and the two forces equally controlled according to the requirement of the moment. This is Mastery. 

Love must be able to give of itself in the release of radiation and hold an object in its own orbit so that it neither comes too close nor goes too far from the governing central intelligence, according to the Divine Design. 

This is the most difficult aspect in the achievement of Mastery; to control the indrawing vibration of the Love Force and keep the balance between Blessing and Absorption. 

For instance, if the attraction of the Sun were to draw a planet in infinitesimal proportion too close to the Center, it would cease to be. So it is with humanity in their relationship to every living and breathing thing, every inanimate object and every force and power with which they are endowed. 

The one who draws knowledge and power from life and does not give back balance in service is not on the path of the middle way. 

Humanity in present day experience with the Law and Power of Love uses either too much of outgoing force, which repels individuals and things or, through the misuse of the cohesive power accumulates more than they can balance in service. 

The great Lesson which all must learn is Balanced Activity in your forward journey in the Light. 

* * * 

We intentionally sweep the Flames of Peace throughout the cosmos allowing every human being to be transformed by this Love ray… We deliberately transmute all causes and cores not of a constructive nature with the Violet Fire of Transmutation






November 2013