Gift of LIGHT

Love, Illumination, Gratitude, Humility, Transformation

April 2014  

* * *

Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern,


Knowing that I AM the Light of the world and the manifest blessing of the One Divine Universal Consciousness… I embrace this reality with my whole heart and being.  

*The electronic pattern is the thoughtform for the month; your attention should be focused upon it daily, to intensify the activity. 

 Breathing Statement *for the Assimilation and  Expansion

of the Electronic Pattern


(Breathe in)                    I AM inbreathing

(Hold breath in)              I AM absorbing

(Breathe out)                  I AM expanding

(Hold breath out)            I AM projecting

...this divine truth, gift and blessing as it manifests in the world of form! (3x) 

* The breathing statement should be given four times for each full breath. On the inbreath, breath in the qualities contained within the Flame. As you hold your breath in, absorb the qualities deep within every part of your being. As you breathe out, expand and increase the power and momentum of the divine qualities you are calling forth through the power of the Holy Breath. As you hold your breath out of your body, project these magnificent God Qualities forth to all life. Repeat this exercise a minimum of three full breaths.

* * *

Monthly Meditation ~ Violet Fire


Quietly center yourself. Allow your breathing to deepen and feel the breath of life as it enters and fills your lungs. With eyes closed, concentrate on this sacred essence as it is drawn deeply within and then expands throughout your entire body. As you continue to concentrate on this sacred activity see the air you breathe as radiant light which, as you inhale, fills your body. As you exhale you increase and expand the power of this light within and around you. As this takes place feel your consciousness expand and raise to ever higher levels. Beloved ones keep your attention focused on the light that now moves in, through and around you and allow the ascension of your consciousness to continue!                (Pause) 

Looking deep within this light… a beautiful sanctuary appears before you. Immediately you recognize it as beloved Kwan Yin's Temple of Mercy and Compassion, for you have journeyed often to this blessed and sacred place during times of sleep and meditation. As you move toward the temple, you begin to feel the warmth of the violet light that always enfolds this place and its grounds, and you feel grateful and at peace to have returned once again. You observe many magnificent gardens full of flowers and it is difficult to discern which is your favorite even though you have tried many times before... Gently winding through these exquisite botanical gardens are seven spectacular paths which ultimately all lead to the main entrance of the sacred Hall of Supreme Harmony. Each walkway is filled with soft, peaceful music that permeates the air. Choosing a path you wish to take angels gently come toward you and lovingly support your desire to continue your journey toward the Temple of Mercy and Compassion… continuously drawing you into the harmony and peace of the surrounding space.  

Nearing the temple you notice that all the paths appear to merge together into one which now leads you to seven golden steps just outside the entrance to the temple itself. Placing your foot on the first step you immediately become aware of the greatly intensified activity of purification taking place all around you... Your physical body, your etheric body, your mental body, your emotional body - in fact the entire spiritual being of light you are is now filled with Violet Transmuting Flames and you feel a new lightness of spirit and a renewed freedom of mind and body. With the continued support of the Violet Fire beings you are swiftly clothed in a magnificent mantle of violet light and effortlessly find yourself floating freely upward toward the entrance.  

As you approach… the doors open wide and you find yourself standing within a great and exquisitely adorned room. It is filled with countless numbers of angels and the great light of many highly evolved spiritual beings who serve with you in the physical world of form. The atmosphere of the room is one of spiritual joy, love and peace and you sense that this is a place you would like to remain in always.  

Looking ahead you see an elaborately carved altar against the farthest wall. Upon it rests a brazier which holds the magnificence of the Sacred Violet Fire. Unable to contain the full essence of this gift to life, many flames from the lightest violet shades to the deepest royal purple rise up and fill the atmosphere of this sanctuary and roll over the edge of the brazier… and flow along the altar onto the floor as this liquid light substance constantly fills the room... Moving toward the altar you feel yourself filled more and more with the qualities of forgiveness, compassion, transmutation and freedom. Standing before the flame, you look into the fire and gratefully opening your arms, hold yourself in a posture of grace and acceptance. Observing the movement of the flame, you begin to see a shape taking form. It is the luminous presence of beloved Kwan Yin, the pure essence of mercy and compassion. From within the flame she stretches her arms toward you and you notice that in her hands she holds a bowl which she now offers to you.  

With anticipation and joy, you lean forward and reach out to accept her gift. As your hands encircle the bowl your entire being fills with gratitude and love. Drawing the bowl toward you, you look within it and see an iridescent aquamarine liquid through which the light of the Violet Flame creates a luminosity of all the colors of the rays… gently and fluidly moving throughout the substance contained within this bowl. The Violet Flame itself is reflected in the liquid as if it is permeating the substance with its essence of purification.  

Slowly you raise the bowl and drink deeply of this elixir. Immediately you feel energized as this purifying essence slowly flows through your body… You are empowered by the faith, strength and protection you feel moving outward into your head, arms and legs… Feel the healing power of love as this sacred essence moves in and around your heart… As your heart opens to receive this blessing and - as it opens and expands - you release this blessing out to all life around you. Feeling the purity of your purpose and the purification of your intent this energy now flows freely throughout your four lower bodies, into your aura, throughout the temple and beyond merging with the liquid light substance you have walked through since your arrival.  

Continuing to carefully hold this bowl aloft you close your eyes and remaining in a prayerful position… you express your gratitude for this opportunity to beloved Kwan Yin, to the powers of the Seventh Ray of Purification, and to the Violet Fire beings who have so willingly been your guides during this process of purification. Looking once again at the flames upon the altar you return the iridescent bowl to the Violet Fire of Purification and observe how the colors of the rays now boldly blaze forth adding to the flame.  

Taking a deep breath, you turn and are ready to return to where your journey began this day. An angel approaches you and takes your hands in hers, and, as she looks deeply into your eyes, you know that she wants you to go with her. Filled with the radiance of her love, you are led between the columns, and into the courtyard of this Temple were you see the most stunning pool of water imaginable. It is filled with liquid that is so charged by the Violet Transmuting Flame that the water itself is a clear, deep amethyst color. There are steps on all sides leading down into the pool. The Angel gently leads you down the steps and into the pool. There she lovingly bathes you with the fluid Violet Flame until all signs of sorrow or physical difficulties have completely disappeared, she begins the sacred ritual of pouring the crystal Violet waters over you… as every last vestige of misqualified energy you have ever created is washed away, leaving only the pure Light of the Divine in its place. You feel the purifying, transmuting activity taking place in, through and around your entire being. Tears of joy and release well up from the very center of your heart, and flow back into the pool. Your tears add the quality of your love… your compassion… and the joy of forgiveness to the waters… where they will always remain to help bathe away the troubles of others who will come... After a while, you are gently led to the other side of the pool and up the steps.  

Feeling a desire to embrace this angel friend, you look again into her eyes, and at once you are merged with her until you are truly ONE Being of Light! Experiencing this unity with the Violet Fire essence, you know in your innermost heart that you will be helping with this merciful activity from this time forth, bringing a surcease from all the conditions set up by human consciousness on the Earth. You know that you are truly a part of the healing activity of the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation, Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom.  

Filled with love and gratitude, you once again take a deep breath… As you release it, you know in your heart of hearts that you are truly one with the Violet Transmuting Flames! Filled with a love unlike anything you have ever known you hear the voice of beloved Kwan Yin as she speaks:  

"You, in the purity and love of the true light of your being, are the light of the world! You are the gift to all humankind! You are the blessing of the One Divine Universal Consciousness manifest in the world of form. Embrace this truth, beloved one! You have the ability to receive and everything to give. Hold the essence of this divine truth deep within and allow it to be you - for it is you. You are a blessing to all humanity!"                 (Pause) 

A little uncomfortable with these words you begin to return your attention to your physical location… and very quickly understand that this truth applies not only to you, but to all people on this planet; and you then happily look forward to receiving the many blessings of the Divine that always surround you.  

You are, each and every beloved one, a magnificent cathedral of living loving light, brought forth to prepare the way and fill the hearts and minds of humanity with the divine splendor and perfection of the One Universal Consciousness. To do this you must come to the point in your evolution where you have learned to let go and release yourself from all the earthly chains that bind you… all must be transformed, once and for all, so that you can confidently and easily move forward, further fulfilling your role in the great divine plan of the One Universal Consciousness.  

Feel the merciful love of the Violet Transmuting Flames and the power of victorious accomplishment as you take time to enter into silent communion with One Universal Consciousness… pledge to use your individual gifts and talents to further its creation and observe the many changes that take place as the unified energies of the whole enhances its peace, harmony, and beauty. Enter this etheric space often through times of meditation and during your day-to-day activities. Enjoy its healing powers and through the power and wisdom of creative consciousness, manifest mastery over your own life energies. And always know that through the power of love all things are possible!  

Remaining in the deep silence of your soul for a time… filled with the fullness of the Love of the Violet Transmuting Flames, let your attention now return to your physical body. Take a few more moments to recognize and acknowledge that your every heartbeat and breath, and the very blood that flows through your physical body is One with the I AM! Begin to breathe in deeply, and breathe out gently as you begin to quietly move your hands… and feet… breathe in and breathe out as you slowly rotate your neck… and become aware of your current physical surroundings… and when you are ready you may open your eyes…          Namaste… 


* * *

You are continuously counseled to put your house in order... meaning of course to use the Divine alchemy of the Sacred Fire for the Purification of your lower vehicles.


You have done well so far... but remember every thought, word and deed carries a vibration and joins with its kindred vibration... so I remind you to release a positive vibration of Love at all times.


   Bear in mind that with every Breath the Planet and all her evolutions can be enfolded in pure Divine Love.


* * *

Sun Light 

If you think of the physical sun as giving life force to the planet, then the many foci of light established around the planet or on its surface act as smaller suns. They gather and disseminate the Light in ways that are the most beneficial to life in the area in which they exist. They may act to either step down the radiation or to intensify the Light, according to the need of the hour. There are also foci of Light over the waters of the Earth and these are used to radiate Light to the elemental life in those regions. 

In exactly the same way, each human being is also a ‘sun’; a focus or point of Light that is intended to act as a giver of life in his or her area on the planet. Of course, because evolution is a process of growth and learning to a large degree, allowances are made for this learning process. In other words, one may progress either more rapidly, or slowly, according to his or her free will, and the application made. 

I ask that you take preparatory time this month to focus upon yourself as a radiating center - a 'sun' serving under the Sun of Helios and Vesta. Focus your life force upon the needs within your sphere of influence. First enter the Sacred Silence within your own Heart Flame, your I AM Presence. Breathe upon your Flame! As you inbreathe, accept the Holy Breath as the outbreath of the Presence; the Light which you are. As you outbreathe, expand the Light throughout your lower vehicles. Finally, on the projected breath, visualize the Light spiraling forth from your Heart Center into the activity with which you wish to work. 

Now picture this Flame before you, and transmit it into all life for which you are responsible, establishing Divine Holy Will into your activities. As a chela of the One Universal Consciousness, you have the opportunity, the power, and the love to blaze the Light of the Divine into the entire Earth, so do not limit your possibilities of achievement! In this upcoming year work with the Flame of Illumination, so you will be doing a great deal of balancing of your inner Flame to bring it to the perfection of its ability. 

During this time, use the tremendous impetus of Divine Will to strengthen yourself, and to intensify all the attributes of the First Ray into your consciousness. Intensify your awareness of the perfection of Divine Will for all life! This is the way to use the Light to assist life, starting with your own! Continue with that which is close to you your nearest and dearest, and just keep expanding your work in wider and wider circles of influence and love. Expand your aura to enfold more and more life within it! This is your developing mastery, and your reason for being!

* * *


Love is always present but you must be in alignment with this vibration to experience it…


* * * 

Every Breath… 

So often it has been said: “I love and cherish my spiritual work and the time I spend in silent communion with the Universal Consciousness of Light. It is too bad that I must stop and return to my physical work. If only I didn't have to work at this job to support myself. Perhaps one day...” Please, pause right now and consider what you are actually saying. If you are a spiritual being, and you are… everything you do… working, sleeping, playing, learning and teaching must be spiritual in nature! 

The day will surely come when you are strong enough, when you understand fully, and love yourself enough that you will enter a much higher level of consciousness, living and working in the physical world of form only from that higher level. I AM sure you have experienced times when you were so centered deep within the flame of divinity and did some task of a physical nature, while remaining fully connected to the Presence of the Divine within. You may have found that this is not always easy to do, but you can do it for short periods of time. Beloved ones, I assure you, with practice and constancy you will come to remain within this higher state of consciousness at all times, as you continue to complete this part of your journey in the world of form. 

As this is an extremely important part of the divine plan of each and every lifestream evolving upon the Earth we shall assist you through the use of the following exercise. Every morning for the next few weeks, upon awakening, silently decree:

* * *


Mighty I AM Presence, take command of this outer self this day. Take command of my every thought, feeling, spoken word, action and reaction. Produce your perfection, hold your dominion. Put and keep me always in my right and perfect place.

Show me the perfect thing to do and through me do it perfectly.

So be it, Beloved I AM that I AM!


* * * 

I AM sure these words are very familiar to many of you, but this time really focus your full attention upon the meaning of the words themselves. What are you invoking? You are requesting that the Divine Presence manifest through you, and to do this, the human ego must fully step aside. When this happens you will rise into a much higher level of consciousness. 

Pause and repeat this affirmation as many times as you need to throughout the day, every time you need to re-enter that state of absolute peace and perfection. For a few days it may seem challenging or unnecessary, but eventually, the ease at which you reconnect fully with the Divine Presence will surprise you. Once again, offer gratitude each time this happens, as you continue to develop as the Divine being that you truly are.



* * * 



May 2014